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Topic: Realm Grinder / Shop Sales?

Originally posted by Angelsergiuboy:

black friday

Don’t be racist. All Fridays matter.

Kidding. Yeah, that was the one. How about a nice Spring sale? Lots of people gearing up for a Spring Break involving lots of sleeping late and playing computer games, I bet.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Shop Sales?

During an earlier event (Christmas, I think?) You guys put Gift of Heroes on sale, and I bought it. I’ve been waiting and hoping ever since for a similar sale on Gift of Kings…

Just wondering if the Devs plan to have another sale any time soon?

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Suggestions]

Yeah, I didn’t see that. I think I specifically mentioned that I wasn’t sure if it had been mentioned before. Not a big deal. I’m glad I could make someone feel good about themselves for reading the Kongregate forums more regularly than some random internet stranger.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Suggestions]

Not sure if this will get buried, or if it has been mentioned before, but here goes.

There seems to be a lack of symmetry in the factions…

There are 3 good, 3 evil, and 3 neutral. Ok so far.

Then there are the prestige Good and Evil ‘factions’.

Wouldn’t it be natural to have a prestige faction for neutral? I can kind of see the argument that Mercenaries fill this role, but I see them more as an outlier. It would be cool if there were a faction for neutral that worked similarly to dwarf/drow. Maybe Ents? Or Golems? Or Dragons? (I like dragons, because they combine the size of titans, the mystery of faceless, and the spirituality of druids).

Even so, then you have a progression of 9-3. 9 tier one, 3 tier two… see where I am going? Maybe there could be a ‘prime race’ that all others sprung from? Progenitors. Elder Ones. Pantheon. Whatever you’d call it.

There are different ways it could work.

A) They are only unlockable at R38+, and they’re required to ascend. Once you ascend, the race names in the new game+ could be called “evolved” or “enlightened” or “ascended”… or even “1st circle” (like “evolved elves/undead/titans/whatever”)
B) They could be available from R1 on, but only allowed to be played once per reincarnation. Each time you play them, though, you choose a new ‘perk’ that remains (so by R40, you have 39 perks). If that is too unbalancing, make it only playable one time after you have enough gems to reincarnate. Even better, there could be a story that slowly unfolds throughout all 40 (or 80, or 120) reincarnations… each time you play, you unlock another piece to the story.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / ASCENSIONS - v1.6.48.0 [FULL PATCH NOTES] & Graphics Update

Originally posted by IrrelevantMonkey:

That being said, they also have to make it still remotely hard to cross the ascension barrier while making it feel like a significant step up from Neutral Research, that kind of balance job isn’t easy so if it takes longer than that there’s a pretty good reason.

That being said, I am at R28 right now, and the lack of anything to unlock between now and R40 is making it look like a bleak and boring journey. Trying to grind through 12 progressively harder reincarnations with no more variety is annoying. I think 12 R’s is plenty of wiggle room for them to balance progression and challenge. I think they did great with the Neutral researches, at R28 I feel like I’ve just mastered them well enough that I could add a new twist (like the prestige research) and not feel too far behind the curve.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Reworking Bloodlines: Whats your input?

My only gripe is with the redundant bloodlines. Dwarf/Undead do the same thing, basically, and so do Druid/Demon.

My suggestion would be to change Dwarf. Now, I really like my idea, but there is a big flaw. I would just take the fairy, angel, and elf bonuses, cut them by about 1/3, and let dwarf give all the benefits of the three. (so increase the farm/inn/bs bonus by 1/3 as much, click 1 time/second with the same bonus or 3x/second with 1/3 the bonus, and increase production by 1%/6 seconds while having an active spell.

The flaw would be that Drow should do something similar with the three evil alignments, for aesthetic reasons.

Maybe faceless could be reworked to make it more useful and replace drow at the same time? Like, you get the FC bonus online, and the production bonus offline (maybe scale the offline growth down a bit to keep balance)?

For Demon/Druid, I would change Demon into something more demon-like. How about “gives 5% of the production for your most productive building to all other buildings?”

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: Developer / Restoring iPad

If I restore my ipad from a backup, will my AdCap progress be affected?

(I want to erase/restore an older ipad, so I would back it up and immediately restore)

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Topic: Realm Grinder / IGOT for dummies

Build Edit 1: After input from a few people in the comments, I’ve made some small adjustments and notes. Thanks especially to Artcrow, who I believe is the original creator of IGOT, and who has been kind enough to provide input here.

So, I was frustrated by the super-long and complicated IGOT instructions in the forum, so I decided to ELI5. Please let me know if I am incorrect in my instructions, I am not the one who designed the build.

