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Topic: General Gaming / Idle Recruit Secret Medals

I believe at the bottom there should be a highly condensed version :)

Typable Secrets: mershed, rm -rf, jun 16 2011, #yolt, headphones, sv_cheats 1, mushroom, I <3 free stuff, tina, 1, 5, moremoneymoreproblems, hamboning, break

Action Based Secrets: Play with cursor during the preloader, View the news, View the tutorial, View the Credits, Type max characters, Click Suggest a Recruit, Click one of the | seperators at the top

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Topic: The King of Towers / If you think this game is a copy...

@Giga, a dev/company can definitely be penalized for ripping art/graphics from others games. Such content is copyright and reproducing them without permission is against the law ^^

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Raid Rank

Originally posted by artlogicgames:

Next Raid Tier

Legendary Rewards + Rare Relics
Legendary rewards
6-15 , 16-40 ,

Epic Rewards
41-200 , 201-500

Rare Rewards
501-1000, 1001-2000

Crystals element rewards

Big thumbs up from me.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Raid Rank

As I said, all that you just said is completely irrelelvant to this thread. If you’d like to bash LotS/DotD, please do it in a PM to me or on the forums for those games.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Raid Rank

Im a bit against the idea of regions. Would just amount to resentment and annoyance. Coding of it would suck too. All in all, I dont see much good coming from it.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Raid Rank

I recall several statements about how raid tiers will be changed after we pass 1k players in a raid. The previous raid had people past rank 1,100.

Will the new raid a week from now be featuring an altered ranking structure?

Also, as a side suggestion: Instead of Rank based Rewards, how about Tier based rewards. IE: You hit XXX Points, you get _____. This style and structure provides a set point / goal for people to work towards to try to achieve. It has proven to be quite powerful and effective in other popular games on Kongregate (DotD, LoTS, etc) as the target that youre aiming for is not unknown/moving and players can support one another more instead of being bitter about losing a rank to another player.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Skill Balance/Tweak/Alter + Suggestion post here

Originally posted by Lokhagos:
Originally posted by ferx_zero:
Originally posted by Lokhagos:

Are you saying total stats for all heroes are equal now?

yes, total stat for all heroes are equal now.

Great thanks… A very good balancing act. About Greg. I experienced an 80+ Greg, while I was level 99 Viegraff, he buffed 2 strength party skills and started to attack each of my 90+ units for about 10-13k each (No water Element which Greg is more powerful). With this incident, I put Greg into the powered heroes group of Sonya, Wong, and Oz.

With that said, to further balance all the heroes in terms of skills, either nerf the 4, (which are Sonya, Wong, Oz and Greg) or Buff the 2, which are Viegraff and Popo.

Like Viegraff buffing all party with 10% parry, something like that. Anything that will put Popo and Viegraff in the league with the other heroes.

Take Note
All my observations and suggestions are based in a 99 Viegraff with an iron sword on him. It might sound biased, but I am considering everything to make every hero balanced in it’s own right and make the game more enjoyable to all.

Similarly, I faced a Popo that began the battle with a Defense Up buff. Damaging the opponents part was… quite a challenge. Party Def Up + Innate Guard + Ability to win in timeouts based on HP… I would say Popo is currently balanced with Oz an company.

A Party wide Parry Buff would be OP for Veigarff, imo. Im not saying he doesnt need a small boost, but that would be a bit too major.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Double xp/quest points events

+ 1 for double quest point weekends.

Idk about double xp. Already easy enough to hit 99 imo.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Skill Balance/Tweak/Alter + Suggestion post here

Originally posted by Hally604:

I wouldn’t mind if fairy would only have agi up all and heal all; without an attack altogether. The current setup significantly reduced fairy’s chance of using the heal skill early on, making it far less reliable as a healer.

+1 I like this idea. Remove normal attack, make fairy only have heal + agi up.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Skill Balance/Tweak/Alter + Suggestion post here

Originally posted by Omnia0001:

Make the current Parry skills : Guard / Mighty Guard have old % chance to activate, but make them only reduce damage taken when activated by 50% instead of blocking the entire attack.

Guard (30% chance to 1/2 damage taken)
Mighty Guard (60% chance to 1/2 damage taken)

Feel free to create a new pair of skills to be 10%/30% chance of blocking the entire damage.

I agree with this. However I believe the damage reduction should be slightly more than 50% as that would make them weaker than they currently are. Perhaps 60% or 70%. They would still get pretty banged up against cards with an elemental advantage even when parry activates.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Skill Balance/Tweak/Alter + Suggestion post here

Was Oz’s Ragnorak changed? Seems to hit harder now.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Choose wisely

LOL. Yeah the whole “Choose Wisely” thing is a bit riddiculous. Would be better if we played each one in a tutorial mode for a bit. OR if there were hero change tokens in shop at a modest price (10, maybe 20?).

There is NO reason we should be forced into this kind of decision that stays with us the entire game when we know nothing about it.

