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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / It seems like Poison Dice miss more often than other dice.

Sure, more damage but it takes a crapload of time for that damage to get done. Later on you’ll just go “why the hell bother when I can just cannon them down in 1 go anyway?”

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Topic: Epic Arena / Suggestions / etc whine.

1) Combat needs speed changing options badly, nobody wants to waste time watching the computer do its slow turns.
2) This game is not tactical or strategy, its puzzle.
3) This game is very bad at being a CCG too, there’s literally nothing you can do about the regular cards you have, they’re always the same and the levels I’ve played so far gave me zero opportunity to use the powercards i got from the shop – the tiny, tiny, tiny speck of change you can make in your available actions.

Visually pleasing but as a game, this one requires alot more work before it will even begin to entertain – it feels like a visually polished pre-alpha release.

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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / Stealin Dice Back... does it work for you?

Seen the button just fine, but never been able to find the opponent, even if they stole my dice 30 seconds ago.

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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / why difficult is auto-increase?

Originally posted by Misaky:

I just unlocked the mage and hunter, and its very hard to train them at start <_<
they start at lvl 0 and the monsters arent shared(so.. 0 monsters at start).
even on the tutorial maps appears rare monsters that make me fail the map.

Items dude, items :) Get items from the Adventurer (your first character) and you’ll be crazy litte mage/hunter :P

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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / The way to the top

A fairly easy way to progress through the game:

At first, almost any monsters will do (poison sucks, the flying bats rock). Your first objective is to gather alot of dice shards (dont break uncut dice for that unless you buy them with kreds though) so that you can raise your capture dice amounts quickly and gather enough items to have 1-2 really hard hitting party members – you should always have at least 1 member that doesn’t hit very hard [no dice combos that would create doubles or triples or multiply the attack by very much] for easier capture.

The first monsters to aim for are:
Jubokko @ Trees of Loneliness, Lost to the Forest, The Trolls Enclave, 26pts capture, Single Forest Core Dice, Gets another Attack dice and 1-3 multiplier early on and Forest damage is very good at killing the things at Unforgiving Mangrove)
Burning Cuboid @ Sulphur Geysir, 132dice capture, Double Fire Core Dice)
Gravity Hook @ Abandoned Aquaduct, Dried Up Riverbed , 220pts capture, Double Water Core Dice).

Once you have at least some of these monsters (feel free to substitute any of them with any other of them, depending on how many capture dice you were able to get by the time Unforgiving Mangrove becomes available to you).

Do not be afraid to spend dice shards on your lowbie monsters to quickly up your capture dice in order to capture the higher level monster, or to spend burning feathers to finish a run where you managed to capture one.

In general items should be divided to the same same damage type monsters as the item boosts, as that makes those monsters not only huge cannon against the type they are strong against, but also against the type they themselves are.

The final ‘grinding’ spots you will aim for are:
Unforgiving Mangrove
Retinohypothalam (Triple Water Core Dice, 264pts capture)
Eggburgenejal (Quadruple Forest Core Dice, 252pts capture)
Ancient Lava Field
Hoggly (Triple Fire Core Dice, 400pts capture, appears at hero level 24)
Ancient Waterway
Finless Shark (Triple Water Core Dice, 320pts capture, appears at hero level 24, NOT AS GOOD AS RETINOHYPOTHALAM)

The monsters above are ridicilously strong in comparison to how easy they are to get (when you get ‘lucky’ on their turn, that usually meant 1k+ damage on any target for me). Do not be afraid to burn phoenix feathers on a run where you capture one, but also do not burn feathers on a run where the first monsters in the first fight get lucky and whack you or your monsters out of the game – there’s nothing wrong with dying and trying again after getting unlucky.

If you find the above levels too hard you can go to these places to find a Sodium Cloud (252pts capture, pretty rare, will have to do the levels alot)
Lair of the Oracle
Deserted Beach
Dried Up Riverbed
Sodium Cloud (Double Water Core Dice, gains 2 more Double Attack dice early on so it becomes a freaky cannon with a few + water damage items).

