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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Poll] Rate the customer service by the developer of this game


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Topic: Wartune / 80 MP and 80NM MP

Originally posted by daman17:

LLNM is not that much hard how u r telling.I have completed LLNM with 2 archer both avge 75k br a mage with 80k br and a tank of 90k br and we passed it.I was one of the archer.

sir we all know ur potential :)

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Topic: Wartune / Patch 2.46 Changes

Originally posted by Infinity88:
Originally posted by kimwong3252000:

C. I’m level 80 so can’t confirm myself, but from what I have heard, the amount of experience needed to get from level 70 to 80 has not changed.

According to a S1 user, exp need to level up from 70-80 has actually GONE UP tremendously. Can this be confirmed by someone else?


Sorry mate, i just managed my azz to level 80 before the update happens. Cant help much there

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Maintenace] EU Servers Time Change Sunday, March 30, 2014 at 12:45:00 AM UTC

Originally posted by Dreams_of_Fury:

took me a bit to find it, but there it is.

Originally posted by GameFuse:

Ok, here’s some updates:

1) As you’ve probably noticed, we sent out what I thought was pretty good compensation for the Lucky Draw reset issue.

2) We’re not going to be providing any additional compensation for the Guild Showdown mishap. As fair warning, when EU servers have their Daylight Savings maintenance in the next week or two (I don’t have an exact date for that on hand yet, sorry guys) the Guild Showdown will be cancelled. Devs won’t be able to solve the issue before then.

3) I’m doing my best to keep up with the forums, but their will doubtless be things I miss. So please bear with me.



well done Mr. DoF.

And for u Stormshade, i am still awaiting an answer from the fact that lucky draw resetted.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Lucky Draw + Daily Login

Mr. Stormshade, can u please explain me y did my lucky draw count reset yet again?

I play your game on a daily basis and never miss out the daily clicks.

As a paying customer, i deserve an explanation?

p.s this happened for the 3rd time. On the 2nd time we were given a compensation package.

Thank you.


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Topic: Time World / Fallen Legends

Originally posted by hansolobaric:

Hans, Savitairus , Gotoxy,Mora, Amleida damn i miss my fellow dinos

my purple hero is no fallen warrior.
He’ll surely be there in great times :)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Fuse question

Originally posted by TheGil:

playing since the start almost,
refresh fuse a lot
had only 1 legen
but i do known for my bad luck …..:(

same stuff here. Only 1 leg from nearly from 9 month of gameplay.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Lucky Draw Reset

same crap lucky draw reset.
Fix this asap

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Topic: Wartune / How many chests did it take for you to get hades?

275 chests, 1 whips x 100 no hades

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Topic: Time World / Random thoughts on chapters


Just to share my 1st n unique attempt on the chapter 16.14 final boss. Lucky but worthy.


Kind regards,


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Topic: Time World / Random thoughts on chapters

whos GF reinforcement is the best for tackling 16.9?

And wat setup is the best to stand a minor chance of winning?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Were boss drops raised ?

played for over 1 yr now and never ever saw any leg drop from bosses

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Topic: Time World / Defeat accepted

Originally posted by Krazycat:

This effects g140 how?


friend us :P

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Topic: Wartune / New Years - Soul Engraving Bonus

very generous event.
Thank R2

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Topic: Wartune / Fishing lvl 5: Bounty Scroll fish

Originally posted by Atomslaya:

Some extra info added to the OP:

Bounty Scroll Fish:
1 Bounty Scroll
3 xp
10 points

Also, the rewards for the other fish are doubled (ie 4 instead of 2 shadow crystals, …). Their xp and points remain the same.

Even better :) thx for sharing.

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Topic: Wartune / Fishing lvl 5: Bounty Scroll fish

thx for that precious info sir Atomslaya :)

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Topic: Wartune / Bugs post 2.1


I am having a dark screen @BG. I cleared cache and reload. Nothing improved.
Browser used: Chrome.
Any advice please?

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Topic: Time World / thoughts on ch 16 so far?

Any young bloods who reached 16.5? I cant seem to win this. Those guys are piercing my dodge and killing my ships instantly.
MFs are having difficulty here.
Any advice would be welcome

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Topic: Wartune / Santa’s Cap?


Any good Samaritan can tell us the max amount of Santa’s Cap that can be obtained for xmas/new year’s event?

I would like to get the Christmas mount, and did not find info regarding sale of Santa’s Cap.

Thanks for helping.

Kind regards


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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Black Friday in Rise of Mythos

Originally posted by RyanDestro:

I bought two packs, no mythos.

i bought those focking packs using over 8k gold and i got 1 epic aphrodite…

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Black Friday in Rise of Mythos

Originally posted by Rassyu:

Is someone else having problems to buy gold? I bought 500 kreds. When I go in the “buy gold” screen, I can’t click on the trade =(

clear ur cache. n try again. it worked for me….

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Topic: Time World / Ch 15 reinforce

Originally posted by Kushrenada:

I think its actually very easy, if a chapter 15 boss hits a stack of ms it will die anyway. So what you should aim for is dealing the most damage you can before that stack is killed. if motherships die in 1 hit, then better use fighters, they can do 2.5 times the damage of a stack of ms and they will also die in 1 hit so the life is useless.

However, as they say, the best defence is attack, so if u use fighters the enemy boss will deal less damage on ur MF’s having as a result on them lasting more rounds and doing more damage. Its a pretty simple effect that i will call “The shankeynesian multiplier”

Please keep some consideration for t3’s as well sir Shanks!!!! Dont tell me you forgot their importance for 15.6 :)

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Topic: Time World / i put the hot in hot

Originally posted by EvilGM:
Originally posted by Upgrayeddd:

Congrats on beating locass. Next person on the list should be warcry.

I’ve never tried Locass in PvP, but I did beat WarCry on defense once out of like 50 times. He shot first, didn’t proc, I proc’ed a few multis and a triple. Anything can happen at least once.

Bully :)

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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

Originally posted by Grasnabe:

I lose every time with every hit my MF! that does not really have more fun

get dodge level 10 on ur mf (i no it is a bit expensive), and u’ll rock!!!!

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Thanks For Being a Fan!

thanks for the gift :)