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Topic: Kongregate / Please play Hippolyta -- trying to figure out badge difficulty

Originally posted by Jondalar19:

The only truly hard level is the last one. The trick is to always sprint in every level.

Pretty much this. I remember playing the game a long time ago on newgrounds, I think. If you played through the game without sprinting, you set yourself up for failure since now you have to readjust all of the timings you learned previously. That being said, I really shouldn’t be one to say what games deserve what badges. I’ve been hardcore for far too long as it is so my perception on what’s hard and what isn’t is really skewed.

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Game Critique (mostly bad)

Originally posted by IrvinD1:

But the Good News:
Great style of a Card Game, although it is not your typical Yu-Gi-Oh (You could always try Dueling Network) type of duel, It does bring fast paced duels of which you can try out different combinations just like the real Yu-Gi-Oh.

My Suggestions (Besides all from the Cons):
More Balancing and Scaling, most of the cards in the game are really over powered with leads to my thoughts on pay-to-win. Without balance, everyone is just going to spam that one card. In the real TCG and most successful games, there are balancing of cards some may hate it but it makes the game more interesting.

Remove AI players, this game would be fun but you fight AIs not real people. I’d really wish if you could be actually playing real people with real strategies not bots who just have the perfect hand of a pre-made deck at the start of the round.

Not to be that guy but have you really ever played YuGiOh beyond just your group of close friends? The real YGO TCG isn’t actually that different from this game. It heavily favors the pay to win mentality as long as you have a very basic understanding of the current meta, which changes with each new booster set and doesn’t require as much thought as some would have you think. In addition to that, each new booster set usually makes the last booster set or the set before it seem awfully underpowered by comparison. I don’t believe real YGO is a card game that can even be remotely considered balanced. From what I’ve seen, lots of people run very similar decks these days because of how over-powered new card sets usually are. You’ll run into the occasional counter-meta deck (typically composed of older cards) but the complete lack of variety in decks in any setting outside of close-knit/amateur groups is so apparent, balance is the last word that comes to mind when discussing YGO.

As for dueling others and the whole leaderboard deal: yeah, that’s going to happen. Some people are very committed to staying competitive in these sorts of games for whatever reason. They will spend more time and more money on this game than you will ever imagine. This is the typical nature of these F2P games but there’s nothing inherently wrong with it. If you want to be the “best,” you need to give all your effort and then some. If you are just looking to play this game as a way to kill time, getting on top of the leaderboard should be the least of your concern. If you are looking to be the best, then you will have to resort to doing the sort of stuff that you’re so adamantly against. It’s not just this game; it’s all games and it’s a part of life. I’ve met people that have spent 10s of 1000s on games like this (Tyrant, Dragons of Atlantis, Eve, to name a few). It never occurred to me that I had to beat these people or that I even had to play with them just like in reality where it has never dawned on me that I would ever have to compete with celebrities like the Kardashians.

Most of your complaints seem to be based around the notion that the game isn’t good because you simply aren’t crushing everybody you come across. Take this advice: stick to your elements. If you’re going to play this game half-heartedly, don’t expect to be beating others/bots left and right. Instead, take your time, work with what’s available to you, play through the levels and try to play people who are in the same boat you are in. That’s where the real gameplay lies. You don’t need fancy cards or consumables to have fun or be successful in this game. Just play it and make the appropriate adjustments and you should be fine. You may never be the best player in the game but you also have no business going after that title anyway if you’re not willing to make the sacrifices required to get there in the first place.

tl;dr: You’re beating a dead horse here with all of the talk about pay-to-win. You either play the game for fun or you find another game (like LoL) where Pay to Win isn’t an option. Based on the way the game is designed, the strength of the top players and their access to top tier cards/decks should not really have any sort of impact on your game like you’re making it out to be. Just my 2 cents

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Add Me!

I’m game. Add me.

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Coming out!

Originally posted by DragonArcherZ:
Originally posted by jakopincek:


Originally posted by Captain_Socks:


Well admit it. Things like this give cesarcurado’s “I don’t care about the fanboys” some merit.

