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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Farming

Originally posted by Glock243:

I don’t care about farmers. The only way people will catch up to me is if I let them.

Honestly Glock, I’m not entirely sure anyone ever WILL catch up with you. By the time you hit level 60 (I’m not quite there yet, but almost) you are definitely starting to feel the grind meter. I imagine that gets worse as you move forward. The chances of anyone sticking to the game seriously for long enough to catch up to YOU becomes diminishingly small.

As for farms – lets face it – if you want more skill points once you hit level 59, you farm contracts. I try to stick to only farming those that i can’t reasonably expect to finish alone in time or which are ridiculously hard, but again, this has been said by others. For me, it’s about the skill points.