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Topic: Off-topic / Yes, OT, there is a new Forum Mod for you, too!

Originally posted by heatblast1:

hey guys remember stots lmao

he was such a fag lol

stop you’ll make me cry :’(

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Topic: Off-topic / why you're not an OT moderator:

I’m not an OT moderator anymore because I’ll just ignore some people who like picking on a retarded white 13 year old. You won. You beat me in a battle of wits. A battle of wits that have no meaning but to make another person angry for no reason. I have gotten better recently, but its only these threads and some other posters that like picking on a kid. I don’t care if a useless OTer is better than me, like that makes sense. Please see this and say, “Ok.” My random outburst to show my side of comedy was from my opinion. Anybody who hates me so much that when I am in the fu­­cking mood that I am never in now when I post and attack for no reason, leave me the f­uc­k alone, you nasty trolls.

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Topic: Off-topic / Madjedi thinks achievements should become the global currency

what if i told you that you were all just trolled by immortal!!!!!!!!

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Topic: Off-topic / Petition for mods to start posting lock reasons again

Originally posted by nikolas10161:

Don’t see why not.


Because mods don’t act on flags immediately. A flagged thread could be inactive for hours before the mod has time to act on the flag, and if they had to post a lock reason in that thread, they’d be bump spamming.

Also, the reasons are almost always obvious. The only people who hassle mods and admins about locked threads/removed posts are trying to cause a stir. They understand why their thread was locked/post removed and don’t really give a shit.

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Topic: Off-topic / official Oscar thread

Confirmed in bold.

Best Picture: Birdman or Boyhood (didn’t like it much, but the 12 year gimmick is enough to carry the otherwise shitty film). Once again, thank god.

Best Actor: Keaton or Redmayne (Preferred Keaton because Redmayne’s role was more emulation than creation). Fuck the Academy, that’s like the 7th biographical performance to win an Oscar in the last 12 years or something. Emulation, not creation.

Best Actress: Julianne Moore – would be surprised if she didn’t get it.

Best Supporting Actor: J.K Simmons – definitely deserved that.

Best Supporting Actress: Emma Stone or Patricia Arquette

Best Director: Linklater or Inarritu (would prefer Inarritu, but Boyhood’s 12 year thing might push it through). THANK GOD.

Animated Feature Film: Big Hero Six (but wouldn’t be surprised if How To Train Your Dragon 2 got it)

Visual Effects: Guardians, or Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Went to Interstellar. Surprising, but well deserved.

Foreign Language: Ida – Should’ve gone to Leviathan.

Cinematography: Birdman

Editing: Boyhood. Went to Whiplash ! Thank god.

Sound Mixing: Whiplash

Sound Editing: American Sniper

Best Doco: Citizen Four

Costume Design: Grand Budapest

Makeup & Hairstyling: Grand Budapest

Best Adapted Screenplay: Imitation Game, followed by one of the most irritating acceptance speeches I’ve heard.

Best Original Screenplay: Grand Budapest. Went to Birdman!

Original Song: Glory (from Selma)

Production Design: Grand Budapest

Original Score: The Theory of Everything. Grand Budapest Hotel got it! Happy about that, loved the film and the soundtrack.

My predictions, left a few out due to lack of interest/knowledge.

Most Awards:

Birdman and Grand Budapest Hotel with 4 each.

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Topic: Off-topic / So i watched those fucking shadows of grey with my gf

Discuss how I don’t care.

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version: New navigation changes

I don’t like how aesthetically this doesn’t match the rest of the site at all. That’s more than just the colour – the font too is different, the interface is smooth and minimalistic whereas the rest of the navigation bars (games, achievements, my kong) are clunky and full of unnecessary information (I like 123’s idea about customising what we see in those drop down tabs).

Also, although it’s already been said, I feel as if the new nav bar sacrifices some of the functionality of the old one.

It’s not that the update is bad – I actually like the design – it’s just totally out of sync with the rest of the site.

More importantly, we come to the issue of “why fix what isn’t broken”.

There are widely used threads now dedicated purely to suggestions, a number of which are worth considering. I can only assume that if the “small dev team” which has to “prioritise” extensively is working on aesthetic navigation changes, they can’t be simultaneously working on useful features that would actually benefit users.

Increasing the game uploads from 20 to 50 MBs is good, and I’m sure many devs would appreciate it. But there’s such a huge radio silence between these updates, and there’s so little to really to really show for them, I really wonder what the dev team is actually doing most of the time.

This is not how you ‘prioritise’.

Love the look though!!

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Topic: Off-topic / Is the percentage of autistic people that are very smart...higher than the percentage of non-autists that are very smart?

Savants exist, it’s not as if all autists are complete idiots, and it’s not the result of a misdiagnosis. It’s just exceedingly rare, and it’s limited to certain specific tasks (usually highly mathematical, even in the way they approach art or music).

