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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / [Bug] Leaving worldmap without fighting anything causes trimps to die

1) Turn autofight off
2) Run a map
3) Check your stats screen for dead trimps this run
4) Click world. Don’t fight anything.
5) Click map. At this point, nothing happens. If you had been fighting, this would be the point at which you’d be asked if you want to abandon soldiers. However, since no combat is going on, you’re not asked and there’s no indication that anyone will die, because your trimps aren’t fighting.
6) Click map again.

7) Check stats. Your dead trimps will have increased despite having never engaged in combat.

This makes Peacekeeper and Workplace Safety achievements unnecessarily more difficult because simply looking around your menus will cause trimps to die.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / DRC or UBC?

which would be the best/easiest to start with, Double Rebirth or Ultimate Baal?

Double Rebirth is easier than UBC. I recommend against UBC unless you’re at least reasonably close to having your skill trainings down to 1 clone. You probably don’t need all of them, but be down to the last few. Having a planet will also help.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / A few questions...

Originally posted by Zongre:

Thats… a bad aproach, progressing is not getting stronger

I realize that you and I have stylistic differences, Zongre, but this is an incremental game. Understand that for some people, climbing to the higher tiers is the goal. Yes, GP farming is a thing, and yes it’s a valuable thing to do. But sitting around at Baal months at a time is simply not a satisfying playstyle for some people.

Telling people that progression “is bad” simply because you’re willing to spend month after month grinding old gods…yeah, I don’t think we should be telling new players that. Standard progression is a valid playstyle, and it’s far less grueling than “GP farm until your eyes bleed.”

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / A few questions...

Originally posted by Robstradomus:

You can get more out of multiple UBCs, if you want to torture yourself.

I’m on the first page of fastest UBC times ever, and i can say with reasonable certainty that UBC is not worth doing. Doing them quickly requires you both to not sleep very much and do lots of special fight grinding. Yes, 3-4 days is possible, but it’s not sustainable. Even doing one every week would be fairly grueling.

By all means, do one once because it’s a thing to do, but unfortunately the benefit you get from doing them is incompatible with doing them. The P Baal power reduction is only significant for later P Baals, and unlike UUC you can’t progress through P Baals while doing the challenge.

Even if you can average one a week without going insane, it would be 50 weeks to do them all, and during all that time you wouldn’t actually be benefitting from the reductions they give.

Plus, if you’re going to do them more them once for the novelty factor at all, the way the math works the last one is worth the most and the first one is worth the least. Meaning it doesn’t make much sense to do only a couple. You kind of have to do LOTS of them to benefit very much.

For example, let’s say in a year you’re plannign to go to P Baal 20.

  • Your first UBC reduces P Baal 20’s power from 1e+40 to 8.18e+39. That’s a 19.2% reduction
  • Your second UBC reduces P Baal 20’s power from 8.18e+39 to 6.67e+29. That’s a 19.5% reduction
  • Your LAST UBC reduces P Baal 20’s power from 1.42e+34 to 9.54e+33. That’s a 32.8% reduction.

And the total reduction from having gone from no UBC to all 50 UBCs is a change from 1e+40 to 9.54e+33. You’re basically taking 6 zeros off his power. That’s basically the same as making P Baal 20 as tough as P Baal 17. In exchange for 50 weeks worth of grueling challenges? And remember, during all that time you can’t progress through to higher P Baals because your rebirth multis are lost every time. Does anybody really believe they couldn’t simply progress normally through those extra 3 P Baals in much less time? True, the higher you climb the more the reduction benefits you, but you would probably have to play the game for 3-4 years before that one year investment paid off.

Even if you go all the way, UBC isn’t worth the time cost. You’d be much better off skipping them and simply progressing through the game normally.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / A few questions...

Originally posted by SammiQ:

What is the maximum Creating Speed

Both your Creating stat and your Creation Speed Bonus contribute to your creating speed. The contribution from Creating stat caps at 1000%. there is no limit to the contribution from Creation Speed Bonus.

Although, theoretically, if you were able to black bar universes, additional creating speed would have no effective value. But that would be…a lot. Don’t worry about it.

and Building Speed cap at the moment?

There is no cap on build speed.

