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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Global Warming Lockout

Suprisingly autoclicker may help whith this problem too, as you can set it to click once and only once when you start it. I belive it’ll work similarly to Fritz_b method. I use it sometimes that way to stay silent (wife or kid sleeping), coz my keyboard is pretty quiet compared to mouse clicking :).

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Topic: Outernauts / Are daily rewards working ?

Well i’m getting daily reward… sometimes.Its irritating, that mostly i’m missing this with SG’s… I’m here daily, but it just seems to appear randomly in some days.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] [Consortium] - feedback on the new release

Originally posted by Sidji:

I can’t understand why anybody would get the old arena back.

Old arena : grind those empty def deck like a r*t*rd during 5k points. For nothing, since the rewards were kinda useless.
Bonus : once arena is done, just let it rot in a dark corner of your mind, you don’t even need to go back.

New arena : grind is harder, and you can’t auto without looking your screen anymore, BUT the new rewards are way better.
Bonus : you can test your tourney deck for free, anytime you want, without spending energy/stamina/gold/wb on a REAL player, not just auto-ing some def deck in your faction to test.

It just boggle my minds when someone ask for the old arena to be back.

I agree with some of the concern for the massive grinding required for Hercules though. The dev should probably had a few % to win a crafting part in the arena, it should lessen the grind by a big amount (since arena fight are energy/stamina-free)

You saying that grinding 5k pts in Arena was for nothing… Well yes, now those cards are mostly useless, but they werent when they came.The problem was that Arena was not modified or improved since the begining i think.It would be enough to add more lvls with new cards and ppl would be happy about it.
You said that after you finished Arena it was rotting “in a dark corner of your mind”.Ok, so what changed now?Tell me, coz i really, REALLY dont see any difference on that field.Its still useless and for sure wont be used after getting max pts, because of one question – what for?
And here we go with your new Arena “bonus” – do you really risk losing points (and chance to buy reward card) only to check you deck for turney?LOL.We got Evaluate Deck if you dont know.And if you really wish to use your deck on some REAL player, you can always put yourself as an opponent in a same time.
As for new Arena – you can still go on auto, just its going much slower and you can be sure that you got your opponent mad by waiting 20s on every card computer puts for you after time is out, so no, you stll can “auto without looking your screen”, and new rewards?They’re better coz they’re new, updated, and prepared for new abilities after those tons of updates and improvements that came since old reward cards was out, so no wonder they’re better…

Arena was good as it was, maybe only needed some new lvl/rewards, and for those who liked PvP, there are turneys, but look at standards… 30-40 ppl, when on sealed there is usually 400-500ppl.That concludes opinion that ppl have about new Arena…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] [Consortium] - feedback on the new release

To those who like live PVP (and say that new arena is better) – if you like it, i dont care, but dont force me to like it, coz i wont like it.Never.Give me a choice.I play 4fun and when i lose 20 times agains deck of cards i cant get like Wasteland Skimmer (coz i’m in a low lvl faction and i like it, dont wanna go to high lvl to only get this card) its no fun anymore.I dont even speak about players who started not long ago, and face some “killer” deck with UB, SO, HP or other “fun” stuff.

On the other hand crafting seems to be great for me (as an idea).Grinding for parts makes it quite fair to every one, coz every player have same chance to get special cards if he only spend enough time in game and play, but i understand those, who dont like grinding.But hey i dont like turneys so i probably will never get Hades or Apollo – something for everyone i guess?