@Excruciatus: That is debatable. Stats and skills are different in Every game and this game is very different from even the rest of the EW franchise. Are skills best? Are stats best? What determines whether a skill or stat is good? There also is “hidden” information (Ie: Crackle & Rising Dragon are both able to stun, whereas Ragnorak and XClaw dont inflict status ailments). As for asking in chat/etc, that is only so-so. You can get trolled or misinformed or anything. I picked Oz based on a forum thread I read, the person made a lengthy post in which he justified why Oz is the best Hero by far. Now sitting at level 60, do I agree with that post? No, not at all. First of all, there are numerous great Epic wind cards, while there are virtually no void cards – knowing this alone Id easily pick Wong aside from the rest of his OPness.

In my opinion, there needs to be the ability to change down the road – say when a player hits 50 and has an understanding of the game. The heroes also need to be better balanced.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Blade Hunter] Best Uses of $$/Diamonds

Just a bit curious about what people consider to be the best and most effective use of $$/Diamonds. Please share your thoughts (:

Also, does anyone know whats the deal with the countdown timer for the Startup Funds?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Blade Hunter] ESCORT

“Programming is hard” is not an excuse, to be honest. Especially not when the company/team producing an item is monetizing it so heavily. Also, if programming were as hard as R2 makes it seem, then Google and so many other lovely things would not exist in this day and age. Yes you have to have a brain to program, its a profession. Though it definitely isn’t rocket science, as the cliche goes.

Oh and as far as repackaging goes. One thing you should realize is that that just involves translation, no actual programming there.

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Topic: BloodRealm / New system of awarding

Originally posted by kozey:

Exactly, bonus in the form of game currency, or glory, in my opinion its easy to perform, game code simply checks wins/loses when Your Hero is directed by AI and award if defend successfully. Most players can’t spent all week playing to get real bonus, but lot of them have powefull decks that can be challenge in Immortal Plate or so.

Basically we should give people passive/idle bonsuses for doing nothing, simply because once upon a time they played the game? Sorry, but no.

Also, the matchmaking system is far from ideal. Throw in something like this and those that get matched / selected by AI often will have greater chances at receiving this “reward”. All in all, its highly unbalanced, and completely pointless. But then, you already knew that.

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Topic: BloodRealm / What the heck happened in Arena?

Originally posted by BuddyPharaoh:

What the hell is an immortal Ramses doing with a 5-star? Must’ve gotten lucky on a pack, I guess.

The level of Ramses doesn’t matter. Additionally, all premium champions gain a 5 star card once they hit Acolyte. For Ramses, thats the Phoenix card. For Ogma, its Lycanthrope. Being that he had 2 Lyncan’s, he is likely a high level player (45+) with a Ogma and lots of silver spent on packs.

For reference, here’s the wiki on champions.

Edit: When I hit 45, I had roughly 4.1million silver. I dropped it on packs, of course, and gained 4 5-star cards and 8 4-star cards. Once one of my champions hits God level, I switch to a new champion and level them up to God (working on my 4th atm); so it’s really not all that uncommon to see low level champions paired with high level cards.

Matching in the arena is based on Glory, which helps to keep things relatively fair. Otherwise people would have 20k glory and just be fighting baby opponents.

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Topic: BloodRealm / What glory does it take to move past rank 501?!

No need to be hostile, Roki.

And yes, the leaderboard screen for this game does suck. Maxes too low, doesnt give you your position above 500, etc.

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Topic: Card Monsters / ***Squid***

More heal is important for squid.

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Topic: Card Monsters / ***Glumbie***

Epic chance would be lovely. I just dont see glumbie as being the one to fill that roll.

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Topic: Card Monsters / ***Glampire***

Originally posted by JasonJ29:

It would have to become an absolute Beast for people to use it at 5CC.

If people want a hard to kill Mage could give it like 20 wall instead of Melee. A 30 Shield/20 Wall Backrow would have some pretty decent Survivability

Originally posted by JuzzieJT:

I don’t think we’re going to get what we want out of this card at 4CC, since it appears to be pushing the limits of the calculated values already. Assuming we retain the Shield, Melee and Magic combo, what’s some options for the values of Shield/Magic/Melee/HP at 5CC?

No way I’d ever play my Glampire again at 5cc.

Giving Glampire Wall runs into the same issue of having to remove either Melee/Magic/Shield.

Militant: Perhaps it would be best to see if its possible to add 10hp without changing the cost of the card? That would allow it to survive 1 feline / goro attack unarmored.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Xmas...

Originally posted by Tsizt:

They will make CM2, S&P3, CM3, S&P4 and so on.

Wont matter with how they treat their games. Generates a bit of buzz initially then dies off quick. I tried S&P2 for a bit, was really nice, then I quit it out of boredom. The money I spent/invested in CM is the only thing keeping me around anymore, but I’ve a feeling even that wont hold me all too much longer.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Xmas...

Lol. Didnt even notice the light upgrades not being reduced (as Im at 575 atm).

Brilliant move Edge. Dieing game gets no love from its own devs.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Xmas...

`25% off everything in the store`. Y’all forgot the daily limited time item. Lol.

Nice going though, pretty much as expected ~ your xmas present to us is that we pay you. GG cashgrab.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Rampaging Troll Codes for Kongregate!

Originally posted by APMover9000:

+1 Dislike.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dawn of Darkness] Star Levels

Anyone have a list to how much gold each star level requires?

Level 1 is 100 gold… and levels 2-12 are… ? XD