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Topic: Wartune / Non Sticky: [Promotion] Group Purchase

I lolled

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Topic: Wartune / Lvl 35,45,and 55 Redeem Sets not Fair!!!!

R2 doesn’t really care about anyone (but themselves).

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Weekly Maintenance 12/16 @ 3:30 AM EST

Monkeys run this game.

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Topic: Wartune / It's time to go

Please don’t quit Green. There is nobody else around who could do this any better than you.

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Topic: Wartune / Sylp arena/4v4 Arena bugs

I think they may actually understand your issue, versi69. And i think they will handle your ticket and give you compensation. Because, you speak their language (broken english).

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Topic: Wartune / More lag (jewels)

The only thing that didn’t lag for me used to be Jewel Hunt.

Not any more! Gz devs, job well done, you have effectively rendered every part of your game unplayable.

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Weekly Maintenance 12/10 @ 3:30 AM EST

Wow, lots of new content, and lots more lag!

fix caching (cough….)

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Topic: Wartune / It's time to go

I think the damage is already done anyhow.

If a well respected player like Conan needs to resort to threathening to quit, then i think in his own mind, he already knows he is going to quit.

And who can blame him? Nobody.

I too am fed up to the extreme with the incompetence and deliberate ‘oops’ translations or bad/misguiding text and rules of this game.

I can simply not imagine any other instance in my life (and also gaming life) where a company has so deliberately ignored everything (99.9%) thrown at them about what is wrong, and what is not correct, as this particular one.

This my dear fellow citizens of earth, is what they call evil capitalism without remorse or regret

See it, learn it, and omg, if you ever get the chance to smack one of those a(people)holes in the face, please do it repeatedly until they bleed for all the cash they’ve stolen from you.

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Topic: Wartune / sc event???

Never ever trust it!

They say or don’t say they will do an event, so you spend your precious resources for nothing and then the next day, you’ll see the event for it. It’s how they mess with your mind.

True story.

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Topic: Wartune / Thanksgiving Day - Big Spender II

What do you mean they’re not guaranteed? Is the company scamming us?

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Topic: Wartune / 1 Star Ratings for Wartune

I’ve rated it down from 5 stars to 1 star long long time ago already. Probably around the time when they introduced sylphs to the game… what was it patch 2.1?

All patches after that one only made the game worse and worse. Not speaking about content, but pure playability.

Remember when we complained about ‘invisible opponents in BG’? Well i suppose they ‘fixed that’ with no more flash caching, so we now end up having to reload each and every object/player/item/clothing etc every damn time. It’s ridiculous how these people (devs/distributors/helpdesk (lol) etc…) don’t understand the pure basics of games.

I would have given it -1 stars if i could, to be honest. The level of incompetence and greed is just beyond anything i’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime.

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Topic: Wartune / Lvl 45-49 should not be in lvl 50!

Yes we demand that this be fixed in the next maintenance or update!!!!

Keep on dreaming, lol.

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Topic: Wartune / It's time to go

The thing is…. By quitting to cash (or quitting the game for that matter), you’re not making the company lose money. You only make them gain not as much as before.

Someone mentioned in another thread that we should claim credit card fraud, so your credit card company hands you back all the cash you have spent on this (fraudulent) game. Now that would make a big difference to them if everyone started doing that.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Bye Bye Battle Dawn

And don’t come back!

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Topic: Wartune / Why I quit Wartune and why R2 Support is Horrible

I stopped cashing a while ago when i came to think of how sick and evil these people (devs and distributors) really are.

Jared Psigoda (CEO in R²) himself said, they roll out servers, and everybody cashes cause they want to be top dog. And if they can’t be top dog, they then can become whales to make up for not being top dog (yet)

They win, especially the company that doesn’t care about bugs/lag/players and only wants to lure you into spending spending spending.

It is sad really, because the potential of this game is much greater than what it is at right now. They could keep this game around for a dozen years if they didn’t go for the big and fast cashgrab like they do now.

Lesson learned here.

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Topic: Wartune / Playermade Wartune Client

I still want the official mini client.

Why don’t they merge us with R2 servers, cause Kong clearly doesn’t give a flying ….. about this game.

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Topic: Wartune / Why I quit Wartune and why R2 Support is Horrible

I’ve made a post about disappearing items too in the past, but it just gets buried in the forum. And frankly, Devs, R2 or whoever is responsible for the theft doesn’t read this forum at all.

For reference:

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Topic: Wartune / Mire Rune "appear rate"?

Mire rune is a myth.

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Topic: Wartune / Hs

They should reset talents and let everyone redistrubute how they want their talents to be. Easy and fair fix, i think.

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Topic: Wartune / Are we being discriminated?

I only very recently noticed that on the official R2 Wartune Forum, both Kabam and Armor games have their own sub-forum on there.

It also so happens that those 2 platforms both have access to the mini-client R2 developed.
We do not have this on Kong. Not the mini client and not the voice to talk to the devs.(forum)

I’m seriously beginning to think that Kong is the ugly stepchild in this family now. We don’t get a forum there, we don’t get the mini client, and face it we NEVER ever get anything fixed, no matter how much we post on our own forums, or however much GFFG is talking/arguing/leaning on the developers.

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Topic: Kongregate / Please allow wartune to have a miniclient.

100% agree with the original post

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Topic: Wartune / I'm so "Talent"ed

Sorry for being a bit necro on this thread, but does anyone know if there is any plans to change/update this?

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Topic: Wartune / Hay gaise we beat spire too

congratz and

+1 for not mentioning we should level up

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Topic: Wartune / GA Insignia rewards with Shining Angel Card

If what Maldrete posted is really true, than that’s one messed up logic on the programmers part, and more likely they just don’t actually intended for it to work the way it does now. (read: sloppy coding)

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Topic: Wartune / Last straw

Originally posted by blackice0823:

most lag would be solved if they stopped using my bandwidth to reload images and started using the cache again like they used to

This man speaks the truth!

Fix the caching issues!