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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Sensible requests for improvements /changes to game

Instead of having to go through and click each name when you are selecting names for assistance requests, a button that you can press that selects the first X number of people on your list, X being the number of people needed for that particular task.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / New Content Released: Mystery of the Restless Ghosts!

Problem sorted. Went back to the room in question after hitting the town to turn in other quests and a new chest was there.

All good now, in the last room causing chaos lol

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / New Content Released: Mystery of the Restless Ghosts!

Le sigh.

Stuck in the room where Kaine tells you to search everything, the one with the very obvious tunnel behind the old fireplace.

I’ve clicked on every item in that room and every item in the previous rooms and I’m getting nothing.

After spending a fair amount of time trying everything I could think of, including putting on the ‘ghost’ amulet, I’m at a loss.

Am I just holding my face wrong or is there something I’ve missed?

*goes to talk to the ghosts.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Special rings and pendants.

Never mind. I used google and found the wiki, which tells me that the ring in question is essentially a ‘junk’ item, which does nothing but make you invisible.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Special rings and pendants.

I’ve noticed, as many people probably have, that there are a number of ‘secret’ areas in Bush Whacker 2.

There are also a few areas that can only be reached if you are wearing a specific item.

For instance, there is an area in the tombs that can only be reached if you are wearing a pendant that turns you into a ghost.

I just recently remembered that I have a ring that makes you invisible, but I can’t remember what area I got it from and I’m pretty sure that like the area you can only get to in the tombs (there is a special item there) if you have the ghost pendant, there is an area that you can only get to if you are invisible.

Can anyone tell me the area where I got the ring from?

*yes, I did use the search function, but I got nothing.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / A question about requests

Ok I have a little question concerning the “request a small energy pack” thing.

I and I’m betting most other players, send out a request for SEP’s, as often as they can.

I play at least once a day, but I only send out a request SEP once a day, right after I use the ones I have.

That is up to 49 requests.

Now I go to collect my donated SEP once a day, 24 hours after I send out a request.

On average, I have between 10 and 15 waiting, when I figure there should be 20+ on a regular basis.

Now I know that not everyone plays every day, but I still can’t figure out why less than 20 of my “friends” picked at random, sends me a SEP over a 24 hour period.

The first thing I do when I start up BW2 is push the “accept” button, I don’t even bother looking at what people want, in most cases I get something for giving something.

Discuss why this might be.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Add Me Thread V3

You can add me.

I always reply to requests and play at least once every day.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Farm Raid!

I really want to make my house bigger…..but the permit is 25,000 Gold!

So this week I am farming WHEAT, which is the biggest gold plant for me right now.

To aid in this, I am going to be “raiding” the farms of people on my friends list, to ‘help’ them farm.

Who I “raid” depends on when they have played last and when I play I BW2.

So, “raid” my farm and help me out and if you are lucky I’ll “raid” your farm and help YOU out!

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Feedback and Bug Reports

More info than that might help a bit.

I too am having the same issue as MrMax and company.

The game stops loading at “loading graphics”.

I’m running XP, Firefox 17.0.1, with the latest Adobe Flash.

I’ve tried re-loading the page, which usually works with balky web and flash pages, but no joy here.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Add me thread V2

Same as above. I play every day.

Edit: So, yeah, I went through this thread and I think I ‘friended’ everyone in it. heh.

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Topic: General Gaming / Learn To Fly - How to do it in 17 days

Hmmm seems the forum wants to turn my post into a “Wall of Text” despite my efforts to put into a format that is readable. Will post link to a page with the relevant info.

Learn to Fly – How to do it in 17 days

The link will take you to a plain *.txt page on my personal web space.

Hope people find this useful.

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Topic: General Gaming / Desert Moon -- how to beat it


That’s even more of a ‘wall of text’ than mine is.

The information is good, but it’s hard to read. A little formatting would help.


NO U! /joke

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Topic: General Gaming / Desert Moon -- how to beat it

This is a bit of a help thread for those who can’t beat Desert Moon on easy, which some of the comments for the game indicate is frustrating people.

General tips
Nail Gunners are your basic unit and they can kill anything if you have enough of them.
You can move your men between waves!
The ‘newest’ weapon is not always the best for the job.

The first two days.

Use Nail Gunners. Period.
On the first wave for each day, space your men evenly across the field.
As resources become available, use them up buying more Nail Gunners. Remember to move existing men to fit in the new men.
Eventually you should have a line of Nail Gunners across the field with a single square between each.

On day one, this should be enough to stop anything coming at you.
Day two however, is a different story. Continue to add Nail Gunners in a SECOND line BEHIND (or in front) of the first line, spacing them out so that you eventually end up with two lines.
This will completely stop all incoming aliens.

Day 3.
New weapon: Flamethrower.
New aliens. Hunters. They travel underground, popping up at the last second. They are aggressive and will turn to attack the nearest trooper.
You will need to have some luck here.

You have enough ‘cash’ for 5 flamethrowers.
The trick here is to get your placement right AND be lucky enough to not have too may aliens come at one trooper at the same time.

