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Topic: Spellstone: Technical Issues and Feedback / [Dev] Weekly Update 2/9/16 - Angel BGE, Big Update Sneak Peak, Vulcanos Health Increase

Originally posted by DolomiteX:
Originally posted by DawnArmy:

Check out Vulcanos, it is updated now, max 33 hp.

Now replace scorch 5 with siphon 7 and you might have a card that can compete with the other mythics, probably would still need another 2 points of attack.

Scorch 5 is better than syphon 7. If Vulcanos strikes 1st only the scorch would deal 30-50 dmg in 1vs1 against any other mythic before he dies. Add to this the 7 vengence(21 dmg against Atlas before Vulcanos dies; 2 per turn against Solaron) and strike all 4 (against Solaron) and you would imagine who gonna win. I’m not counting any other bonuses/skills though :)

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Topic: Spellstone: Guild Recruitment / €xcalibur recruiting!!

Hello, I’d like to join. Mine BR is just 7, though.

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Topic: Heroes of The Banner / Charge More,Reward More 1/15-1/17

Originally posted by Stormgarde:


Does not work for me ;(

Buyed Gems, but did not get my extra gems…


It’s the same for me. The event is on according to “the Notice” in game, but the pack couldn’t be claimed. It doesn’t appear anywhere – neither in hot events, nor mail box etc.

Anyways it’s normal – most of the events here are/were bugged. While R2 devs gonna do something only if they get flooded with tickets. The last in my opinion won’t gonna happen. They used to have good support in their other games, but bringing up bugged updates/events/stuff is like a patent for them.

If you want to get your stuff, you should send a ticket with screenshots to them, otherwise you’d most likely be ignored. If they still have a real support (not marketing) team for this game, of course.
I’m lazy to do this just for 100 gems.
Good luck :)

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Erine

Well, random didn’t frustrates me at all. I know that way that I couldn’t and didn’t make wrong choice by picking cards. And the thing that the cost for opening each next chest stays the same (19 feez) is great. The last makes 1 Ultimate pack to cost 95 diamonds max (instead of 199), if you see it. Thank you for pointing this, Peppunzo and Zenithale :)

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Source of Card's Images for WIKI

Originally posted by MrHome:

Oh man. If this guy had a first skill of icy terror 20 and frost bite 60 for like a RY roll that would be crazy. The opponent would never want to trigger an ability

Frostbite 100 and Terror 20 for RR :)

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Erine

I’m not so sure about this. By picking 1 chest you maximize your chances against rng, because sooner or later the thing you need gonna be in this chest. If you’re randomly clicking you could either be luckier and get more copies etc. or get nothing good at all. I’m talking from the point if the chests have fixed, not random reward (by random reward I mean exactly your point of view).

And I’m tended to think that they have fixed rewards. I’ve got from my chest several times 5 copies from 10 chests; 3-8 copies in a roll (even finishing Ex in 20 chests)…, then a whole day with 0-3 copies. Well, that 0 came from Uinata(4 copies from 5 chests on Friday – exactly 5 opened chests; 0 from Sunday&Monday ) and Erine(5 copies from 15 chests on Friday – around 15 opened chests; 3 from the weekend; 0 Monday). I see some tendency here. While I’m playing this game since Lucyan and Meline.
Edit: I could expand this to ulra/extra pack gaining – in first 3 weeks I got almost every single ultra/extra pack from my chest (3 from 5 ultra and 10 from 12 extra); since then I got only 1 extra pack from it.

We could speculate about this, but only devs could say how it works (if they want to reveal it).

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Epic battles

Originally posted by GorBox:

It proves time and time again… Flammara survives the test of time and Salamalek YYYRRS with two criticals can be a game winner :D

I got him once in survival mode (1 or 2 weeks ago) and he won almost all his battles.
But in your case he fought another survival favorite character of mine – Coranthia. I’m sure she didn’t trigger her Bulwark, else Salamanek would lose.
While if you didn’t go for 2 crits – Artrezil would 100% win against Astria – I suppose you wanted to fight till the end.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Erine

Originally posted by Zenithale:

It seems she does not like me… Already 90 Chess opened and still 3 Gems missing… That what I hate the most in the RNG.

