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Topic: Game Programming / IFrame Help Please?

As I understand it, if you want to use an IFrame, you’re responsible for hosting the game page. The page you host should be a simple HTML page, displaying the game in the top-right corner, with no extra content around the edges. When you give Kongregate the link, your page will be displayed inside the game page on Kongregate.

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Topic: Game Programming / How to make the simplest p2p

Originally posted by Aesica:

it still fascinates me from a game developer’s perspective that such shitty games can somehow manage to have such a strong hold over people once they get going.

Then… maybe they aren’t that shitty after all.

Successful free to play games tend to have good game design at the core, buried underneath all those incentives to spend money.

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Topic: Kongregate / Is kong's CEO, Emily_Greer really a cocaine addict?

Originally posted by Holy2334:

Also, did not expect it to be a crow post from the title.

Really? I’d have been surprised if it wasn’t.

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Topic: Kongregate / High Scores are useless because there are so many cheaters.

Originally posted by andyman_aus:

As an added benefit, players won’t complain, en masse, about high score cheating.

I see 23 posts in this thread. Is that really “en masse”?

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Topic: Game Programming / How do I see my revenue report

You should still be able to find it on your profile, by clicking the drop-down arrow to the right of “account settings.”

If that doesn’t work, report it as a bug, and then save this as a bookmark:

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / Hard Level Dungeons

As a free player with three legendaries, I don’t find the dungeons any harder than they used to be. If anything, the Frosthelm Caverns might be a bit easier, thanks to having Runebinders instead of Frost Crystals.

What I’m saying is, you don’t need to pay in order to beat the new dungeons. All you need to do is get a time machine, go back in time, and do another six months of grinding.

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Topic: Kongregate / March '15 Suggestion Thread

Something I suggested in another thread:

If one user sends a bunch of chat messages in a row, taking up a lot of space, they get collapsed into a single line saying “Username: 6 messages (click to expand)”. It’ll help stop someone from flooding the window, and it only takes one click to undo.

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by Tukkun:

That’s only true to a certain extent. The API is still there and any developer is free to make their own Kongpanion game.

While this is true and isn’t likely to change any time soon, there’s very little motive to actually make a Kongpanion-based game. If Kongpanions represent a significant part of the game, you’re effectively restricting your game to Kongregate. If not, why include them?

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Originally posted by Shiro96:

- The chat itself obviously needs a spam filter, one that reacts to space blocked off by messages, the 250character limit is pretty useless.

Alternate possibility: if one user makes a bunch of messages in a row, taking up a lot of space, they get collapsed into a single line saying “Username: 6 messages (click to expand)”. Doesn’t solve all possible trolling problems, but it’ll stop someone from flooding the window.

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Topic: Kongregate / [Vote] Kongregate Classic Games!


No third vote. I have nostalgia for a lot of games, but I wouldn’t be able to decide between Sonny, EBF, FPA, and PR2.

Originally posted by Tulrog:
Originally posted by Bluji:

MARDEK series

+1 on that. As far as I remember Mardek 1 wasn’t really much of a game. Especially if you compare it to the second or the third part.

MARDEK 1 and 2 arrived on Kongregate on the same day, and the latter continues where the former left off. Since no one (besides Heather) has singled out MARDEK 1, I think it’s safe to assume they’re talking about both.

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by AdamVIII:

Makes sense although Kong staff promoted these Kongpanions as something that could be used in games. That doesn’t make sense if they are time limited.

There’s a Kongpanion available every week, so even brand new users will be able to get one. Also, Kongpanions aren’t used in games anymore. There were a few games at first, but that part of the concept just didn’t work out.

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Topic: Game Programming / Why your game is getting low ratings...

Interface design

Above all else, you want your interface to be simple and intuitive.

“Simple” means reducing the number of buttons onscreen, and reducing the number of button presses required to do anything. “Intuitive” means that the player should have an easy time finding the button they have in mind.

Always consider which options can be removed. Does the option represent a meaningful decision, or will the player always make the same choice?
• Autofire in a shoot-em-up? Why is this even a choice? Enable it by default, and hide the checkbox in a menu somewhere.
• In a SkyRoads-like game, control over your speed just makes the game worse. It’s something extra to worry about, and it adds almost no depth.
• Click the mining lasers to enable them? Just enable them automatically when the player wants to mine something.

