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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Suggestions, opinions and feedback

I’ve been playing for several hours or so over today and yesterday.
Scout’s +mobility to main weapon should also apply to secondary. Why do I have 97 mobility with the first smg and only 88 mobility with the first pistol…

I’ve switched to the first shotgun because it fills the same role as the smg, but it doesn’t require repairs like no tomorrow. The contribution of amount of bullets fired to durability should be balanced… or maybe it is balanced and the shotgun has insane max durability and low durability loss because you move so slowly and only have two shots.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Hero Balance

Shockur OP has Slingshot on LIghtnings GuNs!#!#$@#%# 2OP4ME
I’m sad that I used all my upgrade money on Tech

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Stop Rage quitting! By Gen DavidM1053

What I don’t understand, is that DavidM also ragequits. So… this thread is pretty… hypocritical… I guess I expected too much out of FFT players, albeit a glitcher.This is apparent when the opposing team has sufficient capabilities to shut him down. It’s hilarious (to me) to see him/her get quiet and just leave. That’s why I always switch to the other team when glitchers get going, they’re more fun to derp against and if I succeed, the end result is hilarious. They just like… silently rq.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Suggestion Box

Will someone please enlighten me exactly how Aegis blocking enemy projectiles that hit the forcefield from within the Aegis’ sphere of influence, is overpowered? All this is, is having the Aegis additionally block projectiles fired from within the Aegis’ defensive sphere that hit the forcefield.

I am not sure how this is OP at all. I just want to run away from people when they jump inside the Aegis forcefield. People generally just completely ignore the Aegis and rush me when I try to escape…

This change doesn’t help camping the cap that much. Unless you count luring the enemies inside the Aegis and blasting them to pieces from outside the forcefield.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Suggestion Box

What I’m suggesting, is that you can’t shoot through the barrier from within or outside. You can go inside and shoot stuff, but you can’t shoot through the barrier in any way or form…

I am not sure how you thought that I’m suggesting no weak spot. All I was suggesting was that the forcefield be omnidirectional. Omnidirectional doesn’t mean everywhere within an area, it means from all directions.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Suggestion Box

I am unsure if this has been suggested before as this seems somewhat of a glaring problem.

Please make the forcefield omnidirectional in blocking projectiles. Too many times have I died because the Aegis didn’t stop an enemy shooting from within the Aegis…

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / FreeFall Tournament Wiki

I could contribute a guide for Shocker… been thinking about it and forgetting about it, but I still hold resentment for someone (Kambetal1) fixing my Suppressor guide so that it’s cleaned up.
I’m personally not interested in doing anything more than a Shocker guide (if and when I get around to doing it).

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Suggestion Box

It’d be nice if this bug was fixed, it’s been in the game since the down-thruster update: When using down-thrust for ~3sec+, then holding ‘jump’ just before touching the ground, the player will futilely derp while being hugged by the ground

This is easily replicated in Lunar Base with the forward boosters into the central point. Hold ‘down-thrust’ after using the booster, when close to the ground/platform, release ‘down-thrust’ & hold ‘jump’.

I get a dose of this bug nearly every game I play q.q

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / rank every class from best to worst


Assassin, Shocker, Tech. The rest are either scout, or don’t have enough movement ability.

Assassin aimed-blades is the closest to the ol’ Tech E kick and the charge jump is the closest to f-bomb jumps q.q, Shocker’s E is the closest we got to the ol’ boombox of aggravation, Tech still got the slingshot.

Yeah…… ol’ Tech ftw…

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Proudest and Memorable Moments

Learning to fly with the Tech…

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tips for Each class

Would any of you be interested in writing a short guide for the wiki? or is that dead… Well I dropped off because a certain Kambetal1(unsure of spelling) hijacked my suppressor guide.

No need to put it on Kongregate, if someone is curious enough, they would Google for tips.

