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Topic: Off-topic / How to be Stots

Originally posted by adv0catus:

Most of mafefe’s threads are legitimate points, filled with sarcasm. So, even if you decide to be sarcastic and play it off, you should take the comments to heart (with a pinch of salt).

Wow thanks for that adv0, I was blind until you showed me the way.

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Topic: Off-topic / xD

i only use it ironically because its something that thirteen year old gilrs on the internet use to seem delightful and cute xDDDDDDDDD :3

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Topic: Off-topic / Stots is a meanie

I said – you were encouraging harassment.

‘Insult the above user’ – yeah, that sounds like some GREAT discussion.

Not only that, but it was another ‘above user’ thread which are almost always spammy and discussion-less.

It had been flagged by a couple of users, so it’s not as if I was the only one who thought that thread was garbage :>>>>

Contact me in PMs if you don’t understand the reason for a lock.

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Topic: Off-topic / Say something insulting about the user above

@OP Your thread is bad and you should feel bad.

Don’t encourage harassment lol

i propose locking this thread

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Topic: Off-topic / How to be Stots

i hav 1 for crows :>>>

1. make predictable threads
2. pretend to be le ironicbut be very butthurt
3. overuse a forced epix le maymay xDDDDD
4. hate bronies and furries, but have a fetish for/roleplay as a crow :>

dicsuss how mafefe is as bad as bronies and furries

Originally posted by FULLMEASUREZAM:
Originally posted by finkidz5_:

To be honest, I didn’t like Stots at first, I found him to be abrasive. But after spending some more time here since he started modding OT, I’ve realized that he’s just what OT needs. He’s really been growing on me.

As an aside, give the guy some slack, OT’s a tough forum to moderate. I’d certainly never be able to do it.

Because he’s the hero OT deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So, we’ll hunt him, because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight.


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Topic: Off-topic / How to be Stots

Wow you guys know me so well.

Give me more tips on how to be me.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kakariko Village Name Change: Voting Thread

Level Select, World Map and Lavender Town (in that order) fo’ sure.

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Topic: Off-topic / (Serious answers only please); Can I lie about being an actor and having a lot of experience to get the main part in a small movie? I'm not sure if acting is that hard

No one ever got anywhere without playing dirty.

If it’s something you’re interested in, then go for it!

I mean, if you think you’re a decent actor and have a little bit of past experience, the chances are they’re not going to be able to tell the difference between someone who’s a more seasoned short-film actor.

Maybe you’ll enjoy it, and if you do a good job at it then you will have something to put down on your resume if you want to try it again.

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Topic: Off-topic / Film Appreciation Thread

I want to see The Pianist, I hear it’s pretty much Polanski’s ’Schindler’s List’.

I recently saw “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, really enjoyed it. Totally recommend it to people. Wes Anderson is a pretty whacky director, and Budapest was really stylized, quite funny and generally entertaining. Also had a really interesting line up of actors; Willem Dafoe, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody (so, that’s my segue from The Pianist to this) and Ralph Fiennes (and the Schindler’s List connection).

No moral message, a ridiculous plot (which is told through the narrator’s recollection of a conversation he had with someone reminiscing about the events of the story, which justifies the silliness) and a kind of ‘picture book’ artistic style (which makes the violence feel really light hearted and comedic rather than serious) made for a really entertaining movie.

It’s kind of nice to see movies like this. This year is pretty much dominated by comic book movies (Guardians of the Galaxy, Cap’n ‘Murcia), sequels (Transformers, Planet of Apes, Spiderman, 300, 22 Jump Street) and religious flicks (Noah, Exodus, Son of God), so having something like this that doesn’t really take itself seriously but does that in a fun and entertaining way is refreshing.

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Topic: Off-topic / OpenSSL Heartbleed

IAmtheCandyman made a post about this in the main forum, Kongregate isn’t affected by the OpenSSL Heartbleed.

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Topic: Off-topic / I need suggestions...


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Topic: Off-topic / Stots, can you not.

Eugh, why do you not get this?

Bandwagons are only part of the problem.

When you’re on the perma-warning, pretty much any action that would have resulted in a ban triggers it. That means harassing other users, spamming, posting porn, posting shock sites etc.

As I’ve explained to you twice now, you posted gore in the forums earlier today. I filed a report and you were perma-banned for it.

Make one more of these threads and I’ll silence this account. You’ve got your explanation. Ask me in PM’s if you STILL don’t get it, but kindly just read my replies before you bother with that.

If you spam me with PM’s, I’ll mute you.

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Topic: Off-topic / WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!?!?!?

You had the permawarning in your profile. Let me post it again for you!

You have been on Kongregate for a little over three years, and in that time, you have been harassing other users in the forums, calling them all sorts of racial or hateful slurs, and swearing excessively. With the new year, it seems you’ve begun this behavior anew, and so we must issue you a permaban warning.
Please see to it that this behavior stops immediately, or we’ll be forced to permanently ban your account.
Kongregate administration

You chose to not take it seriously.

