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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is breaking the law a sin?

sin is relative

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Topic: Kongregate / Ultimate Kong Badge Walkthrough/Guide Thread (Latest: Snailiad)

i am in love

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Topic: Kongregate / [Archive] Badge of the Day (2011)

each to their own, I guess.

and about the refresh, since the autosave respawns you where you left (stuck floating in air), you either have to restart the whole level or even the whole game..

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Topic: Kongregate / [Archive] Badge of the Day (2011)

It’s only really hard because you have to survive through all the bugs, like getting stuck in the red border or upon respawn.

Defense is really imba, and if you can pass it all in one run you generally won’t have to worry about that.

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Topic: Kongregate / Option to remove fans

did he cause any trouble?

heavily suspect trollering

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Topic: Kongregate / [Archive] Badge of the Day (2011)

Just play normally up to ~1000 and stall until you get an invicibility powerup, bubbles only or repel mines. Then start ramboing the screen (speedy and agility help) and you’ll get 1900-ish after that.

It’s annoying when you don’t get the powerups you want after 900, though.

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Topic: Kongregate / 3 months, 3 top rated games

@haparas Sorry for the misunderstanding there, I didn’t intend to link the points together. I was specifically talking about games such as Shopping Cart Hero 2 and Road of the Dead which didn’t.

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Topic: Kongregate / 3 months, 3 top rated games

Someone once commented on how most 5-raters have only played the game for a short time, long enough to be amazed by the complexity and graphics but too short to see how tedious the game is in the later stages. Villanous and Cursed Treasure are examples of this (not so much Learn 2 Fly, as that was short and added new mechanics well). While both of the games have a great concept, detailed graphics, the ‘cool’ factor and a stunning upgrade system, the later levels become a grind; in Villanous, I honestly just copied a commenter’s level build, memorised it, and used the same thing every round. After the novelty wears off, there’s little actual substance to keep the game going.

Another annoyance is how (in other games) the upgrade system, often the only reward for finishing a level, maxxes out before the game is finished. Can’t developers just put in another few levels and adjust enemy health to match?


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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestion: Different color D's based on the dev's top rated game

blue is the colour of the sea we are insulting sea people no?

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestion: Different color D's based on the dev's top rated game

I know a LOT of people who just made a single click the button or something just to get the D.

I did say there would be a decrease in stupid games. durp.

Isn’t it the same with ratings? We should remove ratings too, then. Along with negative comments and everything else.

Could not the same logic be applied to a high rating? Since the icon will please developers enough, we should remove ratings, positive comments and everything else.

Your point?

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Topic: Kongregate / What different ways can I earn points?

Those random point challenges and such (like the 20 points for watching a video one) are also an easy, albeit limited, way to earn points. I have no links, though. :P

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestion: Different color D's based on the dev's top rated game

Yes. Not because it is a “mark of shame”, but rather because it is so shitty that they won’t even bother.

You’re saying that troll devs (an example would be PaperCup) create games for the D? Why would they not stop at 1 game then?

The whole point of it is to give incentive to these guys anyways, thanks for helping my case.

You do realise this was in response to having an icon ‘mildly nice to show it to other people’? Yes, 3.5 or borderline badge developers would recieve slightly more exposure, but those under 3 would remain unseen and generate elitism.

These barely feel awesome. Little icons feel far better, it might sound stupid but that IS how it is.


Of course they’re dissatisfied, but not sad or being dismotivated. I’m dissatisfied with my current level, but I am completely motivated to get to higher ones and such, mainly because I want to improve my level icon.

Level is different, as it is a constant and predictable increase. If you complete the requirements for a hard badge, you will gain 30 points. You gain 1 point for each game rated up to 50. Once you have a certain amount of points, your level increases by 1.

Developing is different, because you can try hard and think you’ve made a great game (particularly if you’re new), but you haven’t. There is no set quota or formula on a ‘good game’, and if you’ve spent hours of time and effort and recieve a bad D, you’ll be dissatisfied (with the result) and likely discouraged (you have no idea how to improve apart from 8-10 comments which aren’t very informative)…

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is one life equal to another?

A coin flip sets the percentages at 50/50.

One of the two people has to die. There is a disabled person, and a ‘normal’ person. If we were not going to use a coinflip, then:

Do disabled ones experience a greater degree of other mental problems such as depression or dementia? This would be difficult to determine, but I’d assume yes, as discrimination, ridicule and taunting would be hard challenges to overcome.

Can they contribute more to society than they would be able to if they were able-bodied? Again, in most cases, yes. Blind people are restricted from a number of activities, as are paraplegics and people with Down’s Syndrome. Perhaps people suffering from these ailments still succeed, but they would likely ‘succeed more’ if they were able-bodied.

Do disabled people have a lower life expectancy than an able-bodied person would? Probably, due to complications from their disability, inability to care for oneself (or at least reduced ability) and difficulty in finding competent and understanding support.

In all truth, physically disabled people are also (afaik) less likely to become criminals, but this would not change my overall decision. Those who are unfortunately mentally disabled may actually have a greater chance to become criminals.

