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Topic: General Gaming / [Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!] Has anyone beat level 12, 14, 15 on excellent???

Kinda easy… actually I got all Brilliants a few days after it was released. (but that was on another site… I came back to play it on this site and got the “Hard/ Brilliant” badge in under 5 days (only played for 30 mins a day ;P)

And yea, all you need is to max meteor study, meteor mastery, mana stock, mana pool, than BAM, ninjas dead.
In fact… you don’t really need any other “skills” to beat this game…
LOL, I was so bored one time, I just played through the entire game using only 1 type of tower (sure was fun….)

BTW… not sure if anyone answered this before (but I couldn’t find an answer)
Is there going to be a “second” series to this game? (or another game like this?, cause it was fun in the beginning, but now that I’ve master it… it’s too easy to play and boring)