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Topic: War of Omens / A new idea

Agreed – I’m a maxed out Kong user, and in all that time, WoO was the only game I felt moved to spend money on. The price point for what I got was just right.

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Topic: War of Omens / 1 supplicant, 1 vintner, 3 tortoise

And 3 of those 5 being the same one, meaning you need either a minimum of 3 turns, or 2 turns and 2/3 extra tortoises and 1/3 extra gold, plus a good draw. Nevertheless, that’s pretty scary.

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Topic: War of Omens / Restock is NOT random

Confirmation bias is a thing: granted. That’s why I offered to keep statistics (my burn deck uses infighting, and I play it a lot).

Computer random number generators are really pseudo-random, but it’s not that simple. PRNGs are based on algorithms, and most are “good” and some are tweaked to be less streaky (despite streaks being completely permissible). Most of them, the “good” ones, do indeed tend to show a reasonably even distribution over a large enough number of experiments, but any algorithm could be buggy as well – its output numbers, modulo some arbitrary integer (say, 7), may prove to have 10% more 6s than any of 0 through 5.

3dKd7c8s having the same chance as AhAdAcAs isn’t very revealing. AhAdAcAs is also much, much less likely than any combination of four cards with no pair, no flush, and no four-card straight, to the tune of about one 3.5-millionth. Four infightings in a row is probably 1/2401 as likely as not; if I play one infighting “chain” per game and 30 games a day, I should expect to run into this only once every two and a half months. Three in a row maybe once every week. It feels more frequent than that. Feeling is a potential bias, of course; hence, again, my offering to keep statistics.

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Topic: War of Omens / Restock is NOT random

It definitely does not roll 6 if you have a full bank, unless you count a card just bought from the bank as one of the cards that are rolled from. (I don’t have enough data to tell whether a card from hand can be rolled onto a full bank.)

bohunk might be right, meanwhile. I’ve seen enough infighting spawn another infighting (sometimes 4 in a row) to believe the card last played might be more likely. I could start keeping statistics if you want.

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Topic: War of Omens / Communication Error

I’ve played MP for months without problems, and suddenly in tournament I get 3 in a row and finish with just a silver pack for my trouble. Something tells me it’s not a Flash quality issue. (Well, graphics quality I mean.)

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Topic: War of Omens / tournament strategy

I had Shofet Daru with:

Shrine of Rebirth
Goat Poultice
Spice Route
Masquerade Ball
Scroll of Petals

Worked out pretty well. Which is to say, I went 3-3, but would probably have gone 6-2 or 7-1 if not for 3 disconnects. >:-(

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Topic: War of Omens / What People Say In Chat

Originally posted by vrdn22:

SirDoom: Holy shit I killed a goat outrider with two shots.
shocman: this should be writen down
delta6421: i dont believe you
Malz_Gaspard: pics or it did not happen
SirDoom: lol seriously I am writing a bug report right now

Given how many hijinks I’ve seen outriders pull – this morning I had one dodge an entire arson (seriously? how does a goat dodge being SET ON FIRE??) – I’m going to be laughing for quite a while at this one.

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Topic: War of Omens / A very simple suggestion to give Vespitole a chance

If Vespitole truly needs a non-ally card breaker, an in-lore version would probably run something like

Power tab
2 charges
on turn: -1 charge
1 gold: +1 charge
target card out of play while Escrow is in play

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Topic: War of Omens / *Suggestions*

Originally posted by H4wx:

Could it be set up so that the computer animates actions in order instead of all at once? Oftentimes I see a mass of activity, resources flying, cards dying, and I have no idea what happened. Also, I’d like to be able to see for a moment what cards went away due to Misinformation and what cards were played to get a certain effect. I hate seeing all my guys die and have no idea where the comp got all those skulls.

I know where you’re coming from, but I personally kinda like the way the game swishes cards in and out fast, even if out of order. What I think you really want is something everyone’s been very keen on: a real battle log. Not the event log you can dump to disk, which is more of a dev’s log showing animation events where you extrapolate what was played from what cards were moving around. (Besides, that thing is very Rube-Goldbergy to dig out and look at when you want to.)

I’ve heard rumors they’re working on a real log. That’s all I know, FWIW.

