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Topic: Mud and Blood 2 / [Mud & Blood 2] Wtf moments

my wtf moments, 1: my zooka blew up my own tank and 2 troops. 2: when i started i got a machine gunner and he had 80 rifle skills. survived till lvl 120 from the start.

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Topic: Mud and Blood 2 / [Mud & Blood 2] tactics

dont touch your men at the start of the game. wait till you have 9 points, make engineer, rush up to near the center and make a bunker. put engi in there. build a trench beside the bunker and put your 4 regular in there. make another trench on the other side and even out your soldiers. buy 2 gunners as soon as possible and put them in your bunker. after a while make a mortar hole and put 2 mortar men in there. if a tank comes, make a zooka. easy done