Gold Farming

Gold mostly comes from 2 sources: Chests and rolling ridicilously high number of dice. It is very easy to get say 10k gold by only putting risky dice on your peeps, going to a lower level dungeon and just spamming the dice until you hit on a higher dice combo (which can be anything between 9-20 dice, depending on your luck and how high you are willing to go). Keep an eye on the dices on the left, the golden ones are worth more gold and you should base your judgement on wether to roll more dice or not on those (a normal turn for any of your peeps would be: roll 7-9 dice, check how many golds you got and approximate your chances of rolling for more based on how many ones in a relatively rapid succession you saw in the past 2-3 turns, then either take what you got if you got a nice amount of gold dice or roll for more if you think you can chance it).

As for chests, always use gold to blow up all chests save for the last 2 you have to choose between, it’s worth it not only gold wise but item, dice shard and uncut dice wise as well.

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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / why difficult is auto-increase?

Number of monsters depend somewhat on the number of monsters you bring with you into the level and personally I did not notice any of the ‘hardening’ mentioned above – as you level up, some new, harder monsters appear at the earlier levels and there are always rares out there, but your power raises alot more than any of that affects the difficulty of a level (after a while, even single manning any level of the first 2 locations and most of the levels of the later levels is a piece of cake, it would only be hard if you brought 3 really shitty monsters / monsters with shitty dices with you into them with crappy items / poorly chosen items, otherwise bringing monsters with you makes it even easier).

Grinding is not a matter of how many levels you beat btw, I’ll leave you to think on that based on what you’re actually grinding and where that said something comes from.

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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / Reloaded game and save is gone

As the title says, reloaded the game (browser refresh) and poof suddenly I’m at the very beginning of the game with nothing.

I’m assuming the game uses a local save since it has a cloud save option.

Considering you try to sell people stuff with kreds, I’d recommend not doing that because a) this kind of shit happens and b) people can just cheat by altering the save files (which I would do at this point if I wanted to continue playing the game).

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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / Things to take note while playing TDD

What’s the deal with this game?

The deal is, alot of things in the game require uncut dies which are next to impossible to amass without paying ridicilous amounts of kreds (1 dice is 2 kreds, 1 dice on the other hand is pretty much equal to one clip of ammo in your average fps in terms of how many of them you’ll end up needing and I’m being generous here).

Edit: Other than that, it could be a great game but if you dont pay, the game is nigh unplayable after a while.

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Topic: League of Angels / [Forum Event] Fireside Tales: As Told by You

(S4 Cellie)
The mage starts to weave his tale:
“It all started when I was getting my pointy hat repaired at the local tailor…”

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Suggestions and Ideas

Uhhh, one more!

3. Personal buildings

You have a city you build buildings around and it provides bonuses for everyone in the city. Expand the same form of building to personal level – players shop has thingies outside of it and around it that can be built and upgraded the same way that you build the city – except that these bonuses follow you around wherever you are! Obviously they are smaller than any bonuses you get in a city, but it adds another personal-benefit -layer to the game and also allows players to again have more choises!

Edit: These bonuses would not be like they are in things we build inside the shop, but like on the ones outside, giving more resources per hour (in a lot smaller amount) or bringing in special kind of customers.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Suggestions and Ideas

1. Repeat button for crafting!
In other words: a box you check that makes a worker automatically repeat the last-built receipe for as long as you have materials for it.

Very easy to implement:
1. Add checkbox + bind it to vars
2. 4 variables for each active worker + setting it to false between days if worker was changed
3. When worker drops item into bin, check if auto has been set on, if so, repeat last receipe unless player issued a new one (though variable would be set to false by this time anyway, but just in case the functions are run in parallel as sometimes is with flash/silverlight platforms).

Very nice to have because many-a-times we just wanna repeatedly craft the same thing a kazillion times %p

Edit: Another way to deal with this would be to add a small repeat icon next to the worker icon that allowed you to start crafting the same receipe again.

2. Involvement in quests for bonus-something!

The characters are from Sorcery Quest. The items are from Sorcery Quest. Let us get involved in the quests like in Sorcery Quest! A small simplified SQ -like minigame where you run around with the chosen customers in the same way you do in SQ and they have certain customer -based unique skillset (also level based) somewhat based or similar to SQ with the items we gave them giving them certain kinds of bonuses, skills or whatever.

Altough the coding work for this would be a bit more work, you could use the SQ engine so it wouldn’t have to be made out of nothing.

This would be even nicer if there were quests that had “?” -slots for adventurers that could have any class you wanted to put in there.

