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Topic: Off-topic / Has a fictional work ever emotionally impacted you to the point of tears?

The Walking Dead (the one with Lee, not the shitty FPS) got me; just because of the end with Lee and Clementine. Didn’t cry, was close to it.

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Topic: Off-topic / What are your favorite inspirational/motivational quotes?

“Just because you failed doesn’t make you a failure.”

“Behind your little feelings there may not be anything, but behind every principle is a promise.”

“The wolf climbing the hill is hungrier than the wolf on the top the hill.”

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Topic: Off-topic / Don't you hate it when a killjoy moderator locks your thread?

Generally threads don’t get locked unless they’re stupid shitposts, de-railed, have no discussion value (not necessarily a shitpost) click-bait or obviously intended to antagonize no?

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Topic: Off-topic / Pascal's Wager: an argument to destroy atheism

Why isn’t this in SD? I mean it’s fine being in OT but don’t you think you’ll get more detailed responses (assuming you didn’t already post this on SD; didn’t bother checking.)

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Topic: Off-topic / I am driving across the US, AMAzn

How kind are the people in the South compared to people in say, Dakota or something?

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Topic: Off-topic / Guess the age of the above poster (in years)


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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Collapse [RP] [OOC] THE END IS NIGH!

Yeah, I didn’t realize how busy I actually was/am now, so I’m gonna just have to lurk for a while. I may still post in the future, but for now, don’t expect too much from Doc.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Collapse [RP] [OOC] THE END IS NIGH!

Probably not gonna be able to post until Sunday, so I’ll be silently lurking, may post soon.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Collapse [RP]


Realizing my warning shot seems to be of no avail, I slip back into the shadows and slump down onto the ground. Looks like everyone’s gone. Didn’t need them anyway. Gah! Following a sharp pain in my left hand, or where it should be, I think my body’s telling me I’m wrong. Well, they’re gone, but they couldn’t have gotten far. I can still find them; it’s how I’ve made a living.

I can still hear faint screaming of a…orc? Whatever that is, it doesn’t sound friendly, not one bit. I then swear I can hear…splashing? What the hell is this place? I ask myself as I get up and wander about, looking for an exit, trying not to trip over all the dead bodies.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Collapse [RP] [OOC] THE END IS NIGH!

Originally posted by kboy101:

From here on, let be known, that it only takes two bullets to stop a giant swinging blade. Doc, You really took one for science. XD

Pssh. Science? Screw that, we got bullets :D

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Topic: Off-topic / Why everyone potrays HELL as a place thats fueled with fire?

If I remember reading somewhere, wanna say Dante’s Inferno which although is not meant to be taken too seriously, states one of the layers of hell is ice.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Collapse [RP]


Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me FUCK ME! My fucking hand is gone! I look back to see the fucker reel back for another swing, only for me to drop him with 2 bullets to the chest. Trying not to panic, I cut off a piece of cloth from that guys shirt and cover my wound with it. Doesn’t take long to completely soak up the cloth, but if it’ll even slow down the bleeding by a bit I’ll fucking take it.

I look around for my hand, and seem to (OP can decide whether or not it was Doc’s hand) find it..? Maybe. I slump against a wall, pull out a match and begin cauterizing my wound, trying my best not to scREAM LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER THAT HURTS! I notice some people are fighting on top of the stage. I slowly make my way towards them, hearing they’re trying to escape. Before so, I fire a spare blank into the air to make sure they’re aware I’m there, praying they don’t try to fight me; it’s some skinny magic user and some fat guy, and while good ol’ Magic Breaker and Ol’ Reliable can easily dispatch them, dual wielding isn’t an option at the moment, and I’m in no condition to fight either.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Collapse [RP]


I groggily wake up, tied to a chair. Didn’t think someone would kidnap me of all people. Was there a bounty out for my head? Couldn’t be. Well? Maybe. Where the fuck am I anyways? (Doc is a bit vulgar) Suddenly, some ugly fucker comes out talking about having to fight each other? Before I can even contemplate what’s going on, I notice a bright red “EXIT” sign comes up and people are rushing like savages.

