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Topic: Idle Conquest / Theories

Post your theories

Catherine had always been a kind, sweet and loving child who loved to cuddle puppies and share her cookies with the kitchen staff. But she was also very lonely. All the neighbor kids were scared of her because she was the princess. One day, while strolling through the market under guard, she saw a starving peasant child huddled under a market stall. Catherine’s heart reached out to the poor child, and in an act of great tenderness and sacrifice, she pulled her favorite plush pony from inside the pouch in her dress and gave it to the poor child.

Unfortunately, the child had been taught that pretty princesses are part of the 1%, and therefore all evil and horrible, awful people. So the child bit the head off the plushie and threw it back into Catherine’s face.

It wasn’t the first time the good, sweet Catherine had been rejected by those she only wanted to befriend and love, but it was the last. For from that day, Catherine started playing with a new friend.

The General.

The king and queen were a little worried, at first, when Catherine began speaking of the dashing General in her room, her great friend who always listened and would never reject her. But the castle guards swore that no one besides Catherine herself had passed in or out of her chambers. One day, the queen walked past Catherine’s door and heard her talking to someone. Concerned, she stepped inside to see Catherine playing alone with her army figurines.

“But, General,” she protested. “Shouldn’t we subjugate the hinterlands first? They make really good lollipops there and it would be good for…oh, hello mommy!”

“Where is your friend, the General?” the queen inquired.

“Right there!” she pointed proudly at the empty seat next to hers. “He’s in charge of cavalry for the campaign!”

“I see.” the queen sighed. ‘Well, it could be worse,’ she thought to herself.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Questions about Morgulis, Ancient of Death

In general, Morgulis is a bad deal unless you’re very late game. Basically every hero soul you move over to him gives you 11% instead of 10%. That sounds ok when you’re only spending a couple hero to buy him, but the problem is the opportunity cost for buying more ancients. Buying him when he’s “cheap” doesn’t actually make him any cheaper than if you buy him when he’s expensive. It only seems like it does.

For example, let’s say you have 100 hero souls, you want to buy 5 ancients, and you’re considering buying Morg too. Once you do, you’ll move over all your remaining hero souls to him so they each give more damage.

Ancients : cost

So, to make it cheap, you buy Morg first. This is an immediate gain. You spent 1 hero souls worth 10% dps to get an 11% bonus from Morg. At this point, you could spend any number of hero souls leveling him and it would improve your dps.

But you still want the other five ancients, so you buy them. Looking at the above chart, buying 6 ancients total would cost 1+2+4+8+16+35 = 66 hero souls. That leaves 34, which you use to level Morg. He’s now level 35, times 11 means a net 385% dps boost that he gives you.

But, what if you hadn’t bought him at all? That would mean buying only 5 ancients instead of six. 1+2+4+8+16 = 31 hero souls spent, leaving 69, which is worth a 690% damage bonus.

You do much better not buying Morgulis becuse again, the “real” cost to buy him is always the cost of the last ancient you buy, not the cost you pay when you actually buy him. And late game, ancients start costing tens and eventually hundreds of thousands of hero souls. Buying Morg early doesn’t change the fact that he increases the purchase price of your other ancients.

Now, yes…eventually that 1% per hero soul bonus will overcome the cost he adds. But the point that happens at depends on how many ancients you want to buy…ever. Maybe you don’t want every ancient. But even if you only want 20 of them, you’d need to invest twenty five thousand hero souls into Morg just to break even on his cost. if you do want every ancient, it’s millions.

So, short answer: Morg is a bad deal unless you’re very late game.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Need help on siyalatas worthness

You’re making it more complicated than it needs to be. Siyalatas and hero souls increase dps multiplicatively, not additively.

Think of it this way: imagine you have two boxes, and ten points to divide up between them. You can put any number of the ten points into each box. And once you’re done putting them in which box you want, I’m going to multiply the two numbers together.

What’s the best way to put numbers in boxes?

