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Topic: Epic War CCG / Bug Report

Merely echoing other sentiments regarding pathetic point rewards for All Out on Bosses: 5 AP for 10 measly reward points? Oh well, so much for being able to improve my overall ranking instead of concentrating on the PvP/Duel aspect which at least gives slightly better reason for doing it. grumble

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Topic: BattleCry / About the points

I have to agree with frogfrogfrog… the sheer level of micromanagement is actually a disincentive to continued playing. That different army compositions are required for campaigning is actually quite wonderful, since some levels will massively penalize casters, whereas others positively reward it. However, each individual unit being re-equipped each time you want to use something else, unless you create an entirely new army profile, makes playtesting each newly-acquired item a tedious chore. Perhaps even some kind of “save squad” option, rather than “save every squad, in this arrangement… oh wait, no, you cannot move that meticulously crafted squad into another squad-slot, you have to move them all manually, but you can hold down the Ctrl key so if you do happen to have more than one of every unique composition you can actually Ctrl-click to deploy”… bloody, unnecessarily, hard work.

Something that might make things less arduous is the notion of captains/squad leaders, or purchaseable squad upgrades, so that instead of managing everything and everyone, one can acquire and micromanage Captain-and-Squad A, who has an intrinsic passive (perhaps augmenting or even replacing some of the “banners”), and who opens purchasable ‘profile’/squad upgrades, so that while Captain Spearman has the options of increasing Piercing damage, reducing Piercing damage taken, “Captain-only” gear that could ALSO have personal, squad, or army-passives, Captain B on the other hand could have more offensively-based kit, so all of the assumed archetypes of tank, kamikaze-explodey-raise-dead-raise-more-undead-on-death, debuff/buff/active/passive would lend an entirely separate and streamlined capacity, while retaining the ‘Warband’-like sense of things. Create separate squad profiles, have purchaseable captain-slots from the booster-packs so that each squad can have up to x captains, rank-and-file minions that all have Spear A upgraded to Spear B, and -3 Blunt damage for those horseback bashers, have a team of low-damage tanks protecting the ubermage speedcaster captain and the Legolas-ian power-archer captain…

… you know that when you spend more time trying to move Unit A to a new square, or slightly alter your squad’s functionality, than actually beating volumes of enemies that something just went fundamentally wrong with categorizing a game as “strategy”.
Similarly, when PvP becomes such a point of disinterest that five-second farming Age of Peace (Act 1, Chapter 1) for Goldpack-spamming, because it offers the same amount of gold as later levels… nice game, Team Berzerk, but needs a monstrous amount of time-investment rebalancing.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / 3x Event, and Tyr's Disappearing Ashes

Very simply put, I farmed enough Tyr Ashes during the event to be able to craft all of the Infernal Knight pieces into the Infernal Champion set; now, it seems that if my Craft table is to be believed, I in fact have precisely ZERO Tyr Ashes. thus rendering the process just a tad offset. Any thoughts?

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Fair Share

I am but a lowly Nub, unversed in the ways of DotD, but… could someone point me in the direction of where this Fair Share and Optimal Share malarkey was actually endorsed by someone directly involved in the game, as opposed to a verbatim rumour-mill rumbling from the more prolific and high-end item farmers? All I have seen of it is word-of-mouth, and all I have seen of it in action is that it massively harms raids, by ensuring participants are more interested in maximising the number of raids they are in than ensuring the raids they are in are successfully completed. The concept seems sound enough: a full raid has everyone doing their fair share, but since the basic “HP divided by maximum raid participants” seems to conveniently omit how many raids rarely are full, it seems a shade more counterproductive than efficient. And yes, when it comes to guild-based raids (as opposed to guild raids themselves), such things are a little easier, especially once everyone starts grinding their levels and gear. But for something to become a commonplace acronym is really quite startling without something slightly more substantial than hearsay, so if anyone has an origin for this, it would be wonderful to know of it.
Many thanks for any suggestions or replies.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / issue with kreds!

Similar issue, and sent at greater length via the “contact us” tab on the DotD website, but the gist is: my account has sufficient Kreds for the option I am attempting; subsequently clicking that option within the “Buy Phantom Coins With Kreds!” only results in its becoming an impressively opaque box, and locks the game completely for me, with refreshing the browser tab as my only option. Anyone have similar problems, or possible solutions, perhaps?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG] Is staff back row or front row?

It certainly does seem as if they have decided not to implement ‘row-only’ weapons, instead opting for the far simpler ‘front row=full damage from weapon, full damage taken from enemy; back row=less damage from weapon, less damage taken from enemy’ principle. The number originally touted was 20%, but that was stated at the same time as weapons were row-only, so attach as much validity as you will.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Easy way to do oferrs

It is the same application that is downloaded with each offer, unfortunately, so you will only be credited once, no matter how many Gamevance or same-site downloads you make. It goes without saying, but I would rather patronise than assume, that after uninstalling (once credited) you run HijackThis or something similar to remove all the BHO and startups that get installed, and flush your registry too.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Cursed Sword

Zero negative effects when I was using it.