2. The might tab – I just noticed i unlocked it. And i mean the one located next to the skills tab. Currently it shows me several names of skills i have, i am assuming they are the skills i have at 1 cap. If i upgrade these skills, do i lose all my ugrades upon rebirth?

You lose levels in the specific might skills upon rebirth. For example, if you train “Phyiscal HP+” to 10, you’ll lose those ten levels when you rebirth.


1) Every level you gain in any might stat contributes to your “Total Might” shown in the upper left, and every 4 points of Total might gives you a global 1% bonus to your four base stats: Physical, Mystic, battle and Creating. But that global bonus is only applied when your might tab is unlocked. So, if you rebirth you’ll temporarily lose it, then regain it the moment you unlock might again. Total Might is preserved across all rebirths.

2) The Double Rebirth Challenge increases the base levels of your Might trainings. So if you complete one DRC, every time you unlock Might, all Might enrties wil start trained at level 1. Do two challenges, they all start at 2, etc. up to a cap of (I think) 50.

3. The UAC, DRC, UBC. I am very confused as to how these work. I know after defeating Baal challenges will be unlocked, but i am unsure as to what each challenge entails. According to my knowledge, UAC is to defeat baal in less than 4 rebirths, while basically starting from the beginning with no bonusses. I am aware that you regain your previous stats when the challenge is complete. So a brief and understandable explanation of each challenge’s requirements will be nice.

Ultimate Universe: You can do this without losing your rebirth multis. You can rebirth as many time as you want or not at all. The challenge basically “hangs out” and remains active until you build a universe, at which point you get a +1 to your planet level. Depending on your GP investments, progress through the game, highest god, creation/build speed, number of clones, etc. this challenge might be anywhere from relatively easy to stupidly difficult. I advise against attempting this unless you’ve built a universe before and know what you’re getting into. However, the winning strategy is basically: “upgrade your divinity generator a lot.”

Double Rebirth: You lose you rebirth multis, like if you rebirthed twice in a row without doing anything or “greening” anything. Challenge ends when you beat Baal. Upon completion you get some assorted stuff, increased stat multi and I think some GP, but the “unique” benefit is that it increases your default Might training levels. Important: you do not regain your lost rebirth multis when you complete this challenge. They’re gone, and if you want to climb back up through P Baals, you’ll need to do it all over again. DRC is not terribly difficult or time consuming. Most people can do it in a couple days pretty reliably, some much faster. This is a challenge you can very reasonably do as soon as you unlock it.

Ultimate Baal: You lose kind of a lot when you do this one. Enough that it would be difficult to list it all. You do however, keep your improved physical/mystic skill training levels, the “highest god defeated” bonus for your divinity generator, your clone divisors, and your planet level. Pretty much everything else, GP, clones, improved next at…everything, gone. You do those things back, but like DRC, your rebirth multis are not returned after completing the challenge. They’re simply gone. The reward for this is, like DRC, some assorted GP and stat multi, but the primary “unique” benefit is that every completion decreases the base of the multiplier used to determine power gains of P Baals. By default, that multiplier is 100. So P Ball 2 is 100 times stronger than 1, 3, is 100 times stronger than 2, etc. Every UBC competion decreases than by 1, down to a minimum of 50. So, with zero UBC completions, P Baal 11 would be 100^10 = 1e+20 times stronger than P Baal 1. A single UBC reduces that to 99^10 = 9.04e19 times as strong as P Baal 1. Etc. Note that UBC is moderately time consuming, and if you can do it in under a week of real life time, that will put you in the top 100 high scores of all time. Notably also, when doing UBC most but not all of the GP purchases you make during the challenge will be refunded to you. You lsoe all your GP purchases when you start, but you gain new GP as you beat gods again, and these can (and should) be spend to speed up the challenge. Those expenditures will be mostly refunded. But some things, like avatar upgrades, will not be refunded. General tip: don’t attempt this until you’ve at least come close to reducing all your skill trainings to 1 clone. It will also help to have completed a couple P Baals for the bonus to your divinity generator, and having a planet with at least a couple levels so that you have access to ultimate beings for their bonus will simplify the last god fight.

