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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / BMC Corrupt-A-Wish

Both your wishes have now been granted. The first to arrive is your shiny new bloonstone farm! Although a bit slow from your point of view, it produces bloonstones at a steady rate, fueling all your buildiding and upgrading needs. As time goes on though, you notice start to notice something. Your city doesn’t look quite right. The landscape and building placement is starting to look off somehow. You shrug it off, figuring it’s just your mind playing tricks on you. Soon though, it gets to the point where that excuse is no longer possible. Your city is, indeed, changing. Your buildings shift around at random, or simply disappear. The landscape shifts around, one kind of terrain suddenly becomes another. Terrain specific buildings lose their place as your city becomes chaotic and ever changing. Even the very boarders of your city aren’t safe as new terrain is opened p and old terrain is lost. The reason? Well, those bloonstones have to come from somewhere right? As it turns out, producing bloonstones naturally takes a long time. Much longer than your farm churns them out. And making them so quickly is taking its toll on the fabric of reality, warping and distorting your city and its occupants at random. Only after demolishing your precious farm does your city return to a semblance of normal,although it’s never quite the same again.

As soon as you’ve dealt with that catastrophe, a new, mysterious building arrives. It’s your bloon corrupter ray. You quickly build them up and deploy them to destroy the oncoming hoards of bloons. As soon as the rays strike a bloon, it becomes a horrible, corrupted version of itself. The horribly distorted bloons wreak havoc on the field, annihilating bloons at random. Your monkeys let out joyous cheers as they watch their old enemies destroying each other by the hundreds. Soon though, those cheers turn to horror as the corrupted bloons turn to their destructive ways towards the monkeys that spawned them. The corrupted bloons seek only death and destruction, regardless of whose it is. The monkeys desperately try to stem the waves of corrupted bloons, but their darts and bombs seem to have no effect on the death bringing bloons. You are powerless to do naught but watch as the corrupted bloons leave the track and wipe out your monkey defenders, just as they did the attacking, normal bloons. Soon, the only thing left standing is the bloon corrupter ray, which still fires automatically at any bloon that enters its range, filling everything with the horrid corruptions of a once polite, respected enemy.

I wish for a new monkey that can target the inner layers of bloons (example: when faced with a pink bloon, it’ll pop the red bloon inside of it first, then move on to the blue, green, and yellow layers before popping the outer pinky layer.)

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / BMC Corrupt-A-Wish

Granted, a new targeting method, highest amount, is added into the game. But there’s a bit of a problem with it. It works by counting the number of bloons in a given area at once, locking on to the general area, and then firing. This causes an immense slowdown in tower productivity in later rounds, when there’s so many bloons in a given area that the tower quite simply doesn’t know where to shoot. During the first rounds it’s fine, but by the end, wave after wave of bloon gets by your defenses simply because your towers don’t know where to shoot.

I wish that Monkey Buccaneers could be used on all maps.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / BMC Corrupt-A-Wish

Wish granted. There is now a trading system in place. You’re able to trade city cash, bloonstones, supply crates, even buildings! You quickly settle in to your new role and BMC trader extraordinaire. You trade everything and anything in the game, and your name soon becomes synonymous with great deals and effective, fair trades. You live in the lap of monkey luxury for quite some time, having everything you’ll ever need to succeed in the game. That is, until a rival comes along. This new person sets up shop quite nicely. He responds to trading requests faster, has better prices and trading deals, he even has more supply to start with. Left with no choice, you push yourself to compete with this new threat. The two of you are plunged into a massive economic war, using every means you have at your disposal. You lower prices, you stay online for hours on end, doing everything you can to out trade him. Yet, he is always one step ahead of you, and soon you are facing economic ruin.

You have but one choice: you launch the first wave of MvM attacks against him. The two of you are equally matched in this regard, and you both successfully defend against each other’s attacks. That is, until his superior trading prowess and ever increasing wealth come in to play. He is able to afford all the latest MvM upgrades, and has a near endless supply of bloonstones to use against you from his superior trading business. You are soon swamped by ZOMGs, DDTs and wave after wave of camo/regen/lead bloons. You can no longer defend against any of his attacks, and each one cripples your economy further. Unable to progress, you quickly lose the MvM war. You struggle to maintain your trading business, doing everything you can to stay afloat and maybe even get a one up on your opponent. But no luck. He periodically launches attacks against you, keeping your finances low. Because of this, you lose your grip on your trading empire, one customer at a time. People flock to him in droves, while hey leave you just as quickly.

