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Topic: Technical Support / Blank Chat

My chat only displays my messages and like the first 3 messages when the chat is first loaded SOMETIMES, if I type in a message it is seen by me and others. I only have this issue on firefox, I am running Better Kong on it

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Topic: Technical Support / Chat

So recently my chat decided to stop working, I use firefox and have all the updates and such – including better kong. However, my chat box appears blank, when I first enter a room it gives me the first two or so messages and then nothing. It does show anything I type in, just nothing anyone else says, and there is no possible way that every single room I go to dies the second I get there. Tips or tricks?


Topic: Off-topic / A known pirate.

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Topic: Off-topic / Have you ever been arrested?

Originally posted by lei_wulong:

This is detective Lei Wulong of the Hong Kong police and I’m placing all of you under arrest!

now isnt that nice, now go sit over there and ill bring you a sippy cup later