This could be completely optional for players – it would be like a tradeoff’ish challenge of sorts; If you chose manual involvement in quest and succeeded to do it, you could get some bonus from it (ie. bonus materials / better chances at getting the items / shorter duration of the quest. Then again, the player uses some shop-time to do the quest so its also a choise – some players want to quest more and shop less while others want to do it the other way around, everyone is happy!

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Topic: Technical Support / EBF4 not loading

For fixing white screen problem:

1. Goto the following url with your browser (snitched from page info of the game page, this is the actual game swf):

2. Does the page load or time out/not load?
2a) Times out / doesn’t load, goto 3.
2b) Does something else, please do explain what that something else is.

3. Check all your network rerouting thingies for reroutes on kongregate addresses. This starts with your hosts file (in windows/system32/drivers/etc/ directory) and searching & deleting entries that re-route addresses that point to kongregate in one way or another and ends with your more advanced (network controlling software) and less advanced (routers & other equipment you are using) thingies that can be configured to re-route networking.

My problem was that I had a few kongregate related entries in the hosts file due to manually fixing the DNS problem kong had way back when and after it was fixed, I forgot to remove the addresses which caused this particular game not to load.

If your download is cut short in the game, I have no idea what could be done to fix that other than getting your ISP to ‘reset’ your connection (possibly netting you a new IP address and refreshed priority and so forth) by shutting down your comp/network thingies for 5 mins.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Long Upgrades!

This is the way these kind of games squeeze money out of the dumber players – who has the patience to wait 6 months rather than pay a little $$/€€ and get it now?

IGG Games is the new Edgebee (the most retardedly-money-hungry developer to ever set foot on kong).

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Topic: Dream World / classes have more efficient ways of grinding

Originally posted by SkyHai

1) Don’t buy weapons or armors except on very rare occasions. Get your items from quests or beggars. Use all money on con, and put some into str along the way.

An exception here is at the very beginning, where it is very profitable (speed-wise) to buy a powerful weapon – for example using the money you gain from the first ‘daily chest’.

3) Ally should go kitten —> Priestess —> Phoenix —> Demon Wings —> Alien Lord if you don’t have a premium ally already. You can get Demon Wings from opening a demon gate with an orb when you claim your reward, and Alien Lord is obtainable by hitting the MS, although it’s a very small chance

Bolded the important part. For premium: Go either Valk or Lilith for your ally and no-one else – no point in getting 2 allies unless you’re swimming in gems, the choice is between a little block and weaken, if on the other hand you are swimming in gems, get both (yes, valk > EP).

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Topic: Dream World / Demon Lords

Originally posted by zombiekilla2

“- Partial levels:

  • Level 51+ player’s combat level modifiers will slightly increase for every 10% progress toward next level." words from kingk brah

I have nothing against that, but it does not state that the gains from microlevels outdo the gains from actual levels, ie. the situation with 60.9 vs 61.0, which I have nothing against either, as long as someone proves it – either by showing the numbers (with enough samples, which should not be a problem) or by kingk saying so.

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Topic: Dream World / Demon Lords

Originally posted by kroner20:
Originally posted by TheNeRD14:
Originally posted by kroner20:

anyone notice that boss hits harder when your minilevel is lower, that is kinda stupid…

Yeah, a boss hitting harder when you’re level is lower… That’s a novel concept!

uhm, I ment the minilevel, you know like xx.5, 5 is the minilevel…

Are you saying that a boss hits a 61.0 player harder than a 60.9’er? I highly doubt that. This brings us back to TheNeRD’s comment: level affects damage, case closed.

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Topic: Dream World / Chicken, 3 legged cow, horses

It’s not complicated unless used by people who do not know how to apply it properly in practice and thus cannot help but cling to the overly complex , general formulae.

This problem can easily be reduced into a very simple procedure that can be calculated in ones head in a few seconds:

You have:
‘A’ and ‘B’ legged creatures (2, 3 or 4)
Total amount, ‘HeadCcount’, of the animals
Leg count of ‘LegCount’

1. Calculate [HeadC * A or B], whichever is lower.
2. Reduce the number from (1) from LegCount [LegCount – (1)]
3. Divide (2) by the positive difference of A and B – which is either 1 or 2.

