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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Icons that are unexplained.

Originally posted by Musicus:
Originally posted by TheImmortalLS:
Originally posted by acer1239:

It doesn’t look like anything, your health just regenerates to that level automatically when it gets below the certain level of health.

that looks like clan leader hp regen. when you regen from a skill your hp goes up 1 at a time slowly then quickly to the skill level, and there’s a little green cross in the bottom (can’t remember which corner)

It cant be Leader regeneration as there is noone neat this guy.

unless he himself is a leader/lt

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / 2 Trips with Beretta

Originally posted by noone6:
Originally posted by llSightCell:

Farm . Sp . Contracts .

I don’t farm.

ok, step 1 is find a time machine and go back to December 24th 2012. Then make your account and start farming all the contracts. get to a point where you’re happy with your farmed sp and travel back to current day and enjoy your SP.

on a more serious note, People constantly say “go to OSM” personally i hate OSM and refuse to step foot there. If you’re good at OSM and know how to flank ect. you can do that. it will take time but what doesn’t? Alternitively the only other “good” trips map is evac. I find that grenades work much better there (you might accidentally triple nade) and it should be easier to find a third opponent to kill. Nades are only 15 gp to rent for one day which is pretty cheap. you could also wait for nades on roulette or for your clan to rent nades. If you’re out of clan gp well.. there is always 15 gp rents :P

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Topic: Contract Wars: Skills / Gunsmith VS Assualt class (both with clan skills)

Originally posted by Wakom:
I personally like gunsmith and think +10 damage/fast support acquisition is of more worth than +7 penetration/1 extra mag!
So please guys help me out with this one!
Thanks In Advance

I think you answered your own question.

I personally think that gunsmith is only worth it if you have enough SP to stay gunsmith but also get some armor. If you can’t do that, then you should probably look at just going assault for 60/100 armor. Their perks are so similar when it comes down to damage that it really depends on whether or not you think armor is a waste of SP. Take a look at my build for a Gunsmith Spec and 60 armor.

personally armor isn’t that great in this game. you get hit you will die anyways, i’d rather kill first, but thats just me. i know everyone is going to yell at me for saying that but i would rather have a “fun” tree instead of just being armored.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Skills / Gunsmith VS Assualt class (both with clan skills)

Originally posted by Twisted_Killer:

mag > dmg. choose assualt

because dieing with 300+ bullets because you didn’t do enough damage to one guy is better than living to kill him.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Skills / Gunsmith VS Assualt class (both with clan skills)

Originally posted by enemy_fire:

Storn, I rather disagree. Whenever I do prokills is because I’m really focused and not spraying the shit of my enemies. When focused I mainly burst and sometimes I’m not even going for a prokill and notice like 15 kill streak I still have a lot of bullets and mainly don’t even need my pistol. It happens a lot with AEK-971.

again, im saying that if you burst a lot, you dont need the extra mag. with just spray i get 15 kills. that means im wasting a LOT of bullets and still get pretty far.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Skills / Gunsmith VS Assualt class (both with clan skills)

Originally posted by MeleeMan48:

Either class is a good pick. The fast support acquisition for gunsmith should not make much difference in your decision. Basically I prefer Assault as it has that extra mag and thermal on top of 7 penetration. Now the main difference between the two is 10 damage versus 7 penetration. I know that 10 damage seems really tempting, but in reality if you do the math using the damage and armor formulas, when shooting at someone with armor (hard to find anyone without armor these days) the difference is minimal. Using my noveske stats, as Assault I would have 53 damage and 42 penetration (with the build I have) which totals out to 22.26 damage per shot against someone with armor. Now as gunsmith my noveske will have 63 damage and 35 penetration which totals out to 22.05 damage per shot WITH the +5 penetration skill in assault, which you will likely not have to keep yourself gunsmith so you’ll have only 63 damage and 30 penetration which equals 18.9 damage per shot. Being assault will make you perform noticeably better against someone with armor which is basically everyone. The only time you will notice yourself killing people fast as Gunsmith is when shooting at someone with no armor whatsoever, which even then most of your guns will already be 2-3 shot kills and that extra 10 damage won’t change that much.