The fact that someone else has been shitposting and spamming (which I silenced and removed all the posts, btw) doesn’t change the fact that for the past 3 years you’ve spammed the shit out of OT.

Pretty much all the shitty bandwagons I can think of started with you, already this year you’ve been banned twice for harassing other users/excessive trolling. Those 3 years of generally shitty behaviour finally culminated in the form of a perma-ban.

So if all you’re planning on doing on the alt is the same shit that got your first account permabanned, the next perma will come more quickly.

Thanks for wasting my time.

EDIT: Oh yeah, you posted gore in the forums which is generally a week-ban. So that was the ‘final straw’.

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Topic: Off-topic / Cult of Mason, with new and improved discussion.

So you made a thread identical to the one that just got locked… and all you added for discussion was ‘discuss how awesome I am’.

In case you didn’t notice, people hardly know you. The ones that remember you know all you did was shitpost and harass other users to the point where you were permabanned for it.

We don’t need any more ‘cult of’ bandwagon threads, especially ones like this.

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Topic: Off-topic / Cult of Mason.

No discussion here.

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Topic: Off-topic / Gabidou made a post on 4chan

Not an imageboard.

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Topic: Off-topic / Easter Countdown

Originally posted by MelbourneBoy:

Oh fuck this shit. Easter is just an day for excuses! Doesn’t deserve a fucking holiday. Same thing with Good Friday, Christmas Day, Labour Day, Australia Day, ANZAC Day…

Everyday is just the same as each other, nothing fucking special!

I agree with you so hard.

Especially on those last three. Dumb Australia.

I used to enjoy Easter. Our family would generally get together and have a huge traditional feast, which was nice. And then most of them died, or stopped talking to each other, or moved away so we never celebrate it like we used to.

Generally we’d attend the Easter Vigil at our church, but unfortunately that won’t be happening this year.

Basically, Easter doesn’t mean shit for me anymore and just reminds me of a time when we actually had some kind of cohesive family unit.


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Topic: Off-topic / Who is the most inconsistent/random poster in OT?

Originally posted by GraphicDesignC:
Originally posted by Stots:

Inconsistent would imply there is consistency somewhere.

The only consistency is that you’re ALL shitposters.

Therefore, the most inconsistent poster is the person who doesn’t shitpost.

So MmeBunneh.

Here’s a big fuck you from me. I think you’re the king of shitposters.

Why are you so mad, GDC?

Wanna talk about it?

No need to cry, little one. We’re all here for you.

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Topic: Off-topic / Marijuanna should be illegal


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Topic: Off-topic / Who is the most inconsistent/random poster in OT?

Inconsistent would imply there is consistency somewhere.

The only consistency is that you’re ALL shitposters.

Therefore, the most inconsistent poster is the person who doesn’t shitpost.

So MmeBunneh.

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Topic: Off-topic / what is your guys favorite movie?

I really can’t choose. I can narrow it down to three:

• No Country for Old Men
• Shawshank Redemption
• Schindler’s List

Couldn’t pick between them because they’re all very different movies that I enjoyed for very different reasons.

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Topic: Off-topic / I make music!

Off-Topic is a board of discussion, not advertisement.

As Meistheman said, The Arts may be a more appropriate place to post this if you want some serious feedback and perhaps some advice.

Best of luck!

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Topic: Tyrant / How Bama uses 21 alts to get top1 in XP

If you have a problem with a user in-game, send a ‘game bug’ report and explain it – this will send an email to the devs and they can investigate the allegations.

As has been said on multiple occasions, making these accusation threads is against the Terms of Service – it’s considered harassment. All the evidence people present is circumstantial at best that there’s nothing anyone, whether users or admins, can do to substantiate those claims. On top of that, Kong can’t take action in-game – that’s the decision of the developer, not Kongregate’s admins.

So I’m going to lock this thread now, as I have done with any other accusation threads I’ve seen. Please use the appropriate channels of reporting users in the future.

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Topic: Off-topic / aguspal: Should we give her a break?

If you continue to make threads harassing other users (yes, that includes aguspal) you will be silenced.

Your shitposting is now as bad as all the other shitposting in these forums. It’s LE EDGY xDDDDD attention seeking at its worst.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Hitler thread.

Ignoring the genocide, I find Hitler to be a profoundly inspiring and admirable political leader.

He did more than just ‘scare’ people into loving him – he convinced them to. Whether you agree with it or not, people believed he had rebuilt Germany, he played on people’s pride (their love of Germany, how the allies had dishonoured them) and on their fear (of a Germany forever indebted to the allies, of a Germany overrun by people he had systematically blamed for Germany’s defeat in WW1).

Unlike Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, the Kims and Castro – Hitler didn’t impoverish his people. Germany flourished under Hitler. Granted, perhaps he wasn’t in power long enough to run the country into the ground.

The good doesn’t outweigh the bad. He still authorised genocide and engaged a war that led to the death of millions, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t an amazing politician.