(3) Is the amount of the animals with more legs – type either (3) or HeadCount – (3), depending on which was asked.

A short example using the same values as Ark_Angelus:

“On a farm there are three-legged-cows and horses. There are total of 67 heads and 226 legs. How many three-legged-cows are on the farm?

3 * 67 = 201
226 – 201 = 25
leg difference is 1, so 25 / 1 = 25 horses,
thus 67 – 25 = three-legged-cows.

Now pick the formula you think is simpler :)

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Topic: Dream World / Stat Guidelines

Originally posted by SirFievel33:

I would go so far as to say that if you are level 60+ and do NOT have 50-120-32-32-32 you are doing something really wrong. Between the free gems you get from logging in daily, to the way that KingK has changed the game for the benefit of lower level players, you have no excuse.

We have plenty of excuses. Starting with the fact that there’s no guide that says: “Don’t use LP for stat upgrades, because you randomly get stats from boxes until they are 32”, all we have is “Don’t use LP for stat upgrades”.

I don’t know about you, but I base my choises on facts, not opinions. “Don’t use LP for stat upgrades” is a worthless opinion, while adding “…because you randomly get stats from boxes until they are 32” makes it a fact worth listening to.

You want to ‘guide’ someone, give them all the facts, don’t just say “do this do that”.

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Topic: Dream World / Any secrets to salvaging?

The game actually reads your thoughts as you gather the materials, so not thinking about the quest while smashing the monsters raises your chances of getting the items. You may also try to embarass the algorithm by thinking dirty thoughts, but that only works agains non-perverted algorithms – if it backfires, you’re screwed.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / sadorandom or normal distribution setting on RNG?

Originally posted by DopeDoop:

I think you misunderstood me but forget it.

I could have, the object in your post is ambiguous. I guess I assumed wrong, my apologies.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / sadorandom or normal distribution setting on RNG?

Originally posted by DopeDoop:

Wow. Few things make me hate people, but this does.
Something like that can’t be passed off as ‘haha nubs im jus trolling’. You have problems dude.

kaboomba’s alt: located. What, now it’s not a joke?

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / sadorandom or normal distribution setting on RNG?

What is this, pre-school?

Originally posted by Bob_stew:

I thought this was actually a pretty interesting conversation about statistics, especially with the points Pescado raised. This seems a little off topic.

Yes, but unfortunately the ultimate conclusion is that regardless of wether the system cheats or not and wether or not it is possible to reveal those cheats (the more complex the system, the more tests are necessary), it is clear that no-one has enough statistics to actually get reliable results of anything and it’s highly unlikely that a large enough group would start gathering them anytime soon to get enough.

Bottom line: Yes, if a system twists the results in some way, there are always tests that can find the tampering, but we don’t have and won’t get enough data to actually get any results.

E: For todays drama, here’s how this whole thing with kaboomba ends in PMs:

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / sadorandom or normal distribution setting on RNG?

Feel free to point out where and why, simply quoting and throwing out some random fallacy equals fail.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / sadorandom or normal distribution setting on RNG?

For a moment there I thought you were capable of serious conversation, but meh, didn’t take long for you to degenerate back into a demeaner.

Will everything from you from now on be just more one liners that basically say “Hey everyone look I’m right he’s wrong even though I’m just saying that instead of elaborating but hey, I’m me so I have to be right, right? Now lets all laugh at him as a big group of stupid people and feel better about ourselves.”?

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / sadorandom or normal distribution setting on RNG?

Originally posted by kaboomba:

multifails. im astonished because people usually get to the understanding you’re talking about, in their teenage years. when they become adults, they realise that institutional corruption is a fact of life, and is in fact, only redressed in specific cases, normally by laws.

Indeed, but unfortunately most people here (including you, based on your style) seem to be… well, not necessarily in their teens for some, but mentally everything but mature, or should I rather say, stable.

Second of all, I have nothing to say about Pescados text, which is why I quoted your out-of-context quote. Which you – surprise surprise – turned into this.

PS. I do read my own messages and yes, sometimes (read: many-a-times) I have a sharp tongue, but I don’t quote single lines out of someones text just because it would be possible to bash them in some way about it – logic errors I don’t mind correcting with my oh-so-sharp-tongue, but just to get an insult out of it, I’ll leave that to you.