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Topic: Dream World / Where is the Marsh?

In the lower left of the world map is says, “Use Demon Gates or the new Marsh area to train to level 56.”

I’ve cleared one demon gate up to the boss, whom I’m not powerful enough to kill, so where’s the Marsh?

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Topic: Dream World / Imp or Girl?

I did both, sort of. Often the Imp will have you PvP, in which case I’d do it. If he asked me to kill the Girl then I’d skip it. In general I found the Girl’s quest rewards to be better and kill targets seem to appear frequently enough.

The other downside to killing the girl is she eventually gets mad and will attack you until you kill the Imp a few times. (And you have to run away from her as well of course.) So there are occasions where you stumble across the Girl but can’t do her quest because she won’t give you one since she’s mad.

So it kinda depends. Don’t kill the Girl. Her rewards are better I think and you don’t want her cheesed off at you. Do the Imp quests if he asks you to PvP but drop it if he wants you to go after the girl.

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Topic: Dream World / Dual classes

Are the dual classes worth getting? What are the pros/cons?