You’ll see fans like that no matter where you go. Seriously, go ahead and check a fan site dedicated to any movie, game, musician, hobby, animals, etc. They are literally EVERYWHERE. It’s like saying you don’t like paying x state’s/country’s taxes. Nobody likes taxes just as I’m sure nobody likes fanboys with the IQ of a pebble. His comment was redundant and he was using it as a springboard to support his dislike for EBF. Not liking a game for its fans is pretty petty and often stated to bait posters; thus, his post got modded. His post was completely without merit for these reasons and I’ll gladly flag one of his comments again if he tried to pull the same stunt.

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Coming out!

Originally posted by XarisD:

Well, heard that it was going to be on Steam from you guys, but I’ve searched every which way I can think of. Can find no info or ETA on anything Epic Battle Fantasy related. I think we’re going to have to be pretty patient on this.

Wishing Matt the best. And HalcyonFalconX, whom I’m not sure is the same guy or his musical partner or just some ultra fan that posted the entire soundtrack to the games on Youtube, but… yeah! Go guys go!

I honestly don’t know when the steam release would be either. This is one of those things that takes time and patience from both us and matt. Like I said before, getting onto steam is a big deal. It’s going to serve as Matt’s first impression to the rest of the pc gaming community, essentially. It is certainly not something you rush or don’t bother preparing for. I wouldn’t be surprised if the steam version didn’t come out 6 months to a year from now. It really depends on how matt chooses to address the event. Does he add a bunch of extra content? Does he spend his time garnering publicity? Does he work out bugs? Does he divert his attention to working on another game? Lots of interesting questions where the answers are fairly limited when time itself is limited.

I really don’t know Matt at all but I do know that plenty of game developers have one thing in common: They, typically, want their game to be critically and/or financially successful. Going off of that knowledge, I’m going to assume that it would be awhile until the steam version comes out. If I were you, I wouldn’t pay much mind to it. Just have fun with the freemium game that will most likely be coming out relatively soon.

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Coming out!

Originally posted by JPVR150296:

Please people, don’t answer cesarcurado or the troll wins…

The fact that he got modded means he lost the battle.

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Coming out!

Originally posted by cesarcurado:

Wow, EBF is horrible.
I don’t care about the fanboys.

Horrible compared to what exactly? Compared to actual retail releases and stuff you find on XBLA? Sure, I suppose it is of an inferior quality. Compared to stuff on Steam? That entirely depends upon the pricing. Compared to most of the stuff on XBLIG? It destroys pretty much everything save for Zeboyd Games and a few others. Compared to most of the stuff on Kongregate/Newgrounds/Armor Games? Same as XBLIG except it has to go against the likes of Sonny 2, Mardek, Kingdom Rush, etc.

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Coming out!

Originally posted by mman1235:

YES I cant wait its going to finally come out :)!!!!!!!!!!!

do you already have a date for the freemium/steam launch?

what will the pricing be? I hope you make it cost a fair amount of money unlike intrusion 2 which was a fantastic game all around just the pricing for it was too high as the game is so short :(

I really wish for you the best of luck with the sales of this game as your now entering a new league of gaming :D
you aren’t anymore one of the more well known developers around in this new league unlike the flash gaming league which as come to know you as a legend!!! :)

so keep up the fantastic work you have done so far and I hope this will be the best EBF yet!! :D

P.S. tottally gonna buy it on steam ;)

Oh I remember Intrusion 2. Looked a bit like Metal Slug. For a game so short though, it should have been $5. There is plenty of better stuff you can buy for $10 but $5 would have made it look like a steal. As for pricing on EBF4, if I were Matt, I would look at how much content is on the game, how well-received the game is on flash sites and what other competing RPGs are priced at.

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Coming out!

Originally posted by AntiAnarchy:
Originally posted by Diablothein:

What’s with all good Flash games now going Freemium and Steam Paid versions…

Game developers need to eat too, especially those that makes games like this all by their lonesome. If no one paid him, he would die of starvation and there wouldn’t be a game anyways. :p

Right…it’s like people just expect developers to magically have all of their expenses paid for.