personally here is how i look at pen vs dmg. Pen lets you take more hp through armor, but dmg lets you take down armor faster. Lets assume you get a noveske with 53 dmg, but NO pen bonus. just 30 pen. thats 15.9 dmg to the player, but also 37.1 to the armor. on a 60 armor target with 100 hp, 2 shots and the armor is gone. assuming you still deal 15.9 dmg when you break armor (not sure if dmg to armor that isn’t there carry’s to health) you’ve done 31.8 dmg. 2 more hits will kill the target. 4 hits total (not counting shots missed because lag). With +7 Pen from assault you deal 3.71 more dmg to hp but not armor. again on a 60 armor target, you deal 19.61 dmg each shot, and 33.39 to armor. again 2 hit to get rid of armor and a little under 40 dmg done. again a 2 hit kill, 4 hits total. there is no difference. With +10 dmg, you now have a 63 dmg noveske with 30 pen. 18.1 dmg to hp and 44.1 to armor. the armor will still go down in 2 hits and once again you are now using a barely 2 hit kill. with 5 extra pen you could get him down in 3 (i mean it would help in all cases), but now, even with the extra 20 clan armor and 5 hp, you still kill in 4 hits. some of the others would not be able to preform.

But armor varies, and sometimes you get that ONE tank. what if the 60 armor player was a destroyer in a clan. well. he’s now u to 135 hp and 120 armor. With no bonus, your looking at 4 hits to take down the armor. At this point you’ve done 63.6 dmg. with 2 more hits, the target is dead. a 6 hit kill. With +7 pen, the armor takes 4 hits to break again, and the target is at 78.44 hp. 2 hits to kill. a total of again, 6. With +10 dmg, you take out the armor in 3 hits. and deal 54.3 dmg. 2 hits to kill, 7 total. In the end, damage does more again armor then pen does. while pen does help, you can see that even with +7 pen on a gun, it still takes the same amount of hits to kill. Melee pointed out the +5 pen, but honestly, you could have it with out without any of the classes. The other big bonus to gunsmith is the pistol dmg, while yes you get 7 pen on pistols, its not a lot when looking at how much dmg pistols do. with guns like the glock 18 gaining 50% more dmg against armor AND hp its much better to be a gunsmith for pistols. The damage will not only work with the good guns but the bad guns as well. Pen gives you a solid 7% more hp dmg (compared to full gun dmg) and assault can give as much as 25% more dmg to primaries.

Personally i am a gunsmith and love it so i will always be bias. Honestly the choice should come down to thermals or not. gunsmith is very useless besides sonar and mortars sooner (which is a big plus if you want more xp). Assault is only really useful for thermals. +1 mag is nice, but honestly you dont make it to prokills very often and when you do, you probably will run out of ammo anyways. personally with a lot of spray i usually get 15 kills with primary before i need a pistol. it comes down more to the pistol then anyways (depending on the gun). the only reason to choose assault is if you want thermals. Thermals are a thing you either love or hate. personally i didn’t like them all that much and stuck with gunsmith.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Top Guns

Originally posted by IAMBIRD:
Originally posted by IAMBIRD:

My S&W “”

can u put me now coz i have lots of kills using S&W than alphaboss ^

i’ll get to it when i get to it, thats how it works.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / PS3 Controller.

You can, but only with thord party proograms. Just look up on youtube “how to use a PS3 controller on pc” and tou should be good

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Topic: Contract Wars: Skills / russian roulette

Originally posted by Herkuzz:
Originally posted by KillerElite68:
Originally posted by lnvincibIe:

This is a troll thread right….?

I sure hope so.

Or just a moron. Judging by his/hers english skills i say it’s the latter.

morons are just trolls who dont know it yet.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Grenade Spam

Originally posted by vitalykolobkov:
Originally posted by TheDutchSoldier:

I rush alot and I constantly get killed by noobs like you that think they are all pro and tactical because they can kill me using no skill but a grenade. And I don’t camp, so don’t think you know me. Also you think you can avoid grenades? LOL, When a grenade comes at you and you run away it still hits you because all of you grenade noobs have it full buffed and the area it can kill people is too large to escape And yes, prokills are easy, doesn’t mean I don’t get pissed when noobs like you randomly use a grenade on me while I’m rushing.

