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Topic: Kongregate / Some notes about dealing with stolen games on Kongregate

Glad to see Kongregate has this as a policy. I’ve been playing games here for awhile and just uploaded my first game this week. However the game was made as part of a competition and there is already another game on here with the same graphics and similar gameplay. Which resulted in a storm of Stolen comments and I can only assume down rating. Kinda sucks to spend time creating a game only to be accused of stealing the game. Is there a way to have the STOLEN comments removed from games? I flagged the comments as inappropriate for my game, is that all we can do as a developer?

My game is the Fisher Girl game and the one they say I stole was the Fishing Girl game.

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Topic: Game Programming / Deleting Functions

Here is how I would do it:

function rwar1() { //code 1 }
function rwar2() { //code 2 }

var rwar:Function = rwar1;

//then later in the code when you want the rwar to be rwar2
rwar = rwar2;

Was that what you wanted to do?