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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Future Updates

Completed the ultimate Baal challenge.

1) I bought wings during the challenge, and kept them after. Not sure if I was refunded the 60 GP for the purchase and therefore got them for free, or if I was not refunded the GP, but either way it’s probably worth looking into that.

2) I notice that rebirth multipliers aren’t restored after the challenge. Not sure whether that’s intentional, but for some of us that means it will take weeks to get back to where we were when we started the challenge.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Baal rebirth challenge

Are GP and GP upgrades acquired while doing a challenge kept in addition to the challenge reward, or at completion does it reset your stats to the values there were at the time the challenge was accepted, and then add the challenge reward?

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Future Updates

I think I might have discovered a bug.

Used my Baal power to bump up my baal slayer, I did an ultimate challenge rebirth with 52% critical chance and 202% critical damage. Made it to Itzli with enough mystic to be immune to damage, but only about 30 million attack.

So I attacked him, and was completely unable to do any damage to him, and so far as I could tell was seeing only negative numbers on the damage display.

His defense is 46 million. So, if I hit for 30 million, and half the time that gets bumped up to 202%, I should have been hitting him for as much as 60 million on a crit, far more than required to penetrate his defense. Surprised to be doing no damage, I kept watching as my attack value grew, and continued to do zero damage until my attack exceeded his defense. At which point immediately his hp bar began slowly shrinking.

It looks like crits are incapable of pushing an attack over the defense threshold if the attack doesn’t already do enough damage to penetrate defense before the crit is applied.

Is that intentional?

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / pay2win

Originally posted by RedeemedWahrior:
farming shadow cores on the starter level is insanely slow. You’ll only get like 7 per replay. It’s way better to wait until you unlock a field with a lot of specters and stuff that drop large amounts of shadow cores. You can easily get like 50 to even over a 100 shadow cores on these maps, and it doesn’t take long because you can set it to 9x speed and just rapidly summon waves.

But you’ll get those 7 shadow cores in 30 seconds. Yes, doing tougher fields nets more shadow cores per run, but they take longer. Meanwhile, remember you can also sell low level fragments, which you get more often by spamming low levels often.

If the starter fields gives you 7 shaodw cores in 30 seconds, and you can get 50 ahdow cores on whatever other field you’re talking about, over time that means you’d need to be able to beat that other field in roughly 3 minutes to gather shadow cores over time as fast.

Can you beat a 50 shadow core field in 3 minutes without the pouch? I don’t think so. And if you can, you’re probably high enough level to be getting more than 7 from field F1.

Try it.

538k xp on F2 (looming max 4 traits) = 112 cores
614k xp on E7 (looming max 4 traits) = 112 cores
696k xp on I1 (looming max 4 traits) = 112 cores
2.1mil xp on F6 (glaring max 5 traits) = 280 cores

1) What you’re proposing is seriously unrealistic for early game players.

2) I assume those are “best case” numbers, not your average. And a lot of those came from flying ones which area bit irregular. If we’re talking about farming shadow core, it doesn’t matter how many you can get once. It matters how many you can average over time.

3) You’re not actually getting many cores. 112 and 280 is a lot to spend when farming cores. In fact, let’s test that. Doing what you suggest myself, field F6 on glaring with 5 battle traits at max, that costs 140 shadow cores to do, it took me 2 minutes and 15 seconds, and I got back 113 cores plus a fragment worth 14. So I spent 280 to get 127.

I LOST shadow cores doing what you suggested.

Meanwhile, testing out field F1 on glaring with no shadow cores spent, I beat it in ~30 seconds and got 20 cores plus a fragment worth another 5. 25 shadow cores in 30 seconds. In the time it took me to lose 13 cores doing what you propose, I could have earned 100 by doing field F1 four times.

Shadow core rewards scale with wizard level. I got 20 base cores for F1 just now, plus fragment, and yes, somebody else might only get 7 instead of the 20. That’s true. But if they get 7/20 the cores on F1, they’ll also get 7/20th the cores on whatever other field you want them to do, that takes much longer to beat.

In general, spamming field F1 gives the fastest shadow core farming over time.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Plan for upcoming Kongregate badges!

Hard: Uncover 12 hexagonal map tiles

That seems a little easy for a hard badge.