No, you just do not know how to move in a good way such that you avoid nades. Remember we played yesterday or couple days before on construction map? How many times did I kill you with a nade there? 3? 5? And this is construction – enormous map, not a small evac.
The game is not only about quick reaction time and investing GP, sometimes it is more about strategy and tactics. To my mind, nades make the strategies more versatile and interesting.
Anyway, how would you do triple kills with beretta without naderiding at 60+ servers nowadays?

the problem isn’t that nades can’t be used effectively. the problem is that people just throw grenades randomly. Please tell me how to avoid a grenade coming straight towards me when i spawn and i have absolutely no way to get out of the way before it explodes, after spawn protection wares off.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Grenade Spam

Originally posted by lnvincibIe:

Yea I guess it makes sense, grenades are annoying but I don’t think they are too overpowered…. I don’t know. I’ve been playing for a very long time and things that annoyed me were: Renting Boosting and Orsis… Lol I learned to accept all those things.
Edit: yea actually I kind of understand the whole no way to avoid them… Its a depressing moment seeing a grenade fly towards you and the sudden realization of your helplessness.

the problem isn’t that they are OP. the problem is that they are broken and need to be fixed.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Grenade Spam

Originally posted by TechnoIvan:

Imo the only issue with the grenades are that they are capable in putting you in a spot where you literally have 0% chance of survival. That usually happens when you combine their destructive power with either a small map, or a tight spawn (or both).
If you ask me, I think changing the invincibility mechanic (make it last 5 seconds that only disappears if you fire a shot) and adding a skill that makes you move faster when a grenade is near you might help with the issue. I also like the idea of having to wait a while before you can throw them.. or how about requiring you to do 1 kill before they become enabled (so you can’t just spawn, throw, and pray you blow someone up).

Other than all that, I personally think they’re balanced. Yes, they pack quite a punch (which is good, makes them feel more realistic), but don’t forget they also have their share of weaknesses. The throw is delayed, they travel slowly, don’t bounce much, take a while to explode, and last but not least, leave you very vulnerable because you both can’t shoot and have to look upwards if you want them to travel far.

This makes them difficult to use effectively, which is actually a good thing. If you want to use them well, you need to learn to anticipate enemy movement, and throw them where they will be, instead of where they actually are (unless they planted their roots on that spot and aren’t moving at all). You can even use them to zone opponents, temporarily block off flank points, and even seal off a path if you’re defenseless (need to reload), and the enemies are pursuing you.

Or you can just fling them and hope someone gets caught. But if you actually master reading enemy movement and manage to cut them off with well-thrown grenades, it will give you a great sense of satisfaction.

hard to use = more spam. Honestly i feel GRP has one of the best grenade systems out there. they are very easy to use, but also avoid. the balance is good. I mean, the game has a shitton of other issues, but you know.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Grenade Spam

Often on Maps like bay5 people constantly complain about grenades. why? because grenade spam. Grenade spam happens when people feel absolutely no value in grenades. and why should they? people just spawn and throw them on bay5. Grenades must have such a lot value with people just throwing them all over the place. but why???

Well for starters grenades are really impossible to use. They have a very limited range when throwing. Its really hard to even find a good spot for them. Lets say you find this really good spot to throw your grenade and you throw it. well, usually by the time the grenade gets there, people moved out of the way. your nice grenade just got ruined with the travel time.

Its not over for grenades there. People have literally 0 investment in grenades. sure, you have so much sp you wasted on getting a nice grenade, but that sp is such a small investment and its only to unlock your grenade. now with your grenade you spawn with it every single time. you can spawn with up to 3 grenades everytime. Why not just throw your grenades? if you get a kill, hey look! free kill! and you can get 3 free kills every life.

The grenade problem is not over. The one thing that ticks everyone off about grenades is that its nearly impossible to do anything about them. i’ve seen times where i spawn, and i am already dead. why? well that grenade flying towards me is going to blow up. by the time it gets here, spawn protection will be gone and i can not run away from it at all. while that might also be a spawn problem (you know which one im talking about) it still doesn’t solve the problem that grenades are impossible to dodge. this might also have to do with their large kill radius. even if your not killed you usually lost half your health, and with a game that you cant regenerate hp, half your health is a really big deal.
grenades need to change.

