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Topic: Endless Dream / autoshard bug

The level based restriction only sort of works:
On items in bag already, it works exactly as expected. Set level, click check mark for level restrict, click rarities, shards things of those rarities below that level.
For leaving it on as you pick up new items.. not so much. You can have level restrict set as 1, it will still autoshard while picking up items of any level. Found out when I left it set for sharding below lvl 20 as I do when on low lvl exp farm speed runs, then went on a graveyard run to try for another tombstone and came out with far more shards gained than the end bonus accounts for.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Goblins are op.

Could really use getting rid of the “buildings cost 10% less” upgrades. If you use a Frenzy-Call spell rotation, building-discount still doesn’t make up for the income boosts any other faction would have instead, before even accounting for upgrades not having as much discount. If you use Greed, takes no time before all buildings are absurdly higher cost to buy one than you will ever make as goblins. Can probably say same for the discounted upgrades upgrade since I’m currently looking at those having had nothing buyable for hours as well and likely will still be so in morning.

Import-Export seems like a waste of time to bother with to me anyhow, but the ideas for including RNG’s seed or 2 draws ahead sound maybe simple enough and could curb the exploit if it actually doesn’t just result in continuously reload-reroll cycling yourself already.

Currently on a goblin playthrough. Even with 400T+ gems it was looking like 600 each evil buildings would take less time on average from auto-Greed than real playing Demon or Undead. So far will hold true I think, just a shame I’m going to have gem gains killed with 1.5 to 2 days taken for it and less gems to show than a couple hours with most other factions of any alignment. Greed makes them a nice little trophy-hunting niche use choice, but a few useless upgrades kill them for any serious use.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / UPDATE

Thing is, we already have been patient, at least to the extent of waiting longer than the expectations they themselves set. They kept going on and on about how there’s a major update almost ready to push out. Then end of August they did a small update for micromanagement, which many found rather “meh” since it moved the game away from being a great true idle and towards just another anti-idle. Then September 15, just over 2 weeks later, they apologize for not updating for a month (so.. micromanage didn’t count? But then that would mean way more than a month), and say it should be within the next week that they push the major update through. Now 2 weeks later, still no update, no word on why, but clues seem to point to it has something to do with them trying to make a special version specific to smartphones for if you don’t want / can’t just run it off your phone’s browser. Ignore the phones already. People who were considering using kreds for multipliers to have fun being competitive about the next phase are instead getting bored, wandering off, no longer even producing that adshare rev for loading the page a whopping once per day to see if anything has changed yet.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / I dislike the new anti-idle feature

Stuck here in 1800-news-land, the anti-idle just doesn’t seem to do much. Still going to take like a day to afford the next new upgrade (and x3 pizza isn’t exactly a huge help). Still gaining AI very very slowly (others have said micromanage helps more on AI than cash. I watched it and it didn’t seem to make much difference). From fiddling with the micromanage, I actually managed to set myself back a few minutes from the rehire bumping from 25% to full in like 0.05 seconds a couple times. I get it was intended for a risk-reward system, both with the penalty and with the jumping, but I’m just not seeing the rewards being much while the risk is less predictable than actual investment.

And those concerned with locking themselves out from all businesses: you’re doing it wrong. Seriously, who would risk lockout on their last business? Why would you not wait for rehires when like half of them were down? Maybe when you get to 3 simultaneous managers locked out and unable to afford the rehire, it’s time to either join the anti-anti-idle club (we has cookies!) or the gambler’s anonymous club.

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Topic: Kongregate / PETITION: stop badging MMOs where you have to wait

Just because it has a badge doesn’t mean you must get the badge. When it’s the weekly challenge, that’s a bit more annoying. When it’s badge of the day (same goes for any badge that takes more than an hour or 2 of playtime) it’s just bizarrely cruel. But just having badges? No problems there. If you hate playing energy games, skip that badge. If you like or don’t mind them, then huzzah you have been pointed towards one that is supposedly a decent one.