Soon, you have nothing. You can no longer afford even the basics of the game due to having nobody to trade with and being swamped by unbeatable MvM attacks. You are driven to the brink of in game poverty, and it is then you use your last resort: Spending real money. With a new reserve of bloonstones created from your real bank account, you’re able to rebuild. But, the lack of trading partners and near constant MvM attacks continues to make life difficult for you. You must constantly spend real money just to keep your monkeys from the poorhouse. Soon though, you end up broke without a penny to your name. You are forced to not only leave the game, but your home as well.

I wish the monkeys would gain support from their distant cousins, the apes, in their ongoing fights against the bloon menace.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / BMC Corrupt-A-Wish

Originally posted by Lightgazer:

granted, but you gain so much cash you go over the cap which cycles into the negative.

i wish bloon that will never pop, but makes popcorn with cheese

Granted. Instead of popping, bloons make a tasty snack of popcorn and cheese. However, this causes two problems. One is that your monkeys are quickly overtaken by more popcorn and cheese than they could ever possibly eat. The second, is that games are no longer winnable, since even the lowly red bloon is completely invincible. Every game you play is doomed to tasty, tasty failure.

Originally posted by reshiramz:

Granted, but your monkey banks explode and you cant buy anymore banks so your monkeys are complete hobos

I wish for a MvM tower that destroys all bloons that are sent to me

Granted. No MvM bloon will ever reach the shores (or in this case fences) of your city. However, to do so is not cheap. Every time it eliminates one incoming attack, one of your buildings is destroyed, forcing you to build it again. In addition, people don’t know how you’re defending every attack so flawlessly, and word soon begins to spread about your untouchable city. You are hit by attack after attack after attack. Every day, more and more hit you, and every time you sacrifice one of your precious buildings to deter one of them. You are soon left with nothing. You are unable to successfully rebuild after so many attacks, leaving not even a single dart monkey tower left. Only after every other tower is consumed do you loose the last building in your city: The Bloon Infiltration and Deployment Factory. Yes, the one building that could have stopped every attack from hitting you is the one that gets taken last.

I wish for the ultimate strategy for winning every game with NLL every time.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / BMC Corrupt-A-Wish

Wish granted. The insult tower is now a part of your city. You sit down to play a round, hoping to use its insults to not only pop bloons, but also to harden yourself against insults in real life. Everything starts off well enough. The insults aren’t too bad, nothing you can’t handle. But soon they start to get to you. The insults come so fast that you can’t properly steel yourself against their stinging onslaught. Soon, on the last round of the game you were playing, it becomes too much. The insults become so bad, that the fragile thread that keeps you sane snaps. You spend the rest of your life with a crippling fear of balloons, monkeys and darts. The mere sight of any one of these things sends you into a homicidal rage. You spend the rest of your life in a prison for the criminally insane.

I wish that every time I pop a red bloon in game, one cent is automatically placed into my bank account. This money is not stolen in any way, and cannot cause any kind of economic problems.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / BMC Corrupt-A-Wish

Wish granted. The bloons all pop themselves now! But that means the monkeys now have nothing to do but sit around and eat bananas all day. They grow fat, lazy, and complacent. They are therefore unable to put up any kind of defense when the bloons unveil their newest weapon: animal bloons! This new type of dastardly bloons quickly overwhelm the now defenseless monkeys.

I wish to know why the monkeys and bloons hate each other so much. (can’t we all just get along?)

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / BMC Corrupt-A-Wish

Granted, but this ultimate monkey is so ultimate that it demands all your city cash, bloonstones, and in game money each time you use it.

I wish for infinite bloonstones.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Need Supply Crates? NEW THREAD!

I’m up for what I hope to be a regular crate trading partner(s).

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Wont load

It does that sometimes with me as well. Not often, but it happens. I find that just refreshing the page takes care of the problem though.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Consecrate Ground - Round 6

Originally posted by borbland:

3/3 Monkeys ? I thought a path is closed when you upgrade to the 3rd upgrade.

