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Topic: Realm Grinder / List of base Merc builds

Originally posted by why_amihere:
Originally posted by Sodias:

So back to the old builds yay……not. Guess I could try to find something worth using elswise but I’m not really good at figuring out what would function best together.

Not necessarily, R20+ it’s still pretty comfortable to break from about 100Uvg-1Dvg, and Moonshine can probably get you there without using LS.

I would definitely agree. Moonshine still got me to Dvg gems fairly quickly on R19-R21 so far. That in my book makes it worth it for anybody that is tired of using a LS focused build.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / 1 day into Challenges, and most folks be like

Originally posted by RyuumaVinicius:

Reincarnate to get Demon 1 easy.

Have to get a fucking load of gems to get Demon 2.


Demon 2 just takes excavs unless you were towards the end of a reincarnation I think most people would have enough.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Only a white screen with icons

Updating Unity did nothing to fix the issue.

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version: Kong Plus launch, new chat tabs and new homepage for all!

The only thing I do not understand is why you would take away the contest box when it was such an important part to the site. None of the games on the top monthly and weekly section on the front page are the best on the contest page so you have to click see all to get to a list of the top games. It would have been easier just to keep the contest tabs on the front page. You still have space for it right below recommended badges. Other than that I am loving the new improvements to the site. :)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Religion Poll