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Topic: Off-topic / are you planning something serious in your life?

to live my dream of becoming an off topic moderator on kongregate dot com!!

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Topic: Off-topic / What's your sexuality?

69. memes

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Topic: Off-topic / OFFICIAL E3 bethesda thread

Originally posted by Mafefe_Classic:
Originally posted by aguspal:

Ewww Fallout 4….

Not bad, but I prefer TOS.


the older scrolls duh

only bethesda game i’ve played is skyrim (unless you include the new wolfenstein, but they published not developed it) so im not hugely excited about ANY of these announcements!!!

at least they showed off their character customisation system, because that is by far the most important part of the game.

i also can’t wait to play as a female character!!!!!!!!!!!

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Topic: Off-topic / My political views. (serious)

i genuinely disagree with everything you posted

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Topic: Off-topic / FAVORITE MEME

dank thread

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Topic: Off-topic / petition to move all religious threads/user to SD

you cant silence the lord’s message that easily pal

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Topic: Off-topic / Petition to remove furries from the planet of Earth


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Topic: Off-topic / Gabidou99 vs aguspal: Who has worse English skills?

it’s funny at the time, but all things considered they both have a pretty good grasp of the english language.

the only real grammatical error you should be concerned with is the kind that makes it impossible for you to understand what they’re trying to say.

sometimes it can be a bit of a stretch, but i’ve never seen a post by either gabidou or aguspal that is totally incomprehensible.

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Topic: Off-topic / So I may or may not get my very first job on Thuestday...

what kind of job is it?

i didn’t have the typical kind of first job experience. i only really started applying for work after i finished high school, but a lot of supermarkets (wasn’t really into doing fast food work so that was my only option) weren’t willing to hire me. i put that down to the fact that we have a high minimum wage, so supermarket/fast food employers prefer to pick 15-16 year olds over adults because it’s cheaper ($12-14/h compared to the $16-18/h they’d have to pay me).

because i had no experience, all the retail and sales jobs i applied for wouldn’t hire me.

my first (and current) job is as a casual administrative clerk at a law firm, which i got pretty much solely on the basis of contacts. it’s pretty interesting stuff, a lot of paperwork and on the whole much more enjoyable than i imagine the alternatives to be.

the only advice i can give is really just the standard stuff – turn up on time, make a good impression (be clean, wear appropriate clothes), LISTEN to instructions but don’t be afraid to ask for questions/clarification if you don’t understand instructions – first couple of weeks (at least) usually (from what i’ve heard/experienced) double as mentoring weeks so you should make good use of the access you have to your supervisor, learn how to manage time/prioritise tasks

good luck!

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Topic: Off-topic / Admit your alts


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Topic: Off-topic / Evolution


Uber, you can’t acclaim that the universe was made by your imaginary friend, because back a while stupid christians like you thought that there’s nothing behind the sky, AND THE EARTH IS FLAT

Many reputable Christian scholars (earliest recordings being 500 AD) argued the Earth was spherical – after about the 8th century it was taken as fact that the Earth was a sphere, Christianity never contested that.

What you’re thinking of is the geocentric model – that the Earth is at the centre of the universe – which sparked the Galileo affair (where he was accused of/arrested for heresy for claiming the Earth orbited the Sun).

Some of the first scientists to disprove the geocentric model (which did not originate with any of the Abrahamic religions) were Muslim.

In addition to that, nowhere in the Bible does it say that Earth is the centre of the universe. The Qu’ran itself makes reference to multiple “worlds”. The shape of the Earth is not theologically significant, it is described as flat, circular, domed, a ‘canopy’, divided into quadrants etc. at various points in the Bible.

More importantly, at the time of the writing of the Old Testament (scholarly dates put it at about 5th-6th century BCE) basic observations would have easily justified ‘flat earth’ and geocentric theory.


Are you that dumb? Do you understand that in the dark ages of christianity the human knowledge became low dramatically, and your fucking religion think that knowledge is a sin?

The dark ages didn’t really have anything to do with Christianity ‘suppressing’ human knowledge.

First of all, most Medieval scholars prefer not to use the term ‘dark ages’ because it misrepresents that era of Medieval history. The reason the term ‘dark’ was applied was because Western European society was thrown into crisis as a result of the collapse of the Roman Empire. In addition to that, there are relatively few historical sources from that time (early Middle Ages) as a result of societal collapse.

That does not mean civilisation ended or scientific knowledge stopped – it means most of that knowledge was just forgotten because it was unaccounted for.

Most of the knowledge of the Dark Ages we have is the result of Christian scholarly writing – so you can thank them for that.

Also, you ignore the Islamic Golden Age which gave birth to huge developments in mathematics, medicine, astronomy, philosophy, economics etc. which heavily influenced the West. There are many scholarly/historical works which attribute the origins of the renaissance (and scientific revolution) in the West to the Islamic Golden Age (John Freely has two well written books on it, Jonathan Lyons has another – all worth reading).

Knowledge is a virtue in Christianity, it is praised throughout the Bible. Wisdom, one of the four cardinal virtues, is knowing how to use that knowledge.