Events may be different on a case-to-case basis, but because of the lack of information the able-bodied one should live. Yes, disabled people are indeed often kind, wealthy, healthy and successful, but able-bodied people are as well. At least (if these statements are true) it will be more likely the ‘better choice’.

The above points are all assumptions; I do not know factually whether they are true. If you can show me that they are wrong, I will happily concede.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestion: Different color D's based on the dev's top rated game

rather that they will not bother uploading a shitty game if they aren’t going to get a nice symbol

Would troll devs really care about the colour of their D?

mildly nice to show it to other people

Most of the popular developers recieve enough exposure, so this would only really benefit the lower ones

Levels and ranks feel much, much, much MUCH better.

Indeed they do, hence the lack of satisfaction with a level 1 account. Why argue that people are happy when they have a high rank, but somehow wouldn’t be happy with a low rank?

Besides, there are milestones for each game; the point bonus you receive for a high rating.

Because that’s how it works. You’ll never see someone sad because their rank isn’t high YET, but they’ll always be happy when their rank is high. It’s like that in all websites.

Perhaps I should replace ‘sad’ with ‘dissatisfied’…

It’s barely going to make a difference, really

Fairly obviously, and probably too complicated to implement. You do know that people recgonize developer and game names, leading in these often spiking in plays and rating in any case when uploaded? A game needs only a few (50 or 100 afaik) ratings to get out of ‘under judgement’; this system would minimally affect the top developers.

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Topic: Kongregate / Senior Member?!?!?

Do senior members recieve pensioner discounts?

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Topic: Kongregate / Who wants to be a developer?!

If you are intending on using Flash CS5 (There’s a 30-day trial for it, which I’m surprised no-one has mentioned), Adobe TV and Lynda are great sources to get you started. While they drag on more than a text/picture walkthrough would, they’re extremely helpful and will walk you through the basics.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestion: Different color D's based on the dev's top rated game


but rather milestones for the Developers to strive for

Even if this all happens as planned, is the benefit even worth it? Will any positive things happen because of this? Perhaps a small reduction in trolling developers, but I doubt those would care about a crap D anyway. There is already a small equivalent milestone in the form of additional points for a high rating, which is pretty much self-monitored (random players will almost never browse through your point total to check for these bonuses). How will a prominently displayed milestone really fix anything?

You stated earlier that people were sad because of the rating and not because of the D. Therefore, a bad D will not make them any more sad than the bad rating. How will they then be happier with a good D than if this suggestion were not implemented?

Have you seen me being rude to samwarrior in this thread? No, because at first he seemed to be actually smart.

I’ll be taking this as a compliment :)


So you agree we should delete rating displays? We should also remove the “hot new games” and “best games” sections because those mights influence people when rating, along with ability to view comments before rating. Yup.

Kongregate Help: “When a new game is uploaded its rating is not displayed until it has a minimum number of ratings. This ensures that the early raters make an independent decision.”

After enough independent decisions have been made, the game would be at fairly decent average: this would allow for display in the sections you list. Perhaps a sub-condition could be made to hide the D if the developer had any existing games under judgement, if Kongregate was really willing to use this idea.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestion: Different color D's based on the dev's top rated game

The icons are based on ratings, so they wouldn’t really be sad because of the D but rather because of the ratings.

but they would be happy because of the D. right. ok.

it’s still awesomely cool to get such nice icons and it’s nice to get better ones, along with better ratings and revenue.

but its not discouraging to get bad icons when you tried hard and still failed.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestion: Different color D's based on the dev's top rated game

While this is true, what does it have to do with the icons anyways?

Yes, they’ll be discouraged by the ratings and will be discouraged even more for the icon…

Do you know how people work? They want little achievements, milestones, anything. Just like levels. People don’t want to only look at the points, they want levels to accomplish and strive for. Just like icons.

Icons are based on rating. Developers are proud of their best game (with highest rating).

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestion: Different color D's based on the dev's top rated game

By completely new users? Seriously? Even I don’t know all new good Developers with 4 avg+ games, just the good’n’old ones like ArmorGames, jmtb02 and Coolio_Niato.

The good developers receive promotion and respect in many ways already…

If he was on chat, people would initially have the same respect for him as any other Developer, assuming the person did not know any of them. Not everybody bothers to actually check out the games.

Exactly. No-one bothers to check out the games, but with an easily visible icon such as this elitism would be rather prominent (this thread features a lot already).

People won’t rate the game based on the Developer if they are rating seriously…

not everyone rates seriously. Please explain the massive swarm of insta-five ratings for a known dev such as undefined, nerdook or Pseudolonewolf.

Yes… so what? If they get a bad D, they will only get more incentive to get a better one, if they are serious about making Flash games. They would read up tutorials before releasing some garbage anyways.

This is debatable, but if you invest a lot of effort into a game and it fails you’ll be very discouraged.

Not everyone reads tutorials; while the ones you are mentioning probably won’t stay long in developing, that’s no reason to discredit them for having the courage to experiment.

