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Topic: BloodRealm / Quest bug

Experiencing this as well. No idea what the last quest I completed was.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Request : Give us the original Chinese version of the Auction House!

I’d just like to point out that you’re calling RoM a Trading Card Game, it’s not though. It’s a Collectible Card Game.

I like and support this idea though.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Legendary from Box

I got Lionroar. Which I’d be pretty chuffed about if I hadn’t gotten one from a King’s Pack gotten from Forbidden Zone two weeks ago.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Class Change Crystals

Yeah, they’re already really easy to get through the Tower Shop.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / ways to do the elf vip boss

DrFugu has a video up of an easily-obtainable F2P deck doing it with absolutely no trouble. The only real important part is Legendary Angelic Flames (3), some Epic Vigi spear units and Inspire, and it seems like Epic Flames might work anyway.

EDIT: Tested. First and second tries, cleared. 1 Legendary Flame and 2 Epics worked fine.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / My thought on awakened update

Originally posted by tomdo99:

FORBIDDEN zone will give around 600k every month now, a godlike costs 6m from the rep shop.
thats 10months for 1 gl if u only get 3k forbidden points every time it pops up.

Thats no where near your 1-2years of farming.
if u add in boss/tower/daily login etc u can get a gl in 5months as a free player.
I myself have 2 godlikes and gonna make another in 2-3months as a vip 4 player (havent spend in a year)

If your server hits 1mil, 1.2mil per month for a GL every 5 months without tower, boss, etc.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Forbidden Zone options

This would seem to be the case. Back to not seeing any for five refreshes now.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Forbidden Zone options

I did just get one again. Alongside Legendary Gem => 100 Gold twice. Nine times after the last time I saw it.

And Kaiba, you couldn’t be further off the mark. Before, it was odd if I didn’t have one Fragment swap every run. Sometimes 2, that “winning the lottery” was the one time I had all 3. In nine refreshes, I had nothing besides the following options:

300 Gold > 2 Master’s Packs = +100
120 Gold > 30 Rare Gem = +100
60 Good gem > 10,000s = +80
1 Legendary Gem > 100 gold or 2500 Crystal = +100
5 Epic Gem > 80g

That is FIVE options. There are FOURTEEN in Tier 1. So why, for nine runs straight, did I have the same five?

My luck can be really bad sometimes, yes, but that’s beyond bad luck.

I am not the only one who is experiencing this.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Forbidden Zone options

Why is it that, despite me still being below 10,000 points (far below, at which point, according to the guide, I SHOULD NOT be seeing any changes to my options), I’m only getting options to trade in Gold for something or Gems for something? I do not have 60 Good Gems thank you, nor do I have 30 Rare Gems. I HAD 5 Epic Gems, until I traded those for 80 gold yesterday. I am not going to drop 100-300 gold for 100 points and an Epic Gem.

According to every resource I can find, I should still be seeing the option to trade Elixirs of Life for an Epic Gem, or Crystals, or something. I should still be able to trade Fragments. So why in the past SEVEN refreshes have I not seen a single one of these as an option, when before I could expect one every 2 at the least?

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Topic: Battle Pirates / Hello

Hey, I’m just starting on Kong but I’m a veteran through Kixeye’s site. I know the lower levels very well, and if you’d like help or advice at any point feel free to ask me.

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Topic: Battle Pirates / Hello to all

Hey, I’m just starting on Kong but I’m a veteran through Kixeye’s site. I know the lower levels very well, and if you’d like help or advice at any point feel free to ask me.

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Topic: Battle Pirates / New ideas

Originally posted by Desichalkos:

I think that you should add some useful things, Kixeye
This game is really good but other commenters dont really like it cause “you sold yourself”… Im not thinking like them i want to play this game as long as i can becasue it’s great… Just great ^^

First thing that u should make : Trading with others using Outpost or something else Because lots of ppl have problems with Draconians… What can be tradable?
Blueprints and parts for them

Write other ideas if u want, fellas

I hope Kixeye that u make blueprints tradable… Im not forcing you Just i want to help other ’cause i have some unused blueprints ^^

You’re going tog et better luck posting this in teh Wishlist subforum on Kixeye’s site, that I know the developers check. This I’m not sure.

Originally posted by walleyefish:

need more ships and like tele porting so players can move were they want

There are currently 80 different ships in the game, and at least 1 new one is released every month.

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Topic: Battle Pirates / Starting tips

Originally posted by Kevlar33:

Okay, I’ve been playing for about 4 hours, but there are some things the game did not make clear (to me), that I had to find the hard way-

Build buildings-
I couldn’t figure this out, at first. Was using the “Objective” go to build buttons. On the top right of your screen is a drop down menu. While on the “view base” click the arrow to choose “build”. Pick your building, then find a spot for it

Speed up- If you have less than 5 minutes remaining, its FREE to finish. Very helpful when repairing fleets…

Name Quest- CHANGE your name from “Blackheart”…. I didn’t, and I STILL don’t know how to find the name change page again…

Rogue Crews- buying rogue crews gives your fleet a bonus for 45 minutes, then the crew is gone again. You can get more Uranium from battles.

Campaign- At level 10, you can start a campaign. The first one has 4 battles in it. When you win a battle, your fleet will be filled with 500% fleet cargo- so be sure to improve those warehouses. If you fail a battle, you can try again… you have 12 hours to complete the first campaign… no idea what happens if you fail it. You can repeat it for a different reward, and a shorter completion time.

