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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Upgrades of 1st city and 2nd city are mixed up

Originally, I have researched more upgrades in 1st city than in 2nd city. But now, all non-researched upgrades in my 2nd city also became non-researched in my 1st city, which means I lost several upgrades.

Do anyone have the same situation? I’ve just used those upgrades to capture lands hours ago, and now they’re gone for no reason. I have to pay the money for researching and wait for a long time AGAIN.

I hope developers can be aware of this and fix it soon. It’s frustrating coz I’ve invested a lot of time and paid much effort into this game.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Bugs Megathread

Some of my 1st city upgrades are undone. I have researched juggernaut days ago. I am pretty sure coz it’s the first tier 4 upgrade I have and I completed the quest by researching it.

And also the tier 2 upgrades of village, I just used these two upgrades to capture several lands hours ago, but now they’re gone. Sniper’s deadly precision(researched), tack sprayer(researched), destroyer(researched), cluster bomb(researching), dragon’s breath(researching), banana republic(researching) are now ALL GONE.

I think someone mixed up my upgrades of 1st city and 2nd city. Coz Those upgrades are not yet researched in my 2nd city. And tier 3 upgrades of engineer, which should not be researched in my 1st city but 2nd city only, are now researched for no reason.

So will it be fixed? I am not gonna to use a bunch of cash and couples of days to research those upgrades again. Please fix it soon.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Bugs Megathread

So now there is an event called “Monkey Teams!”, which requires us to use ninja monkeys only to get 5 Bloonstones? I captured 2 lands using ninja monkeys only, without any monkey boost, red hot spikes, spikes and pineapples. But I still got nothing from this event.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Suggestions for next Update

First, as many players said, reroll shouldn’t give the same ancients.

Second, I start to tired for multiple clicking on Ctrl+"level up" and upgrades at the moment just after ascension.
Maybe there should some ancients which auto level up the cheapest hero(except Cid) every period of time?
Or something like ancient of inheritance, but just instant level up your starting hero after ascension insteads of giving money?
Or even an ancient which increases your starting zone, maybe cap at zone 100, so we can earn hero soul from primal boss instantly?

Perhaps the above suggestions are somehow considered as overpowered, but this can be solved by increasing hero soul cost.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Give Kongregate a Like and Claim a Rise of Mythos Code!

Didn’t work……

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Topic: Card Monsters / meh

Where did you find this picture? It seems funny to foresee the update of next extension ;)

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Topic: Card Monsters / Alliance Thread

I would like to tell you that our alliance, Beasts #16 with rating 591 is recruiting for 2 active members.

The minimum requirement is having a deck capable to finish Northern Storm and being active in AA. You will enjoy the fun being an operator too as I used to promote all members in Beasts to operator. Please feel free to ask any questions.

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Topic: Card Monsters / stronger AI

Originally posted by Toggler:

I can say, however, that the algorithms for proper AI are FAR more complicated that any of the other algorithms in this game. For this reason I believe that difficulty of programming is the reason that there isn’t better AI.

Yes, what you are saying is far more complicated that any of the other algorithms in this game. But I’m not asking for those high-level AI. I just want them to set up those simple rules.

17 possible choices really sounds terribly difficult. But I never ask for it.

Don’t put GR on ally without melee:
Do you have equipment with deathstrike? F —> end; T —> next
Does your ally have melee? F —> end; T —> you can put GR on it.

There are only 4 possible outcomes: FF, FT, TF, TT
I just don’t see any difficulty.

And the algorithms of ability may be not that simple as you said.

Some abilities like berserk, critical, courage, demoralize all affect melee damage. Edgebee need to program them properly so that they can activate following the correct procedure. Critical and berserk, which starts first?

Cleave, break, counter, thorns, thrash, explode and deathstrike are even more complicated.

1. An armored Desert Striker with thorns, counter, explode(armor) is hit by an unarmored Snoozemon with cleave, thrash, explode(gear).
2. The armor of DS breaks.
3. Then cleave damage activates first, or explode damage from DS activates first? (This is important if cleave damage is enough to kill Snoozemon and explode damage can kill DS.)
4. After the above 2 abilities, DS counters Snoozemon and kills it.
5. Will thrash activates when Snoozemon died?
6. Explode from Snoozemon still activates.