Add multiple ways to do things.
• Grid-based RPG map? Allow the player to use the arrows, WASD, or the mouse to move around.
• Going for entirely mouse-based controls in an action game? Feel free to give it a shot, but allow keyboard controls as backup.
• P key to pause? It should unpause too; don’t force the player to click an “X” button. Oh, and some people use the Escape key instead; allow that too.

Consider which screens are most closely related, and group them together.
• Did the player just enter a town (or a space station) with items to sell? Send them to the shop screen by default.
• Player bought a piece of equipment? They’ll want to equip it, and maybe sell the old one. Combine the shop and inventory screens.
• Level up? Take the player to a screen showing any and all upgrades they just got access to.
• One screen for buying vehicles and another for upgrading them? If there isn’t room to combine them, make the latter a popup that can only be accessed through the former. Saving a click isn’t worth cluttering your screen with too many tabs – it can confuse the player, wasting more time than it saves.
• Got a team of units to manage? Create one go-to screen for everything that involves them. Upgrading, equipping, viewing stats, even firing them.
• Players will only rarely look at stats, credits, news, advanced settings, etc. Put them all in the options menu or something. Since they aren’t used much, it’s ok if it takes an extra click to get to them.

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Topic: Game Programming / Why your game is getting low ratings...

My thoughts:

1) Stage size is not that important. Players can zoom in/out if they like, and Kongregate provides a “cinematic mode” button for the ones who want a larger display. I don’t remember getting a single complaint about this, even though Run 1 and Run 2 were both 550×400.

2) Agreed. I don’t personally care either way, but lots of players appreciate a “mute” option in the preloader. If the main menu doesn’t have sound, putting it there is fine too.

3) “If you go this route, the gameplay and mechanics better be on point.” There’s no “if.” The gameplay and mechanics better be on point no matter which route you take.

In my personal opinion, nothing matters quite as much as having good gameplay. Players certainly will play games for their story, art, and/or music, but all of those things can be found elsewhere. The only thing unique to games is gameplay. Make the most of it.

4) To quote Greg, “No one reads instructions, ever. In fact, if someone somehow IS reading the instructions of your game, then it is likely because they are already confused and frustrated.”

Don’t blame players for being “not very smart.” Reading instructions is simply less fun than playing.

Definitely integrate the tutorial into normal gameplay, but don’t think of it as a temporary thing. Don’t expect players to visit YouTube or read the wiki “if they like [the game].” If you want to teach them something, integrate it into the gameplay.

Portal was described by one of its developers as “an extended player training exercise.” Throughout the entire game, you’re being taught new ways to use portals, but you barely notice because it’s done so well. You aren’t told what to do, you’re just presented with puzzles that can’t be solved until you figure out a new concept.

Another example: "This room was designed to make players understand that entrance and exit portals aren’t tied to the color of the portal. Playtesters often assumed that orange portals were exit-only, so we created this puzzle to force players to enter an orange portal." —Kerry Davis

For one final example, play through Blue Box. Note how it doesn’t have any instructions after level 1, even though it introduces a bunch of different blocks and game mechanics.

tl;dr: Players shouldn’t even notice when they’re playing a tutorial.

5, 6) Yep.

7) [Response moved to its own post.]

8) Difficulty is hardly the biggest factor in immersion. Obviously sending the player to a walkthrough isn’t going to do you any favors, but before you can break immersion, you have to create it. Creating immersion requires a lot of different things that I’m not especially qualified to talk about, but here’s a place to start.

9) That’s all well and good, but keep in mind that short games are fine too. John Cooney almost never makes games with significant replay value, but he’s still doing quite well for himself.

10) Players can get bored if your difficulty curve is too perfect. Cut them a little slack sometimes (especially, in an upgrade-based game, after they buy a new upgrade). Then add slight difficulty spikes to force the player to prove themselves, perhaps in the form of a level boss, or just in the form of a harder level.

It is 100% ok to make the game extra hard at the end, as long as the game is skill-based. It’s just when combat is decided by stats (as opposed to the player’s input) that you need to tone it down. But in that case, why have combat at all?

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Topic: Kongregate / Graphs of Kongregate User growth

Originally posted by Nikc10:

This is especially true in mobile games, where you are usually just buying consumables. All you’re often doing in the end is buying a bit of time so you can complete the exact same things in the game slightly more quickly.

Emily listed “Ice Time” as equivalent to “Consumables & Energy.” But it seems clear enough that it’s not the same thing. “Time on the ice rink” doesn’t recharge; you can’t just wait to be let in, you have to pay.

So you have to spend cash at an ice rink if you want to spend time ice skating. And you only have to spend cash in an MMO if you want to play continuously.

