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Topic: Monster Battles: TCG / Bug Report Thread

Originally posted by ft83:

Hello. I’m also facing problems with PVP wins and Gym points. Most of my wins are not giving me Gym points. Sometimes I win 3 PVP battles but I get points for only 1 win.

IGN: ft83
Platform: MAC
Browser: Chrome

I’ve got the same problem here again. Though I’ve got no gym points for any win.

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Topic: Monster Battles: TCG / Bug Report Thread

Originally posted by IsidroT:

Hello Kamelot, we are investigating the issues that you experienced by looking at your profile it could take us a bit of time but we will make sure to let you know what we find out, please let us know if you experience any other issue like this!


Thank you :) Everything works well now, but I had to leave and rejoin the gym. I have no idea why it happened, though. A guildie stated that it could be if I had been accepted in 2 gyms, but couldn’t say if it’s right or not.

I know that not only my gym status was “uncertain”, but I couldn’t be promoted/demoted or kicked at that time. Eventually, the leave gym button was there and there is no cooldown after this operation. :)

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Topic: Monster Battles: TCG / Bug Report Thread

Hello. I’ve joined in a Gym for the first time today and I’ve got plenty of bugs:

1.The game doesn’t count my PVP win gym points. The leader has promoted me to “Veteran”, but even this doesn’t help.
2. Then my guild status has stopped to show up. I am neither “Member”, nor “Veteran”, but I am in the guild.
3. Whenever I refresh/relog my Gym points are being resetted to 0. Instead of 5,40 k I have only 600 at the moment.


The first screenshot shows how many points I have at the moment – 600 and that I have no status in the Gym. Whenever I refresh they’ll become 0 again.

The second one shows how many “gym points” I have obtained as total – 5400. Thanks god I haven’t finished the gym point quest, yet.

Note that all the points are only from hard tourneys – PvP wins doesn’t count for me. I haven’t ever changed or left the Gym, neither the platform I am playing on.

IGN: kamelot
Platform: PC
Browser: Chrome

Edit2: Added screenshots.
Edit3: I left and rejoined the gym and everything seems to work well for now.

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Topic: Monster Battles: TCG / How to Win at Hard Tourneys

Hello all. I am new here (2 days has passed since I’ve started playing).

For these 2 days I’ve played Lake hard 6 times and my record is 3 wins and 3 losses. I’ve learnt from them that it’s pretty beatable. And even when I am unlucky I get the gold from the first 3 stages, which almost overcome the losses.

With some practice on Lake normal everyone could manage to reach stage 3 with 80-100 hp. Reaching 3rd stage on hard mode is the same. If you manage to reach stage 4 with 70-100 hp, most likely you would beat it.

On stage 3 and 4 the best thing you could do to overcome AI bonus is:
1. focus on evolving sharpshooters. If it’s not possible – block the way. If you have hard times Rhino and/or Archie could “clear” the field and help you evolving something (sharpshooters and damaged blockers takes priority). Use Seally’s skill to block something with huge attack/defense stats. Zak could also help you of delaying the enemy.
2. leave 1 for stage 4 and 1-2 for stage 3 opponent monsters with 1/1 attack/defence or 0/N (fully evolved monsters takes priority; For stage 4 avoid of doing this on monsters with double hit, cause you could have troubles with the 1-stones). After some rounds of blocking it’s doable. Don’t ever think of killing them until you’re sure that you’re wining.
3. use the free slots to evolve anything you need (sharpshooters takes priority).
4. It’s easy after this to beat it even if you have less than 10 hp.

Basically any mob in Lake deck has its use, you could beat even without any luck of getting sharpshooters at the start.


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Topic: Chains of Darkness / Player Guide (Read Me)

About the soul coin summon. In the mid/later levels when you need a few extra Smash to evolve a demon, I see it as a good option for collecting it. Most of the time I get 1 smash per 10 summons.

But at the begining paying for soul coin summon is worthless, as the author of this topic states.

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Topic: Chains of Darkness / Alchemy discussion

Originally posted by Galaga1971:

If you have 3 out of 4 do the circled demons only get the bonus or is it for the entire team??

It works for all of them. In LI one Naberius hit my Ash Flesh for around 18 k damage. Then I quited the fight and brought Ekek, Zerker and Kroni to the team. After this operation it hit Ash Flesh for 0-1 damage.

I could be and most likely am wrong about the whole post. I suppose that the floating damage is to be blamed for my confusion.

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Topic: Chains of Darkness / Alchemy discussion

Princess Ekek, Naberius Iceburn, Kroni Helfire, Berzerker combo doesn’t work as well as I expected. I have only 3 of them at low power and mine 4th demon received very little bonus defence(like 10-20k) in LI. Also when I encountered the whole team in arena, the dmg dealt by mine top 2 demons to 5* Ekek wasn’t more different than before. I suppose that bonus def is added to the base, not total stats (else that Ekek would receive close to 0 damage)…

PS. I suppose this makes Maw, Mariana combo even much more crappy..
Probably the bonus stats in other combos would be added the same way.

