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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] Musketeer?

thegoodlocust get to level 40 and tell me your thoughts again

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] Musketeer?

Musketeers, donning low defense suits and dual pistols are supposed to be the dps of the group.

However certain skills, misleading descriptions as well as general weakness are plaguing this choice of character.

To begin off, musketeers have a lower attack value than other classes(lower than the cleric), this is fine as it is compensated with dual strikes and an occasional bonus 4 strikes. But when we factor in the skills of the musketeers, we have an entirely different story.

The first skill to highlight, ‘Lucky Gunner’. at max level, add a 30% increased chance to critical…….for one turn….. Tell me how does this benefit anyone. Our warrior friends have ‘warrior spirit’ which add 65% to attk for the next 3 turns. How is this even a valid skill. 1 turn? and not even a guaranteed crit but rather an additional 30% chance.

Next skill esquivar. at level 3, 2 hits of 130%. Was it forgotten that by default we already do 2 hits and occasionally 4 hits, but still the low 130% and a long cooldown. so by casting this skill, i only got 60% more of what i do usually right now. Is this even relevant?

‘Unexpected gift’. Does it even stack? i see 5 boxes but not seeing my overall damage skill damage increasing by 100%, great that it is for 2 turns rather than 1 now.

‘Smoke bomb’, Terrible AOE, Probably the weakest aoe in the game. at Maxed level it does only 250% damage. worst of all 1 single hit. By default musks already do 2 hits, so we’re only getting an extra 50%? for pumping this skill up to level 5?

‘crazy fury’ This is an absolute bullshit skill. Level 1 does 2 hits of 105% damage. Tell me how is this different from just selecting the enemy and pressing normal attack. In fact by normal attacking i get a chance of hitting 4 times.

same goes with skills like kick or aqua shot. DONT forget that musks have low atk, which is why by default doing 2 attacks. and yet a measly 200-300% of 1 hit is assigned to this skill. which is as good as a normal attack.

Please fix this, as alluring a dual gun wielding rambo might sound, end game musk is really crap, both as tanks or dps.

It is already difficult that we have to farm double the halites double the pearls just to match a complete elite set. Now we can only socket 2 gems with our guns? Is this a little too unfair or what. If the lightning ball quest could give a pair of pistols, should crafting give a pair as well?