When one refers to 3/3 or 4/4, it means that they have access to both of the tier three or four upgrades. So, for example, the above mentioned strategy makes use of both 3/x and x/3 super monkeys, so it’s easier just to say 3/3 instead of listing them both separately.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / what if, there was a third upgrade path...

Sniper Monkey
1) Teflon Tipped Rounds: (700 cash) Each shot pops two bloons.
2) High Velocity Round: (1000 cash) Shots pop three bloons.
3) Double Barrel Rifle: (2600 cash) Fires two shots at once, hitting two nearby bloons.
4) Internal MOAB Damage: (6500 cash) Shots deal reduced damage to MOAB class bloons, but double damage to the bloons inside.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Create a Tower!

So, recently a post suggesting a new tower came up (, and I figured, why not share the love? So, I’m making this thread so people have a place to post new tower ideas. This isn’t really a suggestion thread, since this is just a place to put towers we think would be fun, not necessarily to actually be implemented in the game. So yeah, put whatever info you want to about your idea, and feel free to comment on others (do try to be polite about it though). And you know, have fun with it!
Here’s mine:
Monkey Centurion
Description: Never fight alone! A Monkey Centurion is only as good as his troops, and can greatly boost the abilities of himself and those around him based on how many there are.
Basics: Throws one spear that pops one bloon. Attack range is about the same as a 3/x Ice Moneky, and attack speed is a bit less than a 0/0 Bomb Shooter. Cost is 700.
Path 1 upgrades:
1. Centurion and all other towers in his range gain +1 popping power for every tower in range (Five other towers grant +5 power). Cost = 625
2. Centurion and all other towers in his range gain 1% attack speed for every tower in range. Cost=750
3. Increases the boost each tower gives/receives (doubles all other upgrade effect) Cost= 4600
4. Centurion’s abilities are increased by the bonus of every other Centurion. (Three Centurions are being used. All of them are at least 2/2. One had five towers in range, one has three, and one has six. The one with six is getting the 4/x upgrade. Before upgrading, it has +12 power, speed and range, and can pop through 6 layers. After upgrading, it would have +20 power, range and speed, and can pop through 10 layers. Note, this bonus does NOT apply to all other towers, as do the previous upgrades.) Cost= 7500
Path 2 upgrades:
1. Centurion and all other towers in range gain 1% attack range for every tower in range. Cost= 300
2. Centurion and all other in his range pop one additional bloon layer for every two towers in his range. (Four towers would let every tower pop two additional layers) Cost= 3000
3. The Centurion’s spears shatter on impact, sending out a number of shards equal to the number of towers in his range, each one popping an additional bloon. Cost= 2500
4. Spear Barrage ability: Sends out spears in all directions with incredible speed (Super Monkey x1.1) for 3 seconds per tower in its range. Cool down is always three times the duration. (Three towers equal 9 seconds, with a 27 second cool down) Cost= 4000

Pros= Can get very strong, very fast with enough support. High support abilities.
Cons= Leads, camo, relies on other towers.

So, that’s my idea. I’m not sure if it’s imbalanced or not, but I’m not really intending it to be considered anyway, which is the point of this thread. Enjoy!

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Old thread - no longer used!

Would someone be kind enough to include me in their crate sending/receiving?

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Topic: Cloudstone / can we trade with other player?

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a way to trade with others. Might be interesting to see though, depending on how it’s done. Somehow, I don’t think it will though. Games of this nature seldom have such features, no matter how much the players cry out for one.

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Topic: Cloudstone / new class

Originally posted by battleship203:
Originally posted by nikeas:

Ekhm, so, why there should be “ninja/assasin class”?

i already said it…

To be fair, you kinda didn’t. You said why the other classes aren’t ninjas, rather than saying why there should be a ninja/assassin type class. Personally, I must disagree with you in thinking that there should be a class like this. Although it seems like a cool idea and all, and a stealth based class would be interesting to see, they also don’t really fit in with the game. How would a class that sneaks up on opponents, and is geared almost exclusively towards fighting one, or at most two, opponents at a time deal with the heavy swarms in this game? While they would be able to deal heavy damage to that single target, how would they deal with getting hit by three or four mobs at once? And for that matter, how would they deal with timed missions in which you need to kill lots of enemies in a very short amount of time? And what stat would they use anyway? There’s only three after all. While I suppose the devs could add another stat to the roster, updating every single piece of gear that ups all of them would be a bit much for them, not to mention the problems with adding new classes in the first place.