The final badge should be for completing Y6, the “final” level.


impossible badge

I don’t see how you can reasonably give this game an impossible badge. Everything would either be too easy for players with the magician’s pouch, or unattainable for players without it. There are vision fields, yes, but those aren’ t “difficult” so much as designed to have only one valid solution. So just a matter of spending enough time engaging in strategy trial and error, or simply watching the youtube walkthroughs to find the winning strategies. Not really worth an impossible.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Who all bought the Magicians Pouch?

As someone who previously beat the game on armorgames without the pouch, I’m now playing again here on kong with the pouch.

It kind of turns the game into a snoozefest. I spent weeks playing without the pouch, playing and replaying levels, hunting achievements, failing levels and needing to come up with new strategies

With the pouch, by the end of my first day I was next-spamming through levels in under a minute that without the pouch took me 20 minutes or more. By day two I was doing single endurance runs for almost as many levels at once as my entire playthrough from start to finish on armor games.

With the pouch, the game rapidly reaches the point where the vast majority of gameplay is simply angering waves up to 999 monsters, and then needing to anger them more to give them enough armor that your mana farm doesn’t insta-kill them and dialing back your killgems so they don’t annihilate everything before it even becomes visible off the edge of the map.

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Topic: Shonen Idle / Early game

It appears to be faster to reset after the first boss than the second. tested just now with 0/0/0/25, and it took 18 minutes from start to beating the second boss, but to beat the first boss. Second boss is worth three times as much, but takes 4 and half times as long.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / compass (spoiler)

Originally posted by MRTN17:

I found this compass on E3, what to do with it?

Compass spoiler

All compasses must be set to a correct position that is random for every player. Nobody can tell you which are the correct positions for your game. The above link gives a method for determining the correct positions. Once they’re set, you beat beat a compass level for a reward, at which point the compasses reset and you can position them again and beat the next field for a new reward.

However, one of the compass fields requires the magician’s pouch to access so without it you’d have to get lucky and have that field’s compass start in the correct position. And even if you do have the pouch, one of the fields is X7, which is fairly late in the game.

Either way you can spin a compass one full revolution for a one skillpoint acheivment.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Favourite map?

I play glaring (90 waves) and get about 250 cores in around 10 mins

What wizard level are you and do you have the magician’s pouch?

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / How to play without the pouch?

Originally posted by FishinthePond:

This is for playing this game without buying the pouch. Not sure, but I think I can’t get red, black, white, haunting mode and endurance. So how do I level up quickly and not get overwhelmed by the difficulty?

I beat the game on armor games without the pouch. It’s very doable. Here’s my advice:

  • For the first half of the game, armor tearing(purple) gems are going to be essential. Get to field A3 and unlock them early. They’ll make your life much easier.
  • Remember that even though you can’t upgrade the chain hit (red) skill, you nevertheless can use red gems. Even unupgraded, sometimes it’s to your benefit to do this. For example,a row of red-purple gems in traps can often reduce mobs to zero armor before they even reach your damage gems. Especially once you start fighting giants with hundreds of armor, this will be helpful. Remember that putting a beam enchant on a trap gem will give it a firing speed boost.
  • Past the early/middle game, there will come a point that armor tearing /chain hit just isn’t good enough, because even with no armor you simply won’t be able to do enough raw damage to kill the giants. Critical hit (yellow) gems will get you past that.
  • Don’t upgrade all your skills, and don’t feel the need to cap anything. There aren’t enough skillpoints to go around, and your survival after the first couple hex tiles will absolutely depend on having extra mana when you start a round. Unspent skillpoints increase your starter mana. Don’t skimp on them. Leave some skillpoints unspent.
  • Without the pouch, you’re going to need to hunt achievements for skillpoints. There are roughly 400 available. Most are worth 1 skillpoint, some are worth more. Every level gives you 7 skill points. Some few achievements will require unlocks you can’t get, but the_vast majority_ of them can be done without the magician’s pouch. There are probably almost 100 levels worth of skillpoints you can get from achievements. Do them. In particular note that there are a lot of achievements that are associated with individual levels. You will probably need to do a lot of levels twice, because doing whatever you need to do for the achievement will cripple your ordinary play. Do the level normally, spend the shadow cores to get the xp multiplier, anger waves for more monsters, get lots of score, etc. Then go back and do it a second time without spending any shadow cores and get the achievement.
  • Each of the vision fields are worth 13 skillpoints. You can do them at any time after you’ve unlocked them without regard for how strong you are, as they’re played without your skills. Just check youtube for the winning strategy for each level.
  • The fastest shadow core farming can be done on field F1. You only get a couple cores, but it’s only 3 waves and very fast. None of the complicatedshadow core farming techniques you’ll read about are as fast as simply doing F1 over and over. Remember that you also occasionally get fragments to sell. If you can do F1 twice in a minute, that’s easily 120 cores in ten minutes, plus probably another 30 or so from selling fragments.
  • Related, if you want a small, but easy early game boost, play until level 10-15 or so, then go back and farm F1 to fill out your talisman with low level fragments. Don’t spend huge amounts of time on this. The fragment are heavily weighted towards the lower part of their range. If the level has a drop rarity range of 1-20, you do _not_have an equal chance of getting a level 20 fragment as a level 1 fragment. Even level 10 fragments will be fairly rare from a “1-20 range” level. So be content with a bunch of low level fragments. They’re fast and easy to get, and they’re better than nothing. Don’t waste your time trying to farm a super high level fragment near the top of the stated range. But there are 15 fragment spots on your talisman. Low level fragments are cheap to upgrade. So if you collect, say 15 gray or brown fragments all with bonus damage to giants or reapers, then spend 100 or so shadow cores upgrading them, that’s potentially an extra 90% or so damage you can get. Do the same with with start mana instead, and that’s worth about +1000 mana, which is about 20 wizard levels worth. Avoid spending hundreds of shadow cores upgrading a single fragment you’re just going to throw away anyway, but careful planning and upgrading of low level fragments can give a significant power boost.
  • If you want to farm high level fragments, (and don’t even bother trying to do this until at least level 100, probably higher) then here’s the process: save up several hundred shadow cores. Find a level that you can beat consistently. (Field F1 on glaring difficulty if you can.) Spend a whole lot of shadow cores bumping up battle traits that you can do. Mana leak and haste at level 7 are especially easy, for example, but spend as much as you can to bump up the range as much as you can. Then spend 200 shadow cores to increase the fragment rarity. Sometimes you’ll get two fragments per level, and it’s a waste to spend all those cores increasing battle difficulty and then get two fragments, but only one gets the +10. Spend the 100 twice. Then play the round, watch very closely for fragment drop messages. If you don’t get any fragments, click the gear in the upper right and return to the map to cancel out of the level. Your shadow cores will be refunding. Try again with the same settings until you get a fragment. Without the pouch, you can’t afford to spend shadow cores without getting anything for it. Note that field F1 can be beat with very high battle traits at relatively low-ish level through clever use of poison traps, provided that no shadows or spiresor anything showup.
  • Related, be willing to take the time to collect the fragment types that you want. Playing without the pouch, you’ll never be very high level, so bonuses like “add 1% of wizard level to starting mana” isn’t going to help you much. Neither will anything that affects orblets. Orblets are magician’s pouch only. The best bonuses for you will be bonus damage, extra mana at the start of the round, and anything that improves your special abilities. Freeze, beam, etc.
  • Speaking of special abilities, you will absolutely depend on these. Unlock them and learn to use them well. Beam, bolt, freeze and curse especially. This bears repeating so I’m going to say it again: you absolutely must use these to play without the magician’s pouch.
  • Getting levels “fast” should not be your goal. If previous versions of gemcraft, it was possible to do long endurance runs with lots of angering to get lots of levels quickly. In this game, without the magician’s pouch….that’s pretty much not going to happen. Yes, once you stall out on levels and things slow down, do go back and do levels on the early maps with hundreds of shadow cores to get millions of xp per map. But even at wizard levels in the 100-200 range, without the pouch it’s simply not going to be realistic to do that very many times, and shadow cores will be a huge problem. Instead of getting all your xp at once, get it distributed over many maps. From the early game, start spending your shadow cores on every map you do, in order to get double or triple xp from every map. You’ll need to do those maps anyway, and bumping three starter traits up to level 2 costs only 9 shadow cores and will give you 2.8 times base xp. Do that on every map, and you’ll be much stronger already by the time the game starts getting difficult. Without the pouch there isn’t much reason to stockpile shadow cores for the first half of the game because you simply won’t be strong enough to do the super-hard settings. Eventually yes, you will. I’m not saying “never spend 300 shadow cores on a single map.” Yes, you will do that. But not for a while. In the early game spend your shadow cores as you get them.
  • Don’t worry too much about upgrading talisman fragments in the early game. Your cores are much better spent getting extra xp from every map.
  • Note also that without the pouch, you’ll be limited in the maximum level of fragment that it’s realistic to get. It’s been a while…but I think fragments around level 60-70 are about as good as you’re likely to get over the course of the entire game, and you’re unlikely get everything much higher than 40 or 50. If you get something that high, you’ll probably keep it for the duration of the game. Consider upgrading it for the long term. Don’t be surprised when it takes 500+ shadow cores to upgrade a fragment. Don’t do it unless you’re fairly sure you’re going to keep it. You don’t want to spend 500 shadow cores upgrading something you’re going to throw away.
  • Consider downloading a macro program, and setting it up to grind level F1 repeatedly and sell fragments every now and then. Run it overnight. This isn’t essential, but having a couple thousand extra shadow cores to throw around will make your life a bit easier, and if you do ever get a high level fragment, doing this is probably the only way you’ll be able to afford upgrading it. Of course, if you do this then you’ll also be able to fully upgrade all of your fragments, where you might otherwise have been unable to. If you can upgrade everything to 2 or 3 effects instead of upgrading only cheap gray fragments, that’s potentially +100% or so damage to_everything_ instead of only to one target types.
  • Be aware that fields K4, O6 and T6 unlock things that make the game permanently more difficult until you beat it. Unfortunately, you will need field K4 to unlock glaring.And of course, you’ll need to beat all three of those field eventually. A little extra xp grinding before completing those fields wouldn’t be a terrible idea. Don’t feel the need to play for weeks grinding out every last drop of xp first…but maybe keep an eye open for them and don’t do them immediately once you’ve unlocked them. Otherwise, it will occasionally happen that you’ll be doing an early level with hundreds of shadow cores trying to get lots of xp from it, and then after 60 levels and 30 minutes of painstakingly pausing for maximum efficiency…suddenly a spire will show and BAM! you lose, sorry.
  • Once you unlock glaring difficulty, you can go back and get a free +3 skillpoints for every single map simply for beating it again on glaring difficulty. Do that on every map with no shadow cores and simply spam through the levels and that’s roughly 300 skillpoints.