She doesn’t like me either. I need 3 more gems, as well. 5 drops on Friday, and just 3 for the weekend so far. I’d probably need to change the chest I’m picking…

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Erine

I’d like to add some points and ideas to this discussion.

Besides the one mentioned by LordCarl:
Malderez and Anazra are being used, as well.
I suppose that we’ll become seeing Anazra more often, together with Layese, Lady Lilith, Kokrem etc.
I think some people use Thyonus, as well.

Pilkim is becoming less and less effective – his weaknesses grow with every day.

Loquitos, if I remember well, has runic strength. Besides Vaerzar he could be buffed by Fenrath, as well. While I suppose a powder debuff would work great with him. Bulwark+runic strength+berserk+powder – You need to be lucky outdamaging this.

Coranthia is a heavy shocker, so in my opinion her dmg output isn’t so bad for such a hero.

I think that if you want to improve this skill – you could add for example a skill like:
- Bulwark 390 & resilience 50.
Or make something really different:
- a skill which consumes all the dmg above bulwark and unleashes it after the skill phase. You could make it to give 1 rune on each received hit, in order to be harder for spellbreaking, and to give some reliable dmg output, as well.
- or something like scarab, but instead of healing – returning the dmg to the opponent.

Actually from all the 3 skills – spellbreak, scarab and bulwark, I see only spellbreak as a problem for the balance. Probably because there aren’t many scarab/bulwark chars and are harder to get. And you know – both scarab and bulwark counters spellbreak at some state.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / The Hero Overviews (and other useful info)

Skygatt’s name and topic are missing on the above list.

So here is the thread about her:

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Topic: Eredan Arena / (GAME) Kill the Previous Hero!

Skygatt beats Pilkim.


Abyssien the Devourer
Derf Geis
Great Duke
Jack Al Azred
Lord Eilos
Spike the Fool
The Burrower
The Claw
The Hailwalker
The Spooker
Thunder King
Von Blaztnin

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Laelyse

Originally posted by MichaelC924:

while were are at nerfing or calling for a rework add in the frostbiters and OPilkim, the damage frostbite does to cards that want to use certain combos like utkin is pure bs. Pilkim not only does a good amount of dmg on 1st skill but to add injury to insult hes a double hit spellbreak, then finally a single hit reds that add 50 for every hit…pure bs.

Modify the frostbite to 20 dmg so characters can at least catch up and deal dmg unbuffed. malderez is fine can be countered easily with 2nd and 3rd skill dodges.

Spellbreak should be three dice or be only used once like rockspeaker.

so change pilkim, that new ice elf and other multiple hit inquisitor if werent for spellbreak she’d suq.

Pilkim a problem and an op card? Excuse me, but some berzerkers could counter him easily, no matter of his spellbreak. If I remember well -dmg is a great problem to him as well (attacking Moira beats him); terror is even a bigger problem – Salem, attaking Artrezil beats him.. and now we have frostbite+icy hit. I would say that Pilkim from all spellbreakers/multiskillers/multihitters is becoming a trash and probably gonna need a buff/restyling in the next Noz patch. And no – I don’t even have Pilkim.

If frostbite becomes 20dmg these characters gonna fall behind a lot of units, even behind average buffers – even the crappy Furago with “perfect roll” gonna beat them. While they alone aren’t a big deal.

Spellbreak could be avoided or you could use counters, too.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Laelyse

Originally posted by VeleroRazzo:

Ok, but so…

Why Master has always the same 10-15 heroes, between 200 existing?

And why even the patched heroes aren’t seen in Master?

In Master, I only see the same decks.

There’s something wrong. I don’t know what… but something wrong exist.

