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Topic: Off-topic / :/

Just ask her out on date to a movie or something assuming you want to date her. Though, if she wanted to be with you in a non-platonic way she’d probably put a few hearts or something. Though I don’t know her, so yeah, go nuts.

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Topic: Off-topic / Let's face the cold hard facts!


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Topic: Off-topic / Is Vladimir Putin A stronger leader than Barack Obama?

Depends on your definition of “Stronger”.

In terms of physical fighting; Obama has become frail and soft from sitting for the majority of his job and probably has callouses. Putin? Well he’s younger I think.

In terms of how well they lead their countries? That’s debatable.

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Topic: Off-topic / Five Nights at Freddy's

Originally posted by Gabidou99:

Overrated game is overrated.

Played the first game, loved it at first, then it pissed me off after night 3 because Bonnie and Chica both stay at your doors for 30 minutes.

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: Discuss the relatively recent electronic sports movement

You seem to be very, very jealous of people who are big in E-Sports. You can say they train harder than casual gamers, and not all sports require brute strength; look at chess.

Although you can say it’s suprising people may big money because they can kick a ball, or catch one, or be able to run fast.

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Topic: Off-topic / On a scale of 1-10, how bad do YOU think you are as an OTer?

I’d say I used to be a 7 or 8, but now I’d say anywhere from 2 to 5.

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Topic: Off-topic / What do you think of when trying to sleep?

All my life decisions and how I would’ve had a much better life had I respond to them differently.

And sex.

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Topic: Off-topic / So today, I kissed a real girl for the first time in my life...

I sometimes wonder if I’m the only OTer who’s kissed somebody (a girl, specifically).

On Topic: Melbourneeeeee you’re sexy as fuck (3/4 of the homo). How do you not have them lining up?

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Topic: Off-topic / Is Santa Real or Fake?

Originally posted by darkbot:

The only Santa that I believe in is the Great Gaben.

Must throw money at screen.

The great Gabenlord does Santa’s job 24/7 year round. Santa’s a lazy fat fuck.

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Topic: Off-topic / Things you should do but choose not to

I wanna go to the gym, but I’m worried I won’t be able to afford the constant membership fees and that I may just see a bunch of middle-to-old aged people who just wanna go for a few weeks and leave along with steroid-junkies who sound like their having a rough anal orgy porgy and lastly may get Ebola from the showers or something.

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Topic: Off-topic / Do chinese and Asian people sleep on wooden pillows?

Originally posted by radar816:
Originally posted by DrOctaganapus2:

Yep and we sit on paper-machete rugs, eat noodles and yellow rice all day and play with out sideways vaginas.

Were can I get a paper-machete rug? Those sound awesome.

Get a bunch of paper and machetes from Home Depot. :D

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Topic: Off-topic / Do chinese and Asian people sleep on wooden pillows?

Yep and we sit on paper-(mache?)Paper rugs, eat noodles and yellow rice all day and play with out sideways vaginas.

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Topic: Off-topic / So today, I kissed a real girl for the first time in my life...

Well, if you ever do, it’s pretty fun. Just watch your mouth if they have braces.

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Topic: Off-topic / Briefly describe your most embarrassing moment

Originally posted by FullMeasureZam:

Calculus II.

Did you do a rock opera of the quadratic equation song?

b = -b(B^2-4ac)/2a

Ewwww and we had to do a rap.

First Physical where they needed to do a Hernia check. Got a raging boner (was only 15, cut me some slack :c) from Doctor touching my balls and I think I may have pre-came on his glove a little. Doesn’t help the Doctor was an old-ass guy.

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Topic: Off-topic / Good movies?

Tim Burton’s 9 – A bit of an oldie, but I loved it.

Originally posted by TheDarknessBelow:
Originally posted by VforVendetta:

Labyrinth if you can find it. V for Vendetta, Dumb and Dumber, Eurotrip, uhhhh, what else hmm.

Is V for Vendetta any good?

