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Topic: War of Omens / Daily Reward Rescheduling

Yeah, I actually made a comment to this effect, except about daily missions. The reset time honestly seems to not have anything to do with when the rewards reset, it seems to have a lot more to do with when you collect it (which is a little silly, but w/e). My dailies seem to just kinda reset whenever the hell they feel like it though, so that I don’t get.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / A question about char progression

Thanks zaraki, for both your insight into the question and for not giving me a ‘tl;dr’ type response =)

I’ll give that a try. Hopefully that’ll ease the sting of dying as well.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / A question about char progression

I’ll get straight to the above mentioned question; is there some creative method for ‘maxing’ a character that people out there are using and I’m not realizing, or is it really simply farming various gods/enemies repeatedly until you get a stat maxed out, then moving on to the next?

I’ll elaborate a bit; I’ve been playing for a little bit (Maybe a few weeks), and with the realization of the vault’s function I’ve been able to at least come to terms with the whole item loss thing. At first I really was iffy about it, but I’ve gotten over it. On the other hand, after getting to 20 and gaining some experience and at least passable gear, I asked the question most do; “what happens now?”

After a bit of digging and looking around I figured out the whole deal with character maxes and what pots were and whatnot…but this is where issues started to arise.

The thing is that everyone makes it sound like ‘la-de-da, I guess I’m gonna go max my character now’. They make it sound like maxing stats is nothing, and yet in my experience that’s been far, far from the truth.

After a bit of playing I realized I liked being a priest. Although I certainly wasn’t doing a ton of damage, I was doing enough, but I also had very long range to remain relatively out of danger and unlike most other characters I could simply top off my health if I was getting low in order to avoid having to head off to the nexus.

Well, I played my priest for a while. I farmed on him and a bit on other characters. This stat maxing that everyone makes sound like it’s so easy proved to be very, very time consuming. I was barely making any progress. Well, it got to the point that after quite some time I finally had at least maxed his speed, gotten him around +5 attack and +9 defence.

Long story short, oryx manages to butcher my priest. Normally I’m afraid to even go into dungeons and whatnot because of the prospect of all my work on a character being wasted, but I guess I let my guard down.

Well, that’s why I’m asking if there’s some way of maxing stats that I’m not knowing about. I look at the amount of time it took me to get where I was with my priest, and I think about all those people, say, on the legends list and how long it must take to actually fully max out a character, and I think no, I can’t really be doing it right. There’s no way these people are putting the sort of time I did in, multiplied many, many times over, especially knowing at any point something can go wrong and all that work can be washed down the drain. There’s no way.

So anyways, if someone has some insight into this issue I’d appreciate it. The thing is if there is an easier way, I’d honestly love to know about it as I really do like this game a lot. I even sank money into extra bank space and another character slot, and I NEVER spend money on things like this. The thing is that if what I was doing plus whatever small amount of crap you can sell is really it, I’d like to know that too. That way I can cut my losses and spend my spare time doing something in which I know I’ll always be able to look back and say “yeah, I worked my way up here” rather than forever worrying it’ll all be gone a few minutes from then.