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Topic: Dungeon Blitz / Any point in finding new gear ?

I hope you really can change the current equipment’s standard.
I know you don not want to make old gear obsolete, but most weapons and armors are already obsolete by standard.
For mages, we dont want a staff with Warlord rune, even balanced rune, we only want Wizardry. So all the staff without Wizardry are just garbage. And for Paladin, only Warlord and Armory are useful.
And then, craft and item drop are worthy.
I guess if the properties(Warlord or Wizardry, Item find or Gold find, etc) are random for every drop, then it would be more fun.

Also one more thing, every dungeon’s level = player’s lv, needs to be changed as well.
I’ll give an advice:
Dungeon XXX: level 10-15
If player’s lv is between 10 and 15, then the dungeon’s lv=player’s lv.
If player’s lv<10(eg. lv=8), then dungeon’s lv=10, player’s level is still 8, but get less exp. Same for lv>15.
But if the level difference >5 (eg. player’s lv=3 or lv=30, then player’s lv=5 , dungeonLV=10, or playerLV=20, dungeonLV=15). Also for party members.