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Topic: Tyrant / Pyro Rig Jam All Issue

1) Change your deck to counter jam like chaos/mimic.
2) If you win, you won’t blame it. lol
3) Most good/worst/50% chance skills cards will be opened a thread to blame it.

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Topic: Tyrant / [SPOILER] Worldship 3! Fresh from the XML! Now with pictures!

Originally posted by DarkBlood1:

Faction lvl 4 and 200 loyalty = 1 conquest token.
Faction lvl 10 and 750 loyalty = 2 conquest token.
Faction lvl 14 and 1500 loyalty = 4 conquest token.
Faction lvl 18 and 2500 loyalty = 8 conquest token.

I loled, devs give free stuff to lvl18 faction or above only. Probably this game is played by devs and their friends only.

And the majority faction from lvl15-17 has no benefits on tokens from fighting faction wars.

And I haven’t noticed the change until today. lol

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Topic: Tyrant / new faction war token rule

Originally posted by linkonsat:

wouldnt it make sense that to gain tokens you have to attack a higher faction unless your in the top 5 then then you can attack anyone in the top 10 to get tokens

It make sense only if it’s free and the top 20 can only attack each other to get token. lol

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] 4/11/2013 Promos, Upgrades, Conquest, and Bug Fixes!

Originally posted by DaWayne33:

Factions can now win claim tokens everyday for winning faction wars. Winning 2 attacking faction wars in a day allows a player to claim the max amount for their faction level/loyalty. 1 War awards half of that, while no wars award no tokens. Claiming tokens gives you the highest amount that would be awarded from either Conquest or Faction wars, not both.

lol. I think the smart faction will choose to beat a weak faction or create 1-2 alt faction to assure they have max tokens everyday. Or you just change the battle field from conquest to factions to stop people getting the token. lol

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] Worldship Pack 3 Announcement

Originally posted by ZooZ:
Do you really think gold prices for those packs are reasonable and consistent with current gold income?

Good point. The pack from Nexus to Homeworld is overpriced, Also the card upgrade for 20K is overpriced also.

I only care if certain card from gold buyable pack is unreachable, that means the pack is not worth a cents of buying it. lol

I have read a thread before a player spend 1-2 year of gold grinding for getting the last card Utopia Beacon from Homeworld pack. lol that mean he/she only get 1 UB from spending 1-2 year gold grinding on HW pack.

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Topic: Tyrant / [PETITION] Diodes/Transistors

At least you have used your Diodes/Transistors in conquest before.

If you use your warbond and get a shity card, it is surely no refund. lol

Devs should include this in their TOS “All warbond items will be guaranteed a 6-12 months of usable warranty”. joking lol

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Topic: Tyrant / [SPOILER] Conquest Tokens are now alternatively awarded by faction lvl and loyalty

Originally posted by Ryeeee:

Stripped from the xml and fed through sed for easier reading:

Faction Upgrade types:
1) Max Stamina

item req: Silver Transistor number: 1250
item req: Gold Transistor number: 250
stamina bonus: 200

when devs are trying to increase stamina to 500 for free, people object this suggestion because of no life or can’t defense. Now devs are trying to put this to warbond type of upgrade. lol

Gold Transistor need 15 warbond for 1. (3750 warbond for 200 stamina upgrade and 1250 Silver Transistor). lol

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Topic: Tyrant / [SPOILER] Conquest Tokens are now alternatively awarded by faction lvl and loyalty

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] Conquest Update and Map Reset Next Week!

Originally posted by DaWayne33:
Still plan on releasing Thursday 4/11.
We are changing Conquest Tokens into a more generic “Faction Token” – allowing them to also be awarded from participation in classic Faction Wars. Every day you will be able to claim Faction Tokens and earn the greater of your Conquest or Faction War rewards. This will allow factions to participate in whichever feature they prefer , Faction Wars or Conquest, without requiring both.

Really nice, I don’t like conquest honestly. The Gold/XP ratio from conquest is shit. Players are forced to do conquest because of token only.

And when will there have permanent loyalty point? or exchange LP for gold?

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Topic: Tyrant / Is Moya Overrated?

When people lost to moya a few time because they can’t hit for a total damage of 11, they will start changing deck to high attack one when fast card low damage doesn’t work.

Also, do you join fansite? we can’t see your card pool.

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Topic: Tyrant / Raid Revamp Idea

For revamp,

1) adjust the Gold/XP ratio

2) upgrade raid card to a more usable level. This will at least encourage people to finish it.

3) player who finish all the raid can redo time-limited event mission (Can start 1 time per month for 1-2 week on their own). This closer the gap between new player and old player.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Discussion] Player burnout

Permanent loyalty point for everyone or allow them to exchange LP for gold if not permanent LP.

Also, It will discourage people if certain pack cards are not available with gold buyable options. Anyway, Devs only care about warbond players, so just treat the burnout player as traveler.

