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Topic: Eredan Arena / best survival team?

My best team in there was either:
Ardrakar, The Fallen, Myria of Avalonia, Johan of Avalonia and Saethwir (6 wins)


The Fallen, Amidaraxar, M-M Pilkim, Loryana Ex and Enguerand. (7 wins)

Edit. Made a mistake, because I get either Ardrakar or The Fallen too often.. And the last team is actually my 2nd survival team from the start of the game.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / What are you playing? - November Edition

As mine first whole season in here it goes with its ups and downs. After reaching the gold league for 3rd time I think that the season has ended for me. Getting over 1425 points was a miracle before, now if I get back to silver 4th climbing up to gold looks really hard, if not impossible (and I don’t want to feel that dejavu again).

Well, how the season proceeded from its start?

I started with unbalanced team: Bloodsword, Jon, Ica-Rusty, Meline and Lucyan. I was able to reach fast around 1370-1380 points, then there was always terrible falls back to 1310-1350. When I got 1389 points decided to camp and wait till the new season (what a silly thought). On the 2nd day I switched Lucyan with Gemineye. On the 3rd or 4th day I wondered what gonna happen if I get over 1400 points, so I started again playing league games. It wasn’t so hard to get 3 consecutive wins with this team, so I climbed for the 1st time up in Gold.

After wins : losses ratio 2:3 I fell really fast back to silver league.
By rage I switched my team to Guemelite deck, then Kotoba deck, and some mix between “heavy hitters” and buffers.
All these decks brought me to terrible results and between 1280-1350 points (only the Kotoba deck look as competitive enough). Then I switched to the team who had lead me to gold and it didn’t disappointed me again.

With 1406-1425 points I thought that have chances of climbing up to champions and really fast reached 1353 points. I thought on that moment of camping till the end of the season, until I got some chars and found a better team.
Meline, Moira, Marlok, Blanche, Bloodsword.
I did exactly 4 league games and went down to silver again. (my biggest mistake for the season)

Meanwhile I missed to get the new standalone Ex hero (Spike), but was happy to see that buffed Bloodsword or buffed Meline are enough for stopping him. The reliability of my team was questionable, but whenever they had their good rolls I was unstoppable even against the best rolls of my opponents. It was really nice to see Meline or Moira with + 500 dmg buff in action. After several ups and downs from 1280 to 1396, I switched to my 1st team (Meline, Bloodsword, Jon, Ica Rusty, Gemineye , even tried with Moira instead of Ica Rusty), which was doing terrible – I would probably fall down to bronze with the team who brought me to gold twice…
There had begun to show up many Bronze league opponents who have better decks than people in Gold/Silver.

When I felt to 1270-1280 points I switched to a Kotoba deck for a few matches, but wasn’t satisfied enough. So changed the whole strategy with :

Carfax, Salem, Artrezil, The Spooker, Carkasse. This team brought me again in the range of 1290-1380. It’s so great watching von Blatniz beeing outdamaged by Salem or Artrezil :)

Then I switched back to:
Meline, Moira, Marlok ( replaced with Arkalon after a few matches; I had to do this a week ago…), Blanche, Bloodsword
Finally, after 2-3 hard days of ups and downs (falling twice from 1390 to 1320) I managed… The good old Gold league. It feels like I’m at home. :)

PS. I’m sorry for the long post.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Ba-Sthèt

Originally posted by ArmandStar:

  • just want to point out that people are in fact wrong in assuming every new card has to be designed to be part of the current competitive environment

I haven’t said this either. I wrote only that it probably couldn’t fit in any competitive team I could make (this doesn’t mean that I expect her or any new release to be competitive). I compared her with Djester, who isn’t competitive at all; she is just the next his counter.

And to all:
Anyways I see her use against -dmg users and multihiters (where Sakina, who looks at first sight weaker than Ba-Sthet, is doing great), and resilience users.

