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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate community on GooglePlus

Here is the link. Feel free to join!

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Topic: Off-topic / The character in your avatar image has manifested itself into the real world and will obey your every command

ride it around!

(and tell it to poop on my enemies from above)

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Topic: Off-topic / Favourite Youtuber(s)



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The power the answer “ya mum” to any question.

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Topic: Off-topic / Free downloadable games

Does anyone know any good free downloadable games eg. slender, splunkey, etc?

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Topic: Off-topic / New Indie Horror game.

anyone who can find a download link PLEASE post!

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Topic: Off-topic / Scariest creepypasta?

slender man

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Topic: Off-topic / What are the best game devolpers ever? Valve Or Mojang?

valve- portal 2!

this was a triumph!

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Topic: Off-topic / You are now a god of a religion

instantly sto poverty, hunger, and war!

then i would fly around on a cloud just cause i can! :D

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Topic: Off-topic / Poll: Romney or Obama?


but i’m from Australia so it doesn’t really matter

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Originally posted by KiNGDOMHEARST:


Roll On Floor Laughing My Ass Off Off Off Off Off Off Off Off Off?

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Topic: Off-topic / Need music ideas

I need some background music for a video review i’m doing on a surf school for school.
Something that is kinda beachy- preferably with no words so i can talk over the top.
All help is appreciated.

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you call your teachers by their names or using the word "teacher" or "Mr."Lastname""?

MR/MRS/MS lastname or sometimes just Miss if i’m in a hurry

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Topic: Off-topic / A question for foreign OTers

really i have no problem with them except that some of them are SUPER bogans (it’s not spelt wrong it’s Aussie slang) and they need to lose the guns!

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Topic: Game Programming / Software developing software

Hey guys, does anyone know a simple free software (preferably with drag n drop interface) that i can use to make my own software?

ps. the software i am going to make will be a sticky note type thing

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Topic: Off-topic / Creationist or Evolutionist?

I believe god created the big bang originally and science went from there.

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: your avatar is your face when my avatar is about to kill you

Originally posted by KingOfTheLULZ:


is eaten by


+health from porkchop and bacon

From now on i am doubling my flying altitude so that i don’t get eaten!

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Topic: Off-topic / Best Pokemon Evolution?


He’s not tough… but he’s so cute! :D

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: your avatar is your face when my avatar is about to kill you

My avatar is getting the hell out of there!

Look at the glare on his bald head – it’s oozing toughness!

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Topic: Off-topic / Why Don't Men Freak Themselves And Sock a Woman in the Face if the Woman Sees the Guys Nipple?

It’s a good point. Blame popular culture and those dam bureaucrats. Thats what I do!

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Topic: Off-topic / Im not sleepin tonight...

Originally posted by Rpoman2009:

Never ever play slender before you go to bed! Wow I made a rhyme.

Explain to me: exactly how does that rhyme?

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Topic: Off-topic / Views on 'in' jokes

Do they annoy you?
Are they funny?
what do you think?
All viewpoints welcome ! :)

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Topic: Off-topic / To All Those Who Oppose Fox Hunting

Fine i’ll be the hippy of the group…


They’re cute! :)

(don’t rage at me! It’s my opinion, if you don’t like, it deal with it!)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What happened to America?

Originally posted by jhco50:

America is the country all others look to when they need help, be it military of financial. I would guess this is because we built a strong economy and built wealth doing it. for a 100 years, since we become industrialized, we built, manufactured, invented and sold this ingenuity to other countries.

And this doesn’t cross the line from ‘pride’ to ‘boasting’?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A woman's place is at the kitchen

This is probably the most racist tread ever!

When will people learn exceptance?


I meant acceptance not exceptance

just another of my thousands of typos! :)