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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / explosion crate?

I love these boxes. The stuff is aweso…. actually, it sucks. But I like to keep it because it came out of a crate that exploded!!!!!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Dey Eat De Poo Poo

I really think he just said that one man’s anus is licked “like ice cream”. Yes, he did. And there’s that awesome “eat da poo poo” line. And then he asks the children to leave after mentioning ice cream and drugs? What is this guy?

On the serious note. though. I wouldn’t put it past some Christian superpower to go and bastardize the beliefs of “simpler” minds.* Does anyone here know if homosexuality is a noticeable trait in Uganda? I mean, is homosexuality so common there that it caused such a ruckus?

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:

For guidance in these matters….
all these “Christians” need do is remember:


*By simpler, I meant people who aren’t as technologically advanced as other religious countries. I’m in no way referring to Africans or Africa as inferior.
If I understand correctly, the Bible says somewhere that Jesus spoke against homosexuality.

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Topic: General Gaming / Chester's Time Wasters

I thought the first one was silly, but this one parodying straw hat samurai is nothing short of stealing a game. I have a few questions.
1. Is Lutgames (developer) aware that Cheetos has cheesed (literally) up the Straw Hat Samurai?
2. Anyone else pissed off about it?
3. How much revenue is Kong making off of having the “Time Wasters” up every week? Just wonderin’ dog.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / E-Books.

I personally enjoy my large collection of books. Call it a material vice, but something makes me feel good to know that someone can look at my library and see all of my philosophy and psychology books and say, “Wow, he seems intelligent.” If you see a Kindle, one can assume you have something ridiculous, like Twilight. (jk)

Anyway, I read something interesting in a tech magazine… I’ll have to find a link. We (humans) actually read differently on a screen as opposed to a piece of paper. Scientists said something like, “Staring for long hours at an e-book screen is the same as staring at a computer screen for hours.”
Anyone here anything about this?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Cell Phone Radiation.

I do not believe in violence but for some reason I cannot shake the feeling that that was brave and righteous of him.

Um… who are you? Guy Fawkes? This isn’t some strange conspiracy that can only be destroyed by force or vigilantism. I ts a simple case of people being attached, and this dude going:

Until chatty girls stop talking day in and day out on tiny pink phones. Until we make the effort to visit people with our long lost legs. Until the media decide that the story will actually make a profit.

I agree, but just make sure you’re a little less direct on the female population. Guys can be JUST AS BAD! I know I’ve spent a good 2 or 3 hours at a time on my phone.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / FBI wants logs of all internet activity

I agree that it seems very far out of reach.

How about privacy rights? You know this would obviously push people to yell “Invasion of Privacy!”
And one couldn’t even begin to imagine how much work would go into this. All the sites on the net having to record what IP adresses come and go on a 24/7 basis? Insane… in the membrane.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / World won't end in 2012-Reason and explanation. What do you think?

ZShadow… I bow to you and your post.

But you forgot to explain the myth of Zalgo, The flying Spaghetti Monster, and that weird H.P. Lovecraft monster…giggle

I’ll admit, I was deathly afraid when i started hearing all of these possible ‘end o’ world’ stories. But I’ve actually started reading and have seen that alot of them are just extreme leaps of ideas and possibilities.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Animals go to heaven/nirvana etc?

Are there any Buddhists in here? I thought someone would have cleared this up.

Humans and animals and all living things don’t go to Nirvana. The soul inhabiting them does. The idea is very similar to Christianity’s Heaven (actually its the other way around, seeing how Christianity kinda copy-pasta’d other religions). How many people here are still under the assumption that Heaven is like a big airport terminal where you meet your deceased loved ones when you ‘get off the plane’? Not to burst any religious bubbles, but thats way off. I don’t know where that came from, but its not what Heaven is supposed to be like. In Heaven/Nirvana, there is nothing. Actually, nothing isn’t even there. No up/down left/right cold/hot etc./etc. Suffering springs from existence. So to free one’s self from suffering, you have to cease existing. And since the soul is inhabiting the suffering body, the soul must cease to exist. That’s Nirvana… and possibly Heaven.

Buddhist out, dog.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Too far

Originally posted by Jabor:

Actually, I do

Then it should be obvious why looking at what sites you connect to based on what requests your browser makes is completely different from connecting to your computer and listening to the background noise, and why the first is feasible and the second isn’t.