As for etiquette matters of badge hunters raid tagging and such: again, would like to remind them they don’t need to get these badges. There’s plenty of games where you could get the badges and points quicker. Go hunt down all of those first or something. That said, the people in the multiplayer games don’t have to be jerkwads to them either. If a raid fails because there somehow happens to be too many badge hunters leaching credit on it or whatever, maybe try arranging with them to go in more manageable sized waves. Sure, not every boss fight has room for a carry, but it’s highly doubtful a badge would be on such late progression content. The sooner they get it, the sooner they’re gone. If you just keep yelling at how they’re ruining it, they’ll just keep piling on en masse and ruining it as they have no other option than to hope at random that they find the group that can carry them. (Option B is of course to actually care about the game and try, but if there was interest in the game for more than a badge, they would’ve already done that and would be too innocuous for this thread to even exist.) They don’t want it to fail either, as odds are that won’t be close enough for badge credit. Ask a specific few to leach your next one while arranging with the others which one after that they will leach, that way they can get their badge (or have a set date for when to just log in and tag for it) and leave you in peace.

Edit: Woo, Text Wall attack maintains 100% crit rate as usual

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Topic: Wartune / Change event timings & participation or Europeans will quit

Honestly the times don’t work for all Americans either, this isn’t a location issue, you’d still have it if the server (and therefore server time) were in your timezone. Or within 3 timezones since this is Pacific and East has a huge chunk of the population too.

Should probably be 2 or 3 different times each for the daily events and only allowed to complete 1 per day. Server has enough population now that Arena and Battleground can probably support that, and frankly it would be an improvement to World Boss if every hour the next 1 of the 3 rotates back (meaning 8 chances each per day). Just limit per day to a number of Arena matches roughly equal to current average among people that can even make it, 2 rounds of BG, and once per boss on WB.

Edit: guy that posted while I was writing thinks a new server costs nothing. Lulz. But no really, they should be able to afford at least 2 more by now, one with a mid-Europe TZ and another over by Aussie/NZ/east-Asia, and it should increase revenue a worthwhile amount due to people being more willing to spend on a game that is less laggy and has a schedule that can accommodate them. Though I still support my above ideas on all servers for the scheduling fix.

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Topic: Wartune / Loot in Party Dungeons

That wouldn’t help in the least when it’s somebody about 150 ping lower than you with zero patience. You would still need to be able to see a screen other than battle screens and the reward card screen at the end.

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Topic: Wartune / Loot in Party Dungeons

I would be fine with being drug around onto the next map of a dungeon or into the final boss of a dungeon, except the part where loot tends to be in treasure chests that you have to click to pick up. As a result, person with lowest ping time collects/ignores their drop if they even got one, everybody else barely gets on screen and it starts the load message for another.

At end of a level, give us a last chance to grab any loot that was tagged for us, or even just put it all in inventory auto. Or could just not automatically kick us out of the dungeon, let us wander back for it and leave manually when we’re ready. Toss in re-activating map transitions for going backwards through the dungeon once it’s beat so we can go back to map 1. Just something so we can grab our precious shadow crystals from when the screen went unclickable because one impatient guy who lives closer to the server forced us forward before we ever got the message to switch from battle screen back to walking screen.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Nebula 44] Bug thread

Keep getting hassled to register a name and whatnot, but when I agree to do it, nothing comes up. First try I got a very small upper right chunk to come up, enough that I can click to close the otherwise invisible window. All attempts after that, even that corner doesn’t come up, but knowing where the close button is I can still muck around the area until cursor changes to let me know I’ve found the button and hit it to close and go back to the game. Sure would be nice if just once the actual window would come up so I can quit being bothered with registration reminders.

Edit: After hitting the register button, left for 20 minutes or so, come back, now instead of just the upper right corner, it’s the whole right quarter from top to bottom. Still nothing useful beyond the close button. The still-visible yet inactive normal game window portion had updated resource numbers and another registration reminder pop up (lol). Noticed that the hidden part of registry screen was visible for a split second when scrolling rapidly back up from the comments section, but breaking my mousewheel to keep trying to read it about a tenth of a second at a time does not sound like something that any game is worth. Does hint though that the problem may be with the normal game window being redrawn over the top of registry window.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Suggestions Look 1st page for Suggestions.

Originally posted by James_Voltaire:

The limit for speaking in the world chat should not be there. I mean seriously, what’s the point? The game first limits us in that regard and then throws at us hundreds of loudspeakers weekly, again, what’s the point? Most of us have few hundreds of them and we get more everyday that we won’t use up. Either take the limit out or let us convert those loudspeakers into something actually useful, like Corsairs Gold.