Its immediately obvious that the best arrangement is to put 5 in each box. If you put zero in one box and ten in the other, when you multiply them you get zero. If you put 1 in one box and 9 in the other, you get 9. If you put 2 and 8, you get 16. 3 and 7 you get 21. 4 and 6 you get 24. And 5 and 5 gives you 25.

This is just like Siyalatas and hero souls. You spend hero souls to increase Siyalata’s level, as you do, even though it means you have fewer hero souls, the number you get when you multiply gets bigger.

But, what happens if you keep spending past that ideal point?

Well, what happens if once you have 5 points in each box, you keep moving more over? Instead of 5 and 5, if you have 6 and 4, you get 24. If you have 7 and 3, you get 21. You see how the numbers are going down? It’s a simple multiplication. That’s basically all that’s going on with Siya and hero souls, except that it takes more than “one point” worth of hero souls to increase Siya’s level. But the basic idea remains the same.

For example, imagine you had 100 points to work with, and two boxes. To begin with, 99 points are in the first box and 1 is in the second box. You can move from one box to the other as you like, but with a twist: every time you move a point over, it “costs” one more point to make the move, and those extra points are simply lost. Even so, it’s still beneficial to move some over. 99 and 1 multiplied gives 99. To move one over costs point, so move one and lose one gives you 97 times 2, which is 194. Even though you lost a point, the number you get when you multiply is still bigger. Move another one, and this time you lose two, so you get 94 times 3, which is 282, which is again bigger, even though you “lost” 2 points this time.

That’s basically all that’s going on with Siya and hero souls. The goal is simply to find that ideal point of moving hero souls over at which when you mutiply you get the highest possible result.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Hit a wall, not sure what to do.


Level these two a bit, and you’ll punch through your wall pretty easily. Most of my other ancients are ~100 levels lower than yours, but with frags/bhaal in the 50s-70 range when I activate abilities I can routinely beat not one, but two bosses in the 1300s before the 30 seconds are up.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Hard reset: Diary of how quickly you regain souls after restart

Decided to give this a try.

Day 1: Ascensions: 1, HS: 5 Vaguur: 1 Siyalatas: 1
Day 2: Ascensions: 2, HS: (data lost) Siyalatas: 2, Vaguur: 1
Day 3: Ascensions: 3, HS: 21, Siyalatas: 3, Vaguur: 1
Day 4: Ascensions: 4, HS: 32 Siyalatas: 4, Vaguur: 1

Though note that “day 1” ascension was like 34 hours or something, since I started early one day and ascended late the next.

Don’t think I’ll continue, but even without the 30 hero soul bonus and hero souls no longer giving cooldown or gold bonuses, the game seems noticeably easier to me that it was when I first started back in version .06, I think. Siyalatas adds a lot of damage, and gilded bonuses are noticeable. Though knowledge of the game helps too. I’m not wasting energize on dark ritual anymore, I’m using it to beat bosses then ascend. Primals make a surprisingly big difference too. On my very first ascension after the hard reset I had more hero souls after one day than I did originally on first ascension after 2-3 days, and even after playing for weeks I was typically getting 7 hero souls per ascension, but now after the hard reset I got 15 on my last ascension after only playing a few days. There’s no way I could have done that in older versions.

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Topic: Peacefree Tactical Warfare / Do You Use Rush or Aid?

Originally posted by helgravis:
1. Do you use Rush and Aid?

In the early game on some acts where minerals are in terribly short supply , I find Aid useful, as over time it adds up to be worth a couple buildings. Rush, I mostly save for constructions in progress about to be attacked. Zap the monster, rush the building so it doesn’t get canceled. And on some acts it’s also useful to capture specific tiles that like to avoid capture.

Really though, past the early part of a game, most of the time I simply have too many things going on to use them very much. The amount of time rush speeds something up usually isn’t very significant when there are routinely half a dozen different things being built or attacked any any given moment. I don’t build one thing the sit there and watch it.