I like it; the acting is pretty good if you ask me, storyline is pretty easy to catch up on and the climax is great.

Another movie I can reccomend is Horrible Bosses and Employee of the Month; two comedies, both have me dying. Simple, mature-yet-childish humor, but not Jim-Carrey stupid.

Of course boxing movies like Rocky, The Fighter and Real Steel are good for action.

Another one I wanna reccomend is Guardians of the Galaxy – I don’t think it’s on DVD, but it was amazing. I’m not saying you should pirate, but I’m not stoppin’ you.

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Topic: Off-topic / Write an IGN review

IGN Review Format:

1. Is it CoD? If yes, automatic 9-10/10. If not, deduct 9 points from 10.

2. Are the graphics good? If yes, add 3 points, if unique and/or bad, deduct 9 points.

3. Can your tiny IGN reviewer brain understand the storyline in 30 seconds? If yes, add 11 points, if no, deduct 100.

4. Are you a stupid asshole who can’t seem to get off CoD’s big, fat, throbbing, hairy and moist cock? If yes, hand in. If no, please put this away; you’re too smart.


Anything not CoD – Bleh, ew, yuck. I may actually need more than 10 brain cells. Ew no no no -10/10 please no.

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Topic: Off-topic / Describe OTers in one word

DrOctaganapus2: Scrub

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Topic: Off-topic / Im just gonna do some impressions

DrOctaganapus2: I’m a giant scrub

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Topic: Off-topic / Game Series That Went To Shit

Resident Evil – 6 made the name a joke. RE4 and five are still pretty fun.

Call of Duty – They’re realy dragging the game out. What’s gonna come after Ghosts 2? Call of Duty: Go fight some foreigners or something while slurping down 50 gallons of Mountain Dew down your fat sewer-hole you called a throat.

Pokemon – Games aren’t necessarily bad, but feel like their running out of ideas. I’m looking at you, Ice Cream Pokemon.

Assassins Creed – Unity was a flop.

God of War – I don’t think they’re going to be any more games but the newest one was sad compared to GoW: 2 and 3.

These are all my opinion, feel free to tell me why my opinion is wrong with your opinion/personal feelings and anecdotes without facts.

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Topic: Off-topic / Losers weepers.

The people who say babies are cute are:

1) parents (after 2)
2) people who’s never had to raise a kid for their first few weeks out of the womb
3) pedrophiles

Though I like my babies like I like my baby steak; rare.

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Topic: Off-topic / AHHHHHHHHH

When I’m masturbating if nobody else in the house.

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Topic: Off-topic / Briefly describe your favorite shirt

Somewhat tight-fitting, black, has a golden “Winston” on the left breast which also has a pocket, and a large, white eagle on the back. Never sweat in it for some reason.

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Topic: Off-topic / Gabidou admitted to me he's gay

Originally posted by aguspal:
Originally posted by Dudewithpants:

it’s getting annoying how just about every other thread is about this damn gabidou guy


OT has been getting BORING lately mainly because of THIS!

The problem is we complain about our situation but do nothing about it. Nobody is suggesting really cool ideas that could bring OT together, or just creative threads not flaming Gabi (who’s obviously falling for it so much you can’t convince me he really is) that spark interest of discussion.

Of course, I’m not this upstanding OTer who’s exempt from this rule, but I’ve been busy with school :T

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Topic: Off-topic / Have you ever taken "dangerous" drugs?

Marijuana is probably less dangerous than a majority of drugs supposed to cure diseases that take 45 seconds to list all the life-threatening side effects.

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Topic: Off-topic / Survey about Flash Games for a school project

1. Boy
2. 17
3. Martial Arts, Boxing, Volleyball, Badminton
4. Police Officer, High School Law Elective Teacher or FBI.
5. Sometimes, not often.
6. Strategy, Action and Platformer I guess
7. Idle, Pay-to-Win
8. What is that even? Anyways, Strategy, Fighting and Shooting I guess.