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Topic: Tyrant / Side Missions

It’s because they think side mission is as boring as grinding raid, so they bring in time-limited event mission and conquest map.

I have an idea for a CR treasure hunt conquest map. All CR value is hidden until you conquest that tile. Once you get control of that tile, the CR value reveal only to that faction owner. But you can tell that CR value to other faction to conquest your tile. lol and the CR value change every week.

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Topic: Tyrant / "Randomness" of opponent...

Originally posted by LuXBOT:

i got this weird feeling in FW too.

Same. Especially if against stronger faction. But anyway, sometime card pool also limit how a player can build a strong deck or not, so if you lose, maybe just the card pool limit.

Also, If against weak faction, the card variation is not very much. Fear/strike/wallstall deck is single type, reward card + a bit of new pack card. Casual type.

If against strong faction, you will meet lots of different commander. chaos/mimic….etc. also, different type of fear deck, TI/GS/Syco-Phantasm/CG…..+ Flare of courage etc. More of good card or heavy WB. e.g GS + 3x Flare of courage.

So it’s harder to build a good deck even WBer i guess.

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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant Card Creator by catepillar

The picture looks a bit blurrier than fansite one, the skill font is too big, the corner is square not round.

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Topic: Tyrant / Poll/Survey: How much would you pay if you only got one random Rare?

Most packs Nexus to Homeworld is overpriced. And because we can’t buy specific card in gold like in Vault, I guess 5,000 (5K) gold is acceptable for any gold buyable packs. You can buy specific reward card you like and it costs like 15K-25K gold per card.

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Topic: Tyrant / Interesting new idea for an upgrade.

Pretty good if you have good legendary, Also, this can make some unbeatable deck maybe and use two copy of the same card, 1 copy from legendary slot and another copy from unique rare slot.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Spoiler] ??? + PROMO + UPGRADES

Originally posted by Moraku:
Originally posted by KidUrza:
Originally posted by ratius55:
Originally posted by akumaxx_ws:

Please lower the price of Realm Traverser to 15k first. By now, a Rare card of this spec doesn’t worth 200k at all.


FOR EVERYONE WHO ISN"T PAYING ATTENTION: If you actually looked at the data you would see that the new RT is STILL IN THE REWARD SET which means IT IS A BUFF, NOT AN UPGRADE. I’m not going over that crap again.

Wrong. DEVs forgot to change the card set. It’s an upgrade, not a buff. There are two different copies of Realm Traverser with different Card IDs.

I’m not going over this crap again.

If it’s wrong labeling, that mean it’s 200,000 gold for an upgraded, Wow. It could have protect all 1 for 200k gold or lower the price.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Spoiler] ??? + PROMO + UPGRADES

For Bloodsucker, poison 2 on-attacked seems better.

Joltrek Skiff is better than before. Also, first awakening card got an upgrade.

Deadblow – a spammable Soulfurnace.

Realm Traverser – buff? If it’s upgrade, change the price to 5K gold. If its upgrade price is more than a legendary, you should give it protect all 1.

Revered Monk – still not very strong if it’s based on Utopia Beacon stats cuz UB can still be upgraded, then this card may got owned. With crush or siege will be a lot better cuz valor proc only if there has outnumber opponent.

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Topic: Tyrant / Post Active Raid Links Here

Miasma #26499
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Topic: Tyrant / Post Active Raid Links Here

Miasma #26377
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Topic: Tyrant / Post Active Raid Links Here

Oluth #26291
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Topic: Tyrant / [To Devs + Petition] Homeworld for gold!

Originally posted by OMGWTFFFS:

Considering how much better HW cards are than Blight and Purity, I think HW’s price in gold should be set to 80k.

So, should worldship pack set to 50 WB per pack cuz it seems it’s better than awakening/terminus? Also, Occupation pack should be 15 WB per packs cuz no one wanna use it, and vault card from any pack still 25WB 1 card, they should reset the price based on how good the card is.

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Topic: Tyrant / Post Active Raid Links Here

Oluth #26193
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Topic: Tyrant / [CONFIRMED] Update + Purity For Gold!

Originally posted by darkfang77:
Originally posted by lol0lo:

10 New Upgrades are now available! Check them out in the Upgrade tab of the store. We also added a global chat feature and the ability to change your in game name. This change applies to tournaments, battles and Factions. Purity is now available for 60,000 Gold!

If true, sell your legendaries and shut down the trolls: Odins for everyone!

Odin is just a noob card (4 HP only) when it’s on auto. I think no one lose to it when it’s in faction wars. lol

I think they’re gonna put more packs in gold buyable like Phobos/Phobos aftermath cuz it only leech all your gold and without giving you any good card like homeworld pack. And they tell you to blame the RNG, stop QQ, try another time. lol