Eh, my tip for Shockers: try not to place your Aegis on the ground.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Top 3 Favorite Classes (So Far)

old Tech, Shocker, Tech

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / RIP REAL FREEFALL TOURNAMENT

bu…bu… Shocker so fun q.q… I get to slideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. High res graphics don’t bother me because these lower graphics help me cope by giving me fewer glaring errr…. FREEZEE SCREENSES

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Assasin and shockers.

Shocker counters everything if it has the drop on enemies, I went about 46 kills and 58 or more assists yesterday in Shuttle against a Maj., Lft. I was against sometimes a gunner, a blazer, a tank or two, a blaster, and easy assassin kills. I did get most kills and assists in the match, but there were more high-level players on the other team to disperse the kills and damage.

We lost by about 50 or 80 points? My team did a decent job of supporting me. We probably would’ve won if my team stuck to me a little more. We would’ve definitely won if I had players who have played more.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] Improved Boss Guide

You should make 2 documents, a backup that people can view…
…and a document for people to freely change. Or you could make a submission form thing, though you might have to wade through a giant swamp of messages.

Either that, or you can just keep changing it yourself.

Thanks for your work though, Godspeed.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / January 17, 2013 Update Build Notes

You can place it in shuttle on the mesh last time I played… Right above the CP.
@rja: It’ll take some time for me to get back on here (Unity on Linux would fix that instantly). I appreciate you missing me though :) I need to figure out how to fix this… apparently my windows comp got corrupted and I don’t have any users to log into… pissing me off.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / January 17, 2013 Update Build Notes

Bleh….. I can’t play FFT because my Windows computer has a blank account error and I can’t manually login… I hope I don’t have to do a hard wipe or something because there are important documents on there… ._.

^ Yeah, I wonder if we can do that.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Bug Report

Mines have been nerfed in my opinion. Before they used to stay until walked over by an enemy, but this is not the case anymore. They have a explosion timer so they now explode after a certain amount of time has passed. (time is about 10 seconds I think, feels like it)

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Bug Report

A wild Aegis will sometimes use Dig and plant itself sideways into the ground, quite amusing. (I cannot replicate) (occurred maybe 2-4 times to my Aegis, didn’t occur to me to report)

A wild Aegis will sometimes be scared and become graphically invisible, but the shield sadly gives it away. (Occurred twice yesterday)

When the Shield of an Aegis breaks, the Aegis takes Health damage (Aegis can thus be destroyed through walls). (I would like to know if this is intentional)

mines have been nerfed q.q (mines detonate within 10 seconds or something)

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Suggestion Box

Suggestion to buff the utility of the Lightning Gun: Swing

What is ‘Swing’?
-Swing is using the Aimed-target as an anchor to pivot around.
Example: a swingset; swinging around the structure

What should this ability do/have?
-Tackle corners quickly if there is a buddy/enemy there (increase maneuverability)
-Not be able to hug players like the Repair Tool

How is this different than the ability of the Repair Tool?
-Rather than attracting towards the target, the Shocker will lose no speed and will Swing at the same speed (or lose speed due to air resistance)

Some variable details to flesh out the idea:
-Swing will occur at around maximum range of the Lightning Gun.

-or starts at the point whenever the vector of the Shocker and the line to the Target are perpendicular (OR vice versa: vector of Target perpendicular to line to Shocker), and the distance between the Target and Shocker is the Swing length

-Only the Shocker is affected by Swing; Target is not affected by Swing.

-The Shocker will not attract to the target when at Swing range while standing (Shocker will not be able to hug the Target and heal/hurt); Shocker must be in the air to initiate Swing.

-At some difference in speed between the Target and Shocker, Swing will break and Shocker will get left somewhere

end of Suggestion

Examples of Swing:

-Shocker jumping in place, Aimed-Target rushes by the Shocker and the Shocker slightly swings around the Target
-Shocker jumps diagonally left to a teammate camping a door on the right side of a corridor, Shocker aims at friendly Target, then quickly goes through the door

hopes Tech Kick is coming back in the next Utility class

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Shockingly bad

The Shocker

Seems to occasionally cause large numbers of the players to fall through the ground.

