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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Moon Progress

Wish I could make a cute lil chart :) Too many flux capacitors so I have no idea how long everything takes.

If its any help though, in the super late (flat line progress, literally) stage of the moon here’s what you get per tick:
2860 Moon Shoes – 85.225 Quatrodecillion / tick
660 Gravity Booth – 22.002 Quindecillion / tick
1920 Payday Clone – 2.978 Quindecillion / tick
700 Moon Express – 635.294 Quindecillion / tick
1500 Oxygen Bar – 2.68 Septendecillion / tick
870 Helium-3 Farm – 1.429 Septendecillion / tick
1024 Cheese Mine – 6.649 Septendecillion / tick
700 Amusement Parks – 106.763 Septendecillion / tick
1100 Werewolf Colony – 805.298 Septendecillion / tick
300 Giant Laser – 6.283 Octodecillion / tick

Edit: Figured it out, thanks AdCap wikia :D
So, it gets slightly more balanced later on. Not balanced, just more balanced. 4 sources of income instead of just 1 :D

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Moon Progress

Originally posted by Irish85:

11.541 Quintiliion angels x66 multiplyer, +3388% Flux. the 112 novemdecillion goal seems from another planet, maybe mars.

Completely flatlines after that. I had a bunch of gold from the xmas time. So I blew it all in a test save to see just how horrid the gap gets. x3333 multi, 100 flux capacitors. timewarping and AI gold resetting until I ran out of gold. At the very low Vigitillions (<10), a 7week time warp gives 0.2% of a vigitillion. Next cash upgrade requires 3 duovigitillion. Next AI upgrade requires in the octillions and is only the +10 of ____ variety (7 week time warp gives 37 sextillion AI)

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Games and Giveaways.

500. Cause ish nice.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Full of bugs...

Actually, “big popular” games tend to be very efficient at ironing bugs out. Sure they pop-up with every new release, but they tend to be ironed out within days. Then again, you and I may have very different definitions of what a big popular game is =P

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Topic: The Gate / Aren't things way overpriced?

cx: When someone compares one game to another game that they like, they typically do reference it. Given that Diya has played many times as s/he stated, they could probably reference a multitude of games for every statement. But what good would that do? There is a reason people keep references rather consistent: Drives the point home.

Haven’t looked at this games cash shop yet, but what you’ve said the prices are, I’d say yeah, its way overpriced. Sadly, fairly common for online ccgs. Regarding Daisukes post, whether something is overpriced or not has almost nothing to do with your personal wealth. Your personal wealth merely determines the affordability of said item(s). Pricing (under, over, or fair value) is typically more so determined by competition – when the market is highly saturated with similar products (as is the case with CCGs, and, well, most game genres). I myself typically compare a game against the industry leaders – for CCGs, that would be games such as hearthstone.

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Topic: Collaborations / Idle Recruit is Looking for Developers!

Not a dev. But I’ve gotta say, quite the generous offer. You shouldn’t sell yourself too short thoough mister 0 percent. Idle Recruit or a sequel to it has tremendous potential. You developed something truly amazing and addictive x’3 With the kind of developmental push that Clicker Heroes got (and its only a 2 man dev team iirc), Idle Recruit 2 could be massive :D

Best of luck

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Golden Gift?

Newpapers in gifts is amazing if you’re in the late game and not resetting often. Rather horrible if you are resetting often though.

Though, considering that golden gifts are now exclusively for spenders (no free gold from candy canes), perhaps the newspapers should be reconsidered to be something that is beneficial regardless of whether or not you are new/midgame vs lategame.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / How Do You Feel About Free Gold?


Free, earnable, stuff is great. However it needs to be highly tested before being released. This recent release came with so many issues from candy canes glitches and exploits to the cascading gold bars.

In addition to testing to make sure things are exploitable (candy canes) or simply borked (gold bars), things should be tested to make sure they are balanced and fair. Not purely luck-based. I’ve spoken with players that are several thousand candy canes deep without a single gold bar to players with a mere hundred or two that got over 10 gold bars. Some people will be more lucky than others, sure, but it shouldn’t have such extremes (especially on the bad luck side).

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Can't export game, animations galore, developers are on their own agenda

Also cant export. Whats up with that?

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [crazy Proof] The first genuine F2P player beat Grinder 10 after rebalance & before nerf Grinder to Pussy!

Depends on the strategy used, imo.