I quickly start running to that exit; no way I can die here. Suddenly, I’m pushed to the ground by some other person. He doesn’t know what he just got himself into; as I jog to the exit, I can still see the unknown person running, and fire a shot point-blank at his back to set an example for anyone who wants to put their hands on me. As I get closer to the exit, it seems luck is on my side as people begin panicking from the shot.

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: Make suggestions for upcoming OT "vs" battles.

DrOctaganapus2 vs Some other washed-up OTer scrub

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Topic: Off-topic / National Doughnut Day

At local doughnut places or big places?

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Topic: Off-topic / Blame it on Gevock!


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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Collapse [RP] [OOC] THE END IS NIGH!

We already have a Doc. Come. On. Well, ours is mad and doesn’t wear sexy hats.

Haha, sorry, but I was tired of using Drew.

Also, “even though he was brave and ready to face the threat, was just frozen”

Contradictory, guessing is the issue? Probably.

And you’re not in a tavern, you’re in a theatre.

Yeah, should’ve read first :P

Alright, I’m done insulting you pointlessly.

Thanks luvvv

Will probably have to post tommorow, as it’s around 11 at the moment here (EST)

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Collapse [RP] [OOC] THE END IS NIGH!

I actually got free time now, and I love how fast you respond! So why not?

Name: Doc

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Appearance: Doc has brown eyes, black hair though arguably light brown in the sun. He is approximately 5’10" or 5’11". Despite his tall build and skinny frame he is quite strong, though not muscular, actually a bit on the heavier side at first glance. For the most part his skin is fairly spotless besides a long but slender scar that goes from the space in-between the chin and lips up to the end of his left cheek along multiple horizontal scars along his neck, as if something tried eating him. He’s tan, but can pass off as white if he stays indoors/out of sun for a bit. His clothing consists of somewhat baggy gray sweatpants, a skin-tight black t-shirt covered mainly by a thin black vest that covers practically his whole body with his families insignia on the back; a large Crown (currency) with blood dripping off the ridges, a generic brown bandanna covering his cheekbones down to his chin and lastly accompanied by brown boots that go up to his knees with the same two insignia’s on the knees, a black scarf with the insignia crudely drawn and lastly a sexy, brown hat (just imagine a plain baseball cap, but sexy ;3) with the insignia on the middle. His voice is broken, due to a childhood incident, so it sounds more lower-pitched and “scruffy” than someone of his age’s voice would normally sound.

He wears a rather grotesque utility belt, and on it, a couple (maybe 3) sets of 6-round revolver rounds can be seen, pockets with something glowing coming out of them, a hunting knife sheathed and small pockets with what seem to be jewels, crowns and a multi-tool. The belts wear-and-tear has obviously shown it’s seen better days. However what the belt shows the best are the two pistols; a classic, western-era, 6-shot revolver you see in the movies and a slim pistol (imagine this) which seems to be glowing faintly and has something engraved on it; the writing is cut off, but one could make out MAGI before it being covered by the holster.

Bio: Growing up, Doc wanted to become a doctor very badly, as you’d assume by his name. He prepared to become a doctor, namely for his local hospital. He grew up with 2 brothers, a mother and a father. However, what Doc and his 2 brothers didn’t know was that his Mother and Father were both world-renown Bounty Hunters. Somehow, Doc’s parents managed to be top-class for a good decade before slipping into the shadows and retiring.