1. Instant death against scouts, assassins, long ranged gunners.
2. Low damage of Lightning gun causes Shocker to not have a mid-close range weapon to fend off enemies.
3. Aegis deals low damage at low range.
4. Those EMP mines?… EDIT: I found a good use for them, but they still do kill me sometimes…
5. Lack of a high-movement system to dodge anything, which Tech has (tether/slingshot).
6. Shocker slowly heals shields, comparable to that of Tech healing players, which makes shield repair nearly useless, as shields heal much faster after battle.
7. Extreme difficulty of aiming the Lightning gun to hit targets (enemies or friendlies) without using lock-on, which Tech can do (largely affected by my low fps and freezing…), but still hard to aim the Lightning gun and look for hazards (ex: can’t look for hostiles, at your Aegis, for incoming Assassins, etc.).
8. Shocker is not rewarded for using the lightning gun, Tech has “Hyper-Charge”, but Shocker is not rewarded for usage
9. @Dodar: The Bigger they are the Harder they fall; Aegis gets easier to destroy as it gets larger

Basically, Tech trumps Shocker and makes Tech look good.

Proposed changes to fix:
1. Either have Shocker quickly heal shields or make it easier to use the Lightning gun.
2. Make the Aegis health/shields bar right above the Aegis
3. Add “r” ability dealing up to 500 amount of electric healing/damage to current targets calculated through gun overheat% (Lightning gun will not inherently do this with an automatic reload) or something.

Hopeful change:
-Lower graphics quality than right now, I have major fps issues more often now.

@Glock243: Shockers are only powerful in groups when you have cohesiveness, which doesn’t happen all too often, but it falls back down when you get quite a few shockers (gunners start showing up and stuff).

@Pad: I have been fighting Blazers and Blasters tooth and nail, to me dying half of the time. However, mind that this is Shuttle I’m playing in and I actually can predict where people might be to put some Orbs. I would play Lunar to test out how well I would do, but seeing how open and lacking shielding of Aegis (only takes 1-2 enemies to take it all out), I predict my failure. Also, I am running away as a Shocker from a Blazer, Blazer pulls out heat ray while I’m throwing Orbs backwards, I die. There were also quite a few times where I was like “yeahhh, gonna kill this guy.” Nope, not enough range on the Lightning gun.

I feel this is a pretty good description, I will update this again when there is another update.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / The Great Tech Defence

I, a shocker, apply :P

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Hackers, Bugs, or Glitches

._. I spend my hard time learning to get my Tech inside the arena and you guys have to post about it… seerusly bad… Next time I find stuff, it’s going under locks n keeps…

That reminds me of that thing I want to see if I can do… I probably have to go test downthrusts extensively.

Bad Luck: I went afk to go to the restroom because my character was in a safe place, then I come back to see the afk counter blip from 1 to 0… frantic button presses ensue → failure.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Lack of players

Recently Tech isn’t quite kickass ._. but can still kick some ass in other ways. I really do think that the game will become completely unbalanced as the combos and tricks are learned one by one for each class.
It should be released at least spread per day or week to allow for easier transition, unless the game is tested so much that it isn’t all screwed up at release.
Seems like less people are posting on forums .-. I am seeing posts staying for longer and longer on the front page.

On a side note, wats dat thing on the scout’s chest? And those checkered shoulder armor looks really odd…

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / The Great Tech Defence

clicks topic Cool! Er…. Okay…. ._.
I don’t quite have as much opportunity to play this game as of late…

:/ joining this would be interesting to stop those waves of attacks

However, How to disable a Supp- errr… Cat
Yeah, just put them clips on the back of a suppressor and it stops working. Don’t you know how to put clips on the back of a suppressor? I’ll refresh your mind. Stand in it.