I wonder why everyone thinks that is so hard to get “yellows” and is harder than getting “blues”? When I used Marlok in every 2/3 matches I could get at least 2 and in every 1/4 – at least 3Y . With Moira I land 1-5 yellows in almost every match; 2-3 are the most common situation, but to land 4 isn’t so rare. Not to mention the all useless 6Y rolls with different characters. On the other side there were a lot of matches where I couldn’t land a single yellow/blue/red/sword when I needed exactly it.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t even think that is easy to get dices you want/need, but getting them isn’t too hard either.

I’m sorry if I went a bit offtopic.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Ba-Sthèt

Originally posted by Zenithale:

I love her Skillset and artwork, but I am not sure her numbers are enough: around 2300 with 100 Resilience while there are Fireball users dealing more damage and/or -Dmg Debuff. As Pure Damage Dealer (RRRRYY) she’s also not impressive (2760).
Except an extra Resilience (Vizir Mahamound) Buff, she’s not a good recipient to Buffers.
Djéser looks better overall, but I need to test first.

Note she’s also very VERY weak against Backstab/Resilience/-Dmg when she can’t get a Y.

You forget that she has shock & resilience as 1st skill – very effective against -dmg/dodge/resilience users. 3R/3B with a shield and/or dodge buffer (or all dmg debuffer on your side, of course) gonna make things hard for a lot of characters.

And going for pure dmg (4Y/2R or 2Y/4R; even 3-5Y/1+S), together with + dmg/powder debuff on the opponent/+crit would make devastation to any non-dodger. Crit + powder would make her able to overcome even some or more dodgers. With crit and powder rolling 5Y/1S = 3390 dmg dodged or 6780 non-dodged :)

I see her at least equal to Djeser, if not even better.
I’m waiting to get and try her, but really don’t know if she’ll fit (buffwise) in any competitive team I could make.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Making a Team

I dunno how good a guemelite deck would perform with just 1 buffer/debuffer. (Basically I put in any team at least 2) So in my vision you could try switching Psychurgist or Arkam for Carkasse and the 5th slot would be for Anryena or Artrezil. I suppose that Anryena is the better option, but you never know.

I agree with the marauder’s deck kozlakbiti suggested. I think that Moira could fit in here, too (probably instead of Meline or Cleaner) But she is just optional, if you get bored of using the same team/strategy or feel that you could play better with her..

Somebody wrote that Dakeza + heavy hitting/buffer warriors (like Arkalon and Gakyusha) is working great, but I don’t have Dakeza and couldn’t say anything.

By experimenting you could find what fits you the best in the current moment. I do this every time I feel that my team is failing.
Good luck :)

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hey everybody :) Need help with my team

I would go for marauders team: Spike the fool, Kararine, Meline, Bloodsword and Gemineye.
Reasons: Spike the fool and Kararine look like great standalones. Buffed +dmg Meline makes it competitive with the previous two. Extra dodge is always welcome. And not at last – all the cards look either flexible or with reliable rolls to me and if they are played smart you’ll have the win (unless the dice screws you).

And I would try a Guemelite deck: Spike the fool, Carfax, Anryena + 2 more. But without having Spike the fool is really hard to tell if this deck gonna work well this time (last time I tried – it felt behind Kotoba deck)

Anyways there are a lot of great teams, which could be made for sure. Somebody with more experience would probably suggest even a better team (I don’t know even half of the cards you mentioned).

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Topic: Eredan Arena / What are the most reliable cards?

Originally posted by knockoutt:
Originally posted by Lafoote:
Originally posted by knockoutt:
Originally posted by djigovski:

Gemineye is such a hero, too. It’s 2nd skill is great in defense – 300 unmodified damage per red. She has a really good backstab as 3rd skill and all dodge as 1st, as well. Buffing and playing her as attacker most of the times doesn’t pay out. But she could fit in wide range of teams (especially marauders) and help you win. If you see Archmage Artrezil attacking you – here is your savior :)

I actually have her on my team as well. She’s my go to card to beat Hate as well

Carfax is a hate slayer as well.

I haven’t really used Carfax yet. He just wouldn’t work on my team at the moment. If he was a Nehantist (no idea about the spelling) I would pick him in a heartbeat. With Soul Chewer’s buffs he would be pretty solid.

