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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Throwing Knives

There is a knife that can fire a single 7×62 round. You know, that Russian round that the AK-47 probably uses? Some spetsnaz use it.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / 1337 story of homo lovers (now with part II!)

What. The. Hell.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / what?

Originally posted by kungfuboy:

So what is this?

I think something for the roulette, probably 1 million CR
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Topic: Contract Wars: General / FIX THE MOTHER****** SPAWNING

Yes please.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / ROULETTE WHEEL UNRIGGED ! - IMPORTANT FOR N00BZ !

It’s, it’s beautiful as Thomas The Dank Engine (smoke coal erry day)

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / 007 Clan - Official Recruitment/News/Discussion Thread

Originally posted by Ripper993:

can i join your clan?soon i will be lvl 20 and my k/d is 3.00+ and i am active player and i will give u 30 % contribution for now and on lvl 50 i give you 50 %….this is my cw account xxMIRZAxx

I’m not sure if you wanna join this clan, has a bad history if you read this thread.
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Topic: Contract Wars: General / differences between kong and FB version of CWars

Originally posted by heisenberg7995:

main difference is…
on FB there are three premium guns which can be unlocked by only adding friends who play CW…those guns are……..
set 1: IZH-43 : unlocked by adding 15 frnds
set 3: PDR-C : unlocked by adding 50 frnds
set 4: vector : unlocked by adding 99 frnds..
but advantage is this weapons come unbreakable already….

so in FB there are a extra of 3 prem weapons?
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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Upcoming features and content (discussion)

Originally posted by MikeC268:

Did you guys also see that servers will be upgraded enough to handle 64 player’s on one a large map? This is of course after complete code overhauling. Also point out that factory map will be like station is? as In station is a small part of light house map, Factory will be same as it is a small portion of The new Large map which is most likely Tarkov Street which seems to be part of a large city map.

Also the Map code named SWAMP will be a decently large map that is more stylized for capture the flag and TDS with a main fort in center of map and opposing team must capture or destroy the structure.

Also Sprint will most likely be for the large maps only and a stamina system will go with it debating if that will only be for HC mode.

Originally posted by GravitationalArt:

Not sure where you did your research, but I’m 99% sure there’s a facebook post alluding to a gunsmith spec gun.

you should of searched it up and put a link then here i have np admitting I am wrong if it is true but I done my research at Contract Wars Absolutsoft and in the next 6 months they have no plans to do that, or they have chosen not to comment on it as a possible update in near future.

Wait, 64 player servers? And vehicles are not planned? I understand why there are non right now since lag and map size, but srsly 64 players on one server, which is Battlefield good but no plans for vehicles? I am of dissapoint.
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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Shotguns

Thats funny, one guy in chat was saying that all shotguns except for IZH and some other suck. And now you’re saying that shotguns are OP.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Underpowered artillery

Wait, are you talking about the Rocket Tank? It is UP IMO, could use more HP and dmg. And maybe better aiming?

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / It's back to 2 spins :(

Originally posted by Anonymous_Man:

What are spins? sorry I am new

It’s this roulette thing.
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Topic: Contract Wars: General / I'm pretty sure this counts as farming

Originally posted by Musicus:
Originally posted by GundamExia77:
Originally posted by radicalace:

3) devs have explicitly stated they will not be banning people for it during this event

Just what the fuck… Can i make 20 alts and make my own personal clan then? \s

If you manage to buy the first two skills of every class, yes.
Then again, you could start a second FIGA
And seriously, why should you give a damn about farming, does it hurt you that some people risk to get something like Wtask more quickly without giving disadvantage to anyone else ?

It hurts the devs. And yes, since you can advance more quickly you are putting us at a disadvantage.
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Topic: Thunder Run: War of Clans / How to remove P2W from thunderun (unlocked version) By Aztecboy

Originally posted by Number1Gamer:

Well other than removing the things you mentioned, you need to remove being able to use gold to instant upgrade things. People have gone from TOC1 to TOC6 in 2 and a half days. So if i spent 150$ on the game, I could by pass 99% of the players in 2 days? Doesn’t seem balanced to me.

Exactly. Removes the strategy from the game. Gold should be used to speed things up, not finish them.
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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Afterwind] Best Strategy

Sky Menace Spain and Ukraine are really good, but a IF Germeny and UK are good to, so is France but France get’s flanked good.

Turkey is a country where all pros go for, has 8 reinf cities and okay with imp, GC could work also I guess and if you have lot’s of money, use SM with it for a fast expasnion

Tip: depending on the starting money, a poor country like Israel could get to 101 reinf for 1 turn, so be sure to expand as good as possible or you will sink deep in debt.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Afterwind] best country

You may not believe so, but a SM Ukraine can destory a IF Germeny by week 5!

Iron Fist – +2HP for all units buy lower mobility and view range

Sky Menace – More powerul Bombers and Stealths at the cost of weaker land units (almost all of China can be united, Spain can take France, UK and Italy in 1 turn)

Oh yeah, I once saw a France take UK, Spain, and Italy in the first week, gonna learn that :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Afterwind] best country

USA is pretty good, so is Japan and China. but South and North Korea can take both (if they are neutral).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battalion: Arena] why is reason 2 here?

we already have a topic of this dont spam/flood

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battalion: Arena] Thopson1m News and Other Things

secreat project? :O

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battlestar Galactica Online] Admins REMOVE THIS GAME it has a virus

thnx for helping me avoid this

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Topic: General Gaming / [poll] Club Penguin vs. Runescape

lets compare the facts

modern |middle ages
not big |HUGE
mem 5-58$|dunno
partys | none?
bout 5 AI | ova 100?

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Topic: General Gaming / Which Is Better Club Penguin Runescape Or World Of Warcraft

now im not sure i played WOW 3 wich was fun but cp? well i dunno played it kinda boring and rune? played it i guess its crap

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Topic: General Gaming / Best RTS game?

me: comand & conquer red alert (love the music!)
warcraft 3 frozen throne (my hp once couldnt show due to eing sooo strong)
battlefield bad company 2 (on ipod that is)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battalion: Arena] why is reason 2 here?

theres already a topic ppl and yes there is a user limit

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battalion: Arena] What's the deal with "Reason 2"?

only one of m computers work on this…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battalion: Arena] Scripting Reference

oh wait on wrong topic… ESCUSE ME