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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Booster Bonanza! Time for you to decide the card you want!

I would like the chance to get the ULTIMATE KARMA again please.

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Topic: Wartune / Actually... Really nice patch?

Originally posted by palamedes465:

Ugh. Beaten the wind and fire currently, think fire might even be worse. NM in general is just nastiness. Lovely, lovely nastiness

that fire boss casts chaos a lot :). Get a nice 700 fire resistance and you can enjoy hurting the boss

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Solar Chest (leg)

give us simply a fire ruby.
That solar chest is most of the time useless things we get

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Discussion] Future Login Rewards

would appreciate a fire ruby, or a card that is not version 1.0 restricted only.

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Topic: Wartune / Wolfpack..Champs of US WEST

congrats WP :)

Member of Bamboo Guild

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / 99x Champion Packs

that is humilation :(
epic cards dropped are version 1.0 as well.

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Topic: Wartune / [Guide] Blood Inferno

y is there so much lag in that bloody inferno dungeon? fix this out plz

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Malucifer Talk] Upcoming changes to RoM

Originally posted by malucifer1:

Yeah! We are about to see the game advance beyond it’s current state in terms of balancing overall power between f2p and paying players. Opals in the shop has long been discussed and with the currently noticeable power creep f2p need some help as well as those stronger players needing their godlikes =]

Community Manager

now u want to bring me back to the game :)

Thanks man.

Lets see how people react.

Keep up the good work and best of luck

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Topic: Wartune / Hall of Fame III Winners List

y can’t i see my name in there?

@Cid: Correct :) found mine too.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Rigged Black Friday Packs

there’s a service for vip users. make good usage of it.

I did it last time and was compensated.

Hope it will help u guys.



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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Black Friday Deal?


So what are the deals offered to us?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [GUIDE] Awakened cards

Originally posted by bingoknut:

any other vips not being able to do the boss more than once?

vip 9, sucking ass to do the WB more than once.

Finally i stop doing that world boss stuff.

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Topic: Wartune / What are we supposed to do with all these SC's

Originally posted by Cheater89:

Up to now I never took place in a sc exchange because my Engraving is not on 80.
This time I will get it to 80 and will have 300k SC rest.
Is exchange like collecting? So click for every exchange one? Then 300k exchanges for maybee Gold will be crazy. You will get about 900b Gold but you have to click about 300k times.

the reward of possibly making a level 10 astral :) lol.
What a price to pay!!!!

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Unfair Event

swift astral —> give it to us

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Booster Bonanza! Time for you to decide the card you want!

Originally posted by RaidenCyborg:

100 standard dragon packs for ferena drake.
100 master dragon packs for godlike ferena

The ultimate antirush bonanza :D

Sounds interesting, but im not sure it could be happening..

+1 for ferena

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Booster Bonanza! Time for you to decide the card you want!

Originally posted by FIGHTER_TAMOJIT:
Originally posted by jks7:

20 standard angel packs —>Swift Astral (epic)
20 master angel packs —>Swift Astral (legendary)


+1 as well

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Booster Bonanza! Time for you to decide the card you want!

Originally posted by blarbal:

Let’s try this again:

100 Human Standard packs – Godlike Demon Hunter Azrael
100 Undead Standard packs – Godlike Cain the Traitor

With this both vips and vip0s can get good cards without being game breaking (khnum). Big whales can look forward getting good awakened cards if they manage to get black opals.

Give those to us for free as x-mas present :)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Humans Gate strategy

a little gringo will definitely help
personally i use a little doopleganger card to enjoy the awakening effect :)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Devs] Worldboss needs more than 2 opening times

+1 for opening WB two times daily.
However only 1 participation is allowed per day.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Combining Legendaries - Statistics

Originally posted by blindlight36:

it all depends what card you have 17 of. the way people combine cards often depends on how badly they need the card and how rare / competitive it is. based on that you can either choose a conservative route and shoot for 75% + chance, go for a bulk efficiency by doing 4 at a time (silver cost doesnt increase until 5), or try a one-off longshot with 2.

from my experience in the game:

1+1 combine is the safest combination :)

1+3 is a tolerable % success rate (~20%)

1+16 is a guaranteed success … but costs more silver

Kind regards,


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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Lucky draw reset

yet another reset as well here.

What the hell is going on?

Those craps need to stop. U need to review ur gaming systems and correct those bugs once and for all.

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Topic: Wartune / Advanced astral question

Originally posted by KillerInTheRye:

Yep it does. However remember that the weaker orange of the same type (I forget the name, but it’s 30k star points instead of 45k) will NOT stack with the red one of the same type. There’s been some confusion over this for a few players because they aren’t the ‘same name’.

have u tested it sir? :)

I am asking this question as a precaution before spending my points on buying the orange one.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Fire Opal,a request

fire opal from high tower level :)—> good idea

Just to inform u sir, that i played the game for over 1 yr now. From tower 40 – 50, i have seen only 2 leg card draw appear. It is a shame regarding the % chance for it to appear.

Lets hope for a better roll in the future.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / 20 Day Investment (Bugged?)

Originally posted by Zeltan:


Iam french and i dont speak english well.
Iam wrinting in french.
Je n’ai pas eu le bonus, cela ne fonctionne pas ! J’ai rechargé 5000 gold et rien.
Comme expliqué dans les posts précédents, j’ai eu le pop up qui me demandait de choisir, j’ai cliqué chaque jour pensant à un bug provisoire mais cela n’a pas fonctionné.
J’ai vidé le cash, j’ai reloadé, bref, j’ai essayé diverses manipulations, en vain.
Ce n’est pas cool du tout.
Et pour ceux qui ne maîtrisent pas l’anglais peu de possibilité de se faire entendre, encore moins cool puisque nous participons aussi à la vie et à la création du jeu en achetant des golds…

alo mon ami,

t’as rien recu?

Normalement, tu recois 200 g le premier jour, et tu en recoits 200 pendant les 2-3 prochain jours. Ensuite, tu devrais recevoir 225 ou 250 g jusqu’a que ce la somme total s’evalue a 5000g (faudra que tu arrives un total de 20 jours).
Pendant ces 20 jours, il est imperatif que tu te logs tous les jours pour recevoir ce bonus.

En esperant que cela t’eclaircisse.



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Topic: Wartune / Hall Of Fame?


Any news of the subject title?