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Topic: Spellstone: General / Card ratings!

Awesome! This is really helpful, thanks.

A few questions/comments. Why is barrier more than twice as good as armor? In my experience armor has been more useful as it is active while the creature is on cooldown and it not random. I know it blocks bolt, which I appreciate, but in my experience, with the prevalence of empower decks, armor has been better.

Why is bolt at 2? I would definitely put it above 1, since it is going to hit an enemy creature and not be wasted on hitting their hero, but 2 seems a bit high.

The weighting for cooldown seems to favor low cooldown cards a little too much. I know they are the meta right now, but looking at this, all 4-delay cards are would seem pretty useless, which might give the wrong message. Not sure what a better scale would be, maybe between 3x and 1x, instead of 5x and 1x? Not sure how much that would lower the high cards. It might instead be a good idea to just break the ratings up by cooldown instead of trying to take cooldown into account. So have a different subtable for each cooldown so you only compare cards within cooldown.

What exactly is the bonus column in the stats spreadsheet? And is that a +bonus, or is it a multiplier?

For the number of abilities, it seems unnecessary to penalize cards for not having abilities more than the lower score they will have just for not having abilities. This is not a hugely important point, as pretty much every card seems to have 3 abilities, with a few exceptions.

Thanks for making this! It will be super helpful in planning out my deck.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / How to beat Miasma lv 8?

Hey, a lot of people keep saying they have been saving their gold. I’ve just been buying bronze packs whenever i can since I can see anything else to buy. Is there any reason to save gold, or anything else to spend it on but bronze packs?

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / [Mobile] Creating A New Guild: ESLQFF

First off, this is a recruitment thread for Dawn of the Dragons Mobile. If you haven’t heard, 5th planet games released this game on iOS a few months ago, and a week or two ago on Android. This thread therefore serves a dual purpose of getting people who don’t know about it to discover the mobile version, while also hopefully leading new recruits to my upcoming guild.

So I just started playing on Android, and I am really enjoying this game. I joined a guild, but they were not very helpful, and weren’t summoning the bosses that seem the best for farming. I was looking for a guild to move into, but with the influx of Android players, all of the guilds seem to have filled up. To that end, I have created a charter to begin a new guild.
I have not decided on a name for the guild, but I am a huge Terry Pratchett fan, so names like Unseen University, The Broken Drum (you can’t beat it) etc. have come to mind. However, if you sign the charter, I would love to get input on the name of the guild.
In the guild, I plan to be very active, helping new players with the knowledge I’ve gleaned from the forums, and helping all guild members get the guild raids they would like, while encouraging an active and friendly community.
If you are interested in being a charter member of this new guild, enter code ESLQFF. Hope to see you there!

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Event] Dante Quicksong 4th Poetry Piece

He becomes a 2/10

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / A Deck, Tournament Review, and PvP Cards

So I just finished a 1v1 equalizer tournament trying out a new deck idea. For those of you who haven’t read it, take a look at this guide to nimble decks on the kings and legends forum.
What I could make of this deck from just elf standard packs over a week or so got me to a hair under 1200 1v1 rating.
From there, I dismissed the elven frost mages because they didn’t have nimble, and entropic touch seems pretty weak. I then made a deck to try and combine the nimble deck with the elven frost mages. A ranger or a mage is mandatory for this, since they have the only debuff skills. I did 3 battles as a mage and 1 as a ranger, and won 2 with the mage, and lost the other two.
The idea behind the deck is similar to nimble in that the thunder damage should take out your opponent’s creatures. However, the frost mages add front line damage that is boosted by any effects the opponent is under.

The deck I used was as follow:
17 Creatures:
1x Ryli the White Witch
1x Shiva the Frozen heart
3x Elven Thunder Mage
3x Elven Thunder Archmage
3x Elven Frost Archmage
3x Elven Frost Sorcerer
3x Elven Guard

13 Skills
3x Fireball
3x Weaken
3x Petrify/Frost Nova
3x Forgetfulness
1x Meditation

3x Tactic: Decay
3x Target Weakness
3x Rupture
3x Flashbomb
1x Frenzy

Now it turns out, 13 skills is too many, especially when 3 of the decks I faced were nimble. I lost one fight because my hand was literally full of single-target skills I couldn’t play. This deck beat a rush without too much problem; the slowing of the mages and spearmen made short work of anything, and weakness reduced any threats that did make their way through. I also realized after a short period of time that 1-turn ice spells weren’t too useful, as they went away before my next turn and the frost mage’s next attack. I ended up switching frost nova out for poison fog, but I’m not sure which would be better. In the end, the frost mages were able to put up impressive numbers, and halt the opposing advance quite well. Their hefty life for mages allowed them to take a nuke and keep on.

The final battle I lost was to another nimble deck with a lot of samurai that were heavy on resistance. Needless to say, this deck fared poorly. I think if I were going to change it up, I would add in some more physical attackers for some of the skills. Some toxic blade bats come to mind, but anything that an inflict a status ailment would be good.