Ultimate Arty: I’ve never done one of these, and neither have most other people. According to the high scores chart, fewer than 20 people have ever completed this, ever. The basic idea is that you lose everything, and you have to beat Baal in “5 but starting the challenge counts as one” so, 4 rebirths. Rumor has it that the theoretical minimum completion time is 32 days, and realistically it will probably take a couple months. The reward is a turtle pet and bragging rights. General guideline here would be, don’t do this challenge at all.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Pet Guide

Originally posted by Kutai:For Lighthouses, I have 53/76 and it reads: multi = 1+ 4,446 E6 x Count

Spend the same amount of time building tombs and see how high the bonus is there.

also, Creation provides 2x the attack than phys

Only if you haven’t unlocked the might tab. Drop half a million clones on Physical Attack+ for a couple hours and at level 75, every point of physical will provide twice as much attack as creation.

even though the numbers are lower, the increase in stats that the Lighthouse provides is by far greater

You’re not accounting for build time. Lighthouses are ridiculously slow. For example, let me build up a couple so the numbers are nice and round..and, there we go: I now have 800 mighty statues and 80 lighthouses. At my current build speed, the mouseover text says that going from mighty statue 800 to 801 will take 53 minutes and 56 seconds with 1000 clones. Going from lighthouse 80 to 81 will take 13 hours and 38 minutes.

Even statues in the tens times as many range take one fifteenth as long to build as lighthouses.

And personally for me, statues to lighthouses isn’t even a relevant comparison because physical doesn’t contribute a particularly large amount of attack. Most of my attack comes from battle. I have 210 tombs right now, and to compare it to the above, next one would take 7 hours and 6 minutes with 1000 clones. 2.6 times as many tombs as lighthouses, yet they still take a little more than half as long to build. You’re talking roughly a factor of five difference in favor of tombs. Spend 1 hour building lighthouses, vs 1 hour building tombs and you’ll have a LOT more tombs.

Meanwhile, looking at my 331% pet battle bonus and my 2.5 attack power per point of battle due to might…and comparing that to my .5 attack power from creation…that ratio favors battle over creation 8.275 to 1.

Even if everything else were equal, which it isn’t because it takes so ridiculously long to build lighthouses, that difference alone would take about 1200 GP to overcome with creation speed and/or count.

Why would you invest so heavily in a stat that is so completely gimped?

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Future Updates

Feature request:

Could we have pets that we own filter towards the top of the pet list over pets that we don’t have? I bought a phoenix. He’s hanging out all by his lonesome at the bottom of the screen where I have to scroll down past all the pets I don’t have in order to play with him.

He gets lonely down there.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Pet Guide

Originally posted by Zongre:

Lordbucket your problem must be lack of cc and cs. Once you have enough cc creating is your best attacking stat by far, at least until you have superpets.

My creation speed is 840% and my creation count is 11. If I were to drop say…480 GP on creation speed and 550 on creation count, that would increase my overall creation rate by a factor of 6. So maybe instead of it being one tenth of 1% of my attack, it might be a little over one half of one percent. In exchange for 1030 GP. Or I could use that GP to buy another 410,000 clones, for example. Meanwhile, point for point, battle is worth double the attack that creation is, and if I want to increase it to that same “factor of 6” as in the above example, half a million clones left on battle might overnight will do that.

Yes, theoretically if you were to spend tens of thousands of GP on boosting creation, you could possibly get it to be not completely worthless. But why on earth would you do that when you could invest GP far more productively elsewhere?

I was out of the game for ~6 months during the chrome/unity/pre-webgl fiasco. I don’t remember anyone caring about creation when I left. Is this a relic from a very specific set of updates after I left but before the introduction of might? Would you still invest those thousands of GP into creation now, knowing that that you can very easily use might to make every point of battle worth as much attack as 5-7 points of creation? Plus, like you point out, now that pets are in the game?

Because I’m having difficulty seeing any case in the current game where investing that deeply into creation is justified.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Pet Guide

Originally posted by Robstradomus:

Creating stat becomes the biggest stat when you are progressing, somewhere in the early P. Baals. I am not sure exactly when.

“Early” like how many? I’ve done up to 15 without creating ever being within several decimals of significant, despite deliberately trying to make it matter by grinding lighthouses and creations. Even during rebirths where my creation multi is 10-100 times higher than anything else, it still doesn’t end up high enough to even noticably contribute to anything.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Pet Guide

Originally posted by Robstradomus:

Pet tokens, which as of today, are only available by spending Kreds.
Ryu mentioned there might be another way to obtain 1.