I concur. Sometimes conspiracies get so big, people fele the need to make a conspiracy about them.

Anyway, on to the “thing”,
I think it would be a bit odd to have something like this. The microphone would pick up… what? Television and radio sounds? I can very easily go online and search for my favorite movies and music. I don’t think I need a computer program to do it for me.
Google had an interesting idea… but I think the time and money put into it would be wasted.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / "Change"

I remember when Obama was elected president and the Senate was overpowered by Democrats, people were SO SURE that change was going to be thrown around left and right. As of right now… I’ve seen nothing but debt and party-crashers.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Moral Relativism and Multiculturalism

Originally posted by woodythedon:

Before we go down that road, I think it’s important to note that in a lot of Western countries, the law is, in places, influenced by old Christian and Jewish laws.

Also what do you think of the moral relativism aspect of it? Who are law makers (who are just politicians after all) to decide which beliefs are legal and which are not?


I don’t want to agree whole-heartedly and start thrashing religion, but this is a very very valid point.
As to your question… about who they are. They are the people we voted in. We believed, at the time, that they would represent our ideas and beliefs best. Whether or not they do that is strictly after the fact.

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Topic: Technical Support / Mass Effect Badge?

Originally posted by gustavito3:

I received the medal yesterday, loading one of the games ( I had all badges before), but didn’t receive the 50 points.

I think there’s a bug there guys.

You didn’t notice either.

Originally posted by InfiniteHunter:

Unlike most medals, this one doesn’t give you additional points as you complete it.

Mass Effect 2 Quest Page

Earn up to 50 points and a medal as you unlock members and assemble you team completing this six badge quest.

Notice that the point values of all the badges add up to the 50 points they promised you.

All of the badges put together equals 50 points. You get points from completing the badges. You get the medal for completing the challenge.

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Topic: Technical Support / Mass Effect Badge?

I’ve loaded up all 6 of them to make sure they all registered, and I still haven’t received the medal. I am sure I have all the badges, and it does say I have them all on the M.E. 2 medal screen.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / My Philosophy (paper)

Hey everyone, sorry for dooblay posting.

I’m on my home computer right now, which doesn’t have the paper on it. My paper is on my laptop… which has a virus. Anyone familiar with how to correctly remove the Vundo virus?

Anyway, I can’t really access the net with my laptop, and I’m afraid of taking ANY files off of it until I get some legit anti-virus software to at least scan the stuff. I will be able to salvage my paper, though… I apologize again for not having it yet.

P.S. Yes. The paper does exist. I know its “perfect” timing to get a virus. I am eager to share my paper, but we all know how sometimes, the cards just fall so well :)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / My Philosophy (paper)

Thanks for the support all. I handed it in today. It only reached 5 pages :(… but I was fairly pleased witht eh outcome. I will have it posted within the next two days. I am so crunched with other papers for college I am literally writing two at once on my laptop!

I hope it meets some expectations!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / No charges in the horiffic, crazed chimp attack???

So… Manslaughter?

True ’dat.

Is there still an ongoing investigation in that animal’s behavior? It has been awhile. I didn’t know if the authorities were going to just let it go because of the impact it had on the women, or push it and find out exactly what happened.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Pregnant High Schooler Forced Off Sports Team Is Fighting The System

Nice find, momma.
I guess this was just a case of one opinion against the other. There’s a good chance that the trial could be made or broken by a sympathetic judge/jury.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Trolls?

Originally posted by H2BHforever:

So what is the liine between angering or depressing and expressing your opinion. If I say I think gays will burn in hell(which I don’t actually), couldn’t that anger someone?

There’s a good possibility the way yous aid it will cause some hubbub.

“I think gays will burn in hell.”
That can easily be said in a more accepted manner"
“I think homosexuality is wrong. Religion doesn’t allow it”

One is trolling, the other isn’t.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What Constitutes Good Horror?

Originally posted by SaintAjora:

Oh yes, movies are a good topic as well. I agree with you there, it seems like most horror movies are in fact disgust movies; the goal seems not to frighten, but to sicken and offend. This may in itself cause fear, so I suppose the line is kind of blurred there.

