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Topic: Game Programming / Game Size

I have two questions about making a flash game.

My game frame size is 800-600. It is a action game but I have programed the game so that the game speed increases as frame rate drops. So I think My game can play okay on fairly old computers. I could change the frame size but it would take a bit of work.

The other question is about total game size. I hear that 10 megabytes is really the limit. My game is likely to be bigger then this despite putting in a lot of work to keep game size down. The thing about my game however, is that the game it loads in chunks. The game is one main SWF with a few SWF files that are about 2 megabytes each. As the player plays the game the game loads in the background. So it does not take a lot of time to load the game. Also if the player only plays half of the game then only about half of the game will be downloaded saving bandwidth.

I could make major changes to my project at this time that will take time fix. However I would like to push ahead with the code I have already written. I need to work out what the final verstion is going to look like.

So should it be 800-600?

Should it be 1 SWF file or about 9?

Changes will take time and I will not be able to load the game in chunks if it is one file only. I will change these things if I have to but I would like to keep things the way they are.

What should I do?

Thank you for your time.