I will try putting some version of this deck together after the current PvP season, and seeing what I can do with it, and I’ll come back in a week or so with some further thoughts as well as a deck that is actually doable with a real player, and not an all-legendary equalizer.

On a final note, playing with both forgetfulness and flashbomb, I really came to like forgetfullness. Being able to neuter a bomb cart and a King Bael was great, whereas their abilities still would have activated if they were stunned. Also, forgetfulness lasts 2 turns, long enough for the mages to deal some extra damage to the skilless enemies.

Anyways, sorry for the huge amount of text, and hope this maybe gives some of you some ideas. Am open to any comments or critiques.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / What to buy with free gold?

They were a week ago, but now that they are becoming more common, some of the easier to obtain ones are selling cheaply. especially prince serka, who often has a buyout of under 100 g these days. If you keep your eyes out on the AH, you can get some great deals for pretty good epics. Although the sale cards are also good too.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Auction system - question


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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Is really worth to do 90+ activity daily for the rewards?

If you sell cards on the AH, you can use 12 rubies to buy novice packs, which counts as spending gold. Also, getting 90 activity a day gives you epic crafting materials, which are needed for epic and legendary class spells in the alchemy lab. Definitely worth it.
However, you can get both the weekly rewards without ever getting 90 activity a day, so if you’re after those chances, then don’t bother.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / King Asterion

Static shield seems to stun, not just immobilize like it says in the tooltip, in whch case he’d be pretty boss.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Free players are weak

To be fair, the game has been going for a while from another publisher (, and there have been many of the same complaints, but there is still a playerbase. I do think free players will always lose to paying players, but if they can win, then what is the point of paying? If a player has to pay a few thousand dollars to get to VIP10, they had better wipe the floor with any f2p player. I’d feel bad if I beat someone who had spent that much money without paying any myself. If you are willing to pay a free-2-play game, and not spend any money on a game, then expect to get destroyed by people that can get an advantage with money. If you want a completely fair playing field, you are playing the wrong game.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Pack Research

How do we see the data? Or is this you using us to get data for yourself? I’m happy to post, but not unless I know I can see the results.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] Trading Post


Bovine Leather
Corrupted Wood


8x Frenzy
7x Hawkeyes
4x Lightning Strike
5x PotR
35x Purge
11x Aikido Mastery
15x Agonizing Acupuncture
18x Ghost Trapping
8x Raise Skeletons
8x SitS

13x Blood Doll
43x Clochard
29x Dark Fairy
7x Fringe Scientist
19x Giant Rat
7x Lightning Imp
10x Raven
20x Shadowfrost Demon
5x Traveller
25x Undertaker
16x Bodyguard
18x Wolf
23x Zombie

Fell free to make any offers for the items I have listed, especially offers involving the items I am looking for. I will pay BDs for Earthmend, but no more than 10 BD per scroll. My IGN is Badrag if you’re interested.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] Trading Post

Scroll: Earthmend (10 BD), or trade for anything I am selling below.
Bovine Leather (2 BD each/10k each)
Corrupted Wood (0.1 BD/2k each)
The material BD/credit ratio is off because I would prefer to trade credits instead of BDs for the materials.

1x Agonizing Acupuncture
1x Aikido Mastery
1x Command Vermin
1x Create Illusion of Beauty
23x Decay
4x Frenzy
14x Purge
1x Raise Skeletons
13x Sanctuary in the Sands
21x Soul Strike
13x Vile Swarm

6x Blood Doll
21x Clochard
5x Fringe Scientist
10x Giant Rat
2x Lightning Imp
3x Raven Familiar
12x Shadowfrost Demon
4x Underworld Bodyguard
5x Zombie Servant

IGN is Badrag. PM for any details, or feel free to just set up a trade. Thanks in advance!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] Suggestions & Bug reports & Changes

Yeah, I have had this problem as well. I solely did PvP from 36-51 except for what happened about once a day when I ran out of viable PvP targets and had to go back to PvE. Without some sort of change to the PvP system I feel like I have to pick and choose the PvE equipment I can buy. I know that this occurs in PvE as well, but at least there the limitation of how much I can make is solely based on the amount of energy I have, in PvP it is limited by the amount of viable PvP targets before energy even becomes an issue. If I were a pure PvP player, I would be very unhappy that the money I have put into this game to get a 60s regeneration setup would not be useful. Anyway, I don’t really have any ideas beyond those that have been posted, but I would like to register my discomfort with the current situation.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] WTB 4 WoC Blood Surgeon

WTB 4 WoC Blood Surgeon. Will pay BD/credits or trade for mats/scrolls/WoCs: let me know. IGN is Badrag.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] Which portal should I use?

Hey everyone! So I am level 19, and I want to use a portal while I can do the best in a portal zone for the next 24 hours. I have the portal to both Red Pastures and the Crashed Spaceship, but I do not know which one would be more use. Looking at the wiki, the accessory in the red pastures giving 1% more loot in PvE and PvB looks really good, but nothing else looks too good. The crashed spaceship has some powers that look really good, and some craftable loot later on that might be good to start getting some stuff for now. Any ideas on which would be better? Any comments appreciated.