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Topic: Forum Games / The Vault

Sure, why not?

I cast a few spells and summon 3 kickboxing minions. They are very muscular, shirtless, wear black and gold shorts and boxing shoes, their boxing gloves are pure black and they’re at the apex of athletic health, being able to run for miles without tiring.

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Topic: Off-topic / Christmas Tree

Your call. The earlier the better I guess.

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Topic: Off-topic / Favourite Bible Verses

“I do everything through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13

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Topic: Off-topic / NEW AVATAR

Blue duck new meta

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Topic: Off-topic / Did you ever..?

Originally posted by CptEthanA (undefined):
Originally posted by AmaneAkaike01 (undefined):

Did you ever eat chewing gum you found on the ground or under tables?

Yes. It was from the bottom of the seat on the bus. Only because some ass wipe said i didn’t have the balls to, so i did it and proved him wrong…

Hopefully you didn’t get a venereal disease or something.

Originally posted by Reginleifx (undefined):

I know a guy who used to do it.


Originally posted by DanielMontgomery (undefined):

10 year rule!


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Topic: Off-topic / How far can we go before you are no longer you

Did you get the idea about the brain and the internet from the worm’s brain they put into that lego machine?

If you ask me, you stop being human when all forms of morals, emotions and sense of freedom disappear.

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Topic: Forum Games / War in Numbers(Stategy Game,Turn 1)

Damn, really well done! You really did out-do yourself!

Initial Settlement shall be called “Unity”

No Man’s Land

Unit 1 builds Slave Warren
Unit 2 takes the piece of land directly to the right
Unit 3 builds Desolator Totem Pole

I think Slave Warren/DTP are buildings if I’m looking correctly.

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Topic: Off-topic / Fresh new haircut...

You still look angry as fuck smiling lol

Also what’s with the filter? Instagram or something?

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Topic: Forum Games / War in Numbers(Sign Up & Approval Megapost Online)

Very nice looking c:

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Topic: Off-topic / Fresh new haircut...

An OTer who’s on a football team? Seems legit.

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: Post photos of yourslef Mk. 2

Originally posted by oOTrentOo:

i didn’t think i’d ever do this but fine

Hey bbe wnt sum fuk?

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Topic: Off-topic / MEMEBUNNEH NEEDS TO BE DEMODDED now (locked)

I feel important because I was put on a list without asking! :D

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you think New Cartoons are better than Old Cartoons overall?

Originally posted by bobby71983:

American cartoons have gotten significantly worse in the last like ~10 years to the point that I cannot name a single good American cartoon at the moment.

I assumed nostalgia causes people to think newer cartoons of any kind are worse than the older ones we have more fond memories of.

Guess that’s not the case, though. U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

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Topic: Forum Games / War in Numbers(Sign Up & Approval Megapost Online)

1 – c:

2 – I’m assuming the “new civilizations” would be new players who joined mid-game. What I’m meaning to ask is that it’s obvious every player that joins isn’t going to be 100% involved in this game, or any game for that matter and due to personal problems, laziness or what-not, players will disappear and what I wanna know is what would you do w/ them and any land they had.

3. This game seems pretty cool, so a sequel wouldn’t be too bad.

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Topic: Forum Games / War in Numbers(Sign Up & Approval Megapost Online)

Also, If you guys could give me a color for your nation

A light shade of tan-brown, but a slightly (or significantly) darker shade of brown to indicate if a piece of land is No Mans Land/Desert-y.

…players joining in during the game at any time

Depends on what happens to the land players who leave had.

…making a reserve list for a possible follow up?

Follow up? Like a second game?

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Topic: Forum Games / The List(current round: Types of Tools )


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Topic: Off-topic / briefly describe any bracelets/necklaces/rings/acce ssories you are wearing

A dog-tag w/ a custom dragon design on it. So edgy!

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Topic: Forum Games / War in Numbers(Sign Up & Approval Megapost Online)

Shame to see Christian opt out. Anyhow, confirm.

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Topic: Forum Games / War in Numbers(Sign Up & Approval Megapost Online)

Originally posted by ZigZagZombie:
Originally posted by AvidChristian:

Is it too late to sign? The connexion is never late however

Well, I mean it sort of is. But you can sign up, I haven’t decided if I want to accept players arriving into the game later or not. and for all I know if your sign up is clean you can get started with the rest. Sure, fill out the form and I will see.

I’d advocate letting him in so long as he stays active and we don’t spend excessive time waiting w/o notice like in DM (Good night, Sweet Prince)

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Topic: Forum Games / War in Numbers(Sign Up & Approval Megapost Online)

. So, what do you propose, unreconvertable or cost ressources

Think unreconvertable would fit the theme better and I guess Harsh Land if the second part (starting w/ +) of your post was a question.

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Topic: Off-topic / How often do you change your avatar?

Rarely. Can’t remember the last time I changed this was.

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Topic: Forum Games / War in Numbers(Sign Up & Approval Megapost Online)

Could it be so that once a tile is transformed into Harsh Desert (No Mans Land) it is either unable to be reconverted or costs resources and that the Harsh Winds cannot destroy an actual construction?

(Because you cannot attack a unit who is missing 100% of his Hit points, Dr.Oct)

Hush you :P

Also starting resources should be in a desert preferably far from sea.

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Topic: Off-topic / If you could have one Pokemon in real life, which one it will be?

Originally posted by Pipipipipi314:
Originally posted by DrOctaganapus2:
Originally posted by Gabidou99:

I’d take a female Ralts. It would be so adorable!

What about you?

Whatever the strongest Steel pokemon is so it can murder your Ralts. Rather give it a coup de grace before it can get hurt by you somehow (be it abuse, starvation as I’m sure Ralts won’t take a cheeseburger or ice cream well or get attacked by a pet you may have and maybe beastiality abuse)


Poison type also works too, so Scrolipede will always beat Ralts

Haven’t played Pokemon in a loonngg time. Isn’t Dark immune to Psychic attacks?

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Topic: Off-topic / 1-10 scale, how patriotic are you?

I’d say 8.5 at least. U.S.A.!

Edit: Fuck that! 1776/10! U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!