Description: 32+ hour setup build for DVG+ gem gains. Depends on assistant-produced mana and spell count for income growth.
Range: R14-R16 (most useful for R15)
Requires: Autocasting spells to pump spells cast stat. Fairy Chanting upgrade. (Basically, you should have everything you need if you are R14+, you may want to run “IGOT a need for trophies” first if you are missing any of the casting or assistant trophies).
Alignment: Good
Spells: Combo Strike, Fairy Chanting
Tier 1
Goblin (1,1) Strong Currency
Angel (1,2) Angelic Determination
Druid (1,1) Druidic Vocabulary
Dwarf (1,3) Mining Prodigies (Low excavations: Titan (1,3) Oversized Legends)
Tier 2
Fairy (2,1) Fairy Workers
Angel (2,2) Angelic Wisdom
Titan (2,3) Cyclopean Strength
Druid (2,3) Shapeshifting
Tier 3
Faceless (3,1) Magical Treasure
Goblin (3,1) Goblin Central Bank
Fairy (3,3) Swarm of Fairies
Drow (3,3) Blade Dance
Bloodline: Fairy
Harlequin Bonus: 512
Bloodstream matches: 2

(Note: Buying more buildings/exchanges/upgrades should be done as you can afford them, there is no ‘idle’ requirement you need to worry about breaking)

1) Buy all upgrades and spells above, then start autocasting Tax Collections until you reach about 135 assistants (approximately 5 hours)

2) Once you have 136 assistants, set the contingency cast arrow to around 910 mana, and set Fairy Chanting as priority 1 and Tax Collection as priority 2 (silver). Do this until you have about 200 assistants (about 19 more hours). The purpose of the contingency arrow is to maximize mana use for long periods AFK, and 700-900 appears to be the general range. If you want to micromanage more, it shouldn’t hurt the build, but it might require periodic adjustments as your assistants and mana increase. Same holds for the next step.

3) At 200 assistants, add in Combo Strike and lower the contingency arrow to 900. (FC: 1, CS: 2, TC: 3, all silver). Do this until you have about 270 assistants (about another 18 hours)

Step 4) Between 270-350 assistants (base):
A) (Without Planned AC) Set Contingency arrow to 0. Set the spells to cast in this order: 1) Fairy Chanting, 2) Spiritual Surge, 3) Call to Arms, 4) Combo Strike, 5) Holy Light, 6) Tax Collection

B) (With Planned AC) Set the Contingency arrow to about 97% max mana (about one second before max mana). Set the silver spells in this order: 1) Fairy Chanting, 2) Spiritual Surge, 3) Combo Strike, 4) Call to Arms. Set the gold spells to: 1) Holy Light, 2) Tax Collection

For other variations of IGOT, check the main forum post or the Wiki.

Special thanks to room #3 dwellers Heusit, Kratargon, and 1bookboy for helping clarify things in chat! (edit: and dogfeet). Also to Otisissi, who clarified the longer version below, and to everyone who has given feedback.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Change to Lightning Forge theory: Is it better?

I really wish someone who had more knowledge of the game and more ambition than me would put together a spreadsheet to figure out the actual numbers.

Not for this specific example only; I mean to put the numbers for any potential build in. That would be a very interesting thing to play with.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Change to Lightning Forge theory: Is it better?

Hear me out before writing it off… And if someone wanted to do the crazy math it would take, I would be really happy:

Switch out Mining Prodigies for Expert Masons on T1.

That’s it. But the flat % increase to building production is replaced by several indirect bonuses:
1. More buildings = more assistants (tripled by fairy swarm)
2. More Blacksmiths and Iron Strongholds means stronger LS hit on blacksmith
3. More max mana from Earthly bond (more stone pillars)
4. More bonus from Cyclopean Strength (more HoL)
5. More bonus from Titan Obelisk (more pyramids)
6. More bonus from Gold Synthesis (more labs)
7. A minimal boost in production from Building Jungle and Druidic Vocabulary across the board, BUT there are more blacksmiths and these bonuses apply to the additional Blacksmiths you’re able to purchase as well

With all of these factors added together, I think that this build has a possibility of being better, although my math skills aren’t up to the task of proving/disproving it.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / For Those Who Hate Zeus

Could this hit 300m/s? Or should I stick to mananarama for that?

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Offline merc builds?

Thanks for the tips, everyone. I’m going to try the sleepynaries, but I might try to modify it.

I figure anything that modifies number of assistants, offline/idle production, time-based bonuses, or straight building bonuses would all be beneficial to offline production… and for spells, LS would be useful to quickly build up for the FC’s, and combo strike would help build up a passive bonus (the only spell that could actually benefit you offline…). If I focused on these, it should make a good offline build.

I’m not looking for one to compete with an active build, but I want to have an optimized offline build. I travel internationally a lot, so I will often go a day or two without getting my laptop online. Figure I might as well try to spend the time well… (although the bloodline building would also be a good long term investment, it seems…)

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Offline merc builds?

So what is a good build if I wanted to spend under 1 hour setting up, then go offline for a while (12 hours-2 days)?

I’ve searched the forums, but haven’t found anything specifically geared towards this situation…

(R4, so I don’t have bloodlines yet)

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Topic: Realm Grinder / need to cast 3500 spells asap

I would say dwangels would be fastest… yes, you get 2/1 for 350 with GG, but with the half price upgrade TC costs 100 with angels. Also, your regen rate will be far higher.