This procedure needs to program well to prevent any fallacy.

How about my Nomad F kills your Nomad F and your Nomad F’s explode kills my Nomad F? Should my Nomad F’s explode activates too and hurt your next monster? According to my experience, it seems no. But the programmer needs to be careful to prevent it happen.

What is the proper time of moving the back row to front row when front row died? It’s also important. If moving back row to front row is done before the calculation of opportunity, opportunity will activate less. And now, calculation of opportunity is inserted between the death of front row and moving back row. That means the timing is very important.

I know that high-level AI can be extremely difficult.
I’m not asking AI for knowing that they should put lion heart on RD when there is a clam on the other side.
I’m not asking AI for knowing that they should put gleaming robe instead of lion heart on RD when there are magicians on the other side.
I’m not asking AI for knowing that they should change the penetrator on bellican to fighting gloves when bellican is moved to front row.
I’m also not asking AI to judge whether they should change the heal flute on RD to wooden bracers when RD has 10 HP left.

I just want some simple rule established. No big deal.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Vapor issue

Originally posted by Geradi:
Originally posted by suenws0124:

There is even no 50 range for any epic monster. I would argee that 40 range is okay.

It’s a good thing nobody told rifleman f about that

Sorry, my fault XD

Rifleman F is the only one monster with 50 range. If bring vapor 50 range, rifleman F’s position will become embarrassed.

The survivability of vapor is larger than rifleman F due to stealth in normal situation. If it is made that vapor have the same firepower with rifleman F, lower players will want rifleman F, unless they face god mush. or RD with lion heart.

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Topic: Card Monsters / hurrr durrr

Originally posted by bombadillore:

whatever that irabelo says, i agree with you in saying that there aren’t enough divisions in live play.
Low dragon decks don’t stand any chance against a well built deck. there should be a further division at 7000 i’d say.

Probably they didn’t do it ’cause of lack of players…and of course they accomodate those who spend $$ first.

Edgebee always says,“coz the lack of live play players, we won’t make more divisions in live play”.
And I sometimes thinks that,“coz the lack of proper divisions in live play, there are very few live play players.”

If you know that yourself will be screwed in dragon live play, you would definitely never join it.
That maybe the real reason for the lack of live play players.

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Topic: Card Monsters / stronger AI

Originally posted by Toggler:

AI is hard to program and while this isn’t the best, it also isn’t the worst. I played War Metal Tyrant for quite awhile and the game had literally no AI programmed. AI would just play a card literally at random from its hand.

Comparing to Elements, the AI of Card Monsters is just too easy to program. Like what I said before, there is only 1 or 2 conditions involved for the above simple rules.

I think programming new abilities may be more difficult. Coz it involved the procedure of battle(e.g. what is the timing of activating? how does it interact with other abilities?)

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Topic: Card Monsters / Vapor issue

Originally posted by henry140140:

Yup, I think vapour should have the following progression schedule:

Lv CC HP Ability
1 2 10 Range 30
2 3 10 Range 30, Stealth
3 3 10 Range 40, Stealth
4 3 30 Range 40, Stealth
5 2 30 Range 40, Stealth

This schedule will make vapour in lv 5 more playable
50 range will be OP for rare

Quite good. 30 HP is enough for stealth archer. Too much HP just make it cost higher. And lower cost in lv5 is always welcome.

There is even no 50 range for any epic monster. I would argee that 40 range is okay.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Why?

I am not a heavy magic user. But I still agree that it should be nerfed.

Silencing 5 turns for 2cc is just too crazy. I can see that my RD is completely safe when I have Act of Silence.

This card actually turns your magician into a total crap. Who can wait 5 turns? And also this put you in a bad situation:

You can sacrifice the magician for 1cc and put another ally to increase the firepower, then you lose your magician and also your cc for the magician. It’s like casting an instant death for your magician.

How about not sacrificing the magician? Okay. Then you will have very low firepower and may have your tank killed due to the lack of firepower to kill your enemies.

This card just discourage people from building blue decks. And yes, it is rarely seen. But the reason is the fact that blue deck is also rarely seen.

Not like other OP cards e.g. VE/GR/Channelling Crown. Those OP cards most likely encourage all players to use them and thus players tends to have the same decks. But Act of Silence discourage players to use blue decks and also itself.