how do I level up quickly and not get overwhelmed by the difficulty?

As explained above, leveling up quickly isn’t on the table. Without the magician’s pouch, slow and steady wins the race. Bump up your battle traits with 5-10 shadow cores worth of easy traits on every map, and cumulatively it will be worth an extra hundred or so level levels later on.

I think I was level 260 when I beat the game.

The problem is that there area lot of levels. It’s not that xp is particularly scarce, but since getting hundreds of levels from a single endurance level just isn’t realistic without the pouch, you have to get your xp in a distributed fashion. But since you already have to play a lot of maps twice, once to beat and again to get the level-specific achievement…that means that playing without spending shadow cores the first time means that you have to play each level THREE times instead of twice. Once to beat it, again for the achievement, and a third time with battle traits to actually get enough xp. And potentially a fourth time if you need to simply rush through it for the free skillpoints from glaring. In some cases you might not be strong enough to both pour on the battle traits and do the run on glaring difficulty.

Anyway, point being, spend shadow cores liberally. If you never have more than 300 for the first entire half of the game becuse you’re spending them as fast as you’re getting them, that’s fine.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Favourite map?

Originally posted by Krazycat:

J3 for the reason that you could easily farm shadow cores in the tens / hundreds there without increasing the difficulty

You’ll get shadow cores a lot faster on field F1. Start it, put it on max speed, upgrade a couple towers by pushing u, and you’re done. 6-7 shadow cores in under 30 seconds. You’ll spend more time looking at the loading screen than playing.