I’m sure this is going to change. Mercenaries and Runic legion would become the most seeing chars very soon.
Bringing heroes like Laelyse and Uinata (even Skygatt) makes Lady Yilith and the other blizzard/ice buffers/debuffers more useful. And these are only 2 of the all Ice elves we are going to see released. (I forgot Vixen, but 3B isn’t so reliable dice)

What could counter them? – multihitters gonna fail; multi skill users gonna fail; heavy hitters against spellbreak all purify and blizzard gonna fail; -dmg teams? – gonna fail; not multihitting marauders – big question; spellbreakers?l; purrifiers? (frostbite is hard to be purified). Current meta teams? – they could do something but probably not enough for getting 3 wins (Kitsane – frostbite, Carkasse and Hate gonna fail; Inquisitor?; Malderez has chances; Kararine?; Tsuro, Pythia, von Blatniz and Pilkim gonna be almost an auto loss; Amidaraxar?; Derf Geis?; Boardatron – very situational; Poukos – has chances; Flammara?). Runic legion – a big question, too, but bulwark would be useful for sure.

Besides Runic legion I see that some Avalonians, some Homchais(with a str buffer, of course), some Pirates, probably even some Desert Nomads; everything which has heavy hitting 1st skill +crit; heavy heal as 3rd skill and/or scarab as 2nd/3rd skill could counter it. But meta is going to change for sure, because these Mercenaries/Ice elve teams are hard to be countered even with the things I specified (while the current meta in my opinion is failing against them).

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Carkasse

bouncegq, actually, you’re right for a lot of things. I miscalculated Matoskah dmg. So 1125 shield buff on meta couldn’t be taken down with a single buff/debuff (at least for Kitsana’s 3R/2Y/B roll – I thought that 1B could compensate for 1S and a powder…). So this buff really needs a nerf, but I am still thinking that Carkasse dmg is ok.

All the other shield buffers in this game are incredibly weak (especially if they go for the buff) – that’s why I wanted to compare him with the other buffers, as well. And there are such, who could beat him. Except Soul Chewer and GakyushaArmada (100% win; a hard perfect with debuff, though), attacking Artrezil, Hate (I guess she could beat him – correct me if I’m wrong), attacking Hook has chances (I think I haven’t lost with him against defending Carkasse; while his good rolls are easier to be rolled than Carkasse’s), Wild; if we look at all the other buffers/debuffers/all purrifiers, I’m sure we’ll find even more. How about Amidaraxar, Azaram, Klementine, Queen Alliede, Aez, Ursyd, Sapient, Fenrath…? I’m not sure how good is against all of them (haven’t played with him for awhile), but if I continue, probably more than half of the buffers/debuffers could beat his perfect rolls.

I am sure that after a Carkasse debuff, there gonna be complaints about nerfing Artrezil or Hate for example. They are better standalones than Carkasse, and their buff/debuff isn’t bad or hard to roll at all; while they have chances even against their counters…

In the case with Carkasse – yeah, it’s needed his shield to be lowered a little (but not too much, because then an unbalance would show up again), but everything else is ok with him.

PS. Crit+powder isn’t a nonsense. Attacking Artrezil is hard to be stopped, while Armada with crit 1-2 isn’t something you could ignore ;)

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Carkasse

Originally posted by Sulian_Terrapin:

It’s not just Malderez. Kitsana, flammara, inquisitor (i know she’s a warrior but still), amidaraxar, theonus are all very hard to beat when they have the buff. There are others, too. I’ve been using carkasse with theonus, malderez and Inquisitor for months and it was great for a while, but now it’s just kind of become boring seeing kitsana carkasse and malderez at the top every season

Yeah, they are hard to beat, even attacking Artrezil with 1100+ shield or Salem with 750; etc. is hard to beat.

What I said is that everything has its counter. And I could name some chars which will just trash all these chars with their shield (they need to be buffed, of course)
Rolling 3R/3Y with Ica Rusty is a great counter to 3R/3Y from Carkasse as a buff. Crit + powder could make most of the chars in the game look like flies being hit by the sky… Smiters, on the other side, could beat the heavy hitters (with some exceptions: depending on their position – attacker/defender; skill positons; buffs etc.).

I’m happy to see that most of the new releases are made to balance the game more. Try beating for example defending Matoskah with +150 str buff; 4R/B/Y roll (4R/Y/S against Thyonus) , with any of the chars you mentioned (having 1125 shield buff; 750 for Inquisitor). Good luck doing that.