Initial placement is important.
Here is how I start out;
Place your first man TWO squares from the edge of the field and the next so there are 4 squares between the first and second and so on until you run out of resources.
When you get enough ‘cash’ to buy another trooper, move your men so that they have 3 squares between them, but do not move your ‘end’ troopers.
Now you have 6 flamethrowers on the field (start of wave 6).
As you gather more cash, place new flamethrowers so that you end up with 3 groups of three flamethrowers. (end of wave 10, the first ‘massive’ wave)
By the time you reach this point, you will start getting runners, so it’s time to bring out the nail gunners again. Place one Nail gunner behind the middle Flamethrower of each group. Continue to add Nail Gunners as ‘cash’ becomes available.
Eventually you will end up with a full row of Nail Gunners behind your 9 Flamethrowers.
At this point you can choose to place Fuel Launchers or just keep adding more Nail Gunners.
The Fuel Launchers will slow down the runner/bursters, but won’t effect the hunters at all.

With the forces you have on the field by the end of the day, you will be able to survive without a problem.

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Topic: Kongregate / I'm wondering why...

Originally posted by KakkoiiBishounen:

So what do you suppose we do with these games, or was there really not a point to this thread in the first place?

The point of the post is that there seem to be an ever growing amount of that sort of game, plus the ‘demo’ and ‘site locked’ games are a pain.
Just as you are getting into the game, it ends with something along the line of ‘play the full version at <insert other game site that isn’t Kong’> or you go to unlock something in a game only to discover that, you guessed it, you can only unlock that particular item at another game site.

Aaaaand I’ve just realized that I may well have been trolled. Well done that person :p

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Topic: Kongregate / I'm wondering why...

There are so many ‘dress up your <insert>’ games showing up.

They are, in my opinion, only just games.

Basically, while we are getting some excellent games, we are also getting far more games that are rubbish and games that are ‘demo’ versions of full games, games that have ‘site locked’ content that you can’t get to unless you go to a specific site.


Meh. Just me having a bad day I guess. :p

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Topic: General Gaming / [Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!] level 13

So who found this useful? Anyone?

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Topic: General Gaming / [Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!] level 13

Have a look at this —>

Place the dens near the entrance first, then a den/crypt/temple on the first high tower.

When money allows, place crypts in the clear space near the dens. Clear the mana font near that clear area as soon as you can and drop a crypt on it.

After those are placed, they should clean up any bad guys. Start planting crypts near the treasure vault to take care of anything that gets by the first 6 towers.
Pretty much anything will work in there, but the more you have the better, they won’t be getting many upgrades if any, so quantity counts.

Note that this is with a FULL skill set, so keep the meteors handy.

Good luck.

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Topic: Collaborations / Ideas for game

How about trying to make the ultimate Tower Defense game?

Look at at all the great/good TD games out there and put as many of the ideas into one TD.

Take Desktop Defense 1.5’s ‘blank’ playing area, add semi intelligent ‘bad guys’, make it so that turrets can’t shoot through other turrets/walls as they do now, unless they are air to air or mortar type turrets, lastly use a THEME like in SNAFU TD, eg. modern weapons etc.

Anything else people can think of?

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Topic: General Gaming / whats ur fav game in kongreate?

Hmmm, fav game. Well up until recently Sonny. *waves to y0ttabyte

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Topic: General Gaming / Best Free Downloadable Games!

Just a note about some of the so called ‘free’ games available for download, especially MMOG’s (massively multiplayer online games).

Some of them are free to download and play, but once you get into them, you discover that in order to be competitive, you need a specific item that can’t be found in game OR can only be gotten in game by winning competitions. The only other way to get it is to BUY them.

Yes folks, the game might be free to play, but in order to get the good stuff, you are required to PAY $$$!

One such game site that has several games like this is AERIA.

The games are great, I downloaded ‘Project Torque’ only to discover that in order to get almost any upgrade I needed to have ‘AC’ (aeria coin!) points, which you need to BUY. sigh

2 hours waiting for the download wasted.

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Topic: General Gaming / Dolphin Olympics 2 hackers

Ah well, I learned quite some time ago, that the person who cheats is only cheating themselves.

It is fairly obvious that the people who don’t cheat and play a game on a regular basis ( I’m addicted to Do2! ) know what is doable and what isn’t.

Sad that there isn’t a way for the scoreboard to figure what is a hack and what isn’t. :(

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Topic: Off-topic / How many of us actually have a diverse taste in music?

Well, I’m number 3 of 4 kids and my older bro and sis were teenagers around the time the Beatles, ELO, Elton John ect were big in music, so I like music from that era.

I also like a lot of todays music, you name it, I’ve probably listened to and liked at least one song from most types of music.

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Topic: General Gaming / Dolphin Olympics 2 hackers

Now before I start, I am not saying that anyone who plays DO2 here hacks.

My best score on DO2 is around 200 million, so I reckon the best players should be able to get to around 600 million points.

Personally, I don’t believe that anything over 700 million points is doable, so 1+ BILLION (1000 million) is out of the question, yet there are several scores on the alltime top score that are BETTER than 2 billion.

I really, truly want to believe that people did not hack the scores to get that much, a ‘video’ of someone actually doing it would go a very long way to making me believe those scores are doable.

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Topic: Kongregate / Writing '1st' in the comments

Why do people write things like ‘1st’ in the comments area for a game?

Is there some kind of ‘competition’ going on that I and indeed 99% of the people who play games on Kong don’t know about?

Seriously though, the comments section of a games page should be used for comments on the GAME on that page, not for petty squabbles and typing ‘first!’

Just my two bits….

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Topic: General Gaming / Most bloodiest, goriest, violent game?

You know what is really odd?

Nobody has mentioned two of the most violent bloody/gory games I’ve seen for a while, and they are on this site!

Endless Zombie Rampage and The Last Stand.