But is spending money on ice skating really more respectable, just because you’re forced to do so? Are games really less respectable, just because payment is optional? Either way, you’re paying to get more of the experience that you enjoy.

In case it’s not clear: I’m nowhere near being a “whale.” It’s been years since I spent more than $10 on any one game, and I haven’t spent any money on the MMO I’m currently addicted to.

The thing is, I consider games to be a legitimate hobby. I think it’s totally fair to say that people can spend money on whatever hobby they like, including video games. It may not apply to me, but I can understand other people spending money to get ahead in-game.

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Topic: Kongregate / [Split Test] Wide Feature Roll!

Originally posted by radar816:

Hey Kong, how about doing a survey or a poll or something to see how much people like this redesign?

Survey results: bias, more bias, even more bias, and players leaving the site because they don’t want to waste time on surveys.

Surveys have all sorts of problems. It’s much more effective to spy on people “collect metrics.”

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Topic: Kongregate / Petition to bring back old Kongregate.

Originally posted by HalfCutHenry:

You didnt state your position, so I looked at your post and it looked more of a positive towards New Kongregate so i put you in No.

Just because I didn’t say “fully agree” or “fully disagree” doesn’t mean I didn’t state my position. I think I made it clear enough: the new version is mostly fine, but I want the “Recently Played” list back. I suspect others signed the petition even though they only care about this one change.

Kongregate is obviously not going to revert the whole thing, but if you list specific grievances, they might be able to find a compromise. (Note: the grievances have to be legitimate. Remember, people hated the “trending” box when it first came out, and now some of them are fighting to bring it back. This kind of hurts your credibility when you say the banner looks bad.)

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Topic: Kongregate / Petition to bring back old Kongregate.

Originally posted by Rychip:

Yes, bring it back.

From the games menu, I liked being able to see the three games I played most recently. I now see that only one game shows up for recently played games.

And this is another reason why the petition won’t work. Rychip and I both want the same specific feature back and don’t care about the others, but Rychip is in the “yes” list and I’m in the “no” list.

If we don’t know what we’re voting for, how are the admins supposed to figure it out?

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Topic: Game Programming / This is absurd.

Try asking in the Little Alchemist forum.

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Topic: Kongregate / Best of 2014 Quest voting!

Originally posted by excalz:

I’m curious as to what the decision making process was behind making the only medium badge on this quest the one for the RTS game.

Probably because it’s the highest-rated of the bunch.

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Topic: Kongregate / Petition to bring back old Kongregate.

I don’t mind the new version all that much. The new featured games bar looks cool, and I don’t use the “trending” feature as much as Hot New Games and the Recently Played list. (I obviously don’t like how the latter changed, but they’re already planning to revert it.)

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Topic: Game Programming / How to make resizable games

The easiest option is to use stage.scaleMode, as long as you don’t need to access stage.stageWidth or stage.stageHeight.

Otherwise, you’ll want to listen for a RESIZE event, and scale everything yourself, based on the new values of stage.stageWidth and stage.stageHeight.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Picture Guide to Forest Impoppables

Some variations that might be worth trying, if you haven’t already:

• Use a second Engineer rather than a Ninja to get extra popping power early on.
• Spike Factories are a good alternative if Ninjas are restricted.
• Placing 1/1 Ice Towers right next to one another is a cheap way to stall. This gives your Spike Factory more time to distribute spikes.
• If you can’t get a 4/2 Ninja in time for a Ceramic rush, a 2/1 Ice Tower will turn the Ceramics into Zebras.

Edit: Though in case it isn’t obvious, I’m not as far in the game as spirit68, so my strategies don’t take early MOABs into account.

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Topic: Kongregate / Best of 2014 Quest voting!

Originally posted by FlyingCat:

Speaking of Run 3, it’ll be totally a great time to put a hard badge on it to celebrate it making the Best of 2014 before it goes the way of Enigmata: Stellar War.

I’ve asked Greg to wait for a specific update before adding a hard badge, and the update in question is going to take a month or so, even if everything goes smoothly. :(

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version: New navigation changes

Originally posted by GeometricPlaza:

Yeah that actually kinda pisses me off but I have OCD, so…

Have you been formally diagnosed? Otherwise, it’s probably not OCD.

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Topic: Kongregate / Game Source Code

Looks like that’s a Chrome issue in particular. Firefox should save the swf as long as you choose “Web Page, complete” in the save dialog. (“All files” is misleadingly named, which may be why it wasn’t working for you.)