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Topic: General Gaming / REPLAYING :the game:

Originally posted by alexthenoob:

down 3 side 8 is mona

Thanks, was going through it one by one…

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Topic: General Gaming / The Rebuild 2 Thread

Originally posted by Fair_play:

If food is an issue start a new city with 5 people but equip them all with rocket launchers if possible. Gustov will give you 100 food for each of them.

If that’s not possible without restarting then expand in one direction only. By keeping your border size down to a 3×12 space only lets you get attacked by 30 squares = (3+12)x2 space just the places you can attack directly. If you had those 36 squares in a 6×6 grid you get 24 squares = (6+6)x2. Keep on attacking get your soldiering up across the board. Send out scouts to all farms, malls, and all housing units. Don’t worry about saving squares for later because you don’t have enough room for survivors, if you take a square without recruiting the survivors move to another part of the city. You need a score of 11 to reclaim squares in 1 turn, or upgrade squares in 2 turns.

Thanks for the help-I followed mostly according to the pattern you recommended, and got the hard badge on seriously hard difficulty.
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Topic: Kongregate / Report missing achievement

Originally posted by Badgy_McBadger:
Originally posted by hello5666:
Originally posted by Badgy_McBadger:
Originally posted by animegurl117:

I reported a missing achievement, then later got the achievement after the next level in the game, then it gave me the next achievement. How do I remove said achievement which was given to me wrongly?

Yup, Just keep it. But if you feel wrong by this, Just try and complete the task anyway, Just for the sake of it. It’s what I did when I was wrongly awarded a badge.

Sometimes, people who want badges don’t try and actually do it.

I fail to see why that is remotely relevant to what I said, considering that she had even said in her post, “How do I remove said achievement which was given to me wrongly?”, which is sort of a hint, that she didn’t want to get it, without any effort.

I remember a while back there was a glitch on Sonny that allowed you to get the badge for beating the game; I got that the glitched way, then went back and did it fairly. It takes a good amount of effort, but it’s worth doing (I’m not comparing this to animegurl117’s situation, just saying that it helps if you do it the right way if it was given by mistake or something.)
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Topic: General Gaming / arkandian crusade

Originally posted by Ytaker:

Tactics only rises when you face higher level enemies and hit them. It says so in the manual.

Thanks, I was a little lost on that, especially when it stopped (or capped out) all of a sudden.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Karma.

i believe in karma…i posted sothg stupid and didnt think of what might happen…im sorry to every1, and im going to leave Kongregate for a while…be back in a while…


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Topic: General Gaming / Pandemic 2 -- Disease Names

how about someone’s name? i used my little borther’s one time, but he failed me…anyway, how’s “Insert Name(Here)”

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Topic: Kongregate / Fix the lack of mods.

im sorry about the previous post, problem resolved and plz dont bother with anything i made a huge mistake, no more problem at the moment, plz dont worry bout the room

-im sry to anyone i rly bothered…and im gonna be off for a while, so bye

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Topic: General Gaming / thing thing...5?

Ideas-less kills per area needed, a better ending than getting fragged and having ur genes ripped out, a couple more bosses + weak pts-they need to be weaker somewhere than the other places, and not always the head, ok?-(try to make it similar to House of the Dead in that aspect), a crouching movement, and the enemies’ bodies not to pile up onscreen and cause a huge lag party