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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Gaia] Recent pricing errors and bans - official Kongregate statement

dice galama and khaidhun getting banned for this is like al capone going to jail for tax evasion.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Gaia] Snail Sale or picking up the bar of soap? You decide.

everyone who has played this game for more than a week should know by now that whenever snail does ANYTHING AT ALL with the shop, they spam us repeatedly with mail to let us know about it, so it is your fault for abusing this glitch. it was only available for kongregate users, and not people playing from the OFFICIAL snail site, another obvious sign that it was not intentional, so it is your fault for abusing this glitch.

the moderators on the game are borderline non-existant, and also powerless. you can spam whatever curse word is your favorite for hours without getting muted. the mods that ARE on, based on empirical observation, are likely oblivious, or so lazy that they only watch help channel while doing things in other tabs. however, whenever the mods did eventually notice the situation, all they could do would be to relay the information and wait for it to be acted upon by someone with actual power, after being discussed for a while, and panicked about first. so, it is your fault for abusing this glitch.

this is basic multiplayer-game knowledge and common sense right here. if you knowingly abuse a glitch like this, especially in such a way that it costs the company money, you will be punished, so it is your fault for abusing this glitch. this is not a restaurant, or a supermarket or a gas station or anything else like that, nor is this game the united states of america with a constitution. this is a trademarked and copyrighted piece of property that they are allowing us to use, as long as we play by their rules. it’s how it is in every multiplayer game, and it’s in every ToS and EULA and contract you sign before registering / playing : “you agree to follow our rules, and not exploit the game, or we can ban you. also, we have the right to ban you if we even THINK you are doing something that you shouldnt be. youre in our world now.” so it is your fault for abusing this glitch.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Current outstanding Bugs/Issues in CoG

Many different players have tested formation % bonuses and tome % bonuses and PROVEN that they are useless, so why keep saying that we’re all wrong? This is just like that forum post where someone got up to 100% success chance “shown” for upgrading a skill, and he failed, and CoG said “nope, it was 95%, you’re just unlucky lol”. The same skill learning failure with 100% happened to an alliance member of mine just last night, so it can’t just be “bad luck”.

Anyway, nice list of grievances, but it would be nice to get some sort of response other than “thank you for your feedback, i will tell the devs” or “you are wrong, despite many other players having the same problem and getting the same results. oh, no, i wont tell you why you are wrong, or give any proof for it, though”.

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event]Pictures For S3

I vote for Malaya!

S3 – Ronillar

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event] Get a Taste of VIP Life!

Originally posted by Bakkoda24:
Originally posted by setec:

I agree, prices are too high. It required about 100$ to get minimum setup (skills, good heroes), even not mentioning equpment, keys and so on. Thats far more expensive than other MMOrpgs (for example WoW is only 20$ per month).

First off, you’re comparing WoW, which is a AAA MMORPG, to Call of Gods, which is an online browser SLG/RPG. Frankly, that’s comparing apples to… an elephant. Call of Gods is hosted by AeriaGames and they host free-to-play games with cash shops. That’s about all the explanation I can muster for something so ridiculous.

Well, that was actually his point, though he did not articulate it fully. A vastly inferior game should not have vastly higher prices.