I don’t think it’s really something that can be explained fully, but it’s got something to do with the autist’s improved ability to think systematically as a result of their inability to empathise?

That’s not exclusive to autists, but the difference is probably more noticeable. So much so that even a ‘genius’ by our standard wouldn’t be able to match an idiot savant in their specific field.

But because the savant’s knowledge is so singular it’s basically useless.

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Topic: Off-topic / Melinda Obama "Health Meals"

Ghost Rider 2

I don’t usually dislike movies, and the ones that genuinely don’t interest me I can usually find some kind of value in. I also generally like terrible movies that try to be serious but fail (so like every Nic Cage movie ever), or movies that are intentionally bad (mockbusters, or anything The Asylum makes), because the attempts are always pretty funny.

But Ghost Rider 2 was just fucking terrible.

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Topic: Off-topic / Which video game consols do you use most?/



Topic: Off-topic / We need another mod.

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Topic: Off-topic / Is the percentage of autistic people that are very smart...higher than the percentage of non-autists that are very smart?

Probably not.

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you believe in luck?

Luck is what we used to explain things before we understood probability.

We’re not ‘lucky’ Earth had the perfect conditions for life to emerge, it’s a statistical probability that somewhere, at sometime in the expanse of the universe a planet would be host to the conditions for life. It’s not a matter of IF it was going to happen (as ‘luck’ explanation would suggest) but WHEN it was going to happen.

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Topic: Off-topic / We need another mod.

Originally posted by Gabidou99:
Originally posted by Mikkmar:

Like anyone would actually want to moderate this shithole.

I want to moderate it.

I support this.

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you believe that there are cowardly strategies/tactics/styles?

Originally posted by SpearDudezor:

Why would I do that, I’m too stupid and I don’t feel like reading so much


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Topic: Off-topic / Do you believe that there are cowardly strategies/tactics/styles?

supplement your assumptions and ignorance with knowledge and you could be worth conversing with

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you believe that there are cowardly strategies/tactics/styles?

Originally posted by SpearDudezor:

dude chill you’ll give yourself a heart attack
honor is friggin subjective, I don’t even know if what I’m describing is called honor, I just thought it was an appropriate word, and in this case, I’m not trying to be individual or contrarian
if I may be arrogant enough to make a suggestion, you shouldn’t assume that famous people’s philosophies are the truth ;)

dude it’s not ;)

don’t assume that because you thought it up you’re a unique little snowflake whose views are at all comparable to not “a few famous people” but centuries of developments in human philosophy ;)

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you believe that there are cowardly strategies/tactics/styles?

Basically everything you’ve said (pretty much about everything, every time you express an opinion) is “over-inflated, arrogant and conceited”. The false equivalence of “honour” and “humanity”, the fact that you see yourself as external to the implicit hierarchy and/or narcissism of “honour”.

Free will does not necessarily imply moral judgement. By catagorising actions as “honourable” and “dishonourable” you’ve made a “rash assumption” and unfounded generalisation concerning a person’s motives and character.

And the suggestion that free will and reason alone would justify any action is clearly evidence of a lack of knowledge of social contract theory.

Free will is not a person’s right to do as he/she wishes irregardless of law and custom, it’s about human agency and people’s ability to make unimpeded decisions for themselves. (see positive and negative liberty)

Reason does not exist to rationalise heinous crimes, it’s the ability to consciously apply logic, learn, change, and adapt intellectually.

They meet in the middle to create society, establish laws and behavioural codes of conduct (like honour, or religion, ideology) which change in response to the spirit of the time.

Once, honour was relevant. It was a highly social concept because it implied sacrifice for the group. If you want a great literary example of that, Homer’s Iliad is a typical representation of honour – duty, individual sacrifice, fighting and dying for what is ‘right’, and, importantly, knowing where you stand. If the king does something that displeases you, you are in no position to challenge that because he is king and what he does is necessarily “right” and you, as a subject, must abide by that.

Honour, in its classical form, in its medieval form, in its feudal form, in its moral/ethical form has always implied a power relationship. It always implies duty. It always implies conformity.

Handcraft your own moralistic code if you want – tell yourself that non-conformity and individuality is compatible with duty and sacrifice; but don’t try to validate it by relating it to a value-laden concept such as honour.

Your views as you express them aren’t too far from mainstream, you just try to present them in a contrarian manner. Many people think that certain kinds of warfare are “dishonourable” (like the surprise attack by the Japanese at Pearl Harbour), many people think that a person’s individual (or contribution to national) legacy is more important than life (the necessary sacrifice of war), many people lament the loss of principles of social cohesion and its narcissistic replacement ‘individualism’.

Many people choose to label that ‘honour’ without realising how far off they are.