Originally posted by kupo707:

The freemium version will probably be out a few months before the Steam one, just to give me time to smooth things out and build hype.

I like to think there’s some overlap between people who visit sites like Kongregate, and people who use Steam, so I think plenty of Steam users should already know about me. But who knows, Steam appear to be pretty secretive with their data, so I don’t know what to expect for sure.

Btw, I meant no offense. I’ve been a fan of yours and plenty of other people on Kongregate and Newgrounds. That being said, in the past couple of years, I have not seen many developers make that big of a splash as they were hoping for when they started expanding. We all like to think that our star developers are going to make heads turn, much like your typical high school students believes their american football players are going to get a contract to play for the NFL in a few years. More often than not, it doesn’t happen. I’m just trying to be realistic, although it may come off as pessimism. It’s not necessarily a case of your games being bad or not good enough. There are just plenty of developers on steam that have been going at it longer and are more well-known. In fact, from what I’ve seen over the years, game quality is beginning to mean less and less. It’s more about name recognition and good marketing. If you can get your name out there enough and possibly get some interviews going, things will go much better for you when you hit steam.

I’m not sure what your standings are with your colleagues at Newgrounds but you should consider asking some of them to pitch your game out there. Guys like egoraptor and Oney have become quite popular for their animations (video game or otherwise) on youtube with subscription numbers over 500k. All I’m saying is don’t half-ass it or think that you have enough fans. If you’re ambitious and show the world that you really want people to play (and buy) this game, the world will respond favorably. I’m sure you already know this (or if you have an agent, he or she knows this) but it doesn’t hurt to give a little reminder.

Best of luck.

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Coming out!

Originally posted by Slade911:

If it’s going to be a steam release I’m going to buy/play it there first, and then come back here to play again. Just because the game is so awesome. And, achievements. <3

I’ll buy it on steam but only out of fan loyalty. I don’t actually see the game being well-received on steam unless Matt decides to slap a big newgrounds label (or something else iconic) on the game and split the profit. Otherwise, he’s relatively unknown and he’s entering a sector of the video game market where he is no longer the big fish in the small pond. Best of luck to him though! It shows a new level of maturity and confidence when a developer decides to spread his wings (or fins, in this case) in order to broaden his horizons.

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Coming out!

Originally posted by Janity:

He’s doing this for free. We have to remember we’re not paying him. Even if he could only provide us with the quality of EBF2, it’d still be more than most Kongregate games would be able to provide,

Actually, he’s also planning a steam release. Matt definitely intends to make a bit of cash out of it.

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Coming out!

Originally posted by Mebomb:

I am dissapoint at how people are so impatient.
There’s a reason why it takes a while to release a new game: So it can be as good as it can be. Basically, if you rush a game out, it won’t be truly great, while taking your time will allow for polishing the game. Need proof? Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Sonic 2006.
Ocarina of Time, if what I heard was true, was delayed for at least a whole year because it felt unfinished, and guess what? It’s considered to be one of (if not THE) greatest video games of all time. Whereas Sonic ‘06 was rushed out oth for a Christmas release AND a 15’th anniversary release. The fact that the game is so bad should surprise no one.
So you want the game to be great or feel like a letdown? I think everyone wants the game to be great, so just give Kupo time to work on it instead of screaming at him to release it ASAP.

As an ex-Bioware employee once said, “Stop thinking you are a producer.” This sort of thing is exactly what she was referring to.

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Topic: Kongregate / How to spot a hacker

Originally posted by Captain_Catface:
Originally posted by Moshdef:

…trivializing the point/badge system…

The point behind badges and points is that they add replay value to games and encourage people to visit Kongregate more often. It has nothing to do with comparing values. People look at achievements/badges as a sense of accomplishment for wasting so much time on a flash game. Get rid of that and there is 1 big reason to not visit Kongregate…especially when the other 2 big flash sites (AG and NG) have a point system of their own.

