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Topic: Wartune / I'm so "Talent"ed

Sorry for being a bit necro on this thread, but does anyone know if there is any plans to change/update this?

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Topic: Wartune / Hay gaise we beat spire too

congratz and

+1 for not mentioning we should level up

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Topic: Wartune / GA Insignia rewards with Shining Angel Card

If what Maldrete posted is really true, than that’s one messed up logic on the programmers part, and more likely they just don’t actually intended for it to work the way it does now. (read: sloppy coding)

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Topic: Wartune / Last straw

Originally posted by blackice0823:

most lag would be solved if they stopped using my bandwidth to reload images and started using the cache again like they used to

This man speaks the truth!

Fix the caching issues!

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Topic: Wartune / Cannt login(((

You need to copy the entire line, not just click on the underlined part.

Changing the DNS worked for me.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Guide to battle down

troll da forumz 4 moar pr0

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Topic: Battle Dawn / I quit

Originally posted by Muffinz0Fdoom:

I just searched “jackass awards”, how did I get…oh, never mind, just saw who started the thread.


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Topic: Wartune / This game hates free players and campers

They should at least make the EXP bonus you get from certain events optional (as in EXP book(s)).

But I suppose that would too much to ask from a despicable greedy company like R2.

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Topic: Wartune / News about this maintenance?

Cashcows is what we are.

In any case, i have not renewed my vip or spent any money any longer on this game since patch 3.1, and the way it’s going right now, i will continue to not spend at all.

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Topic: Wartune / News about this maintenance?

It’s mindboggling how completely incompetent people can make so much money.

Maybe there is still some hope for us plebians.

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Topic: Wartune / Disappearing items

Hi, does anyone else seem to have missing items from their inventory?
I’m very certain i had about 160+ level 5 luck stones in inventory. (from fishing – i never sell them)
I’m very certain i had about 60 1-5 gem packs in inventory.

I log on today, happy to see the gem event, but….. my gem packs are gone, and also my luck stones (don’t terribly mind about those but still)

Before you say stuff like maybe you sold or double clicked them so they are in guild vault now. No they are not. They just vanished!

Oh and making a ticket is probably useless because i don’t every day take a screenshot of my inventory, you know….

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Topic: Wartune / Fix the Freaking Lag and network dumps!!!

I just want them to fix the lag created by the ‘non-caching’ of things.
Even opening inventory or astrals screen now takes ridiculous amounts of time.
I see mounts with floating wigs or floating weapons during BG’s (if i see anything at all)
I see 8 grey smoke ghosts in every arena i play (and i need to queue my attacks blind because i can’t even see what i’m casting)

So yeah i know there was a lot of complaints and issues with cache in the past, but the way it’s handled now by the code is FAR WORSE than it ever was before 3.1

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Topic: Wartune / I'm so "Talent"ed

I will continue to play for a while. in the hopes that they finally fix this. but if too much time passes before they do i will not be around. this game really isnt that good. not so good that they can F—- over the majority of the player base and everything is kittens and cupcakes. They have created a system where it’s ok to cheat people and they think it’s ok

Amen to that brother, and my sentiment exactly!

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Topic: Wartune / amethyst vendor mounts

Yes I hope they fix that soon. Ever since <40 levels can get mounts too now, they should be able to get the ancient snipe and the mount training whips from Amethyst mine rewards.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Admin Role

Zeze was cool. (chickenlover)

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Topic: Wartune / caching issue

I’m posting this here too, because it’s clearly all the same problem. Things don’t get cached properly anymore. Or not cached at all.

Not a video, but a screenshot of how every single arena always looks like for me since 3.1 patch. And i’m sure for many others too.

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Topic: Wartune / I'm so "Talent"ed

Here’s screenshot of my current situation. Like i said before, patch 3.1 made me level up from 64 → 65 (while i didn’t want that) And now i’m stuck on 65 not being able to upgrade my HS or talents.

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Topic: Wartune / I'm so "Talent"ed

I’m also asking that they seriously look into this and find a solution.

The 3.1 patch not only forced me into level 65 (I wanted to finish my legend gear before going there) but now i’m also stuck on 65 and I cannot upgrade HS at all because the exp cost > level cap.

I was actually on the verge of quitting altogether because i found it extremely unfair that the patch made me level when i even had a good 15-20% exp buffer still.

I’ll wait. But not too long.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Goodbye

And now stay out!!!

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Topic: Wartune / S1 got theirs but what about S5/S6/S7/S10

I’m seriously hoping they merge all kong servers. At least there won’t be any servers not being able to login, or do common stuff like arena and bg again. It will all be one happy server. And if stuff is broken on there, it affects ALL. Not like it is right now.

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Topic: Wartune / Devs: Stop Notification Spam (Petition)

+1 stop spam

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Topic: Wartune / Dragon Invasion

They’ll give you 20k g/d

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Topic: Wartune / UPDATED [Announcement] Wartune Weekly Maintenance 8/20 @ 3:30 AM EST

Jvillain you think you’re the only server that has gone through this crap?

We had exactly the same thing on S3 for about 3 days.

Oh and…. no compensation thus far. Just saying….

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Topic: Wartune / Goodbye Wartune (and forums). For good.

I feel exactly the same as the OP. Game has gone downhill fast. Can we even still call it a game? I mean, it lags like hell. More often than not, it doesn’t load any of all the fancy graphics, it’s full of bugs, and it’s lacking enough players to sustain itself per server.

To add even more hurt to the injury, patch 3.1 has totally imbalanced the game for many players. It’s just not fair changing the rules while you’re already on the field. (forced levelling, forced xp or can’t redeem a reward, talent levels being totally out of whack for many now, with no chance to catch up)

And the worst part maybe of it all, a complete lack of support or transparency in what is going to change and what has changed and how it may/might/will affect you as a player.

I’m not even getting into the inability to enter certain daily things like bg or arena. It only adds to the injury.

They expect us to give them cash for a cripple dog with no legs, then upgrade the dog to level 2 by feeding him his daily dose of doggybalens, and buy him a set of legs so he doesn’t need to roll over trying to move.

~from a disgruntled ex-customer

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Topic: Wartune / A very unhappy bride and groom

That reset did nothing. It allowed us to log in to S3, but we can’t arena, can’t BG.

Allowing people to log in but not be able to do anything = not fixing anything.

To the OP: This said, i’m sorry about your wedding, and i hope you do get compensation for it.