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Topic: Chains of Darkness / Bugs & Requests

The game is reachable at the moment. Though there are a lot of problems:
1. None of the images are being loaded. Leader demon cannot be seen at home page.
2. Maps and Lost island are unreachable.
3. Raid and Brawl aren’t playable. – the endless loading leads to losing of attempts and fights.
4. Some people are saying that the new server is unreachable, too.

The only things that work “normally” are expeditions, mines, summons, shops – all the things that doesn’t connect to the loading screen. Though you couldn’t see what are you receiving, since the images aren’t loading.

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Topic: Chains of Darkness / Potential Long-Term Demons (Discussion)

Originally posted by Areshia:

But most of them are either impossible to farm or need to be the core of the deck ¯\(ツ)

Amomongo is farmable (raid boss), Ose Infinte Squall and Notus Gale are easy farmable (their shards are on 4 dungeons for each of them). If you are looking for something much easier I would suggest you Craggy Namtar – it’s skill is an aoe debuff(fury reduction), which makes him a decent demon.

Berzerker could become good when Alchemy comes up, but I wouldn’t evolve him further until then. Needs some testing…

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Topic: Chains of Darkness / Raid reward question

You’re welcome :)

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Topic: Chains of Darkness / Raid reward question

The 10 shards you’ve got aren’t demon shards, but equipment shards. The top raid prizes are as follows:

1st place: 3 raid boss demon shards (if you are battleing Amomongo for example, you’ll get 3 Amomongo shards), 10 random equipment shards (2* shards till lvl 29; 3* till 44; 4* till lvl ? and 5* from lvl ?), 1600 raid shop points
2nd place: 2 raid boss demon shards, 9 random equipment shards, 1500 raid shop points
3rd place: 1 raid boss demon shard, 8 random equipment shard, 1400 raid shop points

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Topic: Chains of Darkness / Alchemy discussion

Yeah, this makes both Fury and Anti-fury team even much more stronger. I’ve forgot that Satan and Dragon have +55 starting rage.

3. Maw, Mariana team really looks crappy in compare of the others. The point in it is exactly to take 50% or more damage where +50% defence and Maw’s skill comes in action. I suppose that the tactic here would be to keep their hp below 50% till the end, while Mariana and Duwende (we could laugh here) keeps them alive. It’s really tricky, but probably could work well in endgame. I suppose noone ever gonna evolve all of them to 5*, though.
I’ve just pointed it out as an easy farmable team.
And it’s interesting for me to see it in action. One day when I get Duwende I would try this with 4* team…

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Topic: Chains of Darkness / Alchemy discussion

I dunno, Smer4, what do you see as a dragon in the fury team? – Crispus is a skeleton and single target stunner. Anyways its the best combo.

So we have the information about the strongest combos. Then lets speak about the easy farmable teams (for making at least combo of 3):

1. The Doggy team. – Smer4 wrote about it. (All 4 easy farmable demons)

2. Corroding Vepar, Corroding Maw, Duwende and Mariana (3 easy, 1 a little harder to farm demons)

I wrote about it in my previous post. Lets ovserve it in details:
The whole team is made by 3 moderate chars which are equally good in nowhere, but with one of the highest attack in game (Only 3-4 other demons has more) and 1 healer.

Corroding Vepar – half tank, half dps. He has one of the worst active skills in the game, though. High attack and defensive passives.
Maw – support/dps tank . It looks like he is made for this combo. His active skill makes for the cons of the other demons.
Duwende – support dps. Really crappy skill.
Mariana – healer

The combo skill together with Maw and their high attack makes it an average team for me. Maw is a little harder to farm though.

3. Anti-Fury team. – Smer4 wrote about it. (2 easy, 1 a little harder to farm demons)

4. Kang Admi the Foul, Prince Stolas, Sytri, Dreadshade Acidious (2 easy, 1 a little harder, 1 incredibly hard to farm demon)

- 3 Card Bonus – Water Damage +20% - 4 Card Bonus – Water Damage +30%

I’ve planned to exlude all last hard dungeon bosses, though 3/4 of the team is easy farmable. But lets observe it:
A total water damage team which is a great cons, because of the equipment farming. It looks like its made for rides, but probably could do something in some of the others areas in game, too.

So we have here – 1 stunner/dps, 1 good at nothing, 1 debuffer/healer and 1 healer.

Kang Admi the Foul – dps/stunner. His active skill looks disapointing to me – doesn’t do any damage and hasn’t 100% chance to stun. Though with high lvl skill he would be doing very well.
Prince Stolas – really low stats and bad skill.
Sytri – debuffer/healer – great skill (if its description is right, of course) – probably it could take down the shield of King Barbas etc. Nice healing passives.
Dreadshade Acidious – healer/dps? – The best single target healer in game (if his skill description is right, of course).