They’re a rare reward from lucky draws.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Pet Guide

For attack most peoples biggest stat is creating, but with pets this might all change and “physical” could easily take over. Why? Because the pet multiplier only applies to physical, mystic and battle, not creating.

Serious question: under what circumstances would creating be the biggest contributor to attack for anybody? Because I sometimes read people act like creation is their best stat, but I don’t recall any point of the game where that was ever the case, and the idea of physical “taking over” creation as a source of attack…just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Sure, physical is more important than battle in the very early stages of the game, but creating? When is that ever the case?

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Future Updates

Bug reported from chat: appears that people who buy pets with tokens before unlocking them can’t actually use them. Weird things with stats being zero and inability to increase them.

Followup EDIT:
Player has now killed Hyperion, claimed his mouse and rebirthed. Mouse is training fine, but Phoenix still not working.

EDIT again:
Following Zongre’s suggestion and training mystic appears to have fixed the problem, player is happy, but said he never saw any message explaining what was going on or why.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / (Math) Multiple UBCs to make late P. Baals easier for progression

So every Ultimate Baal Challenge completion decreases the power multiplier of P Baals by 1%, up to a cap of 50. Lots of us have completed UBC once because it was a thing to do. But I’m looking at that power multiplier reduction, and that’s a massive bonus at higher levels.

By default, every P Baal is 100 times stronger than the previous, right? So by default:

  • P Baal 10 is 1e+20 times stronger than Baal.
  • P Baal 20 is 1e+40 times stronger than Baal.

Having completed only a single Ultimate Baal Challenge, those numbers drop down to:

  • P Baal 10 is 9.044e+19 times stronger than Baal, about 90% as strong as 0 UBC
  • P Baal 20 is 8.180e+39 times stronger than Baal, about 82% as strong as 0 UBC

But the way the math works, every UBC is more effective than the previous. A reduction from 100 to 99 is only a 1% change. From 99 to 98 is a ~1.01% change. from 51 to 50 is a ~2% change. Every point is worth more than the previous. And since it’s the base of an exponent, those multiplier reductions become very significant at higher levels.

For example, at the 50 UBC cap:

  • P Baal 10 is 9.77e+16 times stronger than Baal, about .098% as strong as 0 UBC
  • P Baal 20 is 9.54e+33 times stronger than Baal about .0000954% as strong as 0 UBC

Which looks pretty awesome. P Baal 20 with no UBCs is about ten million times stronger than he is having completed 50 UBCs. If you’re strong enough to beat P Baal 20 having never completed an UBC, if you’d completed 50 UBCs instead, at the same exact level of power you’d be able to beat P Baal 23 (and change) instead.

That’s not an insignificant power boost. BUT, doing 50 UBCs would take…a long time. Using my own UBC time as an example, it took me just under 5 days. So 50 of them would take about 8 months. And I’m pretty sure that in 8 months you could progress through far more than merely those 3 P Baals difference. So, it looks to me like UBC specifically and exclusively for the purpose of making it easier to climb through higher P Baals is not worthwhile.

Thoughts? Corrections to my math? Anecdotes from people who’ve actually done it and found it to be more or less worthwhile than the math suggests?

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Bug? Ryu82? WebGL out of memory

It seems to have fixed itself. I loaded the game using internet explorer without problem. Now, loading on chrome works fine.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Bug? Ryu82? WebGL out of memory

Originally posted by Ryu82:

Do you use chrome 32 bit or 64 bit?

Was running 32 bit. Switched to Version 48.0.2564.97 m (64-bit)…problem persists. Reinstalled unity web player…problem persists.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Bug? Ryu82? WebGL out of memory

What chrome-version are you using and how much ram does your pc have?
Also how many Tabs of chrome do you have open?

4 gigs system memory, 64-bit windows 7. Just updated chrome, currently reporting version 48.0.2564.82 m.

Closed and restarted chrome, one tab only with system performance monitor open. Started the game, waited a bit, load online —> crash with same error as before.