Blueprints- you need an inteligence building to use blueprints. You start with the blueprints to the Kong Marauder, and get others through campaigns, forsaken missions, battles

Kong Marauder- A bonus ship for playing on Kong. The free one has Thud IV cannons, Steel III armor, and engines. (you would need a level 5 Naval yard to build an identical one). I am told it can take out a level 5 military Stronghold by itself… but its better to send some others along. If an entire fleet is destroyed, it gets sent back to your base for repairs

Forsaken Mission- after level 10, you can start Forsaken missions. Apparantly, they change every week. Once you’ve started one, you have 72 hours to gain as many mission points as possible, to earn blue prints. I don’t know if the targets change week to week. Currently, the weakest target is the Level 5 Military Stronghold, and killing it gives you 2300 pts, and 30k of each resource. Partially killing it leaves it damaged, and gives you partial rewards. The lowest prize tier is 150k points, but since repairs under 5 min can be sped up for free…

Ship refitting/scrapping- in the repair dock, double click on an individual ship in a fleet. As ships earn experience, they gain rank bonuses (+5% per level up to Star [elite, 25% bonus], 2 stars is 29%). Unfortunately, you can’t swap out the guns/armor/special items of any hull weaker than the sub.

Going to go bit by bit here. I have another acc on the Kixeye site that’s lv48 with considerable raid tech (never coined), some of this info is right, some is wrong, some is partially right.

Buildings, this is correct. This is how you build.

Speed up: Yes, this is correct as well. Additionally, you can repair each individual ship in this manner by removing the others from the fleet. This can instantly repair 25 minutes of damage as long as no ship has more than 5.

You change your name through your Outpost. First change is free, subsequent changes cost gold.

Rogue crews provide bonuses depending on what crew it is, but not all are 45 minutes. Some are longer, some are shorter. One of the most useful for low levels, Lucky Bastards, guarantees blueprint drops from salvages while active but only lasts 10 minutes.

The Kong Marauder is an excellent starting hull and more can be built with Intel Lab lv1. Naval Lab lv5 is only necessary for the armor, which isn’t really necessary. Although ideally, you will have 600 armor on it as with the 50% repair modifier 600 armor is treated as 300, which is instant-repair even when fully sunk.

FM targets do not change week to week. Only the prizes change. Prizes earned are random, but the missions are VERY worthwhile. Start with just Tier 2 (Tier 2 can be done with Marauders, especially the Kong Marauders)

Refitting is incredibly nice. Later on, you’ll often find yourself building blank hulls and then refitting the tech onto them. My main account is currently building a Mastodon fleet. Due to my WH capacity, I can only build the hull, armors, specials and 2 D55-Fs (this costs all of the 91 million Zynthium I can hold – you will find once your Warehouses start getting higher in rank capacity increases VERY fast). That leaves 2 D55-Fs and 6 D51-Ls that need to be refitted. All hulls that can be refitted can benefit from it, and even if you want to change fleets (like from Cannons to Missiles or from Thuds to D33-X (don’t use Rippers. They are way worse than they look), you can just refit without having to build entirely new hulls as well.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / What is the name of your team members?


They come from the Deep Ones novels by H.P. Lovecraft. Cthulhu was a god worshipped by the Deep Ones, shoggoth are shape-shifting servants of the Elders, and the rest are all cities of the Deep Ones.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Farming? Really?

Personally, I go for the shot that kills. Whether it’s a tricky skillshot or tazing the 50-HP guy right next to me (or sniping hi from across the map), if the shot doesn’t kill I won’t take it unless it’s the best option I have available (as especially late-game sometimes there ARE no kill-shots).

Farming, though I do not do it myself, is about custom weapons. Who needs to aim when your custom blows the hell out of 2 planets and everyone on them? Hit the planets, get 10 kills.

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Topic: The Gate / Farming Feeder Cards:

Originally posted by Daisuke89:
Originally posted by so0meone:

I just got 10 in 1 run from Penta, actually.

You should note that today is double card drop day :) 10 cards from one level is a very common drop today. Good to level your card fast

Good point, forgot about that

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Topic: The Gate / Farming Feeder Cards:

I just got 10 in 1 run from Penta, actually.

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Topic: The Gate / New invitation code Form


Working towards an R5 Argestes, that will eventually be a VERY powerful ally for you.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Lucky draw reset

I’m not having this issue…

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Some Great Ideas To Make This Game Much Better

Originally posted by jooe15:
Originally posted by Baerk:

As far as i’m concerned there’s no excess pink diamonds. Those that say that they have too many just simply don’t understand the implications of what they can do with them. In particular raise a bunch of the same creature to epic and then combine those epics to legend. Making a legend this way will chew up 15 pink diamonds easy (and since sacrificing cards can makes the enhance silver free this allows you to get rid of hundreds of junk cards in a useful manner while you’re at it)

This is simply not true, a lot of people who don’t come online 5+ hours a day get more pink diamonds from daily rewards then they have silver to use them.

12 blue cards = free pink diamond. Come on, 12 blue cards is a joke to get.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / How does soul summoner work?

Originally posted by TheGil:

you can get only epic cards, since leg shards are at least acording to my inventory,
are 2 per week.
yes i got 2 leg sharsd per week only,
suck this game with this luck depend everything
i can go play a rollete game it will be the exact same experience

I got 14 in 2 weeks, plus 2 GL stones. You have terrible luck my friend.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Hellborn Temptation 1 and 2

Luck Gil, I get them a lot

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Skills return rate lowered?

Originally posted by brococho:
Originally posted by Deathlord1234:

I think you just have bad luck. My skills are coming back a lot even when i don’t need them.

yea yea happens so much thapnks so much your so cool

Well you’re a dick, aren’t you?

No issues with me, my Scorches and Petrifies are bouncing, if anything, even more often than they ever have. Pretty sure it’s teh same and I’m just getting lucky though.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / FREE Dragon and Angel Gift Packages!!!

This event has been over for half a year people, that’s why you can’t claim it…

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / master pk angel n dragon

They will be eventually when they aren’t super-new