Sure, J3 gives a lot more cores per run. 30-40 or so. But how long does it take? If it takes more than three minutes, you’d be better off farming F1. And J3 has 60 waves, vs F1’s 3 waves. I’m guessing it going to take a long more than 3 minutes.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / pay2win

Originally posted by RedeemedWahrior:

the pouch does make you orders of magnitude stronger after all.

Yes. I beat the game without the magician’s pouch on armorgames. I’m playing it here with the pouch,and it’s amazing how much stronger it makes you. I’d actually kind of consider recommending people not buy it simply because it makes the game trivial.

I’d say this isn’t pay to win. If you want to beat the game, you can do that without the pouch. Magician’s pouch is for people who want to keep playing after they beat it, to unlock everything and maximize their level and fill out their talisman with level 100 fragments

Oh, one thing though: if you’re going to play without the pouch, get a macro program and afk the starter level overnight once or twice for shadow cores. That will make your gameplay a lot less frustrating. If you’re unwilling to do that, I recommend not hoarding them and instead making a point to spend 6 or or every single battle you do to accumulate xp over time.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / 20 years after Armorgames!

Congratulations on FINALLY getting Gemcraft – chasing shadows!

Yeah, I’d kind of forgotten about the game. Long since beat it on armorgames. I figured it would be three months, not over a year. When I saw it show up here I considering not even bothering, but I’d had the kreds sitting on my account for that entire year.

Peter, seriously this took way too long. I had kreds a year old waiting to buy the magician’s pouch. Yes, I went ahead and spent them now that it’s here, but you have to wonder how many other people bothered.

Anyway, kind of disappointed in what I’m seeing.I beat it on armorgames without the pouch and it was painfully slow and difficult. With the pouch now, it’s pointlessly easy. I think I was level 60 before I lost a level, and most of the time all I was doing was just plowing through everything on on fast mode, often switching to other tabs while waiting for stuff to die. The game is pathetically easy now. I don’t know how much of that is because of the pouch and how much is because of balance changes since the early versions that I played. But honestly it’s kind of boring how easy it is now.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Is Mystic pointless after Baal?

Mystic determines your health regeneration rate. Even without the damage reduction, that still means that you can last longer in a god fight because your hp are regenerating while you fight. How useful will depend largely on your stats, but I fairly often have cases where, for example, in the time it takes the god I’m fighting to reduce me to zero, I’ve damaged him down to maybe 2/3. But once combat’s over I can regenerate more quickly than he can, so I’m back up to full by the time he’s only regenerated to 75%. So by fighting several times I can work him down to dead. Mystic allows that.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] GemCraft Chasing Shadows

postponed again>

Why should this year be different?

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Topic: Coraabia / Coraabia - First impressions

tell us your first impression

Visually impressive, but no depth to the gameplay. As someone who like CCGs, and has played a number of them here on kong, there’s nothing about this to make me want to keep playing it. Pace is terribly slow, and the game doesn’t seem to be complicated enough to justify it. Strategy seems to be pick your highest stat, and if that doesn’t win you the round use your ability. Repeat.

Visually the game is fairly impressive, but it has an aesthetic I don’t care for. The orange/yellow/red everywhere seems like it would get annoying fast, and there are a lot of weird design choices. The unintelligible lettering, the weird little noises, the vertical “bouncing” that tutorial avatars do between every statement rather than simply keeping them on the screen and changing the text…yes, you guys obviously went to a lot of effort to create the presentation, but overall it’s not a very pleasing one.

Couple other comments:

  • I suggest speeding up the pace. The mechanics are just not interesting enough to justify 4 minutes to play a single match.
  • The tutorial is annoying. It takes way too long to give me too little information. After 5 minutes of telling me nothing that couldn’t have been explained in 30 seconds I started to feel like its purpose was to train me to just click what I was being told to click rather than teach me how to play the game.
  • Standard “choose a race based on very little information” mistake. Nobody likes that and nobody understands why devs keeping doing it.
  • There are visual indicators in the game of things that seem like they should do something, but don’t. If my mouse icon turns from an arrow to a pointing finger, I should be able to click to make something happen. If nothing will happen if I click, leave the mouse icon like it is.
  • Seriously, fix the avatar bobbing. I realize from a coding standpoint it simplified things to have only a single routine to bring up a dialogue, but it’s annoying watching the heads bob every time they say something new.
  • Speed up the interface. You appear to be communicating with the server way more than ins necessary. For example, click through Home, Deck, Cards, Bazaar, Shop, Play, then back Shop, Bazaar, Cards, Deck, Home. Every single time there’s between a half second to 2-3 second delay, even to load screens we were just looking at. There isn’t any reason for that. It’s very unlikely that the Home screen text is going to change during a single play session. You don’t need to query the server for it every time. Save that data when the game loads and hold onto it. Similarly, the cards in my own deck should be something you can store locally. Yes, by all means check the list from time to time to prevent savefile hacking. But it shouldn’t be necessary to query the server every time.
  • There are a lot of vertical scrollbars. It’s kind of annoying. I realize you’re trying to fit a lot of information on the screen, but in some cases the information you’re putting on there isn’t useful. So I have to scroll around to see nothing useful. IN other cases, there IS useful information, but instead of making it available at the top you’re filling a third of the screen space with a useless splash screen. Just show me the information that’s useful instead of cluttering up the interface and hiding stuff with scrollbars.

Thegame does this alot, but just to give one example, compare theleft to the right:

The left is what you show by defult. the right in the useful information scrolled down to be visible. Why are you hiding the useful information where I have to scroll down to see it in favor of a useless splash screen? Even going so far as to cut off the numbers of trin in favor of showing the useless trin icons. Seriously, you’re using 120×160 pixel box only to fail to show me a single three digit number.

The game’s use of screen space is weird in a lot of places.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Future Updates

I just spent an hour typing up feedback, and the forum ate it when I clicked submit because I wasn’t logged in.

Not going to retype it all. Here’s the summary:

  • New stuff doesn’t affect speedruns at all
  • Bug when fighting ultimate beings with no clones assigned:
  • Yes planet upgrades persisting between rebirths is probably a good idea
  • Powersurge seems like it’s useful only during a very small and specific window of gameplay. A lot of the time it’s going to be more efficient to build monuments. Even when it isn’t, it’s still way more efficient to use shadow clones to kill ultimate beings for stat multiplier than to train on powersurge. So powersurge is really only for late game players on days to weeks long runs who’ve already exhausted themselves on thousands of monuments and while their ultimate beings are on cooldown.
  • Weird that ultimate beings’ flavor text says they destroy stuff, but they don’t. Don’t think I want them destroying stuff though, so maybe change the flavor text.
  • Note that the ultimate beings provide late game players a way to farm GP without rebirthing. But that’s probably a good thing, since at present late game players have much slower GP gain rates than middle-game players.
  • After fighting an ultimate being, it’s a mild nuisance that the “back” button appears at the bottom of the combat log. I’m going to read some of that stuff once, then never again. I’d rather the button be at the top where I can click on it immediately without scrolling.
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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / How far are you on the game?

Highest kill is P.Baal 9. Game was starting to get slow though, so I’ve gone back to farming GP on Chronos for a while. I’ve gone from ~50 to 86 rebirths and ~40 billion to 65 billion stat multi in the past week. Maybe another week farming GP, then focus on multi for a while and we’ll see how I feel before I go back to climbing through gods again.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Idle Conquest] Future Status of Idle Conquest Development

We have considered bringing Catherine into future games but I literally have such an intense writers block

Well, if you’re going to make her your mascot, then it might make sense to approach it from the angle of making games to flesh out her and her background rather than making games and finding ways to justify her appearing in them.

For example, if you wanted to have a tower defense game you could have it be her as a young girl assembling walls of blocks and things which are assaulted by little toy army men and dolls, and every round could be a race against the clock, and when the time runs out her parents come into the room and scold her for not being asleep like a good princess. So she has to thwart the toy and doll army before that. The idea being that it’s her as a child playing out her ambitions that are eventually realized in this game.

A lot of premises immediately follow from that line of thinking. You could have her sitting in very boring etiquette class, daydreaming. The game itself that the player plays is the daydream, but level starts and ending are punctuated by the etiquette instructor telling her to sit up straight and not not drool so much. Which infuriates her because she was not drooling, how dare he suggest such a thing! Then back to daydreaming, begin the next level of the game. Etc.