How would they? I’ve been hanging out in various chats for 3-4 years now, along with the forums, and it’s very rare to see someone discriminated by their level – which people already care a lot about. It would be even more rare for D icons.

Sorry; I just edited my post with a paragraph about level.

I don’t think it would lose that image if it had icons to incentive Developers to get better, in fact, I think that most Developers would love to see better icons in their profile as they grew.

Please define ‘grow’. Why would an icon be an incentive for developers to get better? As most developers know their top rated game and its approximate rating like theh back of their hand, the upgrade in developer icon would only serve to avoid trashtalking, really.

The whole point is what others think about you, not what you think about yourself.

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Topic: Kongregate / PR2

another one biets the dust

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestion: Different color D's based on the dev's top rated game


Why shouldn’t people be ranked? If they make games people enjoy, then they should be automatically ranked as a more liked Developer, it’s basic common sense.

The best developers are already known, and their games already get far more exposure due to marketing and even just brand name. Perhaps one could counter with the fact that not all games have API, but a basic level of API is generally easy and fast to implement.

(No, people do not know every awesome Developer (before you say Developers with such games will already have enough recognition)).

But ‘awesome’ developers are already promoted and respected. Front page, badges, word of mouth…

It does not promote elitism, how would it do so? They wouldn’t get anything special, features or powers, only respect because of their icon – which they deserved.

Respect for the good developers, but I doubt a starting developer who’d just made his own Shootorial game would be ‘respected’. The ‘under judgement’ rating was actually there to allow people to make unbiased decisions about rating (afaik, though I’m not sure)

It’s not any easy to make awesome games…IIRC one of my deleted games (3 Pointless Games (the title)) had over 3 avg.

A newbie to programming who’s just opened up Flash will be overwhelmed at first, and likely immensely proud when they do actually finish a game, no matter its standard.

It would only make people upload less shitty games just to get the D, because right now someone with horrible games (in most people’s opinion) will get the same icon and recognition in chat than a Developer that has a 4 avg game.

Your first point is true.

As I said above, though, a developer with a 4 avg game and a fairly simple name would already be fairly prominent;despite this, there is usually no difference in ‘respect’ between a 3.5avg developer and a 2avg developer. GameBuilder’s plan would most likely segregate them.

Just like it would work with this suggestion, if Developers work harder and give out better results (it’s not about effort, most people only care about the final product, even though it gets better with more effort) they will get a lot of rewards, and bad (in most people’s opinion) Developers won’t get flamed and will only have incentive to get better.

Bad developers won’t get flamed? Really?

The only thing we’d need is a BIG table in the MAIN PAGE with all icons so people wouldn’t go confused as shit everywhere.


To your earlier point about level, no. There is a constant influx of new players, and many low-leveled veterans. By the time new players are at a high level, they’ll have realised that level isn’t everything. Compare this to developers, where there are no low-rated veterans and new players know nothing about the scene. Criticism is far more common, as developers are really part of an ‘elite’ community, much like forumers.

Furthermore, this is a gaming website; people already dislike the idea of referral and rating points, and there’s no other way to really compare to another user. Would a ‘developer’ level really be necessary?

Perhaps I should have made myself clear earlier: I agree with promoting say, badged developers or developers with above >4, since they’re already respected as is. A great majority of developers are young and still shootorialing, which is quite an achievement (perhaps not as good as almighty you, but one nevertheless). Kongregate is known for being extremely developer-friendly; why change this image?

I assume we’re just arguing for the sake of arguing, though. Oh well. t’was fun.

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Topic: Off-topic / teh hug project

Don’t hugs spread disease?

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Topic: Kongregate / Ultimate Kong Badge Walkthrough/Guide Thread (Latest: Snailiad)

Will the smexy deep voice please walkthrough for You Have To Burn the Rope?

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestion: Different color D's based on the dev's top rated game

Originally posted by Hunkadunkus:
Originally posted by randomboy839:

I haven’t read through the whole thread (Only the OP right now, I will later), but…

Why don’t we just have 2 colors instead of 6 for the D? A gold D if you made a game that has badges and a blue D if you don’t.

> Implying that good games must have API.

There’s several great in unbadged games out there that deserve public attention.

Wouldn’t those games that deserve public attention be featured in top rating lists, the ‘hot new games’ list and on those quick-play thingymajigs? (as well as through forums, chat and word of mouth). Furthermore, adding API is good for revenue and exposure, relatively fast to add and comes with great documentation.

Your point is completely true, but seems negligible with a little work (attempting to avoid a certain other word here).

Originally posted by GameBuilder15:
Originally posted by samwarrior:

With this system or not, good developers are going to remain popular and bad developers (like me :D) are going to remain fairly obscure. Why should we introduce more elitism into the system?

It’s not to be elitist, it’s so people can look at a dev’s profile and see if they’re a BerzerkStudio or a PaperCup without actually playing the games.

Most ‘good’ developers are already well known and receive far more exposure and popularity than your ‘PaperCups’ (and by the way, humorous games are still games). Check the new badges or even the homepage. If you still somehow don’t know, just perhaps click on one of the games and look at the rating or even [gasp] try it out?