2. Do you like using Rush?
3. Do you like using Aid?

“Like” is probably a strong word for my feelings about them. They’re functional and valid tools. They’re not hugely powerful, and maybe a bit micromanage-y, but it’s nice to have the option. I don’t sit around staring at the cooldowns eagerly looking forward to them being available.

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Topic: Game Programming / What's with all the hate on Unity?

What’s with all the hate on Unity?

  • It requires a third party plugin
  • Unity games seem to crash a lot
  • It is a stupidly massive resource hog. On a computer that can play games like Eve Online, and multiple simultaneous instances of WoW…even static menus on unity idle games, sitting there doing nothing routinely eats up 50% of my cpu.

If your’e developing for mobile, unity might be a good option. But it’s awful for browser games. It’s like booking a flight on a space shuttle to get to your next door neighbor’s house. Nobody in their right mind would do that when they can simply walk. Meanwhile, if you’re a developer:

  • Unity has low market penetration
  • It is more expensive for the full development environment than adobe flash
  • A lot users don’t like it

Why in the world would you choose to pay more for a development environment that is slow, laggy, buggy, crashes a lot, requires a third party plugin to use, solely for the sake of reaching a smaller, frustrated market of users who don’t want to deal with all these problems?



I hope unity fails, and a lot of other frustrated users feel the same way. Unity is a ploy to introduce a new proprietary format with the hope that it becomes standard, so that the company that produces it can monopolize market share. Which, yes…is exactly the same thing that abode did with flash, and adobe annoyed a lot people when it was new too. As a programmer, I remember very clearly when I first downloaded the “Free” flash development environment back in the 90s and was absolutely disgusted with how awful it was. And now, years later there’s no longer a free version, it’s a monthly fee based service to make adbobe rich. Unity is doign exactly the same thing, and all the devs who learn it are foolishly buying into the same scam: all those free versions will be made obsolete and no longer work the moment they think they can get away with an exclusively fee based service.

It’s totally a scam. Devs suffer, users suffer, and our poor computers suffer for the shoddy inefficient resource hogginess of it.

Everyone suffers.

Unity is awful.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Game is broken?

Originally posted by nonsense13:

Please also take off of stupid Unity. Completely unnecessary waste of my computer’s resources.

That deserves its own topic, but yeah…unity is an awful, slow, buggy resource hog. It’s also more expensive than flash for the full development environment and has lower market penetration. I don’t understand why any developer would pay more to reach fewer players solely for the sake of annoying them that even trivial idle games like this use up 50% cpu resources because it’s such a horribly designed environment.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Game is broken?

Logged in to the game being a mostly white screen with some icons and black lines. Several others in kong chat havign the same problem:

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Where are monument upgrade rebirth bonuses applied?

Originally posted by Fortegs:

Are you telling me you’re correcting the game designer on its own game ?

After reading what he wrote a second time…no, I’m not correcting him on his game. I’m correcting him on his phrasing. When he says the rebirth multi is applied to the base value of each monument…that sounds to me like the multi is applied to monuments. But it isn’t applied to monuments. But then he says later on:

The multiplier muliplies your achievement, god and statistic multipliers.

I think when he says that it’s “applied” to monuments, he means that the value of the monument multiplier is applied to the rebirth multi for whichever stat is applicable. For example, if you have a Mighty Statue upgrade rebirth value of 1, that doesn’t mean that your actual rebirth multiplier is multiplied by 1. It’s 1 times the base monument multiplier.

But saying that the rebirth multi is applied to monuments is not an entirely intuitive way of phrasing that. Which was exactly my confusion when I first posted this thread. I thought that the upgrade rebirth multi for monuments would apply directly to monuments. As in, if you increase your monument upgrade to 20, on your next rebirth, that monument would be stronger. It isn’t.

So when he said:

It is applied to the base value of each monument.

Do you see why I misunderstood his phrasing?