There are a lot of games out there with grenades, where they work really well. For one, there is counter strike. Grenades have changed in their own ways throughout the counter strike series but a lot stays very much the same. In every game there are very easy to use. you can lob a grenade and it has a very predictable throw. They also ave good physics and bouncing making them fun to use. Grenades require a good amount of investment. You spend you ingame money that you earned throughout the match. this money is also used on guns and other things you might want to buy instead. CS follows one very good rule: One Life. With just one life, that gives you only 1 chance to throw your grenade. you want to make the best of it, but also not waste it, or you life.

Lets look at Ghost Recon Phantoms. GRP uses a really unique system and its the first time I ever saw one like this. Your grenades cost you the same money that you need to use to buy guns and other equipment. Unlike CS where what you buy is match only, GRP has users buy something 1 and always have it similar to CW. The grenades cost a lot of money though, and used to often will have players going broke without using them. This causes players to have to choose what they buy. they can either buy grenades and have them as a useful tool, or not buy them in an effort to save up some money to buy weapons and other equipment. Grenades not only have investment, but great use. IT is very easy to use grenades and the gave will even show you the first arc until it hits something. knowledge is power and very useful with grenades. Grenades can have quite the effect on the enemy team. used wisely, a grenade can take out multiple foes, and are one of the many useful tools for advancing your team towards victory. They also can be easily dodged. an icon pops up on the screen showing you the grenade and even when it will blow up. while there are always situations where a grenade cannot be avoided, its not crazy.

Its obvious that CW grenades suck. and they need to be changed. here is what i propose:
1) Give players a bigger investment. It could be something like cr every round/grenade or an xp reduction.
1.5) Remove grenades as a skill. its just silly
2) Faster grenade travel time. grenades are really slow and could be more useful with a faster time.
3) give grenades more bouncyness, it might just be me, but i feel that grenades dont bounce off walls very well.
4) More avoidable grenades. Its just stupid to spawn and not be able to do anything about a grenade coming at you. This might be a cause of grenades being too powerful, an explosion raduis that is too big, or the player being too slow.

grenades suck. fix them

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Assault or Gunsmith?

Originally posted by sw2012:

I could never play without assault class, because I mainly play with thermal on. IMO it’s way more important to reckognize the enemy early than having more protection. Once you get shot at, it’s 50:50 if you die, so it’s important to be the first one to shoot.

this is how you know something is broken. people cant play without it.
honestly i would get gunsmith. armor means nothing in this game. you end up wasting most of your sp to live a little bit more. i’d rather kill more. Think about it like this, with armor you live maybe 1 if your lucky 2 shots more. or… you can kill those with armor even faster!! people think its all about pen vs armor. the reality is that dmg is more important.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Facebook Page 500,000 LIKES

Originally posted by GundamExia77:

Be realistic people, they wont give 500k people a free GP weapon, last time they did a permanent free GP weapon was 60k(iirc?) Giving 440k would just lose them a stupid amount of money…

I predict free skill reset, double exp event, increased discounts. MAYBE a temp free weapon.

dont you mean normal discounts? :P

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Topic: Contract Wars: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / didnt save my pro kill

Originally posted by xzr25:
Originally posted by Bascule2000:
Originally posted by CitrusSinensis:

No…mortar kills do count as ragekills, stormkills, prokills.

You could keep asserting this. Or, you could use a mortar on 9 kills, and find out for yourself that you’re FOS.

I just used a mortar on 9 kills, I don’t see the Stormkill animation, but I see the Stormkill notification on the left of the screen “PlayerX did Stormkill”. I check my statistic before and after this game and it count.

but back on topic, there are some servers known not to count stuff. i forget which ones but you know, avoid servers and stuff.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Creations / Videos & fragmovies

Originally posted by lnvincibIe:
Originally posted by ak47frizzle:
Originally posted by lnvincibIe:

Ok guys I’m wondering what genres of music you all like for fragmovies/Montages… I personally like rap or chillstep kind of music… But I understand not everyone likes that and I’m not really the audience for a montage I’m creating so I’d really appreciate the Feedback! Thanks

Dubstep and electronic music really goes with montages, especially if they are fast paced

I try to stay away from dubsteb because base drops are pretty annoying to try to sync too(;

they are??? I thought it was pretty easy.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Ban appeal/test/Must see Nqss!

Originally posted by snipernac:

Such drama in the forum nowadays.

I know, its not like the old days where NO DRAMA existed

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Topic: Contract Wars: Skills / Skill tree with 111 SP for Mod 3!