Carfax is Nehantist, but not a demon ;)

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Topic: Eredan Arena / What are the most reliable cards?

Well, Archnawan, there are no perfect cards. Even if you have something “fully buffed” with the best rolls if it isn’t played smartly in defence/attack (or you don’t have luck with dices) it could lose.

One of my favorite characters is Meline Ex. Because she is the one that could cope up with different situations. -dmg/resilience – you have yellow+red dices (except Artrezil etc., there is one Nomad character with 350-400+ resilience 1st skill, which could be beaten that way); berzerkers? – just play her in defense with 4-6 reds and 0-2 yellows or in attack with 1-2 blues & 0-1 yellows & 4-6 reds – buffed and she could most of the times outdamage anything (on the other hand if you play different you would end up in terrible loss). Some swords are an option, too in all situations; but not as good as something else for her. Backstabbers are her real problem, but if she is buffed is possible overcoming them, as well. She hardly could have bad rolls, but it happened to me 3-4 times to land only blues, yellows and swords…; so the luck is always a great factor – no card could win with 6 swords for example, unless the opponent has the same crappy rolls… Even if everything is perfectly, as I said earlier, and you play smart you could be outdamaged.. – nothing, even fully buffed, is unbeatable. That luck – I lost by just 1 point with another character, yesterday…

About Carfax, even without yellows, but only reds is still good overall character; with 2 Guemelite and 2-3 yellow+red dices he is supreme as attacker. But I know (as anyone else) what is not to have a yellow or blue dice, when its the most important in the current match.

Good luck with finding your team :)

PS. It looks like I’m making a campaign for some characters. Well, the elections are coming, I hope that you gonna vote for mine candidates :)

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Topic: Eredan Arena / What are the most reliable cards?

Gemineye is such a hero, too. It’s 2nd skill is great in defense – 300 unmodified damage per red. She has a really good backstab as 3rd skill and all dodge as 1st, as well. Buffing and playing her as attacker most of the times doesn’t pay out. But she could fit in wide range of teams (especially marauders) and help you win. If you see Archmage Artrezil attacking you – here is your savior :)

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Topic: Monster Battles: TCG / Bug Report Thread

Originally posted by FrozenshardGames:

So guys, we fixed the MULTIPLAYER and the SOLO raids! You should now be able to score on both Raids types. Again, sorry for the inconveniences!


Hello. I still have the same problems other people talked about. I’ve just run a solo raid and got 0 damage message in the end.
I hope that you gonna apply the fix soon :)

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Topic: Eredan Arena / #1 Masters. Ask me anything.

Hello, po1sonator. I’m currently at the top of silver dragon league with 1389 points. I would like to ask you a few questions. Should I camp till the end of the season and would these points give me a good chance of climbing in gold league?
Last season I finished with 1375 points, but was smashed in the qualifications (1:4). I hadn’t completed(with “full” synergy) team, though.

My current team is: Bloodsword, Jon, Meline Ex, Ica Rusty and Gemineye. Is it good enough for climbing and keeping me in gold (and higher) or I need to try something different in next qualifications?

The only other competitive teams I could make in my opinion would be:
1. full Kotoba: Toran, Gakyusha, Hime, Asajiro and/or Furago (or Hisomu or Chidori) – 2-3 buffers
2. Gakyusha + heavy hitters: Toran, Gakyusha, Jon, Brute and no idea what as 5th (probably Hime or Bloodsword or Ica Rusty). – 2 buffers
3. Carkasse + mages and/without counters: Carkasse, Anryena, Carfax Ex, Marzhin and Abbyssien (or Cork or Toran or Absalon or Jon or Asajiro or Salem). – 2-3 buffers. A really hard decision who to be 5th – probably Absalon would fit the best.

What is your opinion about these 4 teams? And if it’s possible their improvement, l’d be glad if you suggest something.

I miss any other important buffers or standalones. The closest I could get are Blanche of Arkania and Wild. (Respectively – 3 and 2 cards). And the only other Ex card I have is Lucyan. Everything else is useless at the current moment.