My take on the crazy squad, after using up ~6 health bars (1250 HP, and most was in retreats ofc). Swap out splitter & 1 galv for 2x spit fire. This will allow you to handle crusher and phantom much easier. Also one of the spit fires can be used for lane control early on (ie: zeus in front, spit fire behind, anything that opposes it will die quick), depending on draws of course.Sadly, have the mats & research for spitfire done, but not the scrap x’D

So, I just finally succeeded. I’ll admit, I did cheat and used free VC’s to repair my squads HP 2x (35VC) since I didnt start on grinder until it had ~12 hours left.

The battle started with a Dirge, which I opposed with a backrow Galv. They then played an unopposed GE, I played a Zeus in front of my Galv. This allowed me to start over taking them rather quickly. Cant say how the rest of the battle went exactly, as I addmittedly stopped thinking I had a chance in the middle when the enemy placed a crusher. I didn’t retreat as I had a 2 unit lead on them and next turn, with a little luck from mark and barriers that turned into a 3 unit lead. Phantom was played last, which for me was very helpful – the crazy squad DPS is on the low side and almost becomes “strike only” once phantom is in play.

Because I was able to overtake the opponent rather quickly, I made it out with 7 units in tact. Granted, this is all about enemy turn order as well as luck with mark+barrier. Ive had a few similar playthroughs where I did not have the barrier luck and as my early lead wore off, the tables quickly turned.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [crazy Proof] The first genuine F2P player beat Grinder 10 after rebalance & before nerf Grinder to Pussy!

Most likely going to fail the grinder. I’ve got 9 hours left. (Not giving up, I will keep trying till times up. Just being realistic.)

A few take aways / lessons I learned.
You need to start pummeling the grinder from day 1. You will lose a lot in the end, especially on grinder 10. So you need your squad to have time to recover HP. Sadly, I waited until the last day, made it to 10, but it’s been pummeling me hard. I’ve had one game where i would have won if crusher came a turn later – and I’m sure that would/will happen if I had more time/tries.

Consider swapping one of the crazysquad units out for a spitfire. Sadly I did not do this. But if you have a spitfire, you can handle a mid-game crusher – thus opening up more win paths/opportunities. Swap out either Kara or Splitter for the spitfire, imo 3x camo (galv) and 3x zeus is fairly essential.

Really try to have the crazy squad maxed out by the time grinder begins. This can be a daunting task given the SP choke sadly. This is also why I waited until the last day of the grinder to try it – I was maxing out my galvs. My zeus & splitter made it to 5/6.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [crazy Party] Time to celebrate your 4444, 5k, 5555, 6k & 7777!

Bit curious about the lazy squad. Is there any benefit to not using all 8 units (aside from helping with pull order, I spose)?

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Why do Enemies always get to move first?

Originally posted by LoshZmei:

actualy ther is no AI, the opponents put random unit in random spot. No tactic at all.

So i agree, to give it some chance it needs to be first.

Quite uninformed. There is an AI. Not saying its amazing or stellar, but there is a basic AI. The enemy always going first is meant to balance the game a bit, assuming that players can “outsmart” their opponent. In more basic games, this is very true. But as many have chimed in, thanks to the new pvp searching method, we’re often paired against opponents whose units vastly outrank our own. We can still win, sure, but the difficulty can be quite high if not impossible at times.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [crazy Party] Time to celebrate your 4444, 5k, 5555, 6k & 7777!

Very nice! Congrats mate ^^

What kind of squad are you rocking now?

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Overdrive Crate QUESTION

Meh. This crate is insanely over priced and should not have those crappy 2*’s. You’ll probably get way more by getting elite supply boxes for double the price, but garunteed every unit to be 4*+

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [crazy Guide] For new f2p players or so...

Originally posted by KageNoKyo:
You don’t want to raise your dominance, since that would mean encountering harder opponents.
You want to stay at a comfortable low level that lets you regularly earn xp and sp.
To do so, you need to use weaker level units. You’ll level up slower, but you’ll earn xp regularly – and that’s what matters.
Why is this important? Because this game does not reward losing. You climb too high, you’ll hit a wall faster, you need to stall and earn sp as much as possible.

Im a bit confused with this one. You want to win PVP of course because not doing so = no reward. If youre always winning though, arent you by definition dominating? Or are you saying that you want to try to make the match come out “close” or as a “near win” ?

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [PETITION] WE NEED OUR SCRAPS ! (Read this DEVs)

+1. Completely stuck in the game 5 days into it. Would have been stuck sooner had I started now and not 5 days ago.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / (To Devs/Community) How do i continue to play?

