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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Interesting interview with CNE's CEO - mobile Crusaders inbound?

Many thanks for the thread, Bluji. One can only hope they hone the product before attempting the flooded – deluged? – mobile market, because as good as this game is, its monetized aspects are frankly risible at present. Pushing an unfinished product onto a secondary market is a fantastic way of doubling expenditure and halving profits… from which we all lose.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Suggestions

I have been thoroughly enjoying this game for quite some time now; I have a Suggestion on page one of this thread. I have not exhaustively read every single post since then, so apologies for any duplication of thoughts.
I recently saw the “super low quality” comment feedback, and… yes. Please, yes. Aside from the affirmation that my machine’s hardware is sub-par, the introduction of several new animations with Momma Kaine and RoboTurkey has sent the lag spiralling into previously unplumbed depths of Hades. Yes, super-low-quality, please, do it soonest, because animating EVERY SINGLE THING on my screen is beyond redundant, and is now to the point of seriously impacting my enjoyment of the game. I am unsure of anyone else, but I could just as easily manage without animated wingflaps, bouncing whackers of bushes, electrical charges and sundry South Park weeblings, not to mention the umpteen-hundredth notice of “HEY YOU, YOU JUST GOT ANOTHER CHEST! ANOTHER ONE! ANOTHER ONE THAT STOPPED BEING A NOVELTY MONTHS AGO! WHADDYA MEAN, YOU JUST WANT TO LET IT IDLE AND CHECK IN ON IT EVERY FEW LEVELS RATHER THAN HAVE IT HOG ALL YOUR SYSTEM RESOURCES?” – edit 28th November: did you beautiful, beautiful people truly sneak in a de-lagging? That really would completely undermine the next paragraph…
As enjoyable as this distraction is, polishing is now a matter of removing the excessive tiers of animation and confirmation, or at least making it that option that Djorra mentioned. Certainly, while the player is being familiarised with game mechanisms – Duplicate/Enchanting, for example – leave it on. The inclusion of a “Hide tooltips?” and “Gametips” would be wonderful, because there is simply TOO much going on for the present interface to be able to handle easily. Character selection screens, perhaps, on an independent screen, as opposed to yet another semi-opaque template over the top of everything else going on? (Yes, Treasure Opening Screen, I am scowling at you.)
As the game grows and more characters are added, this will only exacerbate the situation, in place of streamlining it. Provided expansion goes as planned, what happens when the first third-seat characters are introduced? The engine is currently dealing with each and every permutation and slow switch of positions; would it not be profoundly easier to have the option of pre-loading formations for each run, and thus leaving only those to be dealt with in-game? Navigation is sadly only becoming progressively clunkier and counter-intuitive. Whilst the Saved Formation options are a real godsend, it also takes a lot of the experimentation out of it, especially as said playtesting of ideas and interactions only evolves into a laborious chore. Also: a little tweak for us old-timers, batch-buying skills, in place of buying 200 levels, clicking, clicking the next skill, waiting, clicking…?
Curiously enough, it is within the last few hours I discover that only the ‘unbenched’ Crusaders qualify for end-of-run idol consideration. As much as I understand the easing of computations, I have to wonder at the decision: why constantly introduce new characters if they only offer novelty? If the older ones become progressively obsolescent, you have an overbloated roster, so why keep a full roster of switch-ins and swappables throughout each run? Choose who you want beforehand, save some lag… unless future levels of questing introduce actual notable differences to Crusader A versus Crusader B in each lineup, that varies over time and levels. On the subject of Introduced Crusaders: I may have missed something critical here, but I am still only getting gear for my ‘original’ Crusaders. Is there a drop-rate for the other ones, or is their equipment condemned to whatever few items I managed to collect during their individual events? On that note… if Benched Crusaders really do offer zero benefit, either to my preferred formation/s or idols at the end of the run, is there perhaps some way of ‘locking’ them into individual Seats before a run, so I can at least make use of the passive ‘Seat Enchantment’ that Seated Crusaders manage to semi-synergise with one another? No, I do not use several of my Crusaders who have colossal amounts of Enchantment points, simply because they offer next to nothing other than wasted opportunities for the ones that do make my grade. Huzzah, more fanfare over white gear… for what equates to a Crusading Nobody. Would certainly remove that bad taste from the mouth if that were re-thought, perhaps in conjunction with the burgeoning Cooldown Relic > 50% issue compounded by actual Crusader skills that become worthless after the cooldown cap has been reached, along with Idol Upgrades/Talents… apologies, ellipses and stream-of-consciousness blurtings are rarely an intelligible artifice. So: Old Crusader problems, gear, acquisition for newer players. Why not incorporate part of the Talent system, based on tiers of idols? Varying degrees of either ‘reach this many’, as the current Talents are at time of writing, or even spend this many, prior to the inevitable RoboTurkey nerfing that makes that one of the few worth purchasing?
The rather obvious alternative is a higher-price Ruby cost, or perhaps simply a scaled Ruby cost: first one is [obligatory hoop to jump through + x Rubies], second is [first + 25%], and so on. Can be acquired through basic play, can be expedited through microtransactions other than the frankly disinclining Jeweled Chests. Personally, I find the Golden Epic Gear something more appealing as a sweetener. Having some odd Kreds lying around for a few years makes it much easier to part with, given how much I am enjoying the game, yet how little cumulative benefit such purchases tend to benefit me.