Thank you in advance for your tips :)

Edit. I didn’t know that is possible to climb during the season. So I’m in the gold league. Half of my post is for crap…

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Players should be able to decide the order of appearance of their cards

Two buffers at the beginning aren’t so bad, especially if they could benefit from each other. Your opponent most likely will use buffers as well. And if your buffer/s manage to win, then is very easy to finish the opponent on round 3 or 4.

The real problem would come, if they show up on round 3. If you have 1 loss until then, you’re done :)

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Name you Top 5 cards

Here is my team:
Bloodsword (360)
Jon (311)
Ica-Rusty (205)
Meline (186)
The Ugly Corc/Lucyan (68)/(40)

Corc is doing usually better.

Other notable cards, not enough suitable for it:
Carckasse (221)
Marzhin (114)
Toran (33) – One of my favorite heroes – he is almost unstoppable in a Kotoba team.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Some questions about league rankings

Thank you for the responses guys.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Some questions about league rankings

Originally posted by FEL1POLLO:

The ranking system is really simple, there are 5 leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Champions and Masters. Every league has a rank limit, for example you have to scire 1500elo to enter Champions, once you are in Champions you can get demoted if you get below 1450. And so on for the other leagues: Bronze (Promotion: ?, Demotion: ?), Silver (P:1300, D: 1250) , Gold (P:1400, D:1350), Champs (P: 1500, D:1450), Masters (Top 100 players).

Well, in the FAQ is written that only people in Master league could see their ELO rating. So the promotion is based by medallions rather than ELO and ELO determines probably only your medallion gain. Thank you :)

PS. In this case it could be exploited – get close to 1400 points in the Silver league, hope to get a win from your first match in Gold league, and then stop doing league games till the end of the season to get a promotion for Champion league… Then actually there won’t be any point of playing league games after getting 1450+ points.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Some questions about league rankings

Hello everybody. I’m a new player here and some points about league rankings aren’t clear to me.
What I understand is that the ranking is based by “elo” points which are determined by your wins vs losses ratio. Based on your “elo” rating you could be promoted/demoted or stay in the same league.

The things which I don’t understand are what is the point of medallions? I see that the league is grouped by 5-6 colors – from red to gold. Top 12 are in the gold section, people with the least medallions are respectively in the red section.
So is there any point of all this sections and medallion collection? Do you have any bonus/penalty of being in such a section, finishing in top etc.?

If you have high enough elo rating you could basically win for example 3:1 matches and have constant loss of medallions… (I mean you could end up in top for example 80-100 and have higher ‘elo’ rating than everyone in top 10… and beeing promoted, while people in top 10 demoted. – Is this a right point or not?)

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Survival mode timer hasn't resetted on time

Around 40 mins ago it showed that after 15 minutes I’ll be able to join in it again. But when I hit the button it has changed to 24 hours. The 99 gems button is blinking and the whole timer is moving left and right with the seconds’ countdown. (I’m not sure if this is normal – I’ve never seen this happening before). The timer counts 2-3 seconds as 1, as well… Less than 20 real minutes = 35+ timer minutes.

It’s a great disappointment for me to see this after the whole 3 days of waiting. I hope that counter won’t go back to 24 h again when it runs out at the beginning of the new season…

Edit. I’ve just posted this and it finally let me in. The case is closed :)

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Méline

Originally posted by VelikiUcitelj:

I have to say that RNG was somehow different on this girl.I had to open an abnormal amount of chests just to get a single copy.

Well, the RNG looks better for me. I got the first 2 copies of her, the day before yesterday; 8 cards in a row, yesterday and managed to finish her today. I really needed to open a lot of chests for the last 2 copies, though.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / The Code Repository

Find me in game – IGN:Kamelot

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Topic: Monster Battles: TCG / Bug Report Thread

The “server minor issues bug” has come again.
I finished Area 52 Hard and got a fragment, but whenever I clicked the “OK” button it didn’t let me proceed. A message “No internet connection detected” has appeared instead, while I had no troubles with the internet.
Then, I restarted the router, waited a bit, clicked the reconnect button and the game was frozen. After the refresh the well-known message: “We experience some minor server issues, please refresh or change your browser” appeared. When I refreshed again and finally logged in all my rewards from this run were gone, together with 100 gold loss, of course.