So yeah, while it’s fun to speculate, I don’t think it’s a good idea to actually implement.

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Topic: Cloudstone / Suggestion

Originally posted by nikeas:

There’s no sense in adding another “class”. Actually, we’ve got 7 classes in Cloudstone – warrior, monk, wizard and hybrids. And I don’t think we need some damn archers. We’ve got guys focusing on hp/armor (warriors), fast-attacking healers (monks) and ranged class (typical mage).

Anyway, idea itself is pretty nice… but there should be difference beetwen wands/staffs and bows. Claws and swords are different. Bows and wands should be too.

I guess the difference would be similar to what exists between swords and claws. Staves/wands have low damage, but high attack speed. Bows could have higher damage, but slower speed.

Also, why not something along the line of Chi Master for the defense oriented monk ‘upgrade’? Seems like it fits to me.

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Topic: Cloudstone / Petition: Add action bar slots

It makes sense that he would want them really. The industry standard is around nine slots, so the six in this game is a bit restrictive in comparison. The fact that you can’t use potions or attack items from the inventory menu doesn’t exactly help either.

So yeah, if this is supposed to be a petition type thing, you get that +1 from me for all that it’s worth.

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Topic: Cloudstone / Glitch

So there’s no way to get back what was lost (well, other than grinding it out again)? That seems kind of unfair to those of us who had no idea what was going on. I don’t even know if something I did counted as cheating or not.

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / Another draft bug

Draft i.d here is 72776. In the second battle of the first match, the game froze up. I’m not sure whose side the freeze was on, but I waited for quite awhile. Then I restarted the game, just in case the problem was on my side. As soon as I reconnected, the match ended, but somehow, I won it (I was clearly losing the battle BTW, and had pretty much no way of turning it around). Not only that, but the match ended, even though my opponent and I should have played a third battle. The game registered that I had won the round, even with the record stil at 1 to 1. Not sure how any of this happened really.

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / Nexus

On the nexus menu, use the search bar of the side to select the card or items you want to use. Double click (or single click and choose Use Card), then once the card is in a slot on the big swirly wheel thingy, you can choose the amount. This is done either by using the + and – buttons, or highlighting the number and using the keyboard to choose it. When you have all the cards you want to use, click on Invoke The Nexus, and wait to see what comes of it.

For recipes, look here

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / blanked from

Maybe the problem is with Kong instead of the game? It’s happened to me also, both on this game and others. (Firefox here as well).

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / Mage Killer and Mage's Bane

Blood bond and spirit ward are also quite handy to have around for those enemies. Spirit Ward keeps them from hurting you by making them heal instead, and blood bond causes them to take the same amount of damage before it hits you.

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / What is the difference between depletion and banish?

Your first assumption is mostly correct. If a card goes to the banish pile, it can not be healed by normal means. Cards can be banished in several different ways, including Spear of Destruction, Bernard Bronzefist, Scorched Earth , Swallow Your Souls, and Magma Elemental. Potions are also banished upon depletion, and ranged weapon attacks (which you shouldn’t be using as a pyrelord. Get rid of them ASAP)are sent to a subsection of the banish pile, called the ranged depletion pile. There are currently 2 commonly available ways of getting cards back from the banish pile, but they are highly specific and only effect one kind of card each. Alchemist heals one potion upon depletion, and Silver Arrow heals back all used ranged attacks upon depletion.

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / Card generator

Ok, I don’t care what anyone says, I’m bringing this back. The forums are getting to crowded with bug reports and complaints, so we need something a bit more fun, don’t you think? (And the last post was only 2 weeks ago, so it’s technically not a necro. It was just buried a bit by all those previously mentioned bug reports).

And to do it, I have these:

(Don’t like the name on this last one, but it’s all I could think of)

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / Cycle deck bug

Sometimes when I play in a cycle deck, I get down to the last card in my deck, and play an alch to keep me going. Only problem is, it doesn’t. It goes to my depletion pile as if it was a normal card instead of my deck like it’s supposed to. No card effect that would cause this to happen occurs, unless I’m missing something really big. This does not happen all the time, which is good, but it’s really annoying when it does.