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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / I want to report a problem

Originally posted by RemiusRock:

I am trying to report a problem and my threads are constantly deleted. Why is that?

if your problem is with this game, are you aware that this is then not the proper forum to expres your problem and you are better off contacting some gamestaff directly via the forum with the game provided?

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Traps not working

main advice is. clumb your survivors together. just move them to somewhere.
second bit of advice is: give all units on defense firearms. you will not lose bullets, def does not cost bullets.
an armed group with guns is very very effective against zeds.

as to leveling up. sending your leader on auto raids does nothing to increase or raise his exp earned. So if you go with the rest of the crew on a raid, all exp earned will also increase the leaders exp. still it is wise to not leave a crewmember behind on missions, thus you can ditch the leader in vafor of someone who actually needs the exp.

when i am active i change my survivor position to one side (e.g. the extreme nother. this gives me a few zeds in direct active range, but lets the other zeds zome at me in a steady drizze instead of when i am in the middle they come at me at the same time from all sides… pretty effective way to get killed if you place them in the middle. effective to kill if you place them on any far side

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / PvE only?

Originally posted by joeto:

Thank you very much guys, unfortunately I am searching fully PvE mode :( do you know other post apocalyptic game but only PvE or at least to can turn off PvP?

Thanks also from me to all the guys helping out on this issue. I too thought i was to have to buy it every 3 days..

It is good to know i can unequip it, but now i seriously want my white flag so i can disregard safety and focus on getting the materials for a good build and reorg my compound so its easely accesable and recognizable what i want to do instead of trying to hid it all. this is a big plus from me

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Active Task

just to clarify.
having tasks (juni clearing only0 on HOLD does NOT prevent you from clearing out other junk piles first.
in fact NEVER ever clear junk if you do not have the capacity to keep all you are clearing, cause if you finished a pile, the excess is lost…sadly

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Can't Connect

Originally posted by darkniko:

Stuck at Joined Game Instance

I am using a compagny network. so certain things are limited in settings that i can change.. the screen turns black after the “Loading Assets”, so that means that past of it was okay. i wonder why it stop loading//… i wonder if i can fix it with the limited recourses i am allocated… sigh

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Commonly asked questions FAQ

Originally posted by Thoughtfulg:

ok i see, so do as many as possible as long as it is safe for your survivors, so if you can do all 2 man missions than do that but dont be afraid of sending more men on each to protect your scavenger.

as someone else pointed out. your leader will ALWAYS get exp, wether or not he is on a mission or not. anybody else that is NOT in on the mission does NOT level up. Basicly this means you can (if you want) leave your leader home to clean up, and go of gallivanting with your troops. But do not try to leave the troops home too much, unless you do raid(get raided) i have not gotten there yet, so i am no help in that situation, but i gather your troops that are away do NOT help to defend..
so automated mission when you are about to get attacked are not advisable

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Automated Missions

Originally posted by tactical_ninja09:

Depends. yes its good to do them for xp and to complete task, but theirs some achievments for doing auto missions that gives tons of xp. Some do auto missions to prevent to lv. up to quickly, spam those 5 min missions, or dont have time to do manual missions.

eh, just to be sure. auto mission generate NO exp and they also DO NOT count for any task you need to accomplish.
so all they do is get some recources while you yourself are away (and thats a good thing) but overall are pretty useless (unless you are trying not to level up)

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Junk Regen?

basicly this means, do NOT clear your junk unless you have the torage capacity.
which i did not have so i am missing a whole lot of recourses because i did not get this before i cleared a bunch of it

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Topic: War of Omens / [Guide] Everything that is often asked about this game

I could use some help with the following.

You can upgrade every card wtice.
I am looking for advice, is it better to upgrade every cards first to the first upgrade before moving the rest to the second?
Excepting certain cards, and what are the "Best"cards you should alsways upgrade?

I think if you intend to be a really long long long term player, upgrading everything at the same pace is best. reason> because you can get to a point where you get 3 cards you cannot upgrade anymore..
I understand you can get a bonus exp to a hero.