So yes, it hurts everyone. In essence, you are part of the cancer killing Kongregate. Congratulations! You’re a mediocre villain.

EDIT: Seriously, so many games and gaming outlets have achievements because it’s one of the biggest draw for gamers. Steam Achievements, Xbox Achievements, PS3 trophies…the only people that don’t have it are Nintendo…and they plan to add it to the Wii U.

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Topic: Off-topic / Club Herobrine

Originally posted by Captain_Catface:

Just stop making threads.

This is where you belong.

Salty about Minecraft. Enjoys being a pretend mod and long walks on the beach.

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Topic: General Gaming / OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console

It’s not a PC. Ignored.

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Topic: General Gaming / Halo: Reach - Not halo?

Originally posted by HappyAlcoholic:

The game has been evolving since it was first created, these are just the logical next steps in its evolution.
No later game in a series will feel the same as the first ones.

Ironically enough, in the gaming biz, that’s called “betrayal.” Basically, a game can not be the same game over the course of its series or else gameplay gets stale. Things need to be added and/or removed in order to keep the game fresh; however, because of this, many fans will feel betrayed that the game is heading in a new direction.

Just to list a few examples:
Banjo Kazooie—→Banjo Tooie.
Vastly similar. The primary differences are that the game felt longer due to the fact that you couldn’t hit every jiggy on a single runthru of a world like you could in BK (very few exceptions to that rule in BK). Also, FPS modes and minigames were much more abundant.

That’s almost like no betrayal at all.

Sonic the hedgehog 1——>Sonic the hedgehog 2
You get tails. You just eliminated roughly 50% of the game’s platforming difficulty. You can choose to just go Sonic solo but the fact that Sonic+Tails is the default option is somewhat of a cause for alarm.

Moderate amount of betrayal here.


Much like the Banjo Tooie example I gave earlier, the earlier REs leading up to Resident Evil 4 had a very minimal degree of betrayal. This was done for 5 games straight and it was clear to Capcom (and anybody else involved) that the game was getting stale especially after the sales differences between CV and 0. So…we got RE4. I can’t actually list all the differences since that might take me all day but I’ll still try to give a brief summation: camera-change, more ammo than you could wave a walking stick at, laser sight, QTEs, merchant, different inventory setup, less emphasis on puzzles or backtracking, etc etc etc.
Serious amount of betrayal…but guess what? It’s also the best selling RE out there.


Co-op, even less puzzles than 4, being able to go back to previous levels to stockpile ammo/money…yeah, I won’t even go there. It takes the betrayals of RE4 up to 11.

This much betrayal
This is what most people would consider the threshold of betrayal. It’s enough betrayal to get people to hate it…not enough to warrant not playing it.

Banjo Tooie——>Banjo Kazooie: Nuts n Bolts

Lots of traditional platforming wiped from the game, emphasis on vehicle customization as opposed to character movement/skillset to advance through game and a radical shift in game appearance.

This would be like the Taco Bell “Fire” hot sauce equivalent to betrayal. It’s an acquired taste and many BK loyalists weren’t up for having their taste buds surgically altered to enjoy this game. This goes beyond the threshold and it clearly warrants abandoning any future games of the series.

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Topic: General Gaming / Minecraft or Skyrim?

Originally posted by Captain_Catface:

It doesn’t clog up the page any more than the whining fanboys shouting that their game is superior…

And it’s far more accurate.

Coming from the guy that pretty much trolls every game that makes top 10 on gamefaqs, we will hold your opinion in high regard…

Lol…this is the same guy that calls Team Fortress 2 a fail because class-based warfare just makes no sense.

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Topic: General Gaming / Elder Scrolls VI: Dawnguard review!!

I’ll get it when the game goes GOTY edition…

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Topic: Kongregate / Is the 8.000.000th user coming?

7995025 so far

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Topic: Kongregate / Are you planning on making more levels or is 65 the max?

Originally posted by adv0catus:

Why’s it matter? Is it just an elitist thing?