If this is the case, there hasn;t been a good horror movie in years! I saw The Uninvited when it came out in theaters a few months ago. It was a bit of a psychological thriller… but it did rely on shock tactics. You know, the hand that grabs you so suddenly then disappears. It seems that movies are relying a bit too heavily on cinematic and special effects.
Let me think of the last good horror movie I watched…

I did enjoy Bram Stroker’s Dracula as well as Interview with a Vampire. They are both films from the 1990’s and both based on books. I haven’t read them, but I hope to. I think any ideas for a good solid horror have been used. Things like murderous psychos and zombies are horror of the 20th and 21st century. But the classics, like dracula, and The Mummy, and the likes are just that. Classic. I highly doubt that the impact they made on the film and book industry will EVER be matched.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Pregnant High Schooler Forced Off Sports Team Is Fighting The System

Originally posted by mafefe:

She shouldn’t have to not play because the fetus is not alive so there is no potential life loss.

This comment is just begging for some pro-life brothers and sisters to bash it… and you knew it when you said it.

It is hypocritical to say the school can do whatever it feels is right, but the girl can’t do whatever she feels is right.

Maybe what they were getting as was that the school is liable for this. The well being of a child is definitely the school’s responsibility during school hours. Does anyone happen to know if it is the same at sporting events?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / No charges in the horiffic, crazed chimp attack???

Charged with letting her chimp dismember another human being?

Can law enforcement charge her for that? I don’t think so. If you find some text on how she can be charged by anyone other than the friend, please post it. The owner of the chimp did nothing illegal. Although, I must repeat, the use of human anti-depressants on a chimp was just stupid.

And, I think you may have forgotten, the owner was the one who fought off the chimp… with a butcher knife. Yeah, I think she wass tryign to help her friend, not let the chimp dismember her.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / No charges in the horiffic, crazed chimp attack???

My actual reaction was, and I quote:
“Jesus Christ our Lord!!!!”
Plus a few expletives attached after it finally dawned on me that she was talking.


I saw this a while a go. The owner of the chimp should be charged, no question’s asked.

Charged with what? The friend can obviously charge her, but she may not hold a grudge. A few posts ago, I made a point that the owner could be charged with neglect for treating the chimp’s mood swings with anti-depressants for humans. SaintAjora added that a count of animal cruelty could also be added.

I have to add also, I don’t really like TYT. Is it me, or do they not really care about the impact of what they are talking about? I mean, they barely remembered the story! It was “I think” and “If I remember correctly”. Very shoddy.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Ohio executes a prisoner - with a new death serum.

There’s nothing wrong, in my opinion, with what we have now. So we have three shots… they are all given with three minutes, and the first shot puts them out. If I understand correctly, the second one will stop the lungs. And the third will stop the heart. Within 1 or 2 minutes, the brain ceases to work. What is wrong with that? They’re asleep.

Anyway, this one-shot injection is a bit better, I guess. There’s no chance of complications or one of the shots not working. I don’t see a problem with it.

We need to drop capital punishment altogether to completely lose the connection.

Does this mean you’re against the death penalty? I’m not sure what you meant by this statement.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Further revelations about Tiger Woods - cheating

He used to be a excellent role model for black men and boys, but now he is just like many black men, cheating, super horny, and stereotyped.

You know Van… you could really do some good if you just put your mind in the right place.

I heard a joke I’ll share with everyone before putting in my two cents
What’s the difference between a golf ball and a motor vehicle?
Tiger Woods can drive a golf ball 300 yards!!

Anyway, I don’t think being in power necessarily drives you to cheat. Look at the position he is in… no not that position, pervs. Not only is he a well known man, but he is a physically attractive famous man. I am sure that alot of celebrities cheat… but only a few are ever caught.

I thnk its been proven that men are just, on average, more sexually driven than women. Some dude (I’ll have to try and find the name) said nature gave men the ability to create millions of sperm because they were meant to populate the world. Women were only given one egg because they are naturally nothing more than carriers. Its a silly hypothesis… but I can see where he was coming from.

Mind you, I am not condoning cheating. Anything a man does with another woman should be OK’d with his current woman. Hey, some couples are into ‘swingin’.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / My Philosophy (paper)

That html format is a really good idea. That will be what I do then.

U think I should mention that I am not majoring in philosophy. But i find it utterly interesting. I am a Psychology major, but I’ve been told that having a handle on Philosophy comes in handy when your patients try and ask you some of the deeper questions. I’ll admit it has already come in handy.