Once again, congratulations on the most enjoyable Idler I have played. As a parting thought: inter-formational synergies between characters? The tentative ones between Natalie and Nate, and Momma and RoboTurkey are a step in the right direction, yet I cannot help feel this is very much the tip of a Suikoden-esque iceberg. How about Kaine and Panda giving a different effect to Mister and Panda? Synergies between skills, like Fire Storm and King’s Command? The range of potential for this vehicle is colossal, and everything done to date has kept, and more importantly held, my interest. Codename Entertainment? Yes, yes, you well-named collective, you.
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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Suggestions

This was going to be a Comment, and then I recalled my tendency to exceed the character limit. As a result, here is a critique. I am neither developer nor Professional Critic, and that may or may not compromise the validity of any statements; this is User Feedback, nothing more, though I do strive after Constructive Criticism.
I may even inadvertantly succeed here and there.
There is no tl;dr here; no summary, no witty conclusion, just an underwear-soilingly daunting Wall O’ Text.

After several solid days of playing, I find myself thoroughly polarised regarding this game: what it does well, it does peerlessly, and what it does badly makes the concordant features all but obsolescent.

So, in no order of priority, pleasure, or irritation: too many individual animations and sprites all jogging along. Not a major issue, but when trying to do something ‘interactive’ on a boss-mob battle, it fails. Nothing halfway here: it fails. Save up those “golden clicks” for the boss runs? Nope. Use anything other than judiciously-placed clicks to stutter/slow/mini-knockback the mob? Nope. As a Clicker, this game is broken, and that renders the primary character, several ‘buffs’ and even some character equipment next to useless.
Which brings me quite neatly to what section of the market this has more effectively monopolised: the Idle . It is practically taken for granted these days that Idle = Clicker, but the way I have been forced to play this game (predominantly by my ageing machine, but a simple Quality button could conceivably fix that) has granted me substantially more enjoyment from playing this as an actual squad-based Idle RPG. The use of individual units, the variety, the formation aspect, and more wonderfully, the constant relevance of characters by way of the early implementation of the increasingly popular “25x Ding after Lv 200 = 4x DPS” mechanic all serve to keep me coming back to this game. I had Early Beta Access to this for a few days prior to general release, and during multiple Resets since then, I have received precisely 1 Jeweled Chest from the tutorial. Will I be spending Rubies acquiring another? Not just yet.
But this is an IDLE game, people: an IDLE. You login, you do what you do, then you leave, much like the Mobile-Energy-Based games/RTS-Lite atrocities. You do not come BACK to an Idle, you leave it, or multiclick for a spell before boredom sets in.
I have yet to discover or unlock additional formations, but there again lies another strategic option. Not overwhelmed with several hundred linear characters to simply cut and paste; not overwhelmed with much beyond another polarising aspect: the manual progression from level to level.
It works, here, though it mostly feels like getting into a stage you cannot clear online, letting it save, then let it offline grind on your behalf.
I have yet to be barraged with the distressingly prevalent Buy! BuY! buY! SPEnd REAl moNIes! approach from a badly-disguised, minimally-interactive advertisment masquerading as a game, which is another colossal point in this game’s favour, and makes me substantially more likely to support the developers from my enjoyment factor alone.
So, after much redundant verbiage, What Would I Do?