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Where are monument upgrade rebirth bonuses applied?

the rebirth effect of upgrades is applied to your stats at rebirth. Watch your rebirth tab as you complete your fourth monument and you’ll notice a very sharp jump.

Tested and confirmed: they’re applied directly to your rebirth multipliers the moment you get them.

It is applied to the base value of each monument.

No, AjnaSahasarara has it right. It’s a bit unintuitive, but monument rebirth multipliers don’t affect monuments at all.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Where are monument upgrade rebirth bonuses applied?

Every fourth monument upgrade up to 20 increments a “rebirth” counter on the mouseover text of the upgrade. After having upgraded my Mighty Statue upgrade to level 20, which resulted in a (Rebirth: 5) counter…I’ve now reborn, and killed gods up to Poseidon, so I can upgrade, and I’ve built one Mighty Statue monument.

The effect bonus of my Mighty Statue is still listed as (1 + 1 x Count), which is the same value it was on my previous rebirth before upgrading at all.

Is this a bug? If not, where is that monument rebirth mulitplier bring applied?

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / 1/5 stars

Originally posted by XJoschYZ:
Savegame issues with PC crashes are a common and rather well known problem of Unity based games.

Absolutely bewilders me that anyone codes in unity. It’s the most awful, unreliable, slow and ridiculous framework of the decade. It has low market penetration, and requires a third party plugins that by default are blocked in major browsers. And for the cost of the full “doesn’t suck” version of the coding environement, you could buy six years worth of subscription to Flash.

Why do developers insist on paying more for a lousy, slow, laggy, buggy framework solely for the sake of reaching a smaller audience?

It’s crazy.

And then, once they have this 3d-capable monstrosity that burns up a third of your CPU cycles, they use it to make idle games with nothing more complicated than static images and textboxes. Look at all the idle games lately. They’re all written in unity. It’s bizarre. It’s like taking an old, rusty 70’s moon rocket and burning millions of dollars of fuel to fly to your next door neighbor’s house.

Devs of the world…please stop using unity. Nobody likes it, and you’re hurting yourselves by restricting your market and falling for the ploy unity uses to trick you into paying thousands of dollars to get the “real” version once you’ve wasted your time learning to code with it.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Where did my shop go?

everything’s gone

I submitted a bug report. Was told that inactive accounts were deleted, and there’s nothing they can do about it. So if your game is gone, it’s gone. Poof! Apparently saving a couple megs worth of storage was more important to them than keeping a couple thousand players happy.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Reporting Bugs & Issues

Came back to check out the new pvp system, and my game has been wiped. Game asked me to make a new avatar and is now offering to show me the tutorial.

As you can see from the kong high score if you scroll the image to the right, I had a 56 fame store. All gone.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Where did my shop go?

I haven’t played in a while, but I was part of a private town. Did they start deleting saves for inactivity?

I’m not willing to start from scratch again.

Same here. Had a highly established shop, now completely gone. Game asked me to make a new avatar, and is giving me the tutorial with an empty shop.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / How much Souls until i should Reset on the first Run t

Aim to beat area 120 and ascend with either 5 or 6 hero souls from hero levels. That’s either 10,000 of 12,000 hero levels.

Anything much past that is unlikely to be time efficient for a first ascension. Sure, you can do it, but the time it takes to get to area 130 for the extra gilding and grinding gold to get a whole extra 2000 hero levels is probably going to be enough that you could be halfway through your next ascension. Go ahead and do area 125 for the primal boss if it has one, but don’t stress too much over it.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Hero Soul Skill System

I propose replacing the fixed Hero Soul bonuses with a skill system.