And before we start talking about the fluidity of language and the multitude of definitions of honour and how ‘individual interpretation is as valuable as historical precedent’ – know that we moved past looking towards “honour” for answers. We went from there to achieving happiness, to accepting reality, to using reason, to religion, to religious humanism, to religious individualism, to secular humanism, to scientific rationalism, to rational individualism… etc.

The labels we used didn’t evolve as our understanding did, we created new labels and let the old ones gather dust while they became increasingly irrelevant and we deconstructed and reconstructed society around our ever-changing set of values.


I also find it ironic that you still treat survival, even in the case of not being an aggressor, as being somewhat dishonourable yet chide me for saying we’re distinguished from beasts based on free will and reason.

In one way, you’re effectively denying the all-important concept of “survival of the fittest” by challenging the relevancy of survival (in all its forms) in the process of rationalisation, instead substituting it with honour. Yet you also, by implying my stance was “arrogant”, tacitly legitimise survival instinct by likening it to our concepts of free will and reason.

I will concede that the survival instinct is reflected in our own concept of pragmatism, but unlike base survival instinct which is behavioural PHYSICAL survival, pragmatism can be applied to far more than that. There is no equivalent of social contract theory in any other beast, unless you choose to entertain the possibility that they do and we just haven’t figured it out yet.

No other animal has a comparable degree of intellect.

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you believe that there are cowardly strategies/tactics/styles?

wars are seldom about survival, are they?

I disagree with you.

In every controversial example of warfare you can think of, there’s an argument on behalf of the aggressor which can justify their reasons for war in terms of “survival”.

And who are you to determine whether or not those are genuine concerns unless you experience them?

Whether you like it or not, we’re driven by an instinct to survive: intellectually, economically, spiritually, physically etc. To liken an archaic, irrelevant principle of socio-political control to humanity is profoundly uninsightful.

If you’re looking for some kind of metaphysical direction to life, “honour” is not going to lead you there.

There is nothing ‘human’ about ‘honour’, it necessarily denies free will and the pursuit of reason (two things that distinguish us from other beasts) because it prescribes a certain way in which humans must act in order to do what? To win the approval of a superior body and treat yourself like a slave of duty? Or perhaps the intention is more narcissistic, to unjustifiably praise yourself when others fail to take notice of your actions?

Because that’s all honour is. It’s a set of narcissistic social customs established to control those myopic and obsequious enough to believe in them.

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Topic: Off-topic / Waste of time (Random debate thread)

Well, isolating any part of the website and presenting only that would not give you a good idea of the site as a whole.

To be fair, that’s exactly what you did and have been doing.

And in this context, it doesn’t look like they used parentheses to de-emphasise social networking but rather CLARIFY what they meant by “online gaming website”.

If they meant it as a secondary factor it would’ve read “Online gaming (and social networking) website” or “Online gaming website (and social networking)”.

It’s clearly being used to describe what kind of “online gaming” this is.

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Topic: Off-topic / Perfect tits and a flat ass or perfect ass and no tits

Originally posted by LukeMann:
Originally posted by StOtS:

Who cares?

Straight men and lesbians, presumably.

As a lesbian, what about a PERFECT HEART???

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Topic: Off-topic / Waste of time (Random debate thread)

Originally posted by Mikkmar:
Originally posted by StOtS:

The forums are very much a part of the website.

You’re introducing someone to a very specific part of a website, not the website as a whole.

I understand what you’re saying, but it’s still a social feature on the site.

What if he introduced them to chat instead? Would isolating chat and not considering the game be too specific to be considered representative of the website as a whole?

Originally posted by Mikkmar:
Originally posted by ArcadianFire:

You don’t determine what the “main attraction” is.
Just because you see this website as featuring gaming as its main attraction does not mean you’re correct.
Many people come to this website specifically for the forums.
You’re letting your opinions get in the way.

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Topic: Off-topic / Waste of time (Random debate thread)

The forums are very much a part of the website.

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Topic: Off-topic / Waste of time (Random debate thread)

We’ve gone from talking about what they were made for, to what they’re focused on and now to what they’re introduced as – if you change the qualifier, the response you get will be different.

Kong was made for both gaming and social networking, they’re focused on both gaming and social networking but I personally wouldn’t introduce it as a social networking site because unlike facebook (which has come to define social networking), the interactions on Kongregate are anonymous and (through site layout and such) it clearly presents itself as a gaming site.

But I use this site for social networking more than I use it for the games. Similarly, there are probably many people who use facebook primarily as a game platform. But unlike Kong, facebook was NOT made with gaming in mind – but when it found the opportunity to integrate gaming into its social-networking model it did so and has become a gaming platform in its own right. But it clearly presents itself as a social networking site.

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Topic: Off-topic / Perfect tits and a flat ass or perfect ass and no tits

Who cares?