Here’s a screenshot:

No memory spikes during the crash. Screenshot/notepad/this forum page to repor results…decided to try it again, similar result, no memory spike, nearly 2 gigs of memory available:

That inital memory usage increase in the second screnshot is loading the game. That last CPU spike you see is between clicking load and the crash. Memory usage doesn’t noticeably change at all during the crash itself.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Bug? Ryu82? WebGL out of memory

import the game after the game was started

Start game, info..wait several seconds, no problem…click load online, yes…crash, with same error as before.

could be that the offline calculation causes the memory problem, if the last time you played the game is a while ago.

The date of my local export file is September of last year, so the web save is probably about that old too.

When you start the game and wait a while, the offline calculations happens before the online load.
So you would lose the offline progress but you could play the game.

Ok, that’s fine.

Play —> start game —> watch the clock for two minutes, info —> load online, yes….same crash as before.

Trying again…actually play the game assigning clones, no problem everythign looks fine…play for five minutes, get up to training level 3…info —> load online —> yes, crash, same error.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Bug? Ryu82? WebGL out of memory

So now that the game is working with chrome again, I’ve come to resume play. After manually enabling webgl via chrome://flags/ I was able to get it to run, and after being asking to choose a gender to start over, I’m helpfully informed that there’s a web save, and would I like to load it.

Choosing yes, the game loads, I see my lovely goddess in her wings, the game lasts about 2 seconds, and then the screen turns gray and I get this:

According to webgl is running. According to I get a “pass” on the memory test. I can’t right click to assign more memory like I would with flash, and seaqrching around with google for to how assign more memory for webgl, I find a bunch of unity documentation that leads me to suspect that the problem might not be on my end. Reloading several times and general tinkering doesn’t seem to help.

Anyone have suggestions?

Also, I’ve been informed via PM that manual export/import might not work on the chrome webgl version. Do I need to not play until the situation is resolved in order to defintiely avoid having my web save overwritten? If I start over andplay until this is fixed, will the new gaemplay overwrite the web save, thus resulting in my old save being lost?

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Best Gemcraft game?

I played and enjoyed Chapter Zero the most. Chasing Shadows is probably a better game. It’s certainly more refined. But the pause/upgrade/combine features completely kill the sense of intensity that Chapter Zero had. Chapster Zero was too long, yes, but it was more difficult and you had stuff to do. Chapter Zero, once you’re past the early difficulty curve, the vast majority of gameplay is simply spamming gembombs to anger waves up to whatever you can handle, and every couple waves up press U a couple times, repeat. It’s terribly dull.

Labyrinth had basically the same problem, but even worse because it had a “one true strategy.” No matter the map, no matter the level, no matter anything, just make a couple lime/yellow gems and you win. Only the first quarter of the game is interesting, and once you figure that out, the rest of the game is rinse-and-repeat doing the same exact thing hour after a hour.

Original gemcraft was actually not a bad game. But it’s a game you beat over a weekend, and then you’re done.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#50] Voting

Originally posted by AwesometacularVG:
There are Upgrades and a “You’re a winner screen” there is also a map “M”.
you have to capture all six islands to beat the game

…so there is. Sorry, not sure how I missed that on initial review. Possibly because it took like three hours to play everything and by the time I made it to this I wasn’t paying as close attention.

I’ve edited my review post.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#50] Voting

First place
The game is clean, smooth, and overall production quality is high. Had an entertaining premise, but the gameplay itself is bland, simple, and mostly consists of spam clicking cards then spam clicking through long winded text. Probably lots of people will vote for this because boobs, but overall I feel like this game deserves the win. Not entirely on its own merits, but also because a lot of the competition was horrible. Still, unlike most of the others, Aisleen held my interest sufficiently that I was able to make it to the end. I was beginning to suspect that it simply continued on forever and about to quit when I encountered the drawing who’d had her eye redrawn too many times. And that was interesting. It drew me back in and I kept playing. And in fact, only after that did I even notice the buttons on the left to spend energy to add cards to my deck. Because it was completely irrelevant and possible to get through simply by spamming cards up to that point. Not exactly exciting gameplay. But I did stick with it to see the ending, and I don’t regret it. Win goes to Aisleen.