Things you could buy with Hero Souls:

  • Percent overall dps boost (1 HS per 5%, no cap)
  • Percent click damage boost (1 HS per 5%, no cap)
  • Percent gold boost (1 HS per 1%, no cap)
  • Improve chances of chest spawn (Start at one in 100 spawn chance, then 1 HS per point of change, down to a minimum of 1 in 20 spawn chance)
  • Bonus critical click chance (I suggest removing the hero skills that affect this and instead have a default zero percent chance of a crit, with a cost of 1 HS per point per 10. For example, to increase from zero to 1 or 1 to 2 all the way up to 10% chance costs one HS. Then from 10 to 11 costs 2, 11 to 12 costs 2, etc all the way up to 19 to 20 costs 2. Then 20 to 21 costs 3, etc, all the way up to a cap of 100% crit chance.
  • Extra critical click damage multiplier (Maybe start at zero bonus crit damage, then +10% per HS. Have to be careful with the math here. For example, 100% chance of 18 times damage is a LOT of damage. But both crit chance and crit bonus damage don’t need to be super expensive. since they affect each other.)
  • Percent boss health reduction (Maybe 1 HS cumulative per percentage point of decrease. 1 HS to reduce boss health from 100% to 99%, 2 HS to reduce from 99 to 98%, down to a minimum of 50%. Some careful consideration might be required here, since at present gold rewards are tied to heath.)
  • Increased boss kill timer (1 HS to increase to 31 seconds, 2 to increase to 32, etc. No cap.)
  • Unlock heroes ( I suggest locking heroes at the point where level 120 becomes the highest “realistic” area to clear without dark ritual grinding, then have a cost of either 5 or 10 HS per extra unlocked hero.)
  • Give every hero one “final skill” that requires hero souls to unlock (Activation? Click damage?)
  • Faster monster death animations (Every HS reduces animation by 10%, down to a minimum of 10%. This would takes DAYS off the time to get the monster and boss kill achievements.)
  • Reduced skill cooldowns (Either overall bonus, or separately per skill, depending on how the other things listed here are implemented.)
  • Gold at start of game

Other ideas:

  • Unlock skills (meaning some wouldn’t be available at all on the first game clear. Implementation of this would depend on how hero skills were implemented after the change, but remember that the activatable skills could be expanded to take up a second and maybe a third column.)
  • Unlock zones (mutually exclusive with some of the other suggestions, but one possibility)

Also, to complement the above, change Hero Soul rewards to be based on highest level of boss kills rather than hero levels. This rewards progression rather than ctrl-click spamming heroes. This also removes the annoying part of the game having to carefully not overspend on one hero before an ascension lest you get stuck having to wait for the gold bonus skills to cool down. I suggest making every boss from are 100 on be a Primal boss, and remove HS rewards from hero levels. This way, a first-time ascension is worth about 4 hero souls and a player has to (realistically) unlock additional heroes to be able to reach higher levels to get more per ascension.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Web Client Feedback

Why did you guys use unity for this? There are a lot of people who refuse to play anything made with it. It’s slow, buggy, requires a plugin, and generally most things made with it are bad.

Also, the massive “click me!” design is a major turn off. Every game I’ve ever played that used it was an awful money grabbing pit of suck. The method is a deliberate marketing ploy to condition people into doing what they’re told without thinking, and it seriously annoys a lot of us.

TU gives a very bad first impression.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / farming tips

Removed. Didn’t account for everything.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Silly Cards...What's Not Filling Your Collection?

Blood pool.

I have 1023/1567 cards. I’ve maxed all faction reputations, I’ve completed every achievement in the game, and every raid except epic jotun. I’m ranked #750 on the fansite with over 90% total game completion.

And yet somehow I’m missing blood pool. From gold packs. I think it’s even an original gold pack card, not one of the ones added later. And it’s not even a legendary card. I have all the gold and enclave legendaries.

But not blood pool.

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Topic: General Gaming / GemCraft chapter 2: Chasing Shadows has been released on Armor Games and this thread is about strategies.

I think though, you should definitely not bother with traits in the first couple of fields

For people without premium this is absolutely awful advice.

I’m wizard level 50, total xp is 591,124. I’ve unlocked 13 fields total.