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Topic: War of Omens / What People Say In Chat

collusion: will dire boars sac the hero if he has fewer than 5 health and dire boar is the only other ally?
Malz_Gaspard: yes
Malz_Gaspard: auto loss

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Topic: War of Omens / Lead the Charge bug

All allies are fair targets for attacks which ignore intercept. This is explained in the Keyword Compendium, by the way.

This consequently means that the only intercepts any “igInt” attack will always ignore are those that aren’t allies, e.g. Frame, Misdirect, Palisade, Rampart, Warding Circle, Halting Rebuke, …

On average, I expect such attacks to be allotted equally among all allies, so if there’s a knight and supplicant up and nothing else, a 2-pt igInt is only 1/4 likely to kill that supplicant. 3 attacks would kill it around 1/2 the time. 4 attacks would get it done about 3/4 of the time.

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Topic: War of Omens / Games Per Day?

I typically play whatever is demanded by the dailies, minus MP in-a-row quests (I skip those). This can be up to 30 games; it’s frequently around 15-20.

I do occasionally grind a few more master / GM games if I feel close to upgrading a card, and I also play a bit more lately since I’m close to maxing uncommons.

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Topic: War of Omens / Rites discussion

Daramek arguably needed Bloodlust in order to have a fighting chance precisely against Endazu massive walls, since Daramek has no ignore intercept whatsoever.

Unless it gets rebalanced, as Endazu, I would probably play with Hedge Guardian and Paper Vipers more as a result, and favor Contract, Barge, and Song over Yarakeen (although it still works with Peacock now).

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Topic: War of Omens / Invisibility Bug

That happens to me every once in a while, typically if I’ve left the game up too long. If I had to guess, it’s due to a memory leak in FCG’s 3D rendering engine (which explains why the cards are visible in your bank and hand). I typically fix it with a reload, and move on.

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Topic: War of Omens / What People Say In Chat

GabeTheAlmighty: don’t you hate when you go infinite but all you have is gold producers and your bounty has been missingno’d?
nate451: more than life itself
GabeTheAlmighty: …that implies that you hate life…?
nate451: naturally.
nate451: what is the single greatest cause of suffering?
nate451: life.
GabeTheAlmighty: mosquitoes
GabeTheAlmighty: oh
GabeTheAlmighty: yeah, living mosquitoes

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Topic: War of Omens / What People Say In Chat

When you seduce lepers, you get paid in tips.

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Topic: War of Omens / Valrow is cheating! (admin,urgent!!!)

It may also be an artifact of the way the game shows AI actions.

The AI instantly knows what actions it will take, and takes them all one right after another; the display then shows the animations, which take varying lengths of time, so some actions may appear to begin before they should, because the previous action which enabled them is still playing. In other cases, the display will shortcut animations (an orphan gang will pop up, do its damage, get retaliated, and go back to the inventory without appearing to go into play).

Finally, the display simply likes to show things in slightly different order than when they happened. One thing I notice is Vespitole AI suddenly filling its hand with as many as ten cards, before all the non-ducats slip out and into play. When the dust clears, it always has one ducat left, then ends its turn, draws three, and play proceeds normally. It’s showing the drawing of those cards before they’re played; that’s all. (It also seems to like to show attacks later – I’ll see a Malediction in its hand for next turn, and when it starts, it disappears, a handful of allies appear, they all go into play, and THEN I see the Malemissiles launch.)

Wait till you play GM, and the AI has special coins. Things get very confusing.

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Topic: War of Omens / Most satisfying feelings of the game

I’ve gotten that bug on occasion. I’m guessing it involves a memory leak eventually leading to a heap space error. I typically just quit on the first turn in such games; the feather in my cap from winning them isn’t worth it.

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Topic: War of Omens / Advanced card questions

The answers to these questions would be good to put on the Card FAQ sticky-post. And probably the wiki.

Here’s another: do Golem and Yarakeen count as in play for purposes of Coup de Grace? (I suspect the answer is yes.)

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Topic: War of Omens / Thought on Jesmai & suggested change

I’ve lately grown less concerned over Jesmai, to be honest. If that dev is right, then Jesmai’s win record is close to 50%, and I admit, that justifies leaving her alone.

I am still worried to the extent that her power derives from one combo, which in turn begs an inordinate amount of countering. I don’t think that dev’s data records this. aynonymous’ post serves to weaken that argument a little, though.

