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Topic: Off-topic / Would you rather...

Ability to speak. I don’t have to answer questions in school anymore or give presentations. Just write. I can enjoy any game without the ability to speak


Topic: Off-topic / I broke Adv0's legs in half with my bare hands.

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Topic: Off-topic / Which OT Force main antagonist do you prefer?

Originally posted by Meistheman:

idk i dont read your shitty stories

You don’t even know talent

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Topic: Off-topic / If you were to live on another planet...

I always liked zangarmarsh. How about that?

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Topic: Off-topic / I have a job interview at BK tomorrow, but Im pulling an all nighter

Go to sleep

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Topic: Off-topic / Need urgent help. Only professionals pls.

Better call for a witcher

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Topic: Off-topic / Need urgent help. Only professionals pls.

Dragon rend to make it land

Then kill it

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Topic: Off-topic / if i post at least 10.5 times a day

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Topic: Off-topic / if i post at least 10.5 times a day

Originally posted by trollmedic:
Originally posted by aguspal:

At your point you should jut be happy when you reach 1000 posts tbh…

Why should he be happy for posting here for the 1000th Time? It’s just Postcount.

He can’t tell you for security reasons

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Topic: Off-topic / What do you want in a relationship? What would you give?

Originally posted by trollmedic:

I want a Girl with which I can talk about concrete and abstract Things, who has similar interests to my own, is intelligent and I see as beautiful.
She should be loyal and have a Personality fitting to my own and we could work many of the other things out ourselves, through self-interest and good mutual Satisfaction.
I prefer her to be Serious most of the Time as I am and not a lot more outgoing than I am (because it would be tiring for me).

I believe I have the Qualities to be in a Relationship, but not with anyone I happen to run into while walking on the Street.

I am flexible regarding Relationship Preferences. I would propose the Girl to have Sex with me a few Weeks after we started the Relationship if she wanted to, but I would have no problem if she would refuse (after all, I’d have Sex just not to be a Virgin anymore – like that really matters nowadays anyway – but wouldn’t do it for Pleasure, unless the Girl is pleased with it more than I am).

Just like Frankenstein. They will have to build you a bride.

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Topic: Off-topic / Why is everyone so exaggerately mean towards me lately?

I have every reason to be mad at aguspal

But I won’t say why for security reasons

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Topic: Off-topic / itt we dicuss what aguspal game is

It’s probably cookie clicker

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Topic: Off-topic / Movie review

I just saw the best movie ever but I am not going to tell you what it is.

Discuss how great this movie is

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Topic: Off-topic / Literally one of the best videogames I have ever played

Originally posted by aguspal:

The game is like no other I have played before.

To say I have played a fair amount of games would be an understatment.

Yet, I can safely say, if someone were to ask me to make a list consisting of the top 10 best games I have ever played in my entire life, I would put it on it with absolutely no hestations.

It has got EVERYTHING I LIKE on it

→ Nice, deep, yet addictive gameplay
→ Great plot, interesting characters and awesome worldbuilding (Yes, even me, someone who usually does not give a shit about these things likes them on this game)
→ Good OST
→ It is Really, really, REALLY long. I have reached 100 HOURS of gameplay, and I still have content.
→ Can get pretty damn difficult at times

I can not find any real flaw on it. Just very minor nitpickings easily ignored.

And THATS the kind of reaction you should have had.

ITT talk about the games that just absolutely wow’d you and consider to be top 10 or something lol.

It is Really, really, REALLY long.? How long?

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Topic: Off-topic / Super Bowl 50!

who cares

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you type like you speak?

I don’t understand

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Topic: Off-topic / How many of you are autistic vs. just acting autistic?

Originally posted by yeasy:

Autism is fake.

Captain Yeasy Out.


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Topic: Off-topic / Stop this ur mum madness!

I did Gonkeymonkey’s mum last night lolololol

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Topic: Off-topic / 1v1 me on club penguin fgts

Originally posted by Mikkmar:

if his account was really as old as he says (3265-3630 days) he was 5-7 years old when he joined

I think that’s about it, yeah. I didn’t know English at first and later on in first grade, along with Runescape and, later on, Battleon, Dragonfable, Mechquest etc., it helped me learn it.

You took the same cycle as me then. I played all of those games starting with club penguin, Still have the adventure quest account

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Topic: Off-topic / For $100000, would you be willing to get castrated?

Originally posted by Gonkeymonkey:

Only if I already had 3 or 4 children and it would only remove by balls and not my dick.

cosmetic dick?

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: Pretend you're an OT moderator.

Amane is back again? Whatever. I give up

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Topic: Off-topic / I got a new PS4 game

What’s wrong with showing off your new games?

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Topic: Off-topic / The Racism Thread

I agree completely. Freedom goes above your feelings

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you have that really retarded friend?

Yeah how is the retarded? Dishwashers can do that you know.

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Topic: Off-topic / 15man's 10k thread

I feel sick