Point being online games tend to get swamped by 3rd party sites selling game currency. Easy way to deal with it is make a chat limitation to hamstring mass amounts of new accounts coming in, spamming chat to where nothing but their advertisement is seen, then just making new accounts (automatically by script at that) if/when some form of moderator bans/mutes them. An actual player gets more loudspeakers than reasonably needed, but an advert bot needs a more robust script to get more than like 5 or 10. Easy enough to do, or even run through making new accounts more often, but even easier to just find an easier game to spam+scam, and so they tend to do so.

But seriously, some kind of sell-back or trade-in for the hundreds of extras real players get would be nice.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Suggestions Look 1st page for Suggestions.

Considered and done. Maybe later in things get better, but for a good chunk of early game, blueprints drop infrequently enough that it doesn’t even come close to closing the gap. The stated 400k vs under 1k gap was at early levels, unlocked to i4 but still taking slight losses on i3, farming i1 non-stop since i2 blueprints are practically worthless in comparison. Maybe it was just bad luck, but only 3 blueprints from a full day. Didn’t undercut the lowest prices and still sold within hours. The extra few bucks was gone in no time. I suppose switching to a less efficient weapon choice could at least bang that He3 level down some. Hardly the intended way to even it out though.

Ship selling haven’t really tried, seems like a good way to waste gold on auction fees. Sure, if your ships are good, and/or have something nice or rare on them, it probably works. That could work great later. New player right out the gates, anything you have isn’t worth buying for anybody in their right mind. It’s barely worth the gold already taken to produce it, then you have to cover the auction fee if you intend to profit. Seems like not many people would be unable to wait a couple minutes to just produce their own Weikes with crappy nubling starter gear on it, and are willing to shell out extra gold to have it instant.

A day later and it is getting better though. Right now I have 4 buildings going, tech research, ship research, parts was going earlier. Not swiping from friend subsidiary territory screens much at all any more. Letting some of mine sit empty for a bit while I get them all re-synced. Resource gap is now about 1.3 mill vs 9k. Bigger gap, but stuff moving at least again, so maybe it eventually gets right.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Suggestions Look 1st page for Suggestions.

To expand on Iamweasel’s idea and the guy right after him with the counterpoint:

Black Market doesn’t allow you to involve gold in the trade, just metal to gas and gas to metal. For the love of all things both real and imaginary, we need a way to get gold evened up some.

My gas and metal buildings aren’t even full upgraded, I just upgrade 1 of each for quests. My gold buildings are all fully upgraded. Research is almost entirely spent on gaining more gold or reducing costs. And yet still I rarely have more than 1 building going at a time, sometimes have none constructing, research facilities are sitting there doing nothing 90% of the time, and can’t build ships. Because my resources are along the lines of 400k+ metal and gas with less than 1k gold, despite how heavily my constructing and researching is stacked towards upping gold. At this point I’ll take any kind of trade.

First idea: tweak Black Market. Let’s go with low level market exchange rate, 1:0.5. Add 2 more lines. Instead of gas>metal and vice versa at rate, new lines are gas+metal>gold and gold>gas+metal. But the rate is tweaked, so you exchange 1 EACH of gas and metal for 0.5 gold, or 1 gold for a total of 0.5 gas and metal (meaning 0.25 each). On market levels like 1:0.55, feel free to round both sides down on the gold to resource exchange (1 gold = 0.27 each).

Of course the easier way would be to do like most games, have gold exchangeable at rate to either resource, and the resources exchange to gold at rate. Maybe keep the direct from one resource to another without going through gold along the way, but whatever.

Another idea: recycle center. Have an option to recycle ships into only gold. Amount you get back is more than the gold put into the ship, but not by much. Like take that default design we all had: cost 154/133/72. Maybe have that recycle down to 75 gold if you choose the recycle type that gives only gold and not the rest. Maybe have it based on level of Recycle Center instead of some flat number. Whatever. So you waste a lot of ship queue time, temporarily tie up some gold, and waste tons of gas and metal, but at least you could slowly eventually get more gold at an appalling rate that even makes the above “half market value” method look like an unbelievably sweet deal. As awful as this method could be, it would still be an improvement over sitting around, doing nothing, just waiting for gold to generate while gas and metal sits around at high amounts.