The problem isn’t in Carkasse’s shield buff; probably even not in his solo performance; but in the fact that people are relying on certain teams/combos/chars too much, even when they are seeing that are failing in the current moment (Even I sometimes belong to this category). If Carkasse would be debuffed, another shield buffer would replace him.

I think that Peppunzo is wrong about comparing Carkasse only with the other shield buffers – he needs to be compared with all the buffers/debuffers, together with the buff they provide instead. If Carkasse could win overall more than the others and the buff he provides is more efficient – then he really needs to be debuffed.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Uinata

Originally posted by Zenithale:

Against “Multiskillers” (= heroes using a lot of Skills like Vanalis, Pilkim…) a RRRRRR may be deadly with 360 Damage by Skill triggered.

Yeah Frostbite is doing really great against certain chars. From my experience with Skygatt (defender; 3R/2Y/B) vs Pilkim – 180 frostbite and 2xicy hit was almost enough of beating him – around 600 dmg difference before the swords (2200+ vs 2800+), which could be overcome even by 240 frostbite.

Talking about Uimata – I suppose she could do well even in defense, then 4R/2B would be really deadly.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / What are you playing? - December Edition

Originally posted by Lafoote:

It regularly updates the rankings. The lowest members will frequently bounce in and out.

Thank you for the response :)

Edited. I think that there was some delay, that’s why I had a confusion.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / What are you playing? - December Edition

Well, could someone with experience tells me what happened.
I had some points in Masters, lost 3 times and won 1 – I had 1501 points in that moment and was in Masters. Then I lost once and won once. I still had 1501 points but was already in Champion league. All the matches were against players from Masters.
So my question is how I got dropped, since the last player in masters has below 1480 points and how much points are needed to be promoted again – 1600?

I really don’t care where I finish, because 300 diamonds could be more valuable than random Ex, but it’s really strange for me how that happened.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / playing ranked under the influence

Well, I understand your point and it’ll be really great if we see variety of decks in our matches.
If the “rarity category” of all heroes is updated every season, it probably could be implemented, but I have some doubts that it would work as intended. If it’s weekly based there will be database problems and it will be hard to tell if anybody would change the team that works for them.
Anyways there always will be prediction – seeing mages, you will expect Carkasse; seeing Guemelites – Anryena etc.; seeing marauders – Bloodsword, seeing Sap hearts – Mellisandre etc, seeing zerkers/ragers – Gakyusha/Wild etc. etc. Unless you expect that somebody would make an uncommon team without using buffers/debuffers and actually won’t use race/guild/class benefits. Even if you run 5 uncommon heroes without buffers, they won’t be standalones, because the standalones would be already common. Which means that you are using auto losing team against anything with 1 or more buffers.

I think that not making rarity category, but implementing new heroes, new teams, new combos, which actually would counter a lot of things, but they could be countered by different ways will be the solution.
Let’s say the current meta works for 50% of their battles, the new counters works 100% against this meta, but also could win only 50% overall. The counter of the counter shall be the same way…
Actually, even now there are such heroes/teams, but you couldn’t tell people to change the team they like to use (even if it doesn’t work perfectly for them).
It was really hard for me to stop using marauder teams for example, because I knew any of my chars what is capable of and against whom. There always has been a challenge of wining against whole counters team…, but I knew what to do with the hope that the opponent would make at least 1 strategical mistake.

I’m thinking that the time of the current meta is over. And it would be over before, if people were tending of experimenting more. When there are for example 50 meta chars – the meta just couldn’t exist.

Currently, I’m hoping that the Ice Elves would bring even more balance in game.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / playing ranked under the influence

I think that this hero could abuse your 2nd idea:

Anyways I like this idea. Playing unranked could be funnier and it would make getting some achievements easier. (buffers lvl 2 + your hard getting dmg trophy hero)

About idea 1:
It would be really hard to be implemented and I see a lot of cons, if it really becomes real.