I think this kind of OP is not as obvious as VE/GR/Channelling Crown. But it should not be ignored also.

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Topic: Card Monsters / stronger AI

Originally posted by actuaryal:

Giving the AI extra crystals makes for a different style of game. When I play top decks in expert duels I add extra break* and demo cards to my deck, and the AI plays poor enough for me to usually win. If you just add a few simple AI rules, the expert duels will become near impossible (at least the half of the non-gimme matches).

Lamatiel said that Expert duels are given more and more extra crystals just because of the poor AI. If AI is improved, the advantage of starting crystals should also decrease a little bit.

I don’t know why edgebee are just adding extra starting crystals instead of improving AI. Maybe edgebee thinks it is the easiest way to do (Less programming is needed, just changing the no. of crystals, a piece of cake XD)

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Topic: Card Monsters / stronger AI

Originally posted by shaboon:

What about just giving the AI 3 extra crystals to start with? That seems easy to do, and it will give a slight boost to def decks.

Don’t know if it is a good idea. There are many AI improvements that need to be done, which is not a difficult job.

Comparing to elements, there are many strategies which requires numerous conditions, and AI knows most of them. But Card Monsters’ AI still don’t know some simple rules.

I’ve seen AI sacrificing his LAST ALLY CARD. What the hell? This causes an auto victory for us. And this action is even not allowed for human players.

Take what msr6 said as examples.
Don’t put GR on ally without melee: only 2 conditions involved, deathstrike and melee.
Don’t put range ally in the front: only 1 condition involved, range.
Don’t put reach ally in the front when there is already an ally in the front: only 2 conditions involved, reach and the status of front row.

Too many simple rules can be added to improve the AI. If those simple rules are done and the AI is still too stupid, adding starting crystals maybe our last resort.

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Topic: Card Monsters / New duel system

Originally posted by bombadillore:

How about making the duels system with teams of only 4 monsters?
the fight would get faster, and hopefully less boring.
Furthermore: faster fights would make the rewards more worth it.
At the moment it’s a waste of time (apart for getting a light crystal a day).

Interesting. You are introducing a new mode apart form swarm, and that’s what I’m waiting for.

This game do need a new mode of playing. Duels, AA fights, live play and quest all actually have the same mode(despite the fact that live play won’t have a stupid AI).

The second mode is swarm, which causing the rise of RD, BD, Snail Mail, Adm. Eagle, Lapia, etc. Those monsters are not really too OP imo.

But players always love them because the nature of swarm favours them. Shield, flying, courage, heal provides great defensive power and that’s what fighting swarm needs.

If we reduce the no. of cards in duels, low cc monsters may become more useful. Most of the players like playing 4cc/3cc tanks on front row and 2cc/3cc magicians/archers(especially Evil Clam) on back row.

2cc tanks are almost never seen in strong deck due to their low durability. Even a powerful armor won’t help. I would rather equip a Battle Bracers on RD than on white rabbit coz BB is more durable on RD.

Reduce the no. of cards in duels, making sacrificing more painful, and low cc monsters will shine. As AA fights, live play and quest remains unchanged, this amendment won’t change the game a lot and I’ll be glad to see this.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Community's Wishlist

Originally posted by bmuell01:

Speaking of achievements, it would be awesome to have some available stats that show your completion progress. Like 56/200 wins.

Ya, that’s great idea. Actually I don’t know how many dragon live play victories I have. I have won some master live play before so the number in statistic won’t work. I also don’t know if the live play victories I have before the live play reform takes account too.

Moreover, I have found that cautious equipments(like AR) don’t prevent silence. Only cautious monsters do. Hope it’ll be fixed soon.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Current AA System

Originally posted by Griff18:

Any ranking system that doesn’t challenge you and actually encourages you to attack as low as possible is massively flawed in my opinion.


I think so.

When you are not in top 30, you do have about 40 choices for assaulting as there are many weak alliances below top 10. But when you are in top 30, your choices are actually much less than 40, probably 20 only.

Because you won’t bother to challenge top 10. You know that there is no good for assault alliances with higher rank/rating. No better coin/reputation reward, no more increase in rating.

Even if you have the heart, you won’t be able to encourage your members to join the fight.