And what about other religions, you moron? Every bastard from every religion thinks that he had been born in the right religion, or the true religion! So do you! But in fact, all of you are the same stupid shit with idiot imaginary friends and stupid arguments.

And how many scientific theories were there until we decided on the ‘right’ one?

Skim through “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” by Thomas Kuhn – his whole theory is that science is explained through “paradigm shifts” which are basically a complete revolution in worldview. Throughout history, the way we approach a scientific problem is totally revolutionised: we used to think of disease in terms of “miasma” (bad air/pollution – basically suggested all disease was airborne), but now we think of it in terms of germ theory.

But back when “miasma” was the standard scientific theory, everyone thought it was ‘right’. We used to think light traveled in waves, then in particles, and now we’ve settled on something in between.

Just because religions existed before Abrahamic tradition doesn’t mean Abrahamic tradition is wrong – just like preceding scientific theories don’t delegitimise all modern science.

Every time we were arguing about the religion and shit, I asked you every time about aliens. You never answered me. Answer now, moron! What are aliens for you? What does the bible says about aliens? How it’s possible to be aliens there while your imaginary friend never said something about them?

“[All] praise is [due] to Allah , Lord of the worlds -” – Surah 1:2

“World” plural; suggests more than one world.

“And of his signs is the creation of the heavens and earth and what He has dispersed throughout them of creatures” – Surah 42:29

If we assume “heavens” refers to everything beyond Earth, I guess it could be argued that God dispersed creatures (including intelligent life) beyond Earth too.

“It is Allah Who has created seven heavens and of the earth the like thereof” – Surah 65:12

Suggests that there are at least 7 planets “like” Earth.

If you really wanted to draw it out, there is enough in the Qu’ran (and by extension, Abrahamic religions in general) to argue that life exists beyond our own.

But your argument would only make sense if aliens existed. So far, we’ve got no idea. Without empirical evidence we can’t say for certain. All you’re going by is the science of scale – that there’s so much out there that there HAS to be some kind of intelligent life. But until we find proof, it’s just as likely that we’re alone.

If you include life in general, like bacterial life – then the lines from the Qu’ran still apply.

“No tiny particle’s weight is hidden from the Lord on earth nor in heaven, not any thing smallest nor largest” Surah 10:61

There are a number of times where “tiny particle” is mentioned in the Qu’ran – some Muslim scholars have interpreted it to mean microscopic life. Once again, reference is made to “heaven” – and if we rely on the assumption that heaven refers to everything beyond Earth (including the “worlds” mentioned in the second line of the Holy Book), you have your answer there.

TL;DR – There are answers to all of your questions written above, if you choose not to read it you’re choosing ignorance over knowledge – even if that knowledge is something you don’t respect. Any form of ignorance is a weakness, and you do yourself a disservice by embracing that ignorance.

Proverbs 18:2

“A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.”

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Topic: Off-topic / [ROUND 85] Gevock vs. StOtS


this was a hard choice but he deserves it

i could hardly think of anyone more dedicated to their community

i admire his patience and resilience

if everyone here were more like gevock there’d be no need for heaven

we would already be there

also he is an handsome man

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Topic: Off-topic / Awesome way to see all recent posts made on Off Topic

Originally posted by adv0catus:

That’s old. I told Stots about it when he was first modded.

our little secret ;)

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Topic: Off-topic / if you HAD to date someone o the forums who would it be?

rolby (no homo)

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Topic: Kongregate / That time I spied on Bowser's Castle for science.

As I said, this casts doubt over the effectiveness of moderation as a deterrent measure.

But I disagree with what you’re saying here. I don’t think Kong expects the primary function of moderation to be deterrence.

I think deterrence is one function of moderation, and works in some situations better than others. In rooms where there is strict moderation with a high rate of enforcement, moderation is probably a more effective deterrent. In rooms where moderation is seen to be fairly relaxed, it works less effectively as a deterrent.

Moderation is as much about deterring offensive behaviour (through redirection of conversation) as it is about preventing that behaviour (warnings) and enforcing sanctions on that behaviour (silence/ban).

So I’m not sure that these “vast differences” in expectations really exist outside of the non-mod community. Admins have a pretty clear conception of what they expect from mods, and mods have a pretty clear understanding of what their role entails. Enforcement differs based on the communities under observation.

TL;DR – Mods aren’t exclusively a method of deterrence, deterrence is one aspect of their role. The effectiveness of deterrence depends on the nature of the community they’re moderating.

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you avoid people?

i generally try to avoid people i know but haven’t spoken to in a while (couple of months or so)

mostly because i hate smalltalk and that’s all i can ever hope to get out of them. there’s only so many times you can answer the question ’how’s uni?’ or ’how’s work?’ before you get sick of putting yourself in those situations.

i’d rather just avoid it.

it’s surprising how little people actually have to say.

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Topic: Off-topic / favorite person on kong?

rolby (no homo)

maybe trent but im not on his list so not anymore :(

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Topic: Kongregate / That time I spied on Bowser's Castle for science.