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Topic: Cloudstone / ENERGY

cdgx and NK12 have some good points. The gain-per-energy and energy-per-time ratios are fine. Having energy pool “simplified” by dividing costs by 2 (or 4, have only seen costs of 4 so far personally) and increasing regen time proportionately, while keeping max energy same, would make sense. Instead of 10 minutes each waiting for 4 energy gains to tick, just wait 40 minutes for 1 tick (or 20 min each for 2 ticks). Same max pool size means instead of every 5 hours, could wait 20 (or 10) hours for max. Around 12-16 hour max pool is probably best; gives enough time to sleep, work, and generally schedule the game around life instead of other way around without taking huge losses, but full-casual once a day players are still held back enough to encourage cash flow. (Let’s face it, companies want profit, asking them to abandon it is unrealistic.) Fastest progress and highest pvp scores would still go to highest combination of staying on here all day and spending boatloads of cash, but at least we could get a full night’s rest without grumbling over loss of progress. Or just admit it’s only a game and stop obsessing, but pffft like that’ll happen.

Edit: sorry, the obsessing comment wasn’t meant as targeting anybody in particular. I used to be that type, getting all worked up if even 5 minutes off optimal once per week on a game, sometimes setting alarms to cut sleep short to quickly blow through cooldowns before resuming the other half of sleep, even on a game I was no longer into and planning to quit soon. So now try to work in the phrase “it’s only a game” as general advice whenever possible. :p

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Topic: Cloudstone / How to get Allies

I remember on another game that worked off of Kong friending like this, the problem was private profiles. For some reason if it hit a profile marked private, even if they friended back so you can see their profile (and not the warning about it being private), it would just stop reading your friends list at that point. Which could be just about anywhere since at times the order/organization of friends list seems a bit random. Only solution I ever heard of was to de-friend 1 by 1 until you find and weed out all the people set to private. Given the insanity and inanity of doing this with large friend lists (that one needed like 250 for max in-game benefit to friending random people) a lot of people stopped playing it entirely. :\ If that even is it, still possible to fix with the 1 by 1 method though. Even with obscenely large random friend pools. Just count on spending a day on it if your friends list has like 30 pages.

Hopefully though, it is just that the friending has to be both directions, as it said somewhere (the wiki I believe). Also be sure to wait a few minutes and/or refresh the page, remember that from somewhere as well (again, likely the wiki).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Godfather] wiki

Not very complete, but found a wiki here

Recommended build plan will be familiar to players of other games by Kabam. Make 1 of each, then fill the rest up with Hideout.

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Bugs!

Saw this bug in a different thread somewhere. Confirmed it and putting it here.

Friends with their profile set to private mode messes up fleet count. Not just that 1 person skips counting, it just stops counting when it runs into one. Removing the privated profile can fix it, but it can still run into a different privated and stop. Or you might’ve found a privated one it hadn’t even got to yet because it stopped on some other one you haven’t found yet. Not sure yet if it’s effected by private accounts that friended you back. Would be extra tricky if so, since once they return the friend request you can no longer simply look at each and every of 500+ friends’ pages and look for the one you can’t see any info on.

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / +10 Energy doesn't work :(

Just started last night, having the same problem with the +1 stamina on Security Visor (helmet) I got from a facility collect. With it on I have 5/20 stam, but can’t use the 5 stam attack in raid. Move back to the starter helmet, and I have 5/19 stam (and inferior att/def stats) but can now use the 5 stam attack properly. Work around works for now with the small (1 or 5 stam) attacks, but kind of a bummer having to drop stats intentionally and wait another lvl before being able to hit the big shiny 20 attack button.

Edit: browser window with the game in it said something about compatibility view or something (wtf?) then auto-refreshed itself. When I got back in, helmet was off, put it back on, and that last point of extra stam it gives seems to be working correctly now. So either they fixed it already or it’s intermittant and the refresh can fix for now when it acts up.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Senatry] League Host Options

Agree with techs. Host should be able to lock out a currently undesired tech, and even force everybody to default to the most desired one to take care of lazy ones just not reading mail. Forced default could of course be manually changed by each player, provided they aren’t trying to switch to a locked tech. Limit 3 lock outs per league (except capped techs auto-lock without using this limit) and limit 1 Forced Default per day.

