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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Known Login Issues] PLEASE READ

Can’t access the game, since 1/3/15, Today it says params error
I’m on the screen where you choose your server, e.g. Snowy Fort, but none are there to choose. Game down? Servers down? Did RoM finally pack up and skip town? What’s up?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Suggestions to improve activity

Let the whales fight other whales, nothing is as annoying to a player then running into to some low level scrub with a deck full of legends and a warhorse with more armor than a German tank.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Rise Of Mythos Update 1.5 Coming May 21st


Where? When did this happen?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Simple Fix to the Login problem

Just gonna have to shake my head at this certificate thing….come on now…a bit unprofessional don’t you think? I mean, damn…people are dropping some serious coinage here and they can’t even get their papers in order.


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Topic: Rise of Mythos / A Wolf in Ram’s Clothing

Originally posted by Bubbleman:
Originally posted by VonChaos:
Originally posted by knitbone:

It’s not $200 for one card. It’s $200 for 10,000 gold (plus the card)

I can see how if you can’t justify the $200 for 10k gold, the card won’t make a difference, but quit framing it like you only get the card.

you might have a point, but who spends $200 just for 10000 gold? I think the card, regardless of what you say is the motivating factor.

Judging by what things go for in the Auction House, the cards sell for far less than 10k gold (1-2k gold, generally) which would imply that the gold is the main motivating factor and the card is the bonus.

Well, I guess it’s a matter of opinion then. The card is the bonus and I agree with you, but given the chance of purchasing 10k of gold with a card or just getting the gold, I’m sure that card helps.

If anything as something to sell in the AH for rubies.

Mind you I’m not denying your claim in any way…just seeing it from a different perspective. After all, if it was just the gold, then why bother adding bonus cards?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / A Wolf in Ram’s Clothing

Originally posted by knitbone:

It’s not $200 for one card. It’s $200 for 10,000 gold (plus the card)

I can see how if you can’t justify the $200 for 10k gold, the card won’t make a difference, but quit framing it like you only get the card.

you might have a point, but who spends $200 just for 10000 gold? I think the card, regardless of what you say is the motivating factor.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / No Starting limit for AH

Dev’s come on now…starting minimums for cards in AH has to go. We can’t sell any cards cause no one wants to spend 50 gold on a card, but they might part with 20 or 25. Wouldn’t it be better for players to have some say on what they want to release their cards for…with this minimum price being so high, you’re screwing the players.

Not to mention…commission? Why are you guys getting commission? LOL, we sell it for gold, people spend gold, we get rubies in exchange and you double dip into that as as well?

Good lord. 5 rubies commission…you guys should be getting 0, but hell I’ll toss 1-3 rubies your way. Exactly how do you benefit from those commissions anyway?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Dragon Lair Hard Sanc Reflection Strategy.

Good lord you guys with your sancs, everything is sanc…we get it, it works, but man, you guys use it as a crutch for every stage and every boss. It gets to the point when you guys rely on Sanc so much that you boot people from lobby who aren’t priest and don’t bring sanc to the game.

Sanc is the most overly abused card in this game.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Something to gripe about?

So with Ancient Den, you go through the trouble of fighting in what is essentially a special event stage. You’ll think that after you beat the stage that at least the prizes would reflect the rarity of the stage right? At least some decent silver amounts, or decent gems, or cards. Nope.

The good prizes you do get are a mount, which I rarely seen as a prize, runes, few scattered about, like, 1 or 2 and gold, also, rarely seen…but it happens.

I get it, bury the really good stuff with a ton of crappy ones. alright, frustrating at times, but ok…at least it makes the win a bit more satisfying when you get a rune or a mount.

What I don’t understand is why there is an expiration date on a rune that isn’t used? If it’s not part of your worn accessories, why allow it to expire by sitting in your inventory? How is that fair?

People don’t often win them, when they do, like I did…i hold onto them until a special event comes along, or when I can best strategically use the item. After that, sure, if it dies off in a day, I’ll accept it. But not sitting in my inventory.

Does that happen with the mount? Cause I had a mount and didn’t use it right away, it didn’t expire. Is this something new?

Speaking of the mount, that I can understand, screw it, call it realism. “The horse gotta eat, that’s why it expires if you keep it in inventory…it can’t leave and get Wendy’s or something”

I dig it, but Runes? Come on now.

Here’s another gripe. When forging armor…why doesn’t it add the upgrades made to other pieces of armor you might have? For example. 4 pieces of armor, 2 of them are upgraded to level 9 and 10. When you combine the two, only one of them stays upgraded.

Why? Couldn’t it be made a harder percentage to forge them together and keep a portion what what’s been already upgraded?

For example, if it’s a lvl9 and a lvl 10, I’m not suggesting the next lvl be a legendary armor with lvl19 upgrades. I’ll be happy if it just registers a small percentage of the extra upgrade. Maybe say turn it to a lvl 13. A small price to pay, but hey, at least we get something for our trouble.

Plus it starts the upgrading of that armor at a higher level anyway, meaning more gold is going to be used to upgrade from that point on. So YOU (devs, through the sale of gold) make your money regardless.