In counclusion this team could do something only in rides, unless you replace Stolas for something else.

5. Princess Ekek, Naberius Iceburn, Kroni Helfire, Berzerker
– 3 Card Bonus – DEF +70%
– 4 Card Bonus – DEF +120%

Everyone knows the pros and cons of each of this cards.
I would disagree with Smer4 about this combo. +120% def is really huge boost and this team sucks only in defence(and some skills of course). Making them more tanky, makes Damage stepper, No mercy and Enrage more effective. So here we go – high dps, moderate/high defence.
For an easy farmable team is more than average for me, no matter the crappy skills.

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Topic: Chains of Darkness / Alchemy discussion

Thank you Smer4 about the information. :)

In addition I’m going to add some points.
From what I see different combos would be better in different areas in game. For example elemental damage teams would be good in rides.

I would say that the other tanky team, which is farmable, looks average to me(if they could survive the first 1-2 rounds):
Corroding Vepar, Corroding Maw, Duwende and Mariana
- 3 card bonus – When HP drops below 30%, DEF will increase by 30%
- 4 card bonus – When HP drops below 50%, DEF will increase by 50%
Their dps is really low, though. But if Maw could trigger its skill, very few demons (like Satan) would do damage to them. This probably could be usable somewhere?

The 1st strike team looks also not so bad since Prince Chax skill is bugged(no damage returns to him). And Nero Giant Flesh would do +300% dmg on first strike that would make him beeing able to oneshot anything you want (very useful at Lost Island). If only Chax and Queen Succubi were farmable…

The stunning skill in Doggy team is bugged (it hits only 1 target, according to some forum threads).

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Topic: Chains of Darkness / How to WIN!!!! (READ ME)

I’m going to give some tips from my experience about Lost Island and other stuff for low level players.

In my opinion you should focus on evolving, leveling up equipment(be carefull with equipment evolving, though) etc for 1-2 demons. By this way I could reach lvl 9-11 Lost Island dailly. (depending on stage 7, 8 and 9 opponents). And it is still working for me at lvl 37.
Note that it’s always better to evolve/lvl up demon/equipment after the reset.

There are even more benefits in doing this like:
- It’s easier and faster to evolve 1-2 demons, rather than 4 or more. You need less materials and slowly you’re getting the required stuff for getting/evolving other demons, too.
- You would be able to get into top 3 on 1(or 2) raid boss/es with ease. Which means more equipment shards, more raid shop points, more demon shards.
- As a new player you need to experiment with the demons in order to see what strategy/team best suits you. You’d save materials and time by this way and wouldn’t regret for evolving something you don’t like/need.
- Having 1 “overpowered” demon makes you progress with the campaign faster. Having 2 makes you get 3 stars really easy (You could let the other 2 slots empty) This gives you access to new locations. You’d probably agree that getting 2-3 or more shards per demon dailly is better than 1.
- having 1-2 overpowered demons makes you capable of beating most of the teams in the Brawl event.

Why focusing on getting more demons rather than evolving 3-4 or more demons at the same time?
If the above reasons aren’t enough for you, think about expedition prizes. For getting all 140* you’ll receive dailly (in total):
- 100 gold, 250 k silver
- two or three 3* demon shards, one or two 2* demon shard/s, one or two 3* or 4* equipment shard/s
- some demon/equipment evolve matterial
I won’t mention the 980* weekly prize at all.

Probably by combining these 2 strategies beating Lost Island could be possible in long term.

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Topic: Chains of Darkness / Question about how skills are working

Many of the skills has not only wrong description, but they act totally different from it or are partly bugged.
I’ve started a thread in spicyhorse forum about them ( and I’m going to make a thread here, too.

For example Duke Vual of Ice skill doesn’t freeze/stun the target, but acts like Kroni Helfire skill – reducing target’s fury by X (probably 40) points, while the affected demon doesn’t get fury from this attack.

In my opinion Orias active skill should immediately remove stun/ongoing dmg/etc effect from your “cursed” demon and heal him with 5% or more of Orias attack. I’ve never tested it, though. I’ll get him very soon(it is in my spire pool) and test it together with its passive.
There is a skill (every 30% of hp decrease, dmg will increase by 30%) which doesn’t grows by leveling it up. It always remains “30% hp” and “30% attack”. So I suppose Orias passive skill is the same.

About Valac I’ve seen its skill only in campaign, where it healed a target with lets say 10-15 k hp, and the ongoing healing was like 3-5 k (I don’t remember the right numbers).

Edit. Well Salubrios Cardea skill heals 4-5 k hp and then 10-12 k per turn as ongoing healing in campaign. So my memories about Valac could be wrong.