Second place
Carpe Diem
Right away this seemed like a contender to beat Aisleen. And once I realized that it was a clever Alter Ego game rather than an RPG, I was thrilled. But the actual delivery fails. Most of gameplay is spent running through stupidly big areas trying to find anything to do, talking to people who do nothing but deliver lines. Other than the A or B choice of carpenter or blacksmith, “choice” is this game seems to mostly be A do the thing, or sit around and do nothing. And if you don’t do what the game expects you to do, you can end up stuck with little to do but either waiting to pass time or having to ran back to previous areas to do more stuff even though you had no way know. Game is full of annoying things like people who talk as if they’re quest givers and buildings that have things that look like they’re supposed to be for the quest that looked like you were supposed to be able to do, but no, none of these things actually do anything. Buildings with doors that look like you can go in them, but no they’re purely cosmetic. People who ask if you want to buy things, but you can’t actually but anything from them. Mutli-floor buildings with stairs that exist solely so you can talk to a guy who delvers a useless one-liner for no purpose.

It was incredibly annoying having to run from the real estate office the entire way back to the beginning town to do two more blacksmith year to have enough money to buy it, only to then discover that the purchase price list is buggy. And apparently there just wasn’t anything else to do other than buy the house. I spent of lot of time wandering around thinking “ok, now what?” It was annoying having people tell me to give them stuff, then go to the store where stuff is sold and have the shopkeepers angrily tell me to buy things. That I couldn’t buy. Because apparently none of these people or buildings actually DO anything other than deliver one-liners.

I like the idea, but where’s the game part of this game? Why are these people still waiting to take a bath after years? Why can’t I buy anything from the vendors asking me if I want to buy stuff? Why can’t I hook up the guy pining for the horse trainer with the horse trainer? Why does the little girl keep hoping that we can get married somebody and hoping that I’ll remember her well into my 30s? I have a hosue. I have profession. i have NOTHING ELSE TO DO. Why can’t we get married now? Why can’t I tell her off and go choose somebody else? Why is there nobody else to choose? Why can i not sleep in my own bed? Why is that person who wanted to go to whatever town 20 years ago still wishing she could go to whatever town? Why are people still waiting for bridges and looking for gifts for their sisters and “about to” take baths for decades at a time? I’ve bought and furnished a house. What is there to do other than hang out at the inn and wait for a bunch of years? Do you seriously expect me to to wait 5 years and then spend 10 minutes running around talking to everyone on the entire map all over again to find out what’s different, and then when nothing’s any different, repeat that again and again? No, I’m not going to do that.

Carpe Diem is on par with Aisleen in terms of production values. And the concept is better. But while Aisleen was boring, Carpe Diem was frustrating and annoying.

However, with a lot more work I could see this becoming a game that people would play. Possibly even multiple times. There was a lot of potential here, and very obviously the developer simply bit off more than he could chew and ran out of time. out of all the game, this is the one I’d most want to see receive further development. But based on what’s here, I can’t give it the win.

Third place
So after a message from the developer and double checking, it seems that the Little Pirate game has exactly the things i said it needed that would make it a contender for top three. I don’t feel very good about bumping Game in 10 Seconds from that third place spot, however, so I’m going to call them “tied” for third place. Apologies to the people counting votes.

Game in 10 seconds
clever concept. Clean and smooth. I especially like inclusion of the competition. If there were a prize for a good concept, this game deserves it. But gameplay is literally “spam your keyboard and move your mouse, plus upgrades.” Nothing to grab you, and the presentation isn’t strong enough to overcome keyboard/mouse spam gameplay. Notable, as an idle game, there are probably people who will actually play this.

The Little Pirate game
So upon second review, it seems that this is a complete game, with upgrades and the ability to move to other islands after beating the first one. So we’ll call it tied for third.

Honorable mention

Power Between lasers
Interesting concept. Nice retro feel. Utterly fails to be fun. Most of my gameplay was spent trying to figure out what was going and then once I understood that was pretty much the end of it being interesting.

When All is Lost, you survive the Only One Level or Die!
This had a lot of potential, but the actual play interface is completely awful. I feel like if this guy had a few more days to work on it this could have been a top 3 contender. Compelling gameplay could have trumped pretty presentation, and unlike most of the others, there actually kind of was a game here. But that game itself was kind of awful. And even after pushing to unlock a few warriors, it was still awful.