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Topic: War of Omens / Crafting

Clarai posted some data on the WoO forums that strongly suggests that if you were farming ingots, the lower quality packs yield higher ingots per silver .

Raw figures:
Spent 171k: 3 sets of 57k
57k on oaks: 12840 ingots
57k on silver: 10530 ingots
57k on gold: 7110 ingots

This means if you are far from having all commons maxed, you should still buy oaks as before. In general, if you’re working on maxing rarity R, keep buying the packs that give you R at worst.

If you are maxed on commons except for one (say, that was introduced via patch), buy oaks until you draw the card (only way to start it), then go back to the packs that give you R and use the ingots for that one card.

To put it another way: buy packs like you did before there were ingots, except that now, if you want that one new card in an otherwise maxed tier, you don’t have to farm that tier of packs for draws – just use ingots instead. Definitely positive feature.

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Topic: Technical Support / dispatchJSONEvent, or: Chat stops letting me enter messages.

The plugins I have on this installation of Firefox 31.0:

Google Update
Shockwave Flash
Unity Player
VLC Web Plugin
NVIDIA 3D Vision
Quicktime Plug-in (7.7.3)
Google Talk
Adobe Acrobat

Pretty standard stuff.

I wish I could test this, but it’s a very occasional bug. I can’t reproduce it reliably. Reloading consistently causes it to go away, but again, I’d prefer to not have to reload a page including its very large Flash app if it happened to be a very minor JavaScript glitch. Thanks anyway, though.

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Topic: War of Omens / Getting newly released cards

How many people have all their heroes at level 28? o.O

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Topic: Technical Support / dispatchJSONEvent, or: Chat stops letting me enter messages.

Occasionally Kong chat will get into some state where if I type a new message in chat and press enter, it just goes to the next line in the type box. I can’t enter what I just put in, no matter what I try. Meanwhile, whenever I hit enter while I have a JavaScript console is up, I see the following there:

TypeError: a.dispatchJSONEvent is not a function

What gets it into that state?
Can I fix it without reloading the page? (The flash app in question takes forever to reload, and there’s no guarantee it won’t happen again.)

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Topic: War of Omens / The Metris bogeyman rises again

Daikoru’s suggestion to remove some of the luck is what I was getting at with “a nerf to first-turn-screw cards and a buff to its late game abilities”. For me, a game with Metris feels like it’s flipping a coin every turn; if it’s heads in the first two turns, I lose; if it’s heads in the next 2 turns, I’m in big trouble; if it’s heads in the 2 turns after that, I’m in small trouble; if it’s heads after that, it’s now Metris fighting to stay even, and then later to limp along behind me. In other words, it’s not that interesting. There’s no sense of Metris slowly building its wincon; it’s just coin flips, all independent of each other.

I think there’s a lot to Aonar’s point (it’s basically Metris having a confirmation bias problem), and at the same time, I think it can be fixed, precisely by nerf Metris’ luck factor at least somewhat. The trick I see to it is in nerfing it in an interesting way.

To some extent, Daramek has the same problem. It has mostly random resource supply, with only one exception (gold). It seems to avoid the frustration problem by making a resource out of allies, and it ends up an interesting mechanic unique to that faction. I get frustrated when Liet just happens to spawn the one resource type that lets her deal with one of my cards, but this is relatively mild, because one resource does not make that big of a difference, compared to, say, stratagem producing a seduce to use against my colossal aurochs, or Biron chain-stocking bankers and bishops.

These bad beat stories suggest ways to tone down the luck factor.

For example, making seduce run out after a period of time. Possibly dependent on the ally’s life. For example, seduce puts a counter of 6 on the ally, reduced by the ally’s life every turn; when it hits 0, the ally goes back. Other cards (like Coordinate) could increase this counter, strengthening Metris’ hold. Or the Wench could increase any given counter by 3 per turn.

Biron’s stocking ability might be weighted by the gold cost of the card taken. So a Warship is half as likely to be taken as, say, a marshal. If this makes her ability too useless, its chance of happening could be increased. (Her ability is a mixed blessing, even so.) Valdorian’s ability could be tweaked similarly.

Theo’s ability could be tweaked to be cumulative – the more cards are destroyed, the greater the chance he will save one, after which his chance resets.

Stuff like that.