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Topic: Chains of Darkness / Potential Long-Term Demons (Discussion)

Originally posted by DamGoodCoffee:

Is it only me finding Eates Hammer a pain to fight?

It is one of the most annoying and probably the best defenders… I would put it in the long term demons list if it was mine.

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Topic: Chains of Darkness / Potential Long-Term Demons (Discussion)

Smer4, how about Bune of inferno? 1st strike + bonus fury at the start of the battle.

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Topic: Chains of Darkness / Potential Long-Term Demons (Discussion)

Hello! I’d like to ask is it worth improving Corroding Maw in long term? Is it better than other stone tanks like Ose Infinite Squall?

Its skills look decent. Though evolving is so costly – it requires 2 Twillight stones just to evolve him from 2*5 to 3*; while its shards are obtainable only from arena shop and raids..

Active: increasing def by 40% def for all team +0.5% per lvl skill upgrade

1. HP boost
2. Injury shield (for every 30% hp decreased; damage suffered will decrease by 6 % – for skill lvl 1 )
3. Enrage (for every 30% total hp decreased, dmg will increase 30% – for skill lvl 1)
4. Earth boost
5. Pain drain

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Topic: Chains of Darkness / Friend IGN

IGN Kamelot
Server: Abaddon

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / shield

Originally posted by hearts200:

How many shield do i get when i retaliate back in the arena and do i get any rewards?

From 1 to 39. When you hit the fight back button you’ll see how many shields and how much gold you’d get by winning your match.

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / Huntress or sniper to champion?

Huntress is also one of the keys of finishing Flamemancer and getting an ICH without having Runebinder, Red Wizard, Dragoon/P.Dragoon or L team.

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / (Newbie's must read) Arena EASY GRINDING.

Originally posted by nikehat:

Also the match-ups you get aren’t based on what league you’re in, it’s mostly based off the OVR of your top 6 units.

I think you’re partly right. Else it would be possible to face up mostly people from DG (no matter of the league you are in), if you have really high OVR top 6 units. Then, climbing up to DG would be really easy.
Well, I have been matched once aggainst DG player(6 thieves defence team) when I was in BI III, which was a surprise, though in my experience most of the times I couldn’t be matched aggainst someone who is 2 or more leagues above or below mine.

Of course you could be 100% right. When I get the stones to promote something to L and/or after the boost event, it would be funny, if I climb up to DG for the 1st time without any trouble.

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / (Newbie's must read) Arena EASY GRINDING.

Originally posted by nikehat:

epicblue’s not a newbie and that strat was never intended for too many cheat death units.

I know this. Mine whole post was adressed to newbies, as the title of the topic is and Syamir, who wanted to provide him/her with feedback. And epicbluedude suggested a tactic which works great also for newbies (actually the best tactic for them in my opinion).

While the topic is about newbies tactic, most of people are talking about strategies for experienced players. That’s why I’ve shared my thoughts about a later point of the game, too. I’d also prefer something like universal tactic, where you don’t need to change any toon no matter what defence team you face. And mine tactic with not fully boosted C toons works great till the begining of Caersteel III league (by avoiding people with more than 1 L toon; I haven’t ever seen a team with more than 2 CD users, too – they just don’t exist in leagues below CSIII)

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / (Newbie's must read) Arena EASY GRINDING.

I’ve heard before that the 1 hero-army tactic is really good at E/M rank part of the game.(esspecially the one which epicbluedude suggested – Paladin/Unipally with dancers) So it really seems as a newbie tactic. It’s too bad that I hadn’t the chance to taste it. (I’d promoted mine 3rd C char before I got my 1st dancer and pally)

I don’t like such tactics at C/L part of the game, though(where I am). They seem too risky to me. The Sniper (which I don’t have) could miss some shots for example and would have troubles aggainst Halbs; the paladin couldn’t miss at all but on his own he would have troubles aggainst 1-2 Rogues (or something else which has bounty and CD at the same time). Probably a solo Huntress could be really good, though she would have troubles aggainst archers/snipers (which could be overcomed by putting a Guard in the team). Or a solo Red Wizard… Anyways I don’t have a single fully attack boosted C toon to even try something like this.

Well, this “invincible” team looks really good, but the fights would take more time than any other dps focused team(and don’t forget the halbs in the defence teams). Probably if you switch Sniper for Huntress it would be better.

Mine usual attack team is: Paladin, Halberdier, Wizard, Archer and 2 Dancers.
(4 different dps chars – 1 with Avenger Aura and 3 with attack skills ready for use)

Probably gonna switch the Paladin for Unicorn Paly, Wizard for RedW/Huntress and Archer for Sniper when I get/promote/train them. With Runebinder, the mythic characters and some other limited ones the choice would be wider.