I dont know how that works. Basicly, this makes the need to know what cards to spend time and gold on, and what cards to ignore. It depends on your deck i guess…

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Petition] WB purchases to require a confirmation

every wb purchase should have a confirmation

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Topic: Kongregate / Extended Leaderboards: Top 414,325 [Updated: July 19th, 2014]

thanks. it shows me i have a long way to go but at least i am ready to break the 65

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Mono-Imperial Surge Deck (commander is allowed to be not imperial if the skills are neutral and help the deck as a whole)

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [TO DEVS] Battleground Effects on Faction Wars

what is wrong is that if you dont play the ame for a long while, you dont seem to get a real good grip of the game. case in point is battleeffect in faction wars. nice for… nowbody but the attacking side(sometimes)
i dont think the defender gets a choise.

now, as a special temporary effect, a special event, it could work. expect lot of complaints, but i’d be willing to see it done. its all or nothing though, and it will seriously fuck up noobs, so it might be fun for some, but a major hassle for the rest

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Contest] Help ladolcevita build a deck

it would require one Thule hound. its still extremely weak against fear.
warpway should be axed instead maybe another terra. that should help a little against grims, but its a start

this would do better

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To Devs] Add a new deck sorting function

@ gameplayer134
there is something that could help you.
if you join th fansite, you can save decks. you can that copy the hash from that saved deck and put it in tyrant and it will get all the cards together.
most people whoever will make multiple decks and either not put in cards that feature in multiple decks OR they will warbond a copy of that card so they can leave it in multiple decks without switching.
the latter means its likely the devs will not make your feature cause it would cost them cash, as otherwise there is no reason to buy multiples of a e.g. unique card.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Contest] Help ladolcevita build a deck

i dont understand the non synergy from usials.
the siege card makes no sense.
replace an usual with warpway, gorreus and a thule hound unit…

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Guide] Universal Quest Deck

Originally posted by Maharid:

I will like a deck with 98%+ on all quests (without any exception)… sooner or later.

already done(on average), see post page 1

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Tyrant has the worst PVP

Originally posted by lfiamoncini:

Actually, Tyrant have the worst meta.

All possible win decks in 15-20 cards and devs just make things even worse.

Actually, consistant winning has just been more difficult for topdogs, and its more possible then ever to sneak in a win even with a low level deck… its just, you have to be a lot smarter in it to make it work because there are so many choises. this applies to faction wars, and obviously not to tournaments. sealed deck tournaments as the noobs best bet, although it takes true dedication and a bit of function abuse(e.g. stalling ect ect) to make the most out of it

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [ToDevs] Reminder

and makes this game possible

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Anti-grimclaw decks

considering this is about anti grimclaw decks. which you will likely face as endgame material only. that a noob cannot counter it, should be logical.
But surging a grimclaw deck can be done with any color, with non wb decks. although i grant you, you might want to get lucky(to draw the cards). grims have fatal weaknessess, as does the AI. But still surge?!? dont do that unless you can win much more then you lose. and on fight anti grims become a lot more easy

Originally posted by vntz89:
Originally posted by w1thj0y:

Try Hightmare Hellions. They DESINTEGRATE Grimclaws. 5 Hellions + Blood Pool + sidecards (like LC) Commander – Dracorex, mb.

Also, try Terraformers.

err dude nightmare hellions arent available anymore … so like anyone who obtained nightmare hellions (in some lucky event) at this stage prolly already know how to counter grims..
but NOT relatively new players like me who can’t get grims or night H anymore.

yeah i wonder if theres any non-WB cards that can surge grims hmmm

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Anti-grimclaw decks

surge can win, but not over extended periods of time.
assume a 10-1 victory for fight.= 250-10 loss, is 240 net for a 21 net per attack

assume a 7-4 surge ratio. 315-40 = 275. this assumtion makes that you can get max points with surging and always surrenders before loosing.
then yes you are right.
However, usually with fight you CAN time most points,but in surge you usually are just happy to win.. also you cannot always hold a loss in time.
so a final result could look like 280-70. Granted, you will get more points on surge, but the net difference is at a disadvantage.
To give you an idea, i am at an average for fight of 23 points.(more then mentioned in the example). Outside of the topfactions i have made surgeruns of 250 before losing once.. and getting full points each time.
against top factions this is a lot harder. 7-4 could be a too high number for most in your faction.
the main argument i want to make is that fighting is easyer and sure’r and over extended periods of time will mean that activity trumps shorter lived surges.
surging well will always bring in more points if done well. true. fighting however is back from uselessness to an actually concern for def masters

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Crate drop

clean cashe and restart the browser?

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Raids

the fansite is a 3th party tool to help people get the word out on raids so it can be finished at all.
its extremely usefull, but its not tyrant supported in the sense that there is NO HARD cap on the amount of players in a raid.
It only closes down the fansite acces. What tyrant could (should) do is support the fansite, and make the options part of the tyrant game (so the availability of setting a hard cap ect) and then link that to the fansite. this is just one example of how to make it better.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Keyboy64

spending a refill a day should not be needed since he got free level ups at least 100 times, but 2 refills every 2 days.. thats a massive investment. if he did that, props to him for keeping the game alive.
Keyboy64 i cried a little when i saw you at level 400. you are in hard to reach places man. well done and congrats

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / This forum has an abnormally high number of threads

we are vocal in our love, dedication and trolling?