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Topic: General Gaming / MineCraft Vs. Terraria

I own both Minecraft and Terraria, and I enjoy both equally in different ways. Minecraft is better at being a sandbox where you can just do whatever – build a fort, explore some caves, mine some diamond, whatevs. Terraria has more of a focus on progression through equipment and dungeon tiers – you mine some iron to make gear that’ll help you survive long enough to mine silver, which helps you mine gold, which allows you to start taking on the bosses, which gets you shadow gear, which on and on and on. It’s a bit like a Metroidvania that took inspiration from Minecraft, and I think we can agree that’s an awesome idea, whether or not we agree on if Terraria did it well.

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Topic: Kongregate / MMOs Are Ruining Kongregate...

I don’t really care about the MMOs. Sure, I don’t like them, but they’re easy enough to ignore entirely.

No, what’s really ruining Kongregate is the absolute glut of low-quality no-effort shovelware. And sure, I don’t play those either, but the sheer volume of them makes it difficult to find actual good games to play. When 80~% to 95~% of the games on a given page are insipid “dress-up” games or cash-grab knock offs based on the meme du jour, it’s very easy to miss the games that are actual efforts of love made by devs who give a shit about creating something people want to play, or realizing an interesting idea they had.

And yes there is the ratings system, but honestly that’s just a workaround, and a poor one at that. What if people miss a game that’s genuinely fun and interesting and therefore fail to rate it at all? Or more likely, what about people (like me!) who just plain never remember to rate the games they like so others can find them?

tl;dr: Kongregate doesn’t need to cut down on the MMOs. It needs a goddamn spam filter.