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Topic: Technical Support / Starting up Problem

Check your extensions for Shop at Home Special Rebates or similar. Also check your Add/Remove Programs. It’s one of those sneaky ad extensions that can get on your computer without you realizing it. If it’s anything similar to other sneaky ad extensions, it was stuffed in with some other installation of a major product as a little ticked-by-default box on some page you didn’t bother to read.

Kabam and are business partners. Kabam has also partnered with Kongregate for some of the MMO players who are not playing on Facebook. There are threads on Kabam’s forums complaining about similar redirects and stealth installs of extensions.

EDIT: I have no advice for avoiding getting the toolbar in the first place. I’d start by editing my Hosts file to send and to 127.0.01, but that may be a bit extreme. You can also try avoiding Kabam games on Facebook. They ARE the plague, after all.

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Topic: Kongregate / "Hey! Are you running an ad blocker?"

My favorite part is where I actually disabled adblock and still got the annoying messages instead of real ads. So essentially, they screwed up their programming, blamed it on me, and denied themselves ad revenue by replacing ads (that I would have otherwise seen) with nags that generate no income.

Hey Kongregate! Are you running an ad-blocker?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / -

Some potions don’t show properly in Battle Arena

I have several potions in my inventory in the battle arena; some I started 1,421 with and some I received from the stockpile of Pixel Boxes I had. All of the potions *work* as intended, but some of them don't have images, only cyan outlines and mouse-over descriptions. I can't verify if the ones without images came from Pixel Boxes or not from Pixel Boxes or if that's completely unrelated.

Screenshot of problem:

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