Pretty much. Keeps the e-peen rock hard.

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Topic: Off-topic / Just Realized: Why do people hate Justin Beiber with such a passion?

Originally posted by tenco1:
Originally posted by Order_Venom117:
MLP is very mainstream, yet it gets the total opposite of hate.

On the Internet maybe, but outside of that, it isn’t very widely known.

And people still hate it.

Lol, 4 million viewers a month isn’t widely known? What’s World of Warcraft at 10 million players? Just a blip on the radar?

Originally posted by Order_Venom117:
Rebecca Black

That’s not pop music.

What is it then? Trust me, I tried looking up atrocious on genres but I couldn’t find anything.
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Topic: Off-topic / Just Realized: Why do people hate Justin Beiber with such a passion?

Originally posted by Casper_D:
I never said nor implied that he was doing poorly in the industry.

And I never implied that you did.

I never implied that you said that I implied. I was just observing :)

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Topic: Off-topic / Just Realized: Why do people hate Justin Beiber with such a passion?

Originally posted by ritzfitz91:

It got cool to hate twilight and beiber not only because their music doesn’t appeal to me, but because everyone knows about them.
henceforth it’s mainstream.
henceforth i must hate it.

It isn’t rocket science.

The problem I find with that logic is My Little Pony. MLP is very mainstream, yet it gets the total opposite of hate. It’s love…love and the magic of friendship.

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Topic: Off-topic / Just Realized: Why do people hate Justin Beiber with such a passion?

Originally posted by Casper_D:
I’m a Panic at the disco fan


Yes, I realize Panic isn’t that good of a band or even that well-known. lol

He isn’t a bad singer. And he isn’t doing bad in the music industry. At least, not bad for the pre-teenage girls out there who obsess over him. His music isn’t the best music out there.

I never said nor implied that he was doing poorly in the industry. I simply said I found his music to be sh*tty. Sorry for the confusion. If the kid made 3rd on Forbes, he must be doing something right.

Thanks for all the responses so far. There is some pretty good stuff so far.

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Topic: Off-topic / Just Realized: Why do people hate Justin Beiber with such a passion?

Don’t get me wrong: I am by no means a JB fan at all. I don’t like his music (I’m a Panic at the disco fan) and I find MOST pop music intolerable (Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rebecca Black). It’s a personal preference.

What I don’t seem to get is the JB hate that has been around for the past few years. Yeah, I can understand he seems over-rated (more pull than Obama, wtf?) and his voice sounds like he never reached puberty but aside from that, what is there to hate?

I don’t see too many people hating Toby Keith for putting out sh*tty country music…don’t see Eminem getting too many death threats or water bottles thrown at his head for becoming so mainstream that his appeal from his earlier days is now mostly gone. Nope. Don’t see Taylor Swift getting much hate for pretty much singing the same song since Teardrops.

There is something about this Beiber kid…that generates so much hate. It is truly intriguing and something I would wish to find out. Hey guys, I’ll gladly join in with the torch and pitchforks as soon as I can find the source of this HATE.

I’ll try to answer my own question first. I think the JB hate seems very similar to Twilight hate. Why did we HATE Twilight? We hated it because it felt like a crudely written piece of **** that overly simplified romance and felt undeserving of its success. That being said, it was written for the American teenage girl in mind. Y’know…the kind of bimbo that believes in overly simplified romance and tries to make mountains out of molehills (most, not all)?

Now…let’s look back at JB. Isn’t he essentially the same thing? He’s over-rated, produces sh*tty music and all of it is directed towards the attention of your stereotypical American teenage girl. Didn’t he become just as successful as Twilight (or even more so)?

I think I found my answer, gentlemen. We don’t really hate Twilight or Justin Beiber. No. These are simple mediums for the hate that broods in quite a few of us. I think we hate American, teenage girls.


Comments, trolling, flaming and other nonsense is more than welcome.
By the way, i do realize my grammar is atrocious. This MAY happen if you get a “High-dea”.