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Topic: Dream World / A little question about skill points

I find it mildly useful to post the previous SP formula here..any know if this has changed in the past updates?

Originally posted by kingk:

it’s very complicated, roughly equals to:

int / 3 * magic + int / 6 * gun + int / 6 * sword + gun + sword + (1 for each magic up to 30) + (1 for each gun up to 30) + (1 for sword up to 30) + (1 for each level gun greater than magic) + (1 for each level sword greater than magic) + various bonuses (guild/class/accessory/capsule)

value not to exceed 32767

(note it does not depend on character’s level)

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Topic: Dream World / Island Psychic


Also support the ability to view the HP of a demon gate boss without actually entering the gate. (it’s done for everything else: portal, invasion, isendel areas)

EDIT: Leaderboards, not boss HP.

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Topic: Dream World / New Update comments.

accepts challenge

I guess Kink is kinda busy right now to respond to all comments on the new update in a decent way. Can anybody explain what he posted here?

tyvm, Goontra

Looks like we forgot that town leader xp is based on leader’s level while hell gate mob is based off player’s, we will boost it further.

Translation: Whoops, we’re human. Expect it to be fix’d or y’all will forget about it – whichever comes first.

The orb gate and portal was the same before the recent expansion, as orb was much rarer to find back when both are relatively new even though it’s easier than portal once player get’s past it’s level.

Translation: Back in the day, portalmons and orbmons gave the same exp and coin reward. This was justified because some people never found an orb in OVER 9000 gates. However, if people wanted to cough up the coin, con, or gems, they could get the same thing from tougher mobs in the portal. Ofc, orb gates are tons easier than a portal because it’s a lower level area (lower requirement that is, yo).

It has gone to be higher than portal accidentally because we boosted regular gate’s experience more than portal percentage wise, and the old system orb was just doubling the regular gate.

Translation: I guess all the times before when we buffed the coin and experience reward from gate demons, this was before the alien portal expansion. Either that or nobody brought it up.

We will have to address this by lower orb gate mini mobs experience (however, they will be still increased by 50% compared to before the expansion).

Translation: You leave us no choice but to nerf the orbmon experience. FEAR NOT DREAMER! They will still give more experience than before hell was unleashed…by 50%. So if original orbmons used to give 2,000 experience and we kicked up to 4,000 experience,,then now they will be 3,000 experience.

Just my take on the post – might just be smoke blowin’ _

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Topic: Dream World / New Update comments.

@ whomever is talking about weapon drops:

Originally posted by kingk:

If all skill levels are equal, then staff is dropped. The priority order for breaking ties are staff => gun => sword.

It’s normal for demons to drop non-demon items depending on your level.

^ This is from a previous link

@ android – this is from page 7 of this current thread:

Originally posted by kingk:
Originally posted by

does the 100m/1b dmg in invasion have to be done in 1 week?

Highest damage in one week.

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Topic: Dream World / Crystal Ring

There’s no highest area on the mainland. Just keep moving on to the next area. If you’re 66, then level 66 mobs are in the thieves hideout. The aliens from invasion continue to level as you do and cap around level 75 (I think). Or just shell out 2bil and head to the island to be owned.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

Originally posted by degadezo:

a couple of suggestions :

2. it seems that the purchase of a 1900 kreds package does not give a free crystal ring but the alien ring (contrary to what is stated in the official announcement thread). I already mentionned that “bug” in the relevant thread, but nothing has been changed. I try again here ^^

It would help clarify your issue if you could advise what level you are. Both in the announcements thread and the bug thread you reference, it indicates that the crystal ring is available with the 1900 kred package for those level 66 and up.

Now, if you are between the levels of 60 and 65 (inclusively), then both the 1900 and 950 kred package shows the free alien ring.

—From the announcements thread
Players level 60+ who does not have the Alien Ring can get it for free by purchasing the 950 Kreds Package (new purchases only).
Players level 66+ who does not have the Crystal Ring can get it for free by purchasing the 1900 Kreds Package (new purchases only).