Just a thought.

oh by the way…glitch, maybe. Announcements board in guild erases parts of the message left there from time to time. Not sure if their is a word limit, it doesn’t specify.

In the player’s bio, it erases everything completely. Rendering that option completely useless.

Ether fix it, or get rid of it.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / New Mythos Cards

Do yourself a favor and never buy packs using gold, save your gold for AH, at least there, you’ll know what you’ll get. Use Rubies for packs.

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This is really frustrating. I too got a few 2 star cards that are absolutely worthless at this point. I cant even tell how much crap I lost, except for Demon Hunter. I had that card for a short while before the emergency maintenance, now that’s gone.
I submitted proof of ownership recently as well.

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I mean thank you for returning a few 2 star cards and all, but the 100000 silver that was spent in acquiring Demon hunter is gone as well as the card I earned with it.

So what’s the deal. I sent proof that I acquired it…why isn’t it being returned?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Known Issue] Missing Cards

Lost Demon Hunter…the very same day i got him. I had some cards in AH, but honestly…can’t remember if I got them back, or if they’re gone. Those I could care less about…Demon Hunter…yeah, I want that one back.

My Gold looks a bit light too….like I lost a few…like 3-15 gold. Again…I can’t remember. Do we need to start taking stock of our items now? WTF?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / It's not Loading/appearing

2:24 est Doesn’t show servers. Can’t tell if I lost any cards though when I logged in this morning…but I’ll check once it goes back up.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Rude players

The one issue I have with “rude” people in this game is that they don’t let you vent. Sometimes, being able to vent resolves the issue quickly and allows the person to move on, but the moment you complain about anything, the true blue nice people don’t say nothing, but the trolls rampage in for the kill.

This game isn’t perfect, it has it flaws, but it’s made worse by some of the people who seriously go out of their way to be hurtful, insulting, aggressive, towards other players. Some don’t even need an invitation. They just start.

Negative attention seeking behavior. Terrible.

Other than that, this is great game. I’ve met some really cool people from around the world. How awesome is that?!?!?!?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Advice for VIP 0

The moment you said “sanc” I heard, “Crutch”.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / AH Commissions? RUJoking?

Ok, so like, we’re bidding for items, we pay with gold. (gold bought with cash, or painfully earned and saved over a long period of time) On the buying end, it’s all good. You bid with gold, you win, you get your card.

Sellers however, getting totally screwed. We don’t get gold for our sale, we get rubies, which can only be used in the shop, and it’s not like we can save the earning to buy more cards in AH, we’re confined to use those rubies in one location only.

So…ok, I’ve learned to deal with that, BUT why is it necessary for the AH to take a commission on the sale of a card? YOU’RE NOT A REAL AH! YOUR A GAME FEATURE!?!?

Seriously, how F%^&king greedy are you people? Let the damn gamers get some for a change you greedy %^&*!

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Different views on Different OS?

My PC recently crashed so I moved my game play to my iMac. I’ve noticed that there is a different set up.

For example. When you check your cards, like when making a deck. You are able to organize them via rank. There are white, green,blue, etc dots representing each level of card. Click that dot and presto, you have all your (enter rank here) all nice and neat!

That’s on the PC, on the iMac, that’s not there. There’s also a size issue as well. Some fonts are too big for the card, or it’s not spaced out right.

Is this a problem on your end? Or is it something I can resolve here?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Attention Gamefuse: PLEASE CREATE A MUTE FUNCTION

Trolling in the public forums though, is really annoying. It is simple enough just to ignore them. I agree with that mindset, but I also think that a long term solution is just to add a simple mute option.

Click on the name, hit mute. It’ll be a way to control trolls at least.

But that’s only one of the issues with the whole “Chat” options in this game. I wish the forum you wish to talk in the most would stay locked until you choose something else.

I hate when I speaking through guild chat in one instant, step out of a room to continue the conversation and then realize it went over the public chat. Can’t we just hit, “Guild” chat, and stay there until we choose another option?

In our guild, all we do is use Guild Chat, rarely do we go into the public channel (Because of trolls) but slipping in and out of rooms constantly puts us back to public view. Nothing we can’t fix, but it’s annoying.

So add that along with the MUTE option. That would be great. Solve that and then move on to bigger issues. Like whales and $%^&.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / K&L Game art

I have to admit, some of the drawing on these cards are so epic and wonderful that I wish there was a book of all the drawings!

Some of them I would even consider turning into a tattoo!

So that said, is there a game art book out there? I would buy it! I mean, that’s one of the fun reasons to get into card based games, to look at the pictures on the card. This game is no different.

So yeah, if there’s a book on the art, I’ll buy it!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battalion: Arena] Game Bug?

During the tutorials, while engaged in a game, if you wish to quit and not finish. You still can’t exit the game. Even when it prompts you to choose yes or no, knowing that “Yes” would mean forfeiting the game, you still can’t exit. It brings you back to the game. The only way out is to refresh back to the opening screen.