Of my 591,124 xp…327,471 of it is from field F. The starter field. More than half my total xp is from doing the thing you’re advising people to not do. There is absolutely no way I could be as far as I am if I weren’t spending shadow cores on traits on easy fields.

Even without orbs

What does the orblets trait even do? And does it take shadow cores?

I dunno why every single map has been quite easy for me

I"m guessing it’s because you have premium. And I suspect this whole game is going to be “oh, it’s easy! Just do this!” for people with premium while everyone else has a miserable time.

I highly advise getting premium.

I have kreds ready and waiting. Can’t use them on armor games.

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Topic: General Gaming / GemCraft chapter 2: Chasing Shadows has been released on Armor Games and this thread is about strategies.

Confirmed. K4 unlocks Glaring difficulty:

Yay. Now I can burn 224 shadow cores per field instead of 112. : /

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Topic: General Gaming / GemCraft chapter 2: Chasing Shadows has been released on Armor Games and this thread is about strategies.

Originally posted by Takiza:
I got this 85 million score(again, by Gc0 standards, so 85K xp as shown

We’re talking about Gemcraft 2 in this thread. There is no “score.” You’re multiplying your xp by 1000 for no reason.

Max Haste, level 1 mana lock, max orblets.

Orblets aren’t an option for non-premium. And unless they’re free for premium players, two level 7 traits would cost 56 shadow cores.

More if you think you can take higher level Mana Lock.

Again, shadow cores. Put mana lock to 7, and you go from 56 to 84 shadow cores. Yes, sure you can do that. You can even go higher. But how long does it take you to get that many? And later on you’ll unlock even more traits. I spent 112 shadow cores on traits the last time I did a level for xp. And if you’re going to invest 100 shadow cores into a field, you may as well invest another 100 for the rarity boost to be efficient. It’s wasteful to not. So now we’re talking over 200 shadow cores to do a level.

Personally I’m only receiving about 10 shadow cores on a typical level. Yes, sometimes more. Sometimes less. 10 is typical.

So we’re talking about grinding a minimum of 5 and as many as 20 levels in order to enhance traits on one?

I’m only having problems with one level, K1….since someone said Glaring is in the K sector, I guess it’s a higher level one?

He said he thought but wasn’t certain that glaring was unlocked on K4. Which I can’t yet confirm. But note that one of the locks on K4 requires that you have the beam skill from D4.

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Topic: General Gaming / GemCraft chapter 2: Chasing Shadows has been released on Armor Games and this thread is about strategies.

Originally posted by Oktavia_witch:

If you are using cores to max traits, you are doing it wrong.
Better to play normally with only 1 point in each trait, that way you get bonus exp and still gain cores, instead of wasting them in looming F fields.

Are you premium or non-premium? If premium, how much xp are you getting from endurance runs? Because when I spend only a couple cores to like you’re describing, most levels are worth 2-5 thousand, and the most of any level I’ve done so far is under 10k. Even fields that I can barely do like A3 nd A4 with 40-50 waves and ~50 hp start values are typically 6-9 thousand xp. Maxing shadow core expenditures on easier fields has gotten me over 90k xp on a level.

And either way…investing shadow cores into battle traits appears to be the only way to get good talismans. Take a look at the drop rarity range on any field, then spend 100 for the rarity booster, then max all your battle traits and check again. For me at my wizard level, boosting traits gives about the same benefit as the rarity boost for similar cost. If I’m going to spend 100 shadow cores anyway, I may as well get boosted xp from it too. And if I’m spending 100 shadow cores at a time I may as well do both for a third tier talisman rather than second tier.

I don’t see any way out of the spending lots of shadow cores problem. There’s no way I’d made it as far as I am without spending them.

That cost me roughly 300 shadow cores. 112 for battle traits, 100 for the rarity boost, and the rest upgrading it to level 4. And I got it from field F2 which also gave me 77,000 xp. Compare to I6 for example, which I spent only the 1 each like you’re describing on, which ended up giving me only a trash drop ~3000xp.