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Topic: Wartune / Cards nerfed :(

I have the full arena card deck. It gives +3 insig per round in multiplayer arena (win or lose the match, both yield a +3).

But… now that we only have 15 attempts and no longer 30 in the multiplayer arena, the deck is effectively nerfed.

Should the bonus now not be +6 insignia? Or is it another of those stealthy-shush-don’t-mention-them nerfs to aid R2’s evil plot to world domination?

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Topic: Wartune / world boss FU to knights

Vote no to DF!!

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Topic: Wartune / master chest?

My level 55 mage got 3 purples, my level 70 knight got zero purples.

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Topic: Wartune / lvl 5 gem pack

I actually got a L5 PATK gem from one of those 10 packs, so for the first time I’m not complaining on this forum.


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Topic: Wartune / BIG BUG TODAY

Game is in a very very sorry state now. Nothing works properly, and even the timed events are timed entirely wrong.

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Topic: Wartune / BIG BUG TODAY

same bug here

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] European Servers Time Change 3/30

Originally posted by R2_Community:
Originally posted by pedved:

Tell me pls, why word “GMT” is banned in wartune chat?

GM is banned to prevent players from making accounts and pretending to be GM’s

So why is ‘kongregate’ banned?

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Topic: Wartune / knights

My 2 cents…

Every class played properly can beat another class of equal BR. You just sometimes need a bit of luck and a decent build and be smart about what you do/don’t do.

Then again, archers imho do have it a bit easier, since they most likely go for crit builds straight from the start of their development.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Summer event ideas?

You should do an ‘old client’ event :)

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Topic: Wartune / Rune Value Pack Rip Off Alert

Good value or not, fact remains it was misleading.

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Baby Griffin Packs


oh no wait, only one word comes to mind: GREED

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Topic: Wartune / Mini Client

it will most probably not work for kong


Topic: Wartune / I can't screenshot but REMOVED should be muted or warned for saying this

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Topic: Wartune / tok nm more easy

I will say this once, and then never again ;) GIVE US A SWITCH TO REDUCE IMAGE QUALITY OR TURN OFF GLOW EFFECTS

The excessive use of glow graphics makes you lag. This combined with the crappy way Flash is made, will make your computer chortle, if not die.. slowly and painfully. The gfx are a major memory hog.

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Topic: Wartune / Why does Kong keep this milking game ?

We used to get vouchers from tree. We used to get vouchers from just doing our daily chores.
With those, we could get double skills, more inventory room, or skill resets.

All that is gone now. Totally messed up by the bound balen system, because the bound balen drop is 1, 2 or 4…Whereas the vouchers came in 20, 40 or more.

They never resettted the voucher→ bound balen prices on the items i mentioned first. Skill resets, opening up space in inventory etc… even upgrading farm is now WAY too pricy.

This is how we are being milked.

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Topic: Wartune / tok nm more easy

To be honest, in all fairness, lag in round 4 & 5 kills me more than anything.
It would be nice to actually be able to see what i’m doing, or the others are doing for that matter.
Lag just increases with every level of ToK, regardless if it’s easy/norm/hard/nm.

I don’t understand why this hasn’t been addressed.


Topic: Wartune / i Have a question.

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Topic: Wartune / i Have a question.

That’s all fine and dandy yes.

But what about the outrageous amounts of balens (or bb’s) is needed now in order to do simple things we could do before with vouchers? (and at a much much cheaper rate)

-Open up backpack space
-reset skills
-double skills
-upgrade farm

i’m sure i forgot a few…

Anyhow it’s just not right to charge X amount one day, and then replace it by 20X the other day.

If you can’t see that, you’re just either stupid or blind. But considering you’re reading this post, you probably aren’t blind.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / More Special Eras

I know a GREAT event!!!

Bring back the old client!

I promise i’ll red boost!

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Topic: Wartune / level 90... and prices?

GFFG, the thing with the NA Wartune version is: Lots of things USED to be much much cheaper before the whole vouchers=bound balens catastrophy.

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune needs a fix up

Some very valid points you’re making. Too bad it will indeed and most likely just fall on deaf ears. Seems the only one caring about the game here is GreenFireflyGirl and the actual players.

but for how much longer?

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Jan 7 Emergency Maintenance - PST AND EST SERVERS

I think someone forgot.

I just hope it doesn’t actually automatically shuts down and does the patches (R2 call them fixes, i believe) all over again….

R2, I recommend trying a different browser. Perhaps update your flash player and/or java and clear cookies and cache before doing maintenance.

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Weekly Maintenance 1/7 @ 2:30 AM EST

Let’s just face it. Maintenances never really FIX anything much.

- Typo’s, ok
- Fishing basket auto stacks now – wow that was important!

How about all the other bugs that have been reported?

Nothing, not a peep! Not even a ’we’re working on it’. Just plain NOTHING.

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Topic: Wartune / Kongregate

Did you know Kongregate is a banned word in Wartune?

Just try it.

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Topic: Wartune / Fireworks

So pretty, and so laggy.

Thanks once again R2 – and happy new year.