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Topic: The Arts / Make a Shoop Da Whoop.

Check this 1 out its Real Life…hope a real Lazor Comes out.


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Topic: Kongregate / Whats up with this ad

Ads…ads.. r always annoying aren’t they..!!

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Topic: Kongregate / easiest badge on kong?

Easiest badge on Kong would be jumping from 1 roof to another, which is jst under u.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] whos the best on kongai

The person who would be the best on kongai would be a guy whos been playing it since it came!!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Kongai Epic win!

I wanna be the very best
Like 4 people ever was
To Win them is my real test
To learn them is my cause

I will travel across the chat
Learning Tafari hide.
Each Kongai cards to understand
The power that’s inside

Kongai cards (Gotta Hax ‘em all), it’s you and me
I know it’s my destiny
Kongai cards…ooh, you’re my best friend
In a world with Mlm!
Kongai cards (Gotta Hax ‘em all), a heart so true
Helene Breast will pull us through
You Miss me, and I’ll Crit you
Kongai cards
Gotta Hax ’em all!
Gotta Hax ’em all!
Gotta Hax ’em all!

Wow Great song.!!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] •••║NEW CARDS║•••

Wow these new cards r awesome, but now they’r not new anymore.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] The New Age of Kongai

kongai is Mostly Unbalanced especially if u play Unranked.

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic War 5

I would love to see more units like more titans n some futuristic units…

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Topic: General Gaming / Sandbox is the new FPS

I don’t think anything will be replacing Sandbox cuz its limitless…

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic War 5

Epic war 5 Should be A combination Of all the Epic war Games..!!
Thn It will be Truelly EPIC…!!

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Topic: Off-topic / Which is Better 'Kongregate' or 'ArmorGames'

Share ur thoughts bettween Both Gaming Websites n Choose which 1 do u think is Better..!!

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Topic: Off-topic / Chrome or Firefox

I LOVE CHROME …!! i use to use Firefox But now its jdt Sht, its rlly SLOW…!!!

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Topic: Off-topic / If Kongregate Was A Pie, What Flavor Would It Be?

Kongregate a PIE HMMMM, Cherry dipped in hot chocolate…!!

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Topic: Off-topic / Good news men!

WOW This is amazing facts for MEN…!!!

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you like Donuts?

These pictures of Doughnuts Jst Makes Me RLLLLLYYYYY RRRRLLLLLYY HUNGRY…!!

n WTF BACON DOUGHNUT , wonder how it tastes…!!!

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Topic: Off-topic / I won't sleep tonight.

I Wouldn’t say i won’t sleep tonight cuz i did an hour ago but now i woke up n got nothin to do …!!

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Topic: Sonny 2 / Sonny Online Suggestions

Yh sure it will be a good idea but who will Make IT…!!!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Play BattleDawn!

Yh Sure, I did Love it when i strt playing but not for long, after some days i left it to gain metals,Oil n Energy (Resources) the next thing i know my place was conquered by somebody else…!!

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Topic: Off-topic / If violent games turn kids violent...

Does LAME games turn kids LAME.. ??

Does GtaIV Ballad of Gay Tony Makes Kids GAY…??

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Platform Combat 2

Platform Combat 2, I agree its is a highly-needed game !!!

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] Official Special Attack List (IN PROGRESS)

Character (Type of Skill)
Skill Name (Cost): Effect of Skill (Obtained from…) (Single/Multi Target)

Mardek (Magic Sword)
Heal (6 MP): Heals Target based on SPR. Hurts Undead. (Default Skill) (Single/Multi Target)

Regen (6 MP): Grants Regen status on Target (recovers HP each turn). Hurts Undead. (Moonstone Item) (Single Target)

Remove Taint (4 MP): Removes Blindness, Poison, Curses, and Zombie status. (Snakestone Item) (Single Target)

Remove Evil (9 MP): Removes ALL negative status ailments from target. (M Charm) (Single Target)

Shield (6 MP): Grants target protection from Physical Attacks reducing damage by 50% (Moonstone Ring) (Single Target)

M Shield (6 MP): Same as shield. Only with Magic instead of Physical. (Lapis Lily) (Single Target)

Morality Block (8 MP): Grants Target(s) with NullLight and NullDark (Solakian Platemail?) (Multi Target)