This got a chuckle out of me. If there were a prize for funniest game, this would be it.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Future Updates

Completed the ultimate Baal challenge.

1) I bought wings during the challenge, and kept them after. Not sure if I was refunded the 60 GP for the purchase and therefore got them for free, or if I was not refunded the GP, but either way it’s probably worth looking into that.

2) I notice that rebirth multipliers aren’t restored after the challenge. Not sure whether that’s intentional, but for some of us that means it will take weeks to get back to where we were when we started the challenge.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Baal rebirth challenge

Are GP and GP upgrades acquired while doing a challenge kept in addition to the challenge reward, or at completion does it reset your stats to the values there were at the time the challenge was accepted, and then add the challenge reward?

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Future Updates

I think I might have discovered a bug.

Used my Baal power to bump up my baal slayer, I did an ultimate challenge rebirth with 52% critical chance and 202% critical damage. Made it to Itzli with enough mystic to be immune to damage, but only about 30 million attack.

So I attacked him, and was completely unable to do any damage to him, and so far as I could tell was seeing only negative numbers on the damage display.

His defense is 46 million. So, if I hit for 30 million, and half the time that gets bumped up to 202%, I should have been hitting him for as much as 60 million on a crit, far more than required to penetrate his defense. Surprised to be doing no damage, I kept watching as my attack value grew, and continued to do zero damage until my attack exceeded his defense. At which point immediately his hp bar began slowly shrinking.

It looks like crits are incapable of pushing an attack over the defense threshold if the attack doesn’t already do enough damage to penetrate defense before the crit is applied.

Is that intentional?

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / pay2win

Originally posted by RedeemedWahrior:
farming shadow cores on the starter level is insanely slow. You’ll only get like 7 per replay. It’s way better to wait until you unlock a field with a lot of specters and stuff that drop large amounts of shadow cores. You can easily get like 50 to even over a 100 shadow cores on these maps, and it doesn’t take long because you can set it to 9x speed and just rapidly summon waves.

But you’ll get those 7 shadow cores in 30 seconds. Yes, doing tougher fields nets more shadow cores per run, but they take longer. Meanwhile, remember you can also sell low level fragments, which you get more often by spamming low levels often.

If the starter fields gives you 7 shaodw cores in 30 seconds, and you can get 50 ahdow cores on whatever other field you’re talking about, over time that means you’d need to be able to beat that other field in roughly 3 minutes to gather shadow cores over time as fast.

Can you beat a 50 shadow core field in 3 minutes without the pouch? I don’t think so. And if you can, you’re probably high enough level to be getting more than 7 from field F1.

Try it.

538k xp on F2 (looming max 4 traits) = 112 cores
614k xp on E7 (looming max 4 traits) = 112 cores
696k xp on I1 (looming max 4 traits) = 112 cores
2.1mil xp on F6 (glaring max 5 traits) = 280 cores

1) What you’re proposing is seriously unrealistic for early game players.

2) I assume those are “best case” numbers, not your average. And a lot of those came from flying ones which area bit irregular. If we’re talking about farming shadow core, it doesn’t matter how many you can get once. It matters how many you can average over time.

3) You’re not actually getting many cores. 112 and 280 is a lot to spend when farming cores. In fact, let’s test that. Doing what you suggest myself, field F6 on glaring with 5 battle traits at max, that costs 140 shadow cores to do, it took me 2 minutes and 15 seconds, and I got back 113 cores plus a fragment worth 14. So I spent 280 to get 127.

I LOST shadow cores doing what you suggested.

Meanwhile, testing out field F1 on glaring with no shadow cores spent, I beat it in ~30 seconds and got 20 cores plus a fragment worth another 5. 25 shadow cores in 30 seconds. In the time it took me to lose 13 cores doing what you propose, I could have earned 100 by doing field F1 four times.

Shadow core rewards scale with wizard level. I got 20 base cores for F1 just now, plus fragment, and yes, somebody else might only get 7 instead of the 20. That’s true. But if they get 7/20 the cores on F1, they’ll also get 7/20th the cores on whatever other field you want them to do, that takes much longer to beat.

In general, spamming field F1 gives the fastest shadow core farming over time.