Originally posted by ak47frizzle:

Alright, i’ll stick to mod3, anyway…. I just can’t take away attention 1 because in the few games i had, it saved me from noobs with devgrus and people with dt srs and pistols…. I cannot take away 8 mobility because it is everything to me. Sigh, i’m going to take a hit on range guys, besides, i used to play without any range for a while and i did ok.

range is the best to get rid of as it is not as needed. other than that, your skill tree looks pretty solid. you might want to get +10% mob in scout (it applys to everything) and you have a solid tree.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Ban appeal/test/Must see Nqss!

Originally posted by GreekRage:

Well im seeing a double standard here..
You either submit pics like these and ban or you say that this isnt proof enough..
In the pic i posted…we know for a fact that this guy was glitching as are his clan mates that have been caught…
In Dutch’s case we have a pic taken from an angel that proves sh!t because from that distance he could be meters away from the rock and still remain unseen…

the best view for a picture is aerial. “well thats not enough proof. he could merely be hiding under the rock” :P

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Top Guns

Originally posted by TheDutchSoldier:
Originally posted by SpreadTheCancer:
Originally posted by TheDutchSoldier:
Originally posted by noone6:
Originally posted by TheDutchSoldier:

^This is a real game.

This is a browser game with huge hosts of serious problems. A good and fun game, for the amount of time I spend gaming, maybe, but not for that level of commitment.

I have 1113 hours total. ( HC + Normal )

You always have to make a thread about you.

Actually this thread is about the level of guns so no, I did not make a thread about it. Also hours played isn’t really something you have to be proud of.

dutch, you do have the tendency to come off as if you’re bragging. whether or not you are is a different story. The comment dutch made wasn’t about him though. If you saw the comment that he is talking about (hence the “^”) he is merely trying to say that people play this game a lot and there is no problem with it.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Roulette Rental time warp

Originally posted by Discuzting:
Originally posted by noone6:

What he wrote:

Originally posted by KamahKamahHa:

SR3M is a horrible gun.

What we saw:

Originally posted by KamahKamahHa:


hahaha exactly xD

I found SR3M a great gun but I suck at doing triple kills with it :/

I personally found the sr3m to be one of the easiest guns to get triples with and did the task in 2 days, getting most of it done on day 1 (I had the 50 trips contract) and its not like what i did one bay5 once. i tried getting 2 double kills to task my sphinx and accidentally made a quad :/
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Topic: Contract Wars: General / [Kongregate feature] Subforums!

found a bug with subforums, in the main forum area where you can see all the subforums, clicking the last button on a thread brings you to the first page, as if you just clicked the thread name.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / Kedr w-task.

Originally posted by Herkuzz:
Originally posted by 001x_x100:

Please fix Kedr w-task bug. I want to get it and as you probably know, instead of making 45 kills, you have to make 45 HEADSHOTS to earn this w-task. Please, fix it as fast as you can :(

If 45 headshots are hard how are you gonna task your M4 which needs 150Longshots?

longshots dont have a maximum distance :P

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Update: Weapons buffed!

Originally posted by nacimex:

Great, now everyone will be using kac.

i dont see why everyone is going bananas over the kac getting a dmg buff. There are still a lot of very much better guns. thing is, the kac still isn’t all that great. you guys are overreacting to a small buff given to a shitty weapon.

lets look at the gun. it has 100 acc… so… its like ever other gun with 100 acc. 30 recoil, that kind of high. 69 dmg, well the as vals both have 69 dmg, the ak-105 has 70 dmg, the 9a-91 has 74 dmg, akms has 77 dmg, ak-12 has 72 dmg, nothing too special just another slow firing gun with high dmg. 60 firerate, again, its slow. 70 mob, pretty average. 87 reload is pretty nice. 35 pen, above average but its still wont change much. 70-130 range, pretty average for an assault rifle. really shitty sight, tasked or untasked. atleast it has a silencer.

Why should i use it? The ak-105 is pretty nice. its got a really nice sight. fires faster and does more dmg too. a lot less recoil sure helps too. I might try the ak-12, that gun has 50 bullets a mag! can even get a scope for it too. I could use the as val kobra. that only has 20 rounds, but it sure does rip though people. maybe i’ll play with the g36c. things got a silencer AND a scope!

see what i mean? the kac isn’t the end of the world.