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Topic: War of the Web / A peace with New geo

This conversation occured at 7:38 eastern standard time:

iMindgasm: After reporting Misa’s conversation


thabigtaco: CUZ HES ROCOOL

misko27: emmisary refers to “diplomat” or “ambasador”

iMindgasm: Many agreed that she was not a very stable negotiator

Rocool: why?

thabigtaco: and hes tatcking meh

thabigtaco: *attacking meh

misko27: It can also refer to a apostle

iMindgasm: She does not represent NG

Rocool: Mjm

misko27: But thats not what Im going for here, So you reprsent?

iMindgasm: Yeah

iMindgasm: So our idea

iMindgasm: Is a treaty between NG and Kong

jumb0: any targets?

iMindgasm: In which we focus on Armora and Jiggs as targets

iMindgasm: When they go down,we have an even battle like normal

misko27: This seems suffecient

iMindgasm: This treaty is designed to ensure one of our sides win

iMindgasm: So it’s completely fair

PJSIII: thanks again John. Someday I won’t be doing the research and will just spend all my time helping you

misko27: Yes

misko27: However, the unfortunate queestion of violaters must be vrought up

iMindgasm: Yes

iMindgasm: Obviously

iMindgasm: Plenty of lower levels will disregard this pact entirely

iMindgasm: However the vets make the most difference


iMindgasm: So as long as most of Kong’s and NG’s veterans remain peacful

iMindgasm: This treaty can work out

misko27: So, While lower levels are disregarded, what are the conditions for vets?

iMindgasm: When multiple Kong or Ng vets begin attacking large Kong or Ng members multiple times

iMindgasm: The treaty is violated and without diplomacy,assumed broken

misko27: Hmm, If this is to work it must be spokne to others, else it will be gone before it begins

iMindgasm: Yes

iMindgasm: This alliance will be advertised constantly

misko27: Well, these terms are satisfactory to me

iMindgasm: As long as you agree

Hook_Shot: sounds good.

iMindgasm: We are good

misko27: Good

iMindgasm: Lol

iMindgasm: Does taco support?

Rocool: i agree

misko27: hmm, I think it might be wise to allow a condition for a single AWOL individual

iMindgasm: Yes

iMindgasm: That’s why I said

iMindgasm: If multiple vets attack multi times

iMindgasm: One vagabond will not interrupt peace

misko27: hmm, In this case I am completelt satisfied

misko27: If you see no further issues, we may conclude this sucessfully

iMindgasm: Well

iMindgasm: We would like the alliance to be formally ended once Armora/jiggs go down

PJSIII: Does this mean I can’t blacken and maintain the black on the ones that keep going after me? If they do keep hitting does this mean they will keep getting away with it?

iMindgasm: With me coming here and announcing it

misko27: Hmm, How do you define “down”? as won of us winning?

iMindgasm: And if one of NG attacks you and he is not a vet

iMindgasm: Black him if you’d like

iMindgasm: Vets who attack will be suspended from the protection of the alliance and made free targets

iMindgasm: When NG and Kong are above Jiggs/armora

iMindgasm: That’s when they’re down

iMindgasm: Or atleast when we are even in pace again

iMindgasm: We have not cleared all details for the suspension of the alliance

misko27: Hmm. Who will determine this? and who will announce the end?

iMindgasm: So when it comes,we’ll inform you of what’s going on

PJSIII: so when does this start?

iMindgasm: When both us believe that Armora/jiggs are crippled beyond repair for this game

iMindgasm: *of us

iMindgasm: We will meet

iMindgasm: And discuss the ending

misko27: This seems fine too me, any other issues?

iMindgasm: No

misko27: Well then

misko27: outstreches hand

iMindgasm: If anything comes up I will be here again with news of it

iMindgasm: Firmly shakes hand Lol

misko27: I will also publish this as a diplomatic treanscripts, So you know. Probably on the forum

iMindgasm: So as long as you keep your guys informed and settle disputes

iMindgasm: We’ll do the same

iMindgasm: Yes

iMindgasm: I will create a forum with details

misko27: As wil I

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Topic: War of the Web / *New! WOTWK Control Center!

Simply put, yes. More complicatedly, I reccommend you do so, but pm darkbot, so he knows, and ask for a job. Also, when signing up, I would list Forum post as how you found it. Also, You will be checked out, to make sure you’re not a spy, If you are, you’re put on list of spies. other then that, Join at will.

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Topic: Off-topic / best communist country to live in

how communist is communist? what about socialism? thats opens your options alot. france has a large socialist party but a tiny communist party. I thought of yugoslavia too. :(

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Famous Last Words

Is that a wespe? It doesn’t look so bad!

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Topic: General Gaming / Mirran Domination

A Mirran reporting in.