Mostly because it’s about time an uncommon hero to become really common. Even the uncommon buffers like Mylad/Nashi would become more common than current meta.
Talking in the same direction – one day we’ll see Malderez for example as an uncommon hero. And we are back to the starting point.
You’d probably say that all the heroes would have their rarity category and it won’t change. But heroes are getting buffed/debuffed – what is happening in this case – do they change their rarity?
How it’ll be decided the most common heroes – buffers in which category will be?

At the moment Ex-es and SV are the rarest heroes, because you could get them only on certain time, are the most expensive units to buy and the most difficult to be earned. Especially if you started the game years after its release.
Actually, they are the cash flow of the game, together with Mercenaries/Nehants etc, who could be got for free, but really hard and after a real long period of time.

If you add rarity category you should expect that devs are ready to change not only the developers part, but the whole cash system in game. In order to make people be satisfied to actually pay for certain things.
And I couldn’t see this happening, because people won’t pay for something they couldn’t benefit for.
It would be easier to play Kotoba without Ex-es and win more points than the common heroes.

All the ways of releasing this idea are headed to a dead end.
And finally, this thing probably will need so much resources, that it would be easier of releasing a new game.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Carkasse

Yeah, Carkasse buff is really strong, while he is the best shielder buffer and the best “standalone” shielder buffer in game (if he is played in attack). In combination with -dmg, resilience, dodge, it makes certain characters unstoppable. Or at least it looks like this.

But everything has it’s counter. The best counters to -dmg and/or shield are heavy hitters.
There are a lot examples of them. And everyone knows how to buff them. Probably the only mage you could have problems with is Malderez, because he has spellbreak and would destroy most of the buff you have(depending on the buffer you’re using, of course). And still even a Malderez with 1000+shield is beatable.

Finally, if devs decide to make Carkasse less powerful, everyone will just change the buffer (not the gameplay they like or works for them). I think Cork stands next in line and Furagu is crying for a buff. So when Furagu get buffed nothing won’t to change in the future. Unless everyone start using the counters of the current meta team. Or better characters/combos show up.

Actually, we are in front of Ice Elves revolution, so you never know :)

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Carkasse

Well, it’s not so boring, if he doesn’t roll RRRYYY, I get an instant win for the match (unless my dices screw me).
I felt a bit sorry for the guy who rolled 6R with Carkasse once.. It’s not only that he lost the round, but his teamates non-shielded didn’t have any chances.

What is boring? Slow animation (I hate MM Pilkim because of this). But I could complain of seeing Inquisitor taking down +500 dmg buff from mine marauder/multihitter several times (I don’t know if it’s slow animation, but it hurts to watch it) :)

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Topic: Eredan Arena / What are you playing? - December Edition

You’re welcome :) Well, I’m currently trying Hook but have troubles winning with him. 1 powder is rarely enough and not so many people are running Sap Heart decks to risk it. So I’d probably will stick to the original team for league games.

The strange thing is that I’m now in Masters without playing a single match in Champion league. Last 2 seasons I didn’t know that you could climb during the season (and I camped the whole mine 1st season (3 days) on 1375 points in Silver, because of this). Now I’m feeling like a Master noob – wondering how I got in there :D

And to note that this season I was headed straight to Bronze, before changing my team… and straight to silver before realizing how to use Armada more efficiently and the whole my team against some meta chars (like playing Djamena in attack on round 5 and win, in order to avoid 100% defender loss on round 4). So many turning points…

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Matoskah

I’ve already shared it:

It has some or more conses, but works well against most of the teams. I sometimes have really big headaches with it, but is the best I could form.
Anyways if you feel that your team could make it to champ and/or above – there is no reason to change it :)

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Matoskah

Originally posted by JackkAndSally:

I get it…i’ll try new combinations =)
Now im in Gold, only see Sap, Blizzard (with the new Skygatt, who destroy any of my Noz mage) and the holy trinity (Malderez/Cark/Kitsana) teams…

For the holy trinity add Djamena + crit – she’s never lost (with her perfect roll) against Kitsane or Malderez so far. I have around 90% success against such meta teams. And have close to 100% success against Hate, Kitsane, Malderez, Carkasse, Inquisitor, as well. But the opponent Carkasse never succeded of rolling 3Y/3R. Call it luck or not, but my team is like a meta against them.