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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / KAC PDW or AKMs?

Unbreaking the KAC is a waste of GP, the KAC PWN is very very cheap to repair (it’s tier 1 jesus). IMO save your GP at least for a beter weapon and skills.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / My first Legendary Kill

Originally posted by peruna_poika:

Well, kay. I didn’t get to take a better screencap because I was in fullsreen and didn’t have software open but yeah… Noveske and G18 Legendary.

Dat score tho
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Topic: Contract Wars: General / An update

Site seems good so far, I don’t have spike lags but that’s because of my hardware. Although as VIP I didn’t get bonus armor and I’m worried about spawn killing on this one part of th map, where your mates are behind these pipes.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / GP=CR,CR=GP

You know, I would like to instead convert my GP to CR.

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Topic: Ballistic / Ballistic Story?

Simple, the MFA is developing some kind of energy source or generator or something. They want to make big money off this energy thingy, and they are worse than EA. The MFA does corrupt stuff, and the Smokes find out so they fight back. Needs detail tho.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Deal with it

I demand that thou make one for my avatar, peasent.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Search and Destroy!

Originally posted by CelticPredator:

OK, I tell u how: Try to get all SP from lvl and contract, then count how many u have, then u can buy SP for GP > 1SP is cost 50GP, calculate how many u need to get 155SP and u have! Is not hardy. Bye kids.

Ask if u want to know how to be unstoppable sniper guy who all time camping and support clan from back when clans in the game! PEACE.

I thought the max you could buy was 10…
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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / **Figa Ka3aku - OFFICIAL RECRUITMENT/NEWS/DISCUSSION THREAD**

In-Game Name: dverich000
Level: 41 as of this post
K/D Ratio: 1.05 normal, 0.99 on HC
Reputation: 56
Amount Contribution %: 10 percent, may raise later.
Previous Clans If Any: None
Other/Previous accounts (not testing alts): No alts
Why You Want To Join: I’ve been told a few times getting a clan is good, and that they can help me out.
Extra Info: Assault class, and I’m an average player.
Have you sent your request in-game: EDIT: I’ve only learned of the ‘’requests cleared’’ thing after I posted this. So I re-applied. Sorry about that. Last time was 2 days ago since I didn’t know this thread existed.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Throwing Knives

There is a knife that can fire a single 7×62 round. You know, that Russian round that the AK-47 probably uses? Some spetsnaz use it.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / 1337 story of homo lovers (now with part II!)

What. The. Hell.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / what?

Originally posted by kungfuboy:

So what is this?

I think something for the roulette, probably 1 million CR
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Topic: Contract Wars: General / FIX THE MOTHER****** SPAWNING

Yes please.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / ROULETTE WHEEL UNRIGGED ! - IMPORTANT FOR N00BZ !

It’s, it’s beautiful as Thomas The Dank Engine (smoke coal erry day)

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / 007 Clan - Official Recruitment/News/Discussion Thread

Originally posted by Ripper993:

can i join your clan?soon i will be lvl 20 and my k/d is 3.00+ and i am active player and i will give u 30 % contribution for now and on lvl 50 i give you 50 %….this is my cw account xxMIRZAxx

I’m not sure if you wanna join this clan, has a bad history if you read this thread.
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Topic: Contract Wars: General / differences between kong and FB version of CWars

Originally posted by heisenberg7995:

main difference is…
on FB there are three premium guns which can be unlocked by only adding friends who play CW…those guns are……..
set 1: IZH-43 : unlocked by adding 15 frnds
set 3: PDR-C : unlocked by adding 50 frnds
set 4: vector : unlocked by adding 99 frnds..
but advantage is this weapons come unbreakable already….

so in FB there are a extra of 3 prem weapons?
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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Upcoming features and content (discussion)

Originally posted by MikeC268:

Did you guys also see that servers will be upgraded enough to handle 64 player’s on one a large map? This is of course after complete code overhauling. Also point out that factory map will be like station is? as In station is a small part of light house map, Factory will be same as it is a small portion of The new Large map which is most likely Tarkov Street which seems to be part of a large city map.

Also the Map code named SWAMP will be a decently large map that is more stylized for capture the flag and TDS with a main fort in center of map and opposing team must capture or destroy the structure.

Also Sprint will most likely be for the large maps only and a stamina system will go with it debating if that will only be for HC mode.

Originally posted by GravitationalArt:

Not sure where you did your research, but I’m 99% sure there’s a facebook post alluding to a gunsmith spec gun.

you should of searched it up and put a link then here i have np admitting I am wrong if it is true but I done my research at Contract Wars Absolutsoft and in the next 6 months they have no plans to do that, or they have chosen not to comment on it as a possible update in near future.

Wait, 64 player servers? And vehicles are not planned? I understand why there are non right now since lag and map size, but srsly 64 players on one server, which is Battlefield good but no plans for vehicles? I am of dissapoint.
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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Shotguns

Thats funny, one guy in chat was saying that all shotguns except for IZH and some other suck. And now you’re saying that shotguns are OP.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Underpowered artillery

Wait, are you talking about the Rocket Tank? It is UP IMO, could use more HP and dmg. And maybe better aiming?

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / It's back to 2 spins :(

Originally posted by Anonymous_Man:

What are spins? sorry I am new

It’s this roulette thing.
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Topic: Contract Wars: General / I'm pretty sure this counts as farming

Originally posted by Musicus:
Originally posted by GundamExia77:
Originally posted by radicalace:

3) devs have explicitly stated they will not be banning people for it during this event

Just what the fuck… Can i make 20 alts and make my own personal clan then? \s

If you manage to buy the first two skills of every class, yes.
Then again, you could start a second FIGA
And seriously, why should you give a damn about farming, does it hurt you that some people risk to get something like Wtask more quickly without giving disadvantage to anyone else ?

It hurts the devs. And yes, since you can advance more quickly you are putting us at a disadvantage.
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Topic: Thunder Run: War of Clans / How to remove P2W from thunderun (unlocked version) By Aztecboy

Originally posted by Number1Gamer:

Well other than removing the things you mentioned, you need to remove being able to use gold to instant upgrade things. People have gone from TOC1 to TOC6 in 2 and a half days. So if i spent 150$ on the game, I could by pass 99% of the players in 2 days? Doesn’t seem balanced to me.

Exactly. Removes the strategy from the game. Gold should be used to speed things up, not finish them.
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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Afterwind] Best Strategy

Sky Menace Spain and Ukraine are really good, but a IF Germeny and UK are good to, so is France but France get’s flanked good.

Turkey is a country where all pros go for, has 8 reinf cities and okay with imp, GC could work also I guess and if you have lot’s of money, use SM with it for a fast expasnion

Tip: depending on the starting money, a poor country like Israel could get to 101 reinf for 1 turn, so be sure to expand as good as possible or you will sink deep in debt.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Afterwind] best country

You may not believe so, but a SM Ukraine can destory a IF Germeny by week 5!

Iron Fist – +2HP for all units buy lower mobility and view range

Sky Menace – More powerul Bombers and Stealths at the cost of weaker land units (almost all of China can be united, Spain can take France, UK and Italy in 1 turn)

Oh yeah, I once saw a France take UK, Spain, and Italy in the first week, gonna learn that :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Afterwind] best country

USA is pretty good, so is Japan and China. but South and North Korea can take both (if they are neutral).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battalion: Arena] why is reason 2 here?

we already have a topic of this dont spam/flood