Host announce ability… yeah, I could see it, not that much priority though I would think. RW is already announced by system fairly often once scheduled. Other uses, like reminding of general strategy, rules of engagement to other leagues, etc, would be useful, but probably best served by an in-game mini version of forums. Limited space obviously, perhaps limit 10 threads or something, 10 post per thread, same max size per post as in-game mails. Maybe only allow Host to start thread and officers (Vice Elder+) to post directly to thread. Importance of having this mini-forum in game instead of just using these existing forums below the game is the obvious benefit of only members being able to read, assuming no alts from other family/league are lurking. Which would be more plausible to happen with 3rd point:

Big agree with Hokie that Host just plain needs to have kick capability. Auto-demote of inactives to put them back to the bootable rank is fine. Except it does nothing against people breaking rules, pacts, alliances, being a direct nuissance to their own mates, etc.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Senatry] Ranch wars and "league contributions"

Correct. It is rewarding contribution points, which go towards your contribution ranking, so you can become an officer in your league for bothering to show up for Ranch. It is not giving you tech points from fighting, even though donating silver to tech points is the other way to earn contribution points.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Senatry] Unfair mechanic = Empty array

There is a penalty. Your family loses share in the zone just as much as if you did defend yourself and still lost, only now people that normally can’t beat you will. Exception being if you’re in political zone. Solution: stop attacking people in political zone, they probably have empty arrays and are just trying to decrease their wanted level. Or just stop crying over a loss of a very small amount of the prestige. Sure, in the lvl 30 areas it might end up like half your prestige. Move up to the 40, 60, 80, or 110. Even though number of troops scales up, the percent of prestige gained from troop loss becomes smaller and smaller in comparison to the prestige from their wanted level. If he’s empty I get a guaranteed win for 800 prestige, if his troops are up I get about 900 and suffer some troops loss, which is at 100% rate in this bracket… Gee, I wonder which is better? Plus it still counts just the same for our endless Hostile event, which apparantly people place a lot of value in trying to rank high on even when it means not having enough bugles left for other needs.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Senatry] Hostile

Another weekly event roll over and guess what we get…




*clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk*

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Senatry] Abuse of Game Mechanics by GrkMori

Originally posted by Grumgore:

Hey, if you have actual proof you could always just report it to Kong, since having more than one account is against Kong rules and results in a ban of both accounts, otherwise, its just a game.

Actually Kong rules on multi-account is just that you can’t use it to circumvent bans/mutes from them. Multi-account within a multiplayer game on their site they leave to the developers to either allow or restrict, and to enforce themselves if they choose restrict. Some kind of IP tracking to prevent multi-account on the game would be nice and simple. There could be some problems since we can only reset by starting a new account, but waiting a day between abandoning old and starting new is a small price to pay for ridding us of the various game breaking effects of all these rampant alts. Or better yet, official button to delete your old unwanted data, then if you were doing it to start over you can. Then standard IP comparison to find multis automatically wouldn’t give false bans due to people resetting.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Senatry] Sovereign Vassal relationship idea

If you take them vassal, then apparantly you are better capable of defending. Or you took advantage of seeing them with an empty array. Or you were at least stronger when tailor-fitting your array to what you knew they use.

In all cases the solution is the same: don’t overextend yourself. This makes perfect sense within the logic of a sovereign-vassal fuedal relationship. It also adds another element of strategy and planning, which is what makes a game fun. If it wasn’t what made it fun, you’d all be off playing Barbie Dress Up or something.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Senatry] Hostile

3rd consecutive Hostile to start completely after the weekly event code was supposedly fixed to stop giving us the same one over and over again. We’re closing in fast on a month of still exact same broken after supposedly fixed.

Originally posted by hokiejst:

Guess what? The devs have a fever…and the only prescription is more cowbell!

Um, I mean Hostile.

*clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk*

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Senatry] Feedback on Troop Experience Requirements

So looks like hero experience requirements were brought back to original amounts with today’s patch, or at least back in same ballpark, very nice to get more than a level per day again.

Also seems like now Circus Maximus may be affecting the over-time training just as much as Arena does, where last couple weeks it was only affecting Assist button. Not sure if this was original function or new, as I didn’t get my Circus until after the original experience crisis began, but either way seems like a great idea.

Thank you Aiwent for hearing our pleas on this.