I haven’t tried to play pvp, yet, but don’t think to do so till tomorrow. Last time PvP connection issues were the major problem for us – players.

And here is the screenshot from the reward screen:

IGN: Kamelot

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Topic: Monster Battles: TCG / Share your thoughts with devs

Originally posted by knallo00:
Originally posted by CesarM329:

It would be great if the first player to move in pvp matches would be decided randomly.

Additionaly you could download the programs in the site showed by kryovadladiez and solve the possible hacks, cause isnt funny at all to play against hackers.

Do you actually know how it is decided?

It always felt to me like the higher ranked player and/or the player with the longer winning streaker has a higher probability to act first…

But over the months I`ve never met someone who knows for sure?!?

The player who firstly enter the queue acts 1st. When you have higher rank is easier to discover this, because you need longer and longer period to be matched. While at the start of the season for example, you could easy decide to be first or not – if you aren’t matched at the exact moment you enter the queue, you leave it and enter again until this happens (in order to act 2nd of course).

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Topic: Monster Battles: TCG / Bug Report Thread

Originally posted by far_amir00:
Originally posted by far_amir00:

Also the price for winning a tournament with 50+ hp doesn’t work anymore (got 75 hp left at tempest about 3 minutes ago).
Thx for fixing this.

Won again with 50+ and now I got the price.

This is not fixed. When you have the both daily quests active (finish a tourney and finish a hard tourney with 50+ hp) and you finish a hard tourney with 50+ hp, then the game chooses which one to be completed. Sometimes it completes only the 1st, sometimes only the 2nd, but not both of them. It was different before…

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Topic: Monster Battles: TCG / Bug Report Thread

Gym rewards are broken again. I haven’t received the super pack as a prize for placing our gym first last week, while I had much more than 5% of the gym points as contribution. I am not sure if the gold rate is normal or not, too. I used to get the same amount for having over 20k points, while this time I passed the 30k milestone.

IGN: kamelot
GYM: Gym Name

Edit. Other gymmates have the same issues.

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Topic: Monster Battles: TCG / How to Win at Hard Tourneys

Originally posted by IliianD2:

All u nead is mad luck.No mater wath you do wen they get that deal 4 damage to all burd in Lake hard its over.Legit it maters only if ur opp draws that or some oter op legendary.To win you dont only nead to the perfict moves at all situations but also a lot of luck.Witholt luck you can still get to stage 3 easy and lose only abolt 40 coins.Fun right.But srsly i wod recomend u dont eaven do that and just do lake normal a lot of times and win special eggs.

Mad luck? I guess you haven’t played Lake hard a lot. By practicing and changing different strategies (until you find the perfect one for each Hard tourney) it becomes much easier. Then you’ll gain huge benefits.
You could counter everything in Lake – upgraded Zephyr? – just don’t kill it and 4x aoe dmg is gone.

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Topic: Monster Battles: TCG / Share your thoughts with devs

Hello. I really enjoy the game. The strategy, the tourneys, the pvp kept me here for a whole month and would continue doing this. Though, I see some “holes” here, that could stop people of playing the game in long term – the lack of enough end-game content is one of them. I know that you are working on it and that development is a slow process. But let me share some suggestions, which (I suppose) haven’t been given, yet:

I think that as any other good game this one deserves a proper storyline. We know so far that our character has been trained for fighting at “tournaments”, which take place every 15 levels – that’s all, though. I believe that a good story would hold many newcomers to play from stage 1 to the final one, and this would also make some or more of the “old” players come back to the beginning and repeat all the stages.

For PvP you could add some kind of elimination tourney/s for example (the time zones probably would be a problem, here). Some kind of gym battles, as well (as someone else’s suggested above) etc.

When you have a lot of cards is really hard to find the new ones. I would be happy to see a button/page where they could be sorted.

That’s all for now.
Keep the great work! :)