Just do a normal angel run, and when you get the regen rate to a satisfying level, set autocast to TC (Actually, GH and then TC if you have the bonus unlocked for GH—then you’ll get FCs as well.)

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Minor Feature Requests]

With the newest update, I love the “keep mana earned stat over reincarnations.” Maybe you could add a simple hotfix that starts that stat at 12 million if the player has earned the autocasting, or 20 if they earned contingency, plus thier earned mana tis game? Or… change the requirement to “has contingency trophy plus 10m earned mana”, which would make it a bit easier.

My problem is that I earned 25m mana on R0, about 8 on R1, and now about 5 so far on R2 and I’m ready to reincarnate again soon. Even keeping track, it will still be weeks before I can earn 30m, but earning 5-10m would be much easier… Techinically, we’ve already exceeded the requirement, so it would be fair to long-time players.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Its too much of a "carrot on a stick" style =(

Originally posted by Hotshot2k4:

Or, if hidden trophies are kept, there should be some in-game way of figuring out what they all are. That should go a long way to help reduce the problems of players who don’t want to look up information from outside sources.

Exactly! There is a lot of wasted excavation clicks where you spend massive amounts of gems and gold, but get nothing. How about more hints from there? They could give clues about unlocking hidden trophies (maybe color coded to differentiate from the unlocking factions clues).

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I’m disappointed that it was locked after being open at R1. That seems unfair to dangle it, then yank it. I’m on R2, and have a ways to go to get to 7, but I’d been working pretty hard to open this feature and was just one abdication away from unlocking bloodlines.

What about allowing people to choose one bloodline per reincarnation that would then be available to unlock? Or some type of compromise like that…

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Priority Autocast Uses?

But for the interval between when you unlock priority and contingency, it could be somewhat useful in most factions while AFK. Kind of like many of the upgrades, it’s a small boost, but together the small ones add up.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Priority Autocast Uses?

Eternalred and Rahler: Thanks for the replies. I have about 350 Qi gems after my next reset. So titans are insane. I might play faceless for a while and use the autocasting feature just for fun. I’ve actually almost unlocked drow and dwarf, just need to play the right faction and pay the 10 Qi gold I think.

The problem is, I’ve played 23+ days as good, 22+ as evil, and am on day 20 neutral. I really want to unlock the trophy for playing all 3 for an equal time, so I’m going to play neutral for a few more days until it is equal to my good playing time, then go play evil and unlock the drow. By then I should have enough gems it will be a breeze. I might play faceless and try to go from 12.2 million to 16 million to unlock the contingency autocasting. (but with that many gems, Titans are insane)

Rellian: Exactly the kind of tip I was looking for. If you are AFK, it’s probably worthwhile to put your best “over time” spell as 1 and tax collection as 2, no matter what faction. It would actually be a lot more efficient. Maybe not enough to make a difference in some factions, but demons or titans might be worthwhile.

Any other ideas anyone?

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Priority Autocast Uses?

Ok, I get how it works. Spell 1 will trigger first. Then spell 2 will go, then 3.

So how is this useful? If you set a 1000k spell (gem grinder) as 1, it will still trigger as soon as mana hits 1k. So spell 2 (say, Call to Arms) can’t trigger until it goes from 0-400. In most factions, that is totally worthless, because spell 2 would never trigger due to slow mana regen.

So, how can we use this in a useful way?

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Excavation Losses Temporary or Permanent?

I just soft reset with 116.7 T gems earned. I had 22.6 T built up, and spent down to 33 B on excavations. When I reset, I had a total of 116.7 T gems. Obviously, I didn’t get those back.

What’s the deal?

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist Mobile: General / When to buy O2 upgrade?

Well, I skipped a few pages, but did anyone ever get around to figuring out when to buy the O2 upgrade? I bought it way too early (1.8 million) and I’m still trying to catch up again. I’m thinking 6.6 million, then I’m spending less than 10%. Would 5 m be better? 4.5?

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Topic: Kongregate-Published Games / [Fable Age] Let's all be buddies! (POST REFERRAL CODES HERE)


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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / Suggestions

Guilds should get ‘powers’… they could spend honor to buy/upgrade.
Like “merchant” could let a guild get discount on gold items…. “Scavenger” could up the odds of crafties…. “assasins” could give like a permanent poison scroll effect to all members… Lots of ideas for skills. PVP, Raid, Quest,… General each could have a subset of skills.

but one guild could only have one skill…. or maybe guilds could be tierd, so that the top guilds can have 3, next 2, and new guilds 1 or something like that. Keep the game balanced, but make the guilds have a little more individuality, something to set them apart from each other.

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / Daily Reward Combination Thread

sonicman54: 41253. It expires in 120 minutes. book 3
yeah, I am awesome. Thank me by sending me stam raids :p