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Topic: Kongregate / who else besides me got all 62 shiny kongpanions

Count me in. All shiny, yeah!

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Topic: Picma - Picture Enigmas / Suggestions

Hello, i got a suggestion for Picma Plus/Squared.
Please allow us to rebind the X Key!
It’s really annoying. For example if i know that puzzle has 4 colors, and i need to pick last one, i will press 4 instantly. This X doesn’t really needed, because i use shift+mouse1 to do it.

ALso it would be nice to add button, so you can select color from the board. Something like Alt+mouse1?

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

I checked my favorites. Most of them are badged, but i found one game i want badges badly.
It got 3.7 ratio. Not sure about kong API though. But if you have time, please try this one.