I’m not convinced that increasing the number of rooms would have done anything to improve the investigation. There are a number of factors which will contribute to the likelihood of regs perpetuating trolling – age, time spent as member of community, off-site communication, relationship with mod – and any exercise in comparison across rooms would have to take that into consideration. I feel as if the investigation would then transform from being about the relationship between presence of authority figure and trolling, to one more to do with the social factors which contribute to trolling.

Rooms with a higher percentage of younger users, populated by users who are new to a community, that doesn’t communicate outside of Kongregate with a mod they’re unfamiliar with is going to produce an environment far more conducive to trolling than a room where the active members are adults who have been part of the community for a number of years, who communicate off-site in some form (Skype/Steam) and knew the mod from before they were modded.

Of course those are two extreme examples, but already that kind of discussion has less to do with the presence of an authority figure and more to do with structure of the community itself. Any investigation which tried to incorporate all those factors would require more time (and words) than were allocated.

I think that the method used fit well with the question asked, and I think the results are interesting.

As to the responses related to the effectiveness of moderation:

I feel as if the research only really casts doubt over the effectiveness of moderation as a method of deterrence. And although that’s frequently used as a justification for moderation (as if moderation really needs justification anyway), I don’t think any user or mod has claimed mods are more effective as a means of deterrence than a means of enforcement.

In fact, those results aren’t necessarily surprising. Just observing the interactions between users and mods in the chat room I frequent, some users are significantly more disruptive when certain mods are online – my thinking is that if the troll’s primary objective is to provoke and disrupt chat, the best way to be acknowledged for that disruptive behaviour is to direct it at a moderator and try to elicit some kind of response.

When there isn’t a ‘high profile’ target and recognition of their behaviour can’t be guaranteed, they’re less likely to initiate.

An interesting follow-up would have been to measure the duration of the ‘instances of trolling’.

I suspect that although instances of trolling occurred marginally less frequently when there was no active moderator presence, they’d be more protracted than they would have been when there was active moderation because there would actually (hopefully) be enforcement.

TL;DR part 1: I doubt increasing the sample size would have improved the investigation – if anything, it would have pushed the investigation down a different (but no less interesting) path.

TL;DR part 2: This doesn’t demonstrate the ineffectiveness of moderation. First, because the differences across active/inactive/no mod scenarios were statistically irrelevant. Second because even if you considered the differences to be statistically significant, all it confirms is a suspicion I’m sure many mods have had – that they’re more likely to be the target of trolling than other users. And third, while it shows moderation to be an ineffective method of deterrence, the nature of the investigation doesn’t consider enforcement. If instances of trolling were both more frequent and lengthy when there was active moderation, then there might be a case for the ineffectiveness of moderation.

Interesting research and an interesting discussion!

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Topic: Off-topic / Why everyone potrays HELL as a place thats fueled with fire?

Originally posted by aguspal:
Originally posted by Cwovictor:
Originally posted by aguspal:
Originally posted by V0idGuard:

Matthew 13:50 “furnace of fire…weeping and gnashing of teeth”
Mark 9:48 “where their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched”
Revelation 14:10 “he will be tormented with fire and brimstone”

Now on English please.

“A shitton of fire, you’re pretty much boned”

Thats a bit better I guess…. It still does not exaplin why hell is based on fire rather than cold, thought.

because fire is generally considered a more violent and torturous kind of punishment

that said, dante alighieri uses both. in the seventh circle of hell (reserved for the sin of wrath/violence) sinners are submerged in a river of boiling blood and fire.

dante himself took that image of hell from the greek depiction of the underworld and the river ‘phlegethon’ (trans. fire-flaming) which predate christian descriptions of hell in the new testament.

but he also uses cold in the ninth circle of hell where traitors are encased in ice, to the centre of the ninth circle where satan (traitor against god) is trapped.

he sits in the centre of the frozen lake ‘cocytus’, which is again derived from greek mythology (although in hades it is a river, and it isn’t frozen).

tl;dr: classical, biblical and late-medieval depictions of hell generally incorporate fire and because of that most representations of hell include fire.

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Topic: Off-topic / First Kongregate..

remind me again how gamestop ruined kongregate

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Topic: Off-topic / Did you know that mods can hide threads without locking them?


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Topic: Off-topic / Hispanics now declaring themselves white

Originally posted by Mikkmar:
Originally posted by StOtS:

so does that mean only people of estonian descent are white?

estonia is the birthplace of white civilisation?

am i reading this right????

Yes, you certainly are.

well you sure got me

Originally posted by DoomlordKravoka:

Without Jews there wouldn’t be any civilization.

i get that this is your new gimmick, but i don’t even think the hardcore zionists would argue that

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Topic: Off-topic / Hispanics now declaring themselves white

so does that mean only people of estonian descent are white?

estonia is the birthplace of white civilisation?

am i reading this right????

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Topic: Off-topic / Hispanics now declaring themselves white

that doesn’t answer the question

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Topic: Off-topic / Hispanics now declaring themselves white

Originally posted by Mikkmar:
Originally posted by Immortal7777:

This might come as a shock to you but spain is part of europe

This might also come as a shock to you, but the French, Germans and Poles (Poles aren’t even white) don’t speak English (reason 2) and Greeks and Italians aren’t white (reason 1)

what makes one ‘white’ then?