Fire Slash (12 MP): Physical Attack dealing Fire damage (Flametounge) (Single Target)

Water Slash (12 MP): Physical Attack dealing Water damage (FishSlayer) (Single Target)

Air Slash (12 MP): Physical Attack dealing Wind Damage (Aeropolitan Scimitar) (Single Target)

Earth Slash (12 MP): Physical Attack dealing Earth Damage (Forest’s Edge?*) (Single Target)

Warp (Free): Warps you back to the map screen. Can’t be used in some cases. (Default) (Multi-Target…)

*I THINK that’s what the name of it is.

Gloria (Nature Magic)

Wildfire (8 MP): Deals Fire Damage. Lowers STR. (Flame Opal or Fire Staff) (Single/Multi Target)

Whirlpool (8 MP): Deals Water Damage. Lowers SPR. (Aquamarine or Water Staff) (Single/Multi Target)

Twister (8 MP): Deals Air Damage. Lowers AGL. (Topaz or Air Staff) (Single/Multi-Target)

Razor Leaf (8 MP): Deals Earth Damage. Lowers VIT. (Jade or Earth Staff.)’ (Single/Multi Target)

Earth Heal (14 MP): Heals HP to everyone and cures Poison. (Earth Staff) (Multi Target)

Barkskin (10 MP): Gives target extra defense based on Gloria’s SPR. (Emerald Bangle) (Single Target)

Cleanse (9? MP): Cures Most negative status effects from target. (Shaman Charm?) (Single Target)

Mass Cleanse (34 MP): Multi Targeting verison of Cleanse. (Yggdrasil’s Finger) (Multi Target)

Null Fire/Water/Earth/Air (7 MP Each): Nullifies Fire/Water/Earth/Air Damage once.

Elwyen (Siren Songs) (all of her special attacks don’t cost magic. :D) (also, they effect the entire field so they won’t have a targeting or spell cost.)


Spirit Song: Increases potentcy of spells (AKA Magic Attack) (they’ll heal or damage more) (Sheet Music I)

Vigorous March: Increases Physical Damage. (Sheet Music II)

Solid Sonata: Increases Physical Defense (Sheet Music III)

Runic Rhapsody: Increases Magic Defense (Sheet Music IV)

Dolorious Dirge: Damages every enemy on their turn. (Sheet Music V)

Requiem: Damages all undead greatly on their turn. (Sheet Music VI)

Ballad of Life: Heals all allies on their turn. (Regen effect kinda…) (Sheet Music VII)

Ballad of Balance: Splits damage equally to everyone. (EX: Normally: Mardek takes 200. With the song playing, everyone takes 50 instead.) (Sheet Music VIII)

Meraeador (Inventions >:D)
(Same as Elwyen except the damage is dependant on different stats)


Thermal Spanner (more like Spammer >;D): Physical Fire Damage based on STR. Lowers Defense.

Flamethrower (What a pacifist >_<): Magic Fire Damage. Hits all enemies.

Gas-O-Matic (I heard this weapon was banned from use in major wars for deadly poisoning.): Magic Earth Damage. Poisons all enemies.

Potion Spray (Not really a weapon. More of a way to quicken item usage.): Select an item and use it on everyone at once. GREAT weapon. GREAT. Did I say GREAT? Because it is GREAT! (EX: Mirrilixir x4!)

Sleep-O-Matic(?): Mereador uses Sleep Powder. All enemies are now asleep. ;) Kinda useful. I don’t really know good time for it, since i kill most non-bosses in one shot anyway with a level mid-30 team.

Silver Mirror: It’s a free shield on everyone. :D It’s like a potion-o-matic’s mirrilixir for free. (only shield though. :( )

Golden Mirror: It’s a free M Shield on everyone. :D The other half of a potion-o-matic mirrilixir.

Drill-O-Matic: Physical Attack that ignores defense. That’s it. Very Bland.


Hey, this is all very helpfull… an information sheet…!!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Darla + VV's Innate vs MLM [Screenshot]

WOW, Never knew Darla was tht good I got to Hav Her…!!!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Wut wut kongai not in home?

I didn’t even know tht kongai is not in HOME TAB …Till now.. !!!