Losing assault almost have no punishment and it won’t make your rating drops. Just half reputation is giving but you don’t mind as you’ll never join once you know that you are going to lose.

I’m not begging for punishment, just begging for bigger reward only. If Edgebee can give alliance a little coins or sth juicy when victory, I think our members would be activer than before.

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Topic: Card Monsters / courage, demo, and opp

Originally posted by msr6:

double flame or flame/sorrow… it’s not just 60 demo we are talking about… and just how much courage can you play for 3cc?
even at 60 demo you have to surpass 90 melee to even put a slight dent in a 30 shield creature like RD
try countering late played 90, 120, or even 150 demo with a well defended tank in the middle… add courage and it’s near impossible
also courage has a direct counter in opportunity… at least make a similar version for demo… tack it onto anti-air maybe
there is strategy involved here too, late played demo.. after your fear is gone and your melee has already been played, it’s game over most of the time… late played courage gives no benefit and forces you to use it as early as possible making it even more vulnerable.

As I said before, courage can be more valuable if you put more melee monsters into your deck while demo cannot, so it’s not unfair that courage costs more than demo imo.
And yes, if there is 60 demo, melee monsters will have no match on 30 shield tank. It just depends on your strategy. If you decide to use melee only, then you should not be surprised that you are totally shut down by demo. If you are afraid of demo, then why don’t you put some magic/range/chance/etc. cards in your deck? That’s just like the situation that someone who solely relies on magic complains that silence totally shut down his deck. I think this is so-called “give and take”.
Late played demo has its disadv. too: the later it plays, the less times it activates. “Give and take” also. If you think that your monsters are capable of enduring some hits, then you can play demo later to prevent fear from killing the flame. If not, you’d better play demo as soon as possible especially when your opponent has a strong melee monster like gladior/BD on the field.

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Topic: Card Monsters / courage, demo, and opp

Originally posted by JasonJ29:

How can it be said Demo has no Counter?

Demo is useless vs Range, Magic, Chance, and Newly Summoned Monsters. Berserk monsters can also get around Demo somewhat for a turn with an attack boost item. The last thing we need is to weaken Demo. You think everyone uses Musc now, imagine if Demo was improved and people had even Less of a reason to spam Musc’s.

I agree. Though there is no 60 courage card, it doesn’t mean that demoralize is stronger than courage. The adv. of courage is that you can put as many melee cards like Musc as you can to maximize courage’s power.
However, you can’t guarantee that demoralize works every battle. Flame has nothing to do if your enemies don’t really rely on melee that much. Overflow(negative melee) is just a counter to courage and berserk. Besides that, overflow does nothing. 60 demoralize is the same as 10 demoralize if our enemy only has 10 melee and a lot of magic/chance/thorns/etc.
But 60 courage can turn a lv2 gerbip into a lv3 white rabbit. Imagine that a RD gains 60 courage, then there will be a monster with 30 shield,flying and 110 melee. How can you fight against it? On the contrary, 60 demoralize won’t totally shut down a RD. You can equip RD with 2CC Gleaming Robe and it will still be a tough tank, just with less firepower.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Bug in AA

My alliance can’t see standings everytime when we face top alliances.
Now we are facing IfWeDieItsLag, and we still can’t see the standing……

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Topic: Card Monsters / Let Us Choose

In my opinion, Dragon League should only match players whose deck strengths have no big difference.
I played live play in Dragon League several times.
Just today, I found a player who had all Lv5 rares and epics: Flame, Molten Core, Spirite, 2 Archmage, Musculard.
My deck is still using 1 common and 1 uncommon monsters, 2 epics which below Lv4 and 2 Lv5 rares.
Also, my equipments are weaker than his.
There’s a huge difference between my deck’s and his deck’s, making me hard to fight his deck.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Northern Storm Deck

Thanks for the opinions ;)
Now my set up is:
Mid: L3 Red Dragon + Horn of Ages
Left: L5 Lepia + SoP
Right: L5 Eagle + War Hammer/Obsidian Spear
I think its win rate is about 96%~98%

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Topic: Card Monsters / Northern Storm Deck

Nevermind, I now have all the cards for NS deck.
I just don’t have 2 copies ;)

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Topic: Card Monsters / Northern Storm Deck

Thank you very much.
Your advice is really useful ;)
I’m going to train my snail and acolyte now