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Topic: Dream World / [Guide] Post Game Player's Guide

Nice to have this all in one place. I would support a sticky as well. See some corrections/changes below:

Section 0:
All of this actually starts at level 51 (not 50 as you are still in Mt. Killjoy at this point – the Ancient One doesn’t show as a seek option until level 51).
2 post game quests that can be accepted after obtaining the last badge: 1 at the Lakeview trainer (defeat town leaders), 1 at Mt. Killjoy trainer (Demon Gate quest).
After defeating all the town leaders, the reward is skill ring (not attack ring, this is the daily dreamer quest playing 5 consecutive days from uncle bob in lakeview).

Section 2:
Again, Demon Gates are not available until level 51 and the final quest must be completed first.
Orbs do not drop from demons until player level 54 (though can be found in mystery boxes before this).
Key gate boss hp would range from 1mil to 2.3 mil (depending on guild size/rank).

Section 4:
Area 4 level requirement is 81 I believe (not 66)

Section 5:
Demon Ring minimum level requirement to obtain would be 51 (available anytime when you can open 3 normal gates and an orb gate). Reward can be obtained prior to the orb gate being completed.

Section 7:
The levels of the items are in ranges of 5 (base, +1, +2, +3, +4). Demon 56-60, greater demon 60-64, alien 64-68, greater alien 68-72, crystal/greater crystal not sure…both 72-76?, xyphite 76-80 I assume.
Enhancements to the items from area 1 and 3 Isendel bosses are +10?

Section 8: Base experience to portal boss is 5000 (not 6000)?
Coin per damage to bosses if no item is rewarded:
Key gate: 500/damage
Orb gate: 200/damage
Portal: 100/damage
Isendel Boss 1: ? 80/damage ?

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Topic: Dream World / Official Bug Reports Thread (new)

Originally posted by whitaker_571:

i found a bug…i got the demon wings ally on a guy then i log onto my other guy and he also got the demon wings ally when i have zero progress on the quest

Demon Wings has nothing to do with any quest from any town (assuming you’re probably referring to the Demon Slayer quest at Mt. Killjoy). When you are the opener of an orb gate, you are awarded Demon Wings when the orb gate is finished.

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Topic: Dream World / repeatable quests

This seems like a good place to start checking what the side quests are. I cba to look at each one, but it looks to be a pretty comprehensive list. (though the quest for the elf ring may be missing)

Side Quests

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Topic: Dream World / Best way to get CON 120

Originally posted by mclewis_13:
Originally posted by cynikk:

i just started.. im lvl 9 with 28 con.. is that good at all?

gives thumbs up

Thumbs sideways. Considering max con is the higher of 20 or 3x level, you either have a piece of life gear equipped or you used LP on CON. If the latter, stoooop!

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Topic: Dream World / Elf Princess?

  • Added new Elf Princess Premium Ally available to level 40+ players.
  • Added “Alien Lord” Premium Ally available to level 40+ players.

^^ From the official announcements thread when these allies were introduced.


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Topic: Dream World / I got an staff?

Originally posted by KnowingEyes:

There’s a thread about it somewhere. Have fun looking for it. :P

I award you 0.5 internets for your intentions. Below is the quote and link from which it was taken.

Achievement Award Unlocked: Thread Digger

If all skill levels are equal, then staff is dropped. The priority order for breaking ties are staff => gun => sword.

Inappropriate Weapon Drops

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Topic: Dream World / Official Bug Reports Thread (new)

Yeah same here, mobs are running away way too early and more frequently (with barely half HP).
They also seem to be healing a lot more often and for a lot more than before as the mobs in normal areas. They seem to heal for 50% of their HP beginning when they are only hit for 25%. This doesn’t add to any kind of challenge, it’s just an annoyance.

More annoyance when the level 67 unicorn (crystalcorn, whatever) on Isendel heals itself for 32k HP again and again and again. Aliens don’t heal, Isendel mobs shouldn’t heal either.

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Topic: Dream World / one hour invasion?

TRP guardian for killjoy yes.