Decide whether to pursue the tried-and-true hybrid Idle/Clicker model, or focus on one aspect over another. The sheer graphical intensity, as warned by the game and Flash-cache-request itself, lends itself more to one than the other, but that is undoubtedly personal preference speaking and finding justification. This factor alone would enormously change the game, and as a result, the possibility of light character customisation. Some characters lend themselves more toward the Support-archetype, others, the “AD-Carry”. Finding some frankly bizarre equipment for some seems more like middle-of-the-road homogeneity than individualism, but I do very much like both the scope and the personalised gear-drops. As an Idle, it is all about a sense of progression, and I am very greatly satisfied by this aspect of the game, for the balance between “time committed” and “sense of achievement” has been awe-strikingly… struck. Quite what “Late Game” might hold is unclear at this point, as I still feel very much Early Game just yet. With the promise of Updates to come, this is without doubt my very favourite game of the last several months.

… even with my choosing not to make use of every possible aspect of it.

Yes, O Whacker Of Defenceless Bushes, I am most certainly looking at you.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Report a Bug

Minor bug reportage: plenty of “Cannot connect to server” and “Retrying connecting to server” attempts, at what appears to be failed autosave attempts.
Occasional connection issues surrounding backtracking to previous areas where the characters simply turn to the left, move off-screen, then moonwalk back on again, whereupon the game simply stalls requiring a browser refresh.

@adv0catus: I have had similar instances to your picture (because I find the game too laggy to ever attempt clicking anything, and hence ensure that Bushwhacker only ever gets levelled for those extra Idols prior to a reset, let alone ever included after getting the third character); those click-less instances, however, were purely idle squad DPS against monsters, at what appeared to be approximately one second intervals. Was your screenshot taken against a fairly rapidly-despatched boss-mob/wave?

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Bug Report

Merely echoing other sentiments regarding pathetic point rewards for All Out on Bosses: 5 AP for 10 measly reward points? Oh well, so much for being able to improve my overall ranking instead of concentrating on the PvP/Duel aspect which at least gives slightly better reason for doing it. grumble

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [BattleCry] About the points

I have to agree with frogfrogfrog… the sheer level of micromanagement is actually a disincentive to continued playing. That different army compositions are required for campaigning is actually quite wonderful, since some levels will massively penalize casters, whereas others positively reward it. However, each individual unit being re-equipped each time you want to use something else, unless you create an entirely new army profile, makes playtesting each newly-acquired item a tedious chore. Perhaps even some kind of “save squad” option, rather than “save every squad, in this arrangement… oh wait, no, you cannot move that meticulously crafted squad into another squad-slot, you have to move them all manually, but you can hold down the Ctrl key so if you do happen to have more than one of every unique composition you can actually Ctrl-click to deploy”… bloody, unnecessarily, hard work.