One additional issue with this massive wall that we hit. Makes timed compaigns such as the grinder move from challenging to impossible. I cant even generate enough scrap for a Zeus anymore, much less an entire 4-5 star team.

I was progressign smoothly and followed a good path, no wasted researches, etc. But now because of the new system, I’ve hit a massive wall where I can only complete 5-10 PVP fights a day, the rest being impossible (which I fight just in order to lower my dom however little).

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [crazy Proof] The first genuine F2P player beat Grinder 10 after rebalance & before nerf Grinder to Pussy!

Originally posted by thanghonghanh3:

I already did it today morning.Not too hard for F2P player,in my turn it drop Red Hawk first,i drop Raven to tank,then Grinder drop 2 Dirge.I drop Oni,Jackrabbit…
My team is mixed from Strike all and Mark skill,it can destroy 1 enemy’s unit in 1 turn easily before enemy’s unit can active skill.

Err… Too many premium / luck based units to be considered for an F2P player on a consistent basis. Especially with Red Hawk being a 5* Premium and all. Grats on the lucky supply crates though!

Originally posted by crazyeye2011:

3x Zeus with Titan Plat
3x Galva with Ripp Amm
Splitt with Ripp Amm
Kara with Ripp Amm

Whoah! Amazing. You accomplished it without a single 5*.

Question, if you could make realistic changes to this squad, what would you change to have made your time easier? Razor ammo instead of ripper being a given x’P

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Topic: Global Assault: General / to community mainly top guilds: don't steal.

Tbh, by making so much drama about it, you’re promoting and helping him more than hurting him.

If any of your guild members believe shit being talked about you and leave your guild, then youve not done your job as a guild leader. Your people dont know you well enough. If however that isnt the case, then why give a fuck ? If BlackLotus was a top guild, then worrying and making drama about member poaching might have a bit of validity. But as is, you’re just giving them free press and suggesting to players that you feel, as a guild leader, somewhat threatened by his actions. Which means his guild has something to offer, and thus leads to more people joining it.

No, Im not a member of BL, nor do I intend to be. Just shedding a bit of light and hoping all the drama spam will end.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Guide] Guide to beat Grinder Mission LV10 as F2P player

Originally posted by crazyeye2011:
Originally posted by chaosguard:

Have gotten lucky with a few premium 3* units: jackhammer, tomahawk, halefire humvee. Currently Im ~5 days in

Got all those premium units from about 5 days of play only? Holy crap you da man!

Played alot. Did pure pvp until this scan change thing – dont think I missed any scans till the farm nerf. Slowed down alot yesterday/today. Now I can only do about 20-30% of my PVP fights, the rest are all 500-1k dom ahead of me :/

Oh and if you do start over, I’d highly recommend that you wait a bit to see if devs fix PVP. I think right now, its probably even harder to get to where you need to be due to farming difficulty.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Guide] Guide to beat Grinder Mission LV10 as F2P player

My understanding is that Oni was nerfed quite hard, so possibly easier if you go a different upgrade path.

Asking in chat, it was suggested to me to aim for 3x Gray Eagle for Grinder. 1 Galv from campaign. Anything armored for front row, such as Zeus.

Have gotten lucky with a few premium 3* units: jackhammer, tomahawk, halefire humvee. Currently Im ~5 days in so I figure I’ll wait a bit to see what else I get, but thinking of doing front row of zeus + raven.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Patch - Nov 24th

Pros: Removal of timer for removing equips
Cons: Everything else. Literally. Horrible Match Making system ruins game and ability to upgrade. Unit rebalance ruins F2P.

Just a hint for the devs, you NEED F2P players. Otherwise, why the hell will anyone P2W? Just to fight other P2W players…? Lol. The basis for a P2W/“Freemium” game is a healthy playerbase.

Unfortunate to see the development decisions that are being made.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Bug] Help. Scan is not working AT ALL


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Topic: Global Assault: General / Looking for Squad Suggestions

My Squad Currently: Zeus L4, Auruch x3 L2, Fury x2, Phoenix L4, Phoenix L1

3* in inventory: Tomahawk
2*s in my inventory: Slammer, Hades, Dozer APC, Shrike x2, Rhino Humvee, Stealth Humvee, RPG Tank, Scorpion x5, Dark Op Tank x3, Flameburst Drone, Trirotor x2

Got lucky in pulling a Zeus. I have Fury, Auroch, Mule, Phoenix researched. 1.5days to go on Zeus research.

Looking for advice on how I should build from here, aiming for the grinder, given the crippling F2P nerf we just had.