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Topic: Epic War Saga / EWS Quiz! Let's have even more FUN! The LLLOOONNNGGGEST ever lasting thread!

A:Succubi/ninjas are good tiger counters. Rage increases their effectiveness.

Q: What kind of staff is lucky?


Topic: Epic War Saga / Vlax is an auto clicker bot, please investigate him.

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Topic: General Gaming / Best and Worst Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters

Meta Knight is stupidly broken. Ganondork is the worst b/c his grab is horrible and all his attacks have way too much lag to be used in competetive play

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Suggestion and Ideas

1. Gold ore needs to be a common reward from a mission. ores that are higher-tiered are common from certain missions.
2. Void element should be affected by elemental boosts (fatality drink for example) or else when we have proper boosting items non-void heros/units will be the better option.
3. As suggested above, Co-op battles/modes whether it be against the computer or other players would be cool.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Questions? Ask here! ( game tips )

Currently there are not any missions that give gold ore as a common reward. Yet other missions give higher-tiered ores commonly. Please update this.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / fire and thunder temple

Fire temple will eventually have fire demon/inferno(from ew 3-5)
and thunder temple will have the blue dragon from ew 3 in future update.