One day however, after coming back from a long day of school, Doc didn’t realize his world would be changed forever. BANG! The door went. BANG again. BANG BANG BANG. Doc, even though he was brave and ready to face the threat, was just frozen. His mother came and told him and his brothers to hide in a closet. Peeking through the door with his brothers, he watched as 5 men, huge and monsterous, armed to the teeth with weapons from guns to knives, began yelling at their dad. Turns out his Dad had some unfinished business with their Gang Leader, and slipped up. They brutally murdered Doc’s parents in front of him, and both his brothers ran out to try to stop them, but they died shortly after. Eventually, Doc was found and powerless, ready to die. However, the leader of the unknown assailants, said to Doc as he was held down “Just to make sure your group of rats never squeak again” sliced apart his neck to get to his voicebox, somehow not killing him. They then cut a second scar onto his face. They ransacked the house and took just about everything they could hold that had value, and left. Before leaving, they threw Doc into his basement, hoping he’d be too weak to climb up the stairs before beating him to inches of his life until he was unconscious, only to watch them pound away at his parents Secret Safe which they would never tell Doc nor his brothers the combination; actually told Doc and his brothers it was their “Graduation Gift.” to seemingly no avail.

As Doc woke up, he noticed that they actually managed to open the safe, but for whatever reason, nothing seemed to have been taken out. It was then he learned not only Doc’s parents but a large majority of his relatives are/were also Bounty Hunters. Doc then decided, in honor of his lost family, he’d continue the family tradition and eventually take revenge upon the unknown gang, no matter who got in the way. He left school, joined a couple Bounty Hunter groups as an apprentice and eventually branched off solo. Now in a Third Layer town called Phoenix, he is wandering about a local tavern to see the most valuable bounty.

Personality: Doc is very quiet, however, he will speak if he feels he needs to. He’s very intimidating, and very closed off to himself. Because of the reputation he’s earned himself, people know to think twice before speaking to them. People usually won’t talk to him unless they’re going to give him money or alcohol. He takes extreme prejudice against gang members, especially those who gang up on a single person. He also seems to have a general dislike for talkative people or people who are “bossy”. He’s very selfish, and will often look out for himself (except in rare occasions that he saves lives of innocent people) and will not do anything unless someone is practically begging with all they have.

Tl;dr – Quiet, Selfish, Sexy Hat, Revolver/Mauser pistol. In case you missed it earlier, sexy hat.

(To avoid one-sentence lines in the RP, assume most writing that, “Unless written like this, indicating speaking”, is in his head.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Collapse [RP] [OOC] THE END IS NIGH!

Just some quick questions:

Does your character have to use magic?

Are sign-ups still/always open?

If your character dies can another one take it’s place?

Does our character have to fight the demons, or could our character kinda do their own thing?

Notes for character creation soon; revolvers, merc, selfish, quiet, sexy hat

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Topic: Off-topic / OT Rankings


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Topic: Off-topic / What is your favorite animal?

Tie(s) between Honey Badger, Bear (Grizzly if you wanna be specific), Lion, Mantatee and Llama’s

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Topic: Off-topic / An evil mage casts an evil spell on you: You are forced to be on OT for 8 full hours per day during 1 month

Well, assuming it says I have to be on OT, that could just mean leave the OT tab open and do other things.


Topic: Off-topic / Ubermorgen AMA

This post has been removed by an administrator or moderator
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Topic: Off-topic / a question for men only (NO GIRLS ALLOWED) (HAVE TO HAVE A PENIS)

Depends on how hard my stream will be.

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Topic: Off-topic / Official Call of Duty 12: Black Ops 3 hype topic

1. An innovative story about the dangers of the technology

Because no game has every tried this.

2. A 4 player cooperative campaign

Left 4 Dead, but that is still pretty cool.

3. A female character (very progressive)

Wasn’t the president in Black Ops 2 a woman?

4. New multiplayer classes

What do you mean?

5. An innovative movement system featuring jetpacks


6. The unique zombie campaign makes its comeback

The zombie thing for the most part is why Treyarch is still relevant for CoD.

Are you hyped for Call of Duty 12: Black Ops 3?

Nah, but I can respect why people would be.

Is it a GOTY contender?

I don’t think it should, but it probably will be vs Battlefield.