Something that might make things less arduous is the notion of captains/squad leaders, or purchaseable squad upgrades, so that instead of managing everything and everyone, one can acquire and micromanage Captain-and-Squad A, who has an intrinsic passive (perhaps augmenting or even replacing some of the “banners”), and who opens purchasable ‘profile’/squad upgrades, so that while Captain Spearman has the options of increasing Piercing damage, reducing Piercing damage taken, “Captain-only” gear that could ALSO have personal, squad, or army-passives, Captain B on the other hand could have more offensively-based kit, so all of the assumed archetypes of tank, kamikaze-explodey-raise-dead-raise-more-undead-on-death, debuff/buff/active/passive would lend an entirely separate and streamlined capacity, while retaining the ‘Warband’-like sense of things. Create separate squad profiles, have purchaseable captain-slots from the booster-packs so that each squad can have up to x captains, rank-and-file minions that all have Spear A upgraded to Spear B, and -3 Blunt damage for those horseback bashers, have a team of low-damage tanks protecting the ubermage speedcaster captain and the Legolas-ian power-archer captain…

… you know that when you spend more time trying to move Unit A to a new square, or slightly alter your squad’s functionality, than actually beating volumes of enemies that something just went fundamentally wrong with categorizing a game as “strategy”.
Similarly, when PvP becomes such a point of disinterest that five-second farming Age of Peace (Act 1, Chapter 1) for Goldpack-spamming, because it offers the same amount of gold as later levels… nice game, Team Berzerk, but needs a monstrous amount of time-investment rebalancing.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / 3x Event, and Tyr's Disappearing Ashes

Very simply put, I farmed enough Tyr Ashes during the event to be able to craft all of the Infernal Knight pieces into the Infernal Champion set; now, it seems that if my Craft table is to be believed, I in fact have precisely ZERO Tyr Ashes. thus rendering the process just a tad offset. Any thoughts?

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Fair Share

I am but a lowly Nub, unversed in the ways of DotD, but… could someone point me in the direction of where this Fair Share and Optimal Share malarkey was actually endorsed by someone directly involved in the game, as opposed to a verbatim rumour-mill rumbling from the more prolific and high-end item farmers? All I have seen of it is word-of-mouth, and all I have seen of it in action is that it massively harms raids, by ensuring participants are more interested in maximising the number of raids they are in than ensuring the raids they are in are successfully completed. The concept seems sound enough: a full raid has everyone doing their fair share, but since the basic “HP divided by maximum raid participants” seems to conveniently omit how many raids rarely are full, it seems a shade more counterproductive than efficient. And yes, when it comes to guild-based raids (as opposed to guild raids themselves), such things are a little easier, especially once everyone starts grinding their levels and gear. But for something to become a commonplace acronym is really quite startling without something slightly more substantial than hearsay, so if anyone has an origin for this, it would be wonderful to know of it.
Many thanks for any suggestions or replies.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / issue with kreds!

Similar issue, and sent at greater length via the “contact us” tab on the DotD website, but the gist is: my account has sufficient Kreds for the option I am attempting; subsequently clicking that option within the “Buy Phantom Coins With Kreds!” only results in its becoming an impressively opaque box, and locks the game completely for me, with refreshing the browser tab as my only option. Anyone have similar problems, or possible solutions, perhaps?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG] Is staff back row or front row?

It certainly does seem as if they have decided not to implement ‘row-only’ weapons, instead opting for the far simpler ‘front row=full damage from weapon, full damage taken from enemy; back row=less damage from weapon, less damage taken from enemy’ principle. The number originally touted was 20%, but that was stated at the same time as weapons were row-only, so attach as much validity as you will.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Easy way to do oferrs

It is the same application that is downloaded with each offer, unfortunately, so you will only be credited once, no matter how many Gamevance or same-site downloads you make. It goes without saying, but I would rather patronise than assume, that after uninstalling (once credited) you run HijackThis or something similar to remove all the BHO and startups that get installed, and flush your registry too.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Cursed Sword

Zero negative effects when I was using it.