You could have a puzzle/platformer where the premise is that the royal chefs have been instructed by her parents that she is to eat her brussel sprouts, but she wants cookies. So she’s trying to get to the cookies while they chase her down with the brussel sprouts. To win, she has to not only get to the cookies, she has to also manipulate blocks and mobs so that the chefs chasing her get stuck with the sprouts. Each level could feature a different, vile vegetable, because everyone knows that cookies make young priincesses grow healthy and strong.

What sort of game did you want to make next? I think personally I’d like to see an RPG or a datesim/graphic novel, but I think those have to come later after you have a couple more games under your belt, and after you’ve built up more lore surrounding her character.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Idle Conquest] Future Status of Idle Conquest Development

I think this is probably the right decision. Idle Conquest was obviously originally intended to be a cute little one-shot that people play for a couple days and move on. And it filled that niche well. The surprise came when Catherine turned out to be very lovable. She kept a lot of us coming back for an, to be honest, respectable “first game” but nevertheless very mediocre actual game in terms of long term playability.

So many of us kept playing. Taking it more seriously than the mechanics really justified. And you tried to accommodate us. Hey, you were excited! Look at such terrific response from players, yay! But Idle Conquest was kind of like a go-kart. Sure, it’s fun for a while, but you can’t just staple a bigger engine on the back and expect to take it on a cross-country trip. It’s still just a go-kart.

This last update…well, lots of things could be said about it. I’m sure you invested a lot of time and energy into it. But….yeah, I think it’s fair to say that it hasn’t been very well received. For new players, it will be a nice extra touch. Again, we love Catherine. There’s now more of her to love. For veteran players, it didn’t really add much. Those who just wanted to see bigger numbers didn’t get their bigger numbers. They got a nerf. And even those of us who were never very thrilled by the game itself but loved Catherine, well…even so, this update kind of falls a bit short of expectations. It’s just a lot of text, really. Now, if you’d turned it into a Japanese style datesim or something, or an actual graphical novel, sure…that might have been fun. But if you were going to do that, that should really be an entirely new game, not merely a new “engine” stapled onto the back of the go-kart.

So, yes…I think your’e done. And probably a lot of us players are done. And that’s ok. We all had a much better run than expected. I’d rather we let this die with dignity than drag it out until everyone is burned out and unhappy.

And as for Catherine Von Conquerer, I’m sure we’ll be seeing her again.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Idle Conquest] The problem with the newest update

To be fair, this particular problem was predicted. We all knew it was coming. It’s why Yostuba was pointing out the conquest balance problem way back in December and why I was proposing a DK wipe a month ago. I see why he didn’t want to do that, and it probably would have made a lot of people angry…but the option is there if you choose it for yourself.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Future Updates


There are 24 avatar image options. There are 28 creations unlocked by defeating gods. Add 4 more image options, and associate one with every creation. Once any creation has been built once, unlock it permanently, including after rebirths. Keep the current ability to spend GP to unlock them. And since once unlocked, image options remain unlocked whether from purchase or building a creation, have the avatar “remember” what it’s set to after each rebirth.

Even as someone who has killed PBaal 8, I rarely bother building any creation after Weather, because they’re not needed for monuments and the unlocks don’t persist. I doubt any player in the game is regularly making anything higher than suns. Somebody who builds the higher end creations, some of which take weeks, really deserves to get something for it

Also, a solar system really should require only one sun, since that’s what a solar system is: a star and the objects that orbit it.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Soon

Originally posted by ArtyD42:

you’ve rebirthed. I’m 1 cloning all skills without doing that.

No rebirths ever at all? That’s an interesting choice. How many days played and which god are you up to?

Also…why? Even as close as I am to 1 cloning everything, I’d say it’s not really that huge of a thing. From where I am it will take ~34 more days to finish for a physical.mystics gain rate of only 3.2 times as much. It would be vastly more time efficient to simply farm GP for enough additional clones to train those skills at the higher cost.

1 cloning is a really nice perk, but GP is a bigger bottleneck.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Soon

what is your total time played?!

~60 days played plus 43 days offline. I don’t remember which version it was that added